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If we talk about medicine, then depression - is a serious mental illness that affects about 20% of the population in developed countries. The main symptoms may be noted depressed mood, inability to rejoice, pessimism, mental and motor retardation, apathy, lack of interest and vitality, decreased self-esteem.

Many people wonder how to get out of depression by yourself? In those cases when it comes to this clinical depression, this is impossible. Depression as a disease is caused by an imbalance of a chemical in the brain or serious psychological trauma. In such situations, the only way - is to appeal to the therapist.

However, these really severe cases slightly. Most often because of their depression a person is experiencing some depression and see the world in dark colors. The head climb unpleasant and sad thoughts, and sometimes it is as if filled with heavy fog. The person feels tired, he manifested various bodily ailments, lost all other desires except the desire to sleep and eat, there comes apathy.

He can work and care for her family - but all this gives him hard enough. He understands that he is depressed and thinks: "Can I overcome this? And if so, how to get out of depression by yourself? ". Answers to these and other questions can be found in this article.

Causes of Depression

In mentally healthy people depression may occur in situations where his life is in serious trouble. Often they are not even aware of, but people feel a deep inner anxiety about them. For example, a woman has accumulated dissatisfaction with family relationships. But subconsciously, she does not allow himself to think about it and is aware of when and because of what she had any sad thoughts, depression, and depression.

Therefore, one of the first steps to to get out of depression is to ask yourself the question: "Right here and now I have something upsets? I am because of something much worry? ". Can you write down all the disturbing moments on a sheet of paper. Then take a look at each and listen to yourself - which one is the greatest sadness and depression? Most likely, this problem will be overtaken cause you depression.

But not all problems can cause depression. We do not fall into melancholy and depressed because with us was rude bus driver or a broken nail. All these events can be the reason for the occurrence of depression, but not its source. The most common causes of depression are:

  • Losing a loved one

    This may be a divorce from her husband, the death of a friend or any other situation where your life goes from a close and important to you people. First you feel shock and denial, then despair and grief. To cope with them and go further, you need to take a loss and find her place in his life. Below you will find psychological techniques to help you do it.

  • Stress caused by the desire to excel in all areas of life

    You twist like a squirrel in a cage and trying to do everything: to make a brilliant career, to raise children, to devote time to her husband, friends and parents. But you are not superwoman, so you come apathy, fatigue, feeling of lack of power, longing. Because of this, you still have time less likely that only worsens the situation and increases stress.

  • Self-flagellation and excessive demands on themselves

    These requirements can come from you, but often they come from someone else. As a result, you begin to consider themselves worthless and everything unfit. These thoughts climb into your head, and it is firmly fixed. How to get out of depression? Evict these thoughts.

  • Loneliness

    It can be described as a single cause, because many people who are depressed, complain of loneliness. It can be real - for instance, when a person really no one speaks of his personal characteristics, and subjective - when a person even when dealing with someone feels lonely.

  • Problems in important areas of life

    Protracted conflicts, job loss, financial problems, serious illness, severe climate in the family - all these totally different situations have one thing in common - they seem hopeless. A person faced with such a problem, there is only one desire - "to lay down their legs and die." But you can do things differently - to start looking for a way out of the situation.

  • The constant struggle with himself

    Sometimes a person has a strange and sometimes a little crazy desire. Sometimes it wants to be bad, evil, stupid and useless. But if you constantly deny yourself all this and keep a tight rein on yourself - tone leaves the body, and it is no longer want anything that leads to depression.

All these and many other problems and situations can cause depression, hopelessness and unwillingness to do anything, which together are called depression. You can not let it take its course, and expect that it will pass by itself. If you are really not satisfied with your mood and attitude to life, you can try to change them.

 how to get yourself out of depression

What to do?

How to get out of severe depression on their own? The first step has been described above - be aware of the cause of your condition. After that, depending on the cause and your condition, you can select one or more appropriate recommendations to you below the psychological methods and techniques to deal with depression:

  • Dealing with loss

First you need to understand the reality of the loss. This is facilitated long conversations of the person is no longer with you, and that you have lost with him. After this, you will need to adjust to his absence in your life to fill the gaps that were formed with his departure (communication, support, money, etc ...). A useful is to write letters to him where you will be able to say something that does not have time, and say goodbye to him.

