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  • The best positions for making love in terms of both partners
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The variety in the intimate life of each pair will be much closer to each other, not only physically but also spiritually. Achieving harmony in sex can be achieved by trial and error, testing new positions for lovemaking and find out which of them like both partners. After all, such a joint game involves mutual consent, which in time will certainly manifest itself in everyday life. Finding the best poses for sex, like a magic wand that helps to realize the innermost dreams in bed first, and later in life. Do not ignore this fact - it is very important. Various provisions in the intima pretty much as usual for us and quite unusual. About what they are, and will be discussed in this article.

So, what is necessary for good sex? My favorite person, relaxing ambiance and comfortable posture. According to sexologists, currently the number of existing sexual positions stepped over the figure four. And it is clear that the average couple in love over a lifetime was not to try most of them, because some require almost acrobatic skill. Moreover, according to sexologists, the most common items are popular for good reason, because they are also the most convenient for the pleasure of sex, but rather sophisticated calculated on visual stimulation partners. What are the best sex positions without further refinements?

 best sex positions

The best positions for making love in terms of both partners

For example, if we talk about the process of oral pleasure to the partner, you should take into account the point that men like to not only enjoy the caresses, but also to watch the process itself. Therefore, it is best if you are located in relation to the beloved at a right angle - so it can follow you from the side. Can you offer a partner to sit on a chair, and themselves knelt before him. Try both options and choose the most comfortable position for both.

Everyone is well aware of the position called "missionary", when the partners lay down face to face and the man is on top. It is, so to speak, is a classic sex and is very popular because it allows your partner as much as possible to penetrate deeply into you. But many women complain of certain disadvantage, because in this position a little stimulated clitoris. The reason for the disappointment there - you just have to know how to make a number of changes in the familiar and beloved by you or a partner position.

For example, do not push the legs in the process of sexual intