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Probably every woman remembers such a delicate moment, as their first menstrual period. However, between adult women and adolescent girls present there is a huge difference. Before talking with your children on intimate topics were not particularly popular. And in girlish companies hesitated to discuss these issues. As a result, a huge number of girls, faced with the first menstruation in life, very frightened: panic, despair, fear that she was seriously ill and may bleed. And her mother dared to say not every woman, so first period turned into a serious test for even fragile psyche.

In our time, fortunately, the time of puberty, almost every girl, with very few exceptions, knows what menstruation. And so the first month is not for them so very deep shock. But nevertheless, my mother must not ignore the need to talk to the girl about puberty and the onset of menstruation. Much better would be if your daughter learns about all the intricacies of the female body from his mother, that is, from you than from the bridesmaids.

Very often in the teenage environment portrayed in such "truths" that adults hair stand on end. It is important to make sure that your daughter has received credible information and was literate in such intimate matters. And besides, my mother the girl - teenager must make sure that the girl was able to use the means of personal hygiene. This will be discussed a little later.

Menarche in medicine are called "menarche." And these periods require the utmost attention to the girl by adults and, of course, from the mother. After all, my mother, as a rule, a girl can trust intimate problems. And indeed the mother can give the girl some advice, because that is menstruating, she knows firsthand.

Time of onset of first menstruation

Typically, the first menstruation occurs in girls between the ages of about 12 to 14 years. Doctors - gynecologists there even such a thing as a "gynecological age." The beginning of gynecological age is just the first period .. And the estimated age of the number of years that have passed since the start of the first menstrual cycle. In addition, it indicates the appearance of the first month on the establishment of the menstrual cycle and thus puberty.

Typically, the first menstruation, as mentioned above, comes in the range of 12 to 14 years. However, there are exceptions to this rule - can begin any month before the age of twelve, or later. And in fact, and in another case, parents should seek help from a children's gynecologist. In some cases, this deviation from the average statistical norms may be a physiological feature of girls.

So, for example, if a girl at birth was ahead in the physical development of their peers, is very high probability that the first menstruation can occur much earlier than that of its peers. And if in the physical development of the girl, on the other hand, lagged behind their peers, and the month she may come much later.

Also, do not forget that an important role in term of menarche plays genetic predisposition. In that case, if my grandmother and mother monthly girl came early, such as can be and the girl. The same is true of the late onset of menses.

But, nevertheless, in the case of significant deviations (more than two years) at the beginning of the first month in one direction or another, visiting a doctor - a gynecologist is necessary. Quite often these disorders can be caused by quite serious illnesses, such as a malfunction of the endocrine system and, consequently, a violation of hormonal background of the organism of the child. Therefore, treatment should begin as soon as possible. The sooner it is started, the more effective the result.

In addition, the onset of first menstruation and influences such factors as food girl - teenager. Of course, in our time, the problem of poor nutrition is irrelevant, good food shortages modern man feels. But, nevertheless, parents should ensure that their eating and like a growing child. The diet should be a full and varied.

Also, many scientists tend to believe that the age at which the first time come monthly, has a direct impact - is the amount of light and the time of year. Although the validity of this statement is only being verified by researchers and physicians - gynecologists, the fact remains - in those countries where the widespread use of a large amount of artificial light, the menstrual cycle in girls - teenagers occurs on the order earlier than in other countries.

But the fact that our country has often come first month in the coldest time of the year - January and February, is irrefutable. While in the summer months of the onset of the first number of the monthly minimum. Scientists have put forward the following version: the fact that the power of women directly affects the onset of menstruation, it is scientifically proven. And, accordingly, it is because in the hottest months of appetite especially not the case, delayed onset of menstruation at a later time.

In addition, the onset of first menstruation period greatly affects the emotional background of the girl - teenager. Emotional stress is able to greatly delay the onset of menses, or else bring down the already established cycle. In no case should not neglect this factor, as the consequences can be quite serious. However, not to mention one interesting fact: many psychologists believe that it is a lot of stress may trigger the start of the first period.

According to statistics, first menstruation falls on the coldest months of the year, such as January, and vice versa least amount comes to the hottest months of summer. This is an interesting phenomenon likely to be associated with a diet food. Here we can say that is proven about the fact that a bad diet strongly affects puberty, respectively, leading to delay the onset of first menstruation.

However, we should not forget that the first period only shows that puberty proceeds normally. But not that it is the puberty has been completed. Despite the fact that with the advent of the menstrual cycle, she gains the ability to conceive and carrying a child, her body to the birth of children is not yet ready. This is because the body teen girl is not yet fully formed, it continues to grow rapidly. And so the birth of a child will be a serious test for him and sufficiently heavy load. This load can be a very negative impact on the health of the girl - teenager and her unborn child.

 the first monthly at teen girls

The conversation with the girl - teenager

By the way, not to mention the fact that the girl's mother is compulsorily hold a conversation with the girl at such a sensitive issue as protection from unintended pregnancy. Of course, this may not be easy, but to do so still need. Too many mothers mistakenly believe that their little girl is still very small. Do not forget that, unfortunately, if we want to, adults, or not, but modern teenagers become sexually active very early.