  • Working with emotional traumas

It so happens that depression occurs as a result of long-term containment and accumulation of negative feelings. In this case, it will be useful exercise "Circle". You will need to find a place (to create a circle), which can be expressed in the strongest emotions. At the same time, coming out of the circle, you leave them there.

  • Work to relieve stress

Quickly relieve stress can be a lot of ways: sport, relaxation, socializing with friends, hobbies, and more. However, if you are constantly experiencing a lot of stress, you need to rethink your life and priorities. Look at what your life takes more than just power, and it is important this field of activity for you actually. Get rid of what you do not need, or at least try to spend the least possible effort.

  • Using the self-flagellation

Can be effective two reception - machinery reattribution and the protocol of negative thoughts. They can be used if you are in trouble all the blame yourself, and only yourself, incompetence, lack of diligence and other disadvantages.

Technique reattribution is an objective analysis of all sides of an unpleasant situation in which you are aware of those things that could affect the outcome of events. This will allow you to specify their mistakes, to develop ways to correct them and prevent them in the future, as well as to remove from you the blame for something for which you basically can not be responsible (for example, being an employee of the bank, you are given credit for insolvent client on fake certificate what have learned only a month after the incident - in this situation, you have done everything according to the rules and could not anticipate the falseness help. The best thing you can do now - is to inform the authorities about it).

Minutes of negative thoughts - it's a piece of paper with the following columns: "date", "event", "emotion", "automatic thoughts", "a rational answer", "result". You record date are events, emotions, and automatic thoughts that it caused, as well as all rational answers and all other possible explanations for unpleasant events. For example, the nurse yelled at you in the office of your therapist. Automatic thoughts, "she does not love me." Rational response: "This woman is always in a bad mood," "has a lot of work", etc. ... It is necessary to write to you and even alien momentary thoughts. Gradually you will see how your negative attitudes affect your life, as well as learn more truthful assessment of events.

  • Dealing with loneliness

In the case of real loneliness think about what your character traits and actions surrounding the hardest upset that they would like to get in communication with you, and try to implement similar or some other behaviors. The case of the subjective loneliness is somewhat more complicated, because in this case you're talking to, but do not get real satisfaction from intercourse.

Listen to yourself at that moment, when you are with someone nearby, but at the same time alone - what happens to you? Maybe you're bored because you are shy in communicating and do not say anything? Or vice versa - you talk too much, and your partner is practically no? Think about what you would like, and try to bring it into contact with the people around you - and, perhaps, loneliness will go by itself.

  • Working with the "hopeless" situations

Technique called "search for alternatives." Consider that in a situation causing you the most trouble. Then try to come up with as many as possible ways of solving these problems. These methods should not apply to you and your situation, they may be any. Make a list of these options okinte eyes and think about what you have to realize at least some of them.

Thus, defining the essence of the problems, you can quickly and spontaneously come to a decision situations that seemed unsolvable. For example, a woman who threw her husband, it seems that she will not survive without it. It "would not survive" for it comes down to financial problems, loneliness and parenting. It solves the problem of finance that remembers your diploma of higher education and find work as an assistant manager. It improves mood, it appears more power for communication and education of children. Thus, the totality of the statements, "I will not survive without it" comes to naught.

  • Work with the fight against a

Anyone not perfect, including you. Allow yourself to be different - both good and evil, and the strong and weak. Sometimes satisfy his "bad" desires, for example, eat cake at midnight. Do not make it their way of life - just be flexible.

Depression - a very difficult and unpleasant condition. To get out of this hole can be difficult, but possible. In any case, without your desires life will not change. Yes, and what it means to own? After all, almost always have friends and relatives who help and support at the right time.

Depression - a very difficult and unpleasant condition. To get out of this hole can be difficult, but possible. In any case, without your desires life will not change. Yes, and what it means to own? After all, almost always have friends and relatives who help and support at the right time.

 How to get out of depression: help herself

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