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  • Scientific reasons
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  • Modern cosmetology in the fight against stretch marks

Stretch marks, or, scientifically, striae - trouble many, many women. These unsightly strips of purple or red can spoil the impression of even the most beautiful figure. Yes, of course, over time they change their intense color and fade away ... But it's better this does not become - it costs a little tan and they appear "in all its glory." How to get rid of stretch marks, and can it be done? Let's deal. But first you need to understand why, in general, stretch marks appear.

Scientific reasons

What are stretch marks? Strictly speaking - are small scars which occur at the site of microscopic skin. But why the skin suddenly starts to burst? There are several reasons. To sum up, we can say that stretch marks are formed when the skin is forced to stretch very quickly. So fast that the epithelium just do not have time to grow up with the necessary speed. It turns out that the skin just bursts. A terrible picture, right?

However, the situations that lead to this effect - it is quite commonplace and natural. One of the most common causes of stretch marks is considered a pregnancy. This is understandable - the belly begins to grow to a sufficiently high speed, and the skin just do not have time to "adapt" to these changes. The same applies to the chest, which during pregnancy and lactation, as a rule, increases several sizes.

Another common cause of stretch marks - a significant change in body weight. If you suddenly gain weight, the skin on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks simply can not withstand this and begins to tear. The most offensive, that even if you succeed and bring the figure into shape and lose weight, stretching from this manifest even brighter.

By themselves, stretch marks - are not harmful to health and does not cause any inconvenience. This is - just a cosmetic defect. However, if you got it, "decoration" is not due to pregnancy or weight fluctuations, the better - just in case - I go to the doctor-endocrinologist. Stretch marks may indicate a malfunction in the endocrine system and hormonal imbalance. Excess hormones can lead to a thinning of the skin and, as a consequence, the appearance of microscopic connective tissue. It is better to check it out. It is believed that stretching - women's "attack." This is not quite true. Sometimes they occur in men. For example, if a person is actively increasing muscle mass and is engaged in power sports.

Reasons esoteric

However, about the causes of stretch marks, there is another view. Perhaps one of the most ardent supporters of the esoteric origins of stretch marks is a Canadian psychologist, philosopher and teacher Liz Bourbeau. She argues that studying the body can learn a lot about myself in the mental, spiritual and emotional level.

Liz draws attention to the fact that not all women who gave birth on the body stretch marks appear. Moreover, they appear in different places - someone only on the chest, someone - in the stomach, and someone almost anywhere. What is the reason? Of course, you can blame everything on heredity. And consider that if your grandmother and mother had this problem, and you can not avoid this fate - are just your individual characteristics. However, Liz looks at the problem is much deeper.

So, why stretch marks appear and what they can tell us? By the conviction of Liz, the appearance of stretch marks indicates a lack of flexibility and unwillingness to accept the current human situation. Moreover, the place of occurrence of extensions indicates the problem area of ​​your life. For example, stretch marks on the breasts say that you are very worried about the upcoming and new to you as a mother. Just not sure he could handle.

Stretch marks on the belly - it's a sign that you overcome different fears. It may be a fear for themselves, for the child, for the uncertain future. Striae on the thighs point to what you perceive yourself too seriously, and its role in life. You are very important to a sense of self-importance, and it is imperative that the surrounding respected and valued you. You - very thorough and not always able to enjoy life and enjoy it.

Striae on the buttocks suggest that you try to keep everything under control, tend to lead others and always clearly know who, what, and at what point to do. However, the interesting point of view? Of course, believe it or not - you decide. But perhaps after all to get accustomed to this little scar on his body and try to draw conclusions? One way or another, but with the causes of this problem, we understood. This means that you can move on to the most important - how to get rid of stretch marks.

 to get rid of stretch marks

People's ways of dealing with stretch marks

Just need to mention that quickly remove stretch marks is not likely to get - getting will not be easy. After all, striae, as we have learned - are small scars that are caused by ruptures of the skin. And remove such labels from the body - a task very difficult. It is possible that the solution to this problem will take several months - and this despite the daily care! In addition, we must clearly understand that it is likely to eliminate stretch marks completely fail. This is especially true of old stretch marks.

But do not worry! After all, to make this a minor cosmetic defect became almost invisible and stop spoiling your life - is quite real. Where do you start? Let's first look at the traditional methods of getting rid of stretch marks. That is, those that it is possible to try at home to make their own all the necessary cosmetics.