And if the mother does not want to be faced with the news that very soon it will become a grandmother, her daughter is sick or whatever disease, sexually transmitted lecture on the need for proper protection is inevitable. However, this conversation can be a wonderful occasion to tell his daughter what is so dangerous early sex. And then you can move smoothly to the issues of protection from unwanted pregnancy.

However, pay attention to a very important point - the conversation is to be friendly, but not should resemble morality. In this case, your daughter - a teenager can decide what you what it - the accused, and quite simply closes in itself. And your information will not reach its goal. But in the event that your daughter will see that you are dealing with it on an equal footing, she will accept your information properly and. It may dare to ask you the questions that troubled her. Perhaps this case is one in which the mother should not be a mother, namely his girlfriend.

Yes, and on the general relations with the daughter of such communication will affect the most favorable way - because a girl will trust you. And accordingly, in the event that if it there are any - any questions or problems, it will appeal especially to you, not to her friends, who because of their age are unlikely to recommend it - or smart.

Symptoms approaching menarche

As a rule, a few months before the girl starts menstruating first, it can celebrate the emergence at some signs that indicate that the girl here - that would be a girl. These characteristics include:

  1. Pain. On certain days the girl may experience pain in the lower abdomen. The intensity of pain can be very diverse - from mild, barely noticeable to the strongly expressed.
  2. The changing nature of cables. Beli the girl there for about two years before her first menstruation begins. And in about two - three months before the onset of the character changes significantly whiter - they become more abundant. It may also change their consistency - from a viscous liquid to. The main difference between a physiological change cables from the pathological, which are accompanied by any inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, is the smell and color. In the first case, and the smell and the color of cables will remain unchanged.
  3. The symptoms of PMS. Strange as it may seem, but the appearance of premenstrual syndrome in girls - teenagers celebrate about a few months before the onset of menstruation. She may complain of wanton appearance of headaches, sharp fluctuations emotional background - the mood elevation, its decline, tearfulness. In short, the woman may experience the same symptoms of PMS as an adult woman.

Features of the menstrual cycle at teenagers

As a rule, in the first year after the onset of menstruation most girls - adolescent menstrual cycle length is about 28 - 30 days. Sami monthly average from the last three to five days (in some rare occasions, up to 7 days). But do not expect that the menstrual cycle teen girls immediately become a regular - a similar phenomenon is observed only in about twenty percent of girls. And in only twenty percent of the menstrual cycle becomes immediately regular.

All the other girls in the first year intervals between periods can be large and vary in length - from a half to three months. If the break between periods lasting more than three months, the girl should as soon as possible to seek help from a doctor - a gynecologist, as this may indicate a pause quite serious failure in the body of the girl.

The intensity of bleeding during the first month, as the number of lost blood, can greatly vary. First and foremost, this factor depends on the individual woman's body, as well as by genetic factors. If you are suffering from heavy and painful menstruation, most likely your daughter will face the same symptoms.

Means of personal hygiene

Of course, advertising napkins and tampons nowadays surprise anyone - or impossible. And by the time the girl - teenager begin menstruating, she certainly will know what is necessary gaskets. However, her mother's help will still need, at least in the first month.

Firstly, not every girl will dare to buy their own means of intimate hygiene. After all, no matter how liberated not seem modern teenagers, most of this emancipation is nothing but a mask that teenagers successfully mask their confusion, fear and embarrassment. It may be much more reasonable at first to purchase their own sanitary pads for his daughter.

Yes, and to the selection of gaskets must be approached intelligently. Of course, to say that the first time to use tampons undesirable, it does not make sense - it is clear and without words. However, the gasket is necessary to choose those that best suit your daughter.

Do not choose the gasket having enhanced absorbency in if menses are not too heavy - it will shoot down the girl confused, and it can change the pads less than necessary. As a result, the bacteria are actively proliferate, because the blood is for them a great breeding ground. And this is fraught not only with the advent of highly unpleasant smell, but also the development of inflammatory diseases of the genitalia of the girl.

But do not also acquire those pads that are less than necessary absorbency. Otherwise, girls clothes may stain of blood. In that case, if it happens outside the home, the girl would be in a very difficult situation - it can greatly hurt her not yet fully firmly established mentality.

In addition, the choice of gaskets for girls - teenagers, do not save money. It is necessary to acquire good pads that will not vary under clothes girl. It may also help to avoid unnecessary embarrassment girl. And the feeling of physical discomfort correct this form of pads also help to avoid.

Of course, the first period - this is a very important stage in the life of any girl. And the main task in this period mother - daughter have maximum psychological support. After all, it is so necessary for every child, let him have even an adult!

 The first month - the first alarm

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