By the way, when applying any of the funds - whether scrub, mask or cream - must carefully massage the problem area. This is best done after a bath or sauna. This massage will stimulate blood flow to the skin surface and, consequently, strengthen the skin tissue. How to do self-massage? It's very easy!

Rub all the tools needed for the lines of stretch marks using a technique tingling. Tweaks can be performed as a whole palm and fingers. Duration of treatment - at least five minutes. And the treatment of old stretch marks - before flushing. However, it is worth considering that this massage is strictly prohibited to carry on his chest! And, in general, the main thing - do not overdo it. The procedure should not cause pain or discomfort. With the method of applying the clear. Now - about the media themselves.

Coffee Scrub

Scrub - absolutely indispensable tool to fight stretch marks. Under its action otshelushevayutsya old skin cells and updated. Prepare a scrub at home - is a snap. Judge for yourself. For example, the coffee scrub. Grains of coffee beans will promote skin renewal and cream - to nourish and restore its lack of collagen.

To prepare you will need:

  • cream
  • freshly ground coffee

Boil freshly ground coffee in Turku and enjoy a drink with him - only need coffee grounds. Mix thick with cream in a ratio of 1: 1. Happened? Now go to the shower - scrub should be applied to thoroughly cleansed and wet skin. Take the resulting slurry and thoroughly massage all the problem areas. Allow composition to the skin even at least 6-8 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure may be two times per week.

Rice Scrub

Equally effective is another option scrub. For its preparation is required:

  • half cup of rice
  • 4 tablespoons of cottage cheese
  • one tablespoon of olive oil

Pour the rice into the grinder and grind it. Add the olive oil and cheese. All mix well - should get a homogeneous mass. Apply to the problem areas and gently in a circular motion, massage. Massage should last at least 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water and all. Regular use of this tool will make your skin soft and velvety, and stretching - is much less noticeable.

Lemon Scrub

You will need:

  • Almond oil
  • lemon
  • natural yoghurt

Take a lemon, wash and grate it on a small grater peel - peel mask is required. Add to the resulting peel one large spoonful of almond oil. Pour in to the same 150 grams of yogurt. Mix thoroughly. Apply on-site massage and stretching. Rinse with cool water. This scrub should be applied twice a week for at least a month.

Sweet-salty peeling

You will need:

  • half cup sugar
  • half cup salt
  • 5 tablespoons olive oil

Take a deep bowl and turn it vsypte sugar and salt. Add the olive oil and mix well. Apply the weight on the skin and massage for five minutes. Just do not overdo it - massage should be done very carefully and gently. Otherwise, you can damage the skin. Rinse with warm water all with shower gel. Be sure to apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream.

Mandarin scrub

This wonderful tool is also very easy to prepare at home. All you need - it's half the average size raw carrots, tangerine peel and four large tablespoons of olive oil. Grate the zest of mandarin and carrot on a fine grater. Add the olive oil. Stir. Put the resulting mass to the body and massage for 8-10 minutes. Rinse with warm water using a shower gel. If you have an extra scrub, it can be folded into a clean container and store in the refrigerator - the shelf life of 3-4 days.

Egg Mask

In addition to scrubs and peels, which help the skin to be renewed, it is recommended to use a variety of masks and creams. For example, the egg mask. It is easy to make at home. This mask is great moisturizes and nourishes the skin. If you use it regularly, you can prevent the appearance of new stretch marks, as well as significantly reduce and make virtually invisible old.

All you need to prepare it - a chicken egg. The number of eggs depends on how large an area of ​​skin in need of correction. Separate the yolks from the whites. Protein whisk thoroughly, apply this mixture on the skin with a thin layer and allow to dry. Keep the mask should be 40-45 minutes. Then rinse all the warm water and apply a lotion or cream.

Yeast mask

This mask is considered to be very effective. But do not expect miracles - to first results will have to do it twice a week for quite a long time.

You will need:

  • pack of yeast
  • honey
  • cream

Measure out 1/2 cup of cream and warm up a bit. Dissolve yeast in them. Add a large spoonful of honey. Give the resulting mass to infuse for half an hour. Gently apply to the space stretch and wrap with cling film. However, it is possible to use, and polyethylene. Keep the mask is recommended for an hour. It can then be washed off with warm water.

Cream mummy

Mummy has beneficial effects on the skin and promotes rapid healing of fractures. With this striae are reduced and become invisible. Prepare a cream is not difficult. You will need baby cream - however, you can replace it and your usual cream for the body - and three tablets mummy. Take a tube of baby cream and gently squeeze it into a prepared container. Dissolve a teaspoon of mummies warm boiled water and pour into a bowl with the cream. Stir. This tool should be applied every day on a dry and well-cleansed skin before bedtime. Rinse unnecessary.

Oil Breast

This tool can be used as prophylactic and as therapeutic. The only difference - in the frequency of use. If stretch marks still is not - it will be enough to apply it only once a week. If they are already there - you need to use oil in a day. To prepare one serving you will need:

  • Three drops of orange oil
  • three drops of geranium oil
  • one big spoon of sweet almond oil

Thoroughly mix all ingredients and gently, very gently, with soft massage movements, rub the chest.

 getting rid of stretch marks

Modern cosmetology in the fight against stretch marks

Of course, modern cosmetology is also not spared this problem. There are several ways to help get rid of stretch marks or at least make them virtually invisible. Let's look at some of them. However, before you decide on one or the other procedure, it is mandatory to consult with your doctor - almost all of them have contraindications.


Perhaps the first thing that you offer - is peeling. What it is and how to get rid of stretch marks with it? In fact, it - exfoliation of the upper skin cells. As a result, the procedure begins to actively produce elastin and collagen and the skin surface significantly aligned. The deeper the peel, the faster the update will take place. According to the degree of influence on the peeling skin tissue can be divided in the middle and superficial. Superficial peeling - is a mechanical effect on the skin. Special unit produces a current of air and sand. In this resurfacing of the skin occurs. However, to completely get rid of stretch marks this method, unfortunately, it does not fit. But to make the skin smooth and visually smooth out its flaws - is quite real.

  • Chemical - middle - pilingOn involves applying certain drugs that penetrate deep into the skin. Typically, this phenol, trichloroacetic acid or alpha-hydroxy acid. This procedure is usually carried out under general anesthesia. And this, of course, is not very good for health. Moreover, quite often result in peeling of the skin scars appear. People suffering from cardiovascular diseases do not recommend peeling with phenol acid.
  • Laser pilingMetod using a laser beam is considered to be more contemporary. And with it, as a rule, you can almost entirely eliminate even the old stretch marks. However, preparations for the procedure and post-operative skin recovery will take a lot of time. Doctors cosmetologists recommend to start preparing two months before the session. During this time, on a daily basis need to nourish the skin, using special creams with vitamin C. The procedure is very painful, so it is performed with anesthesia. If stretch marks are located on a small area of ​​skin, you can get local anesthesia, if the surface is large - will have to settle for anesthesia.

Immediately after laser peeling skin will look very unattractive. Swelling and bright red color will create an overall impression of burns. Within two weeks, the damaged areas will need to apply protective ointment and special dressing. Next - to use absorbable moisturizers and cosmetics. The first three months after a peeling sunburn skin will be completely revitalized contraindicated. Therefore, it is recommended to schedule the procedure for the winter or fall. You can enjoy the effect in three months or four.


It - microinjection special cocktail that is injected under the skin. It generally consists of collagen, amino acids, plant extracts, enzymes, and vitamins. The exact recipe is determined individually. Mezaterapiyu usually given to enhance the effect of peeling. Depending on your age and the number of striae may need five to fifteen treatments, once every 10 days. Mesotherapy also has a number of contraindications. For example, cholelithiasis.

Seaweed wraps

Also in the fight against stretch marks can greatly help the algae. How to get rid of stretch marks with them? It's very simple - to make wraps! The most effective are wraps with spirulina. Algae is applied to the affected area and then cover their thermal blanket. Under the influence of elevated temperature active substances rapidly penetrate the skin. After 7-12 treatments can get rid of stretch marks and recently appeared significantly older smooth.


This - the most radical and the most effective way of getting rid of stretch marks. The surgeon simply removes the stretched skin. However, as with any surgery, abdomenoplastika can lead to complications. For example, can be formed festering or new scars. As you can see, getting rid of stretch marks - is not easy. However, it is feasible. Especially if you are not "started" his body. After all, to eliminate stretch marks fresh until they are red or purple in color - much easier than the old stretch marks. You just need to choose the method that is right for you. And, of course, you must have patience. If the procedure is not done on a regular basis - the desired effect will not be. Just find some time for yourself and you will be sure to succeed!

 How to get rid of stretch marks - Returns body beauty

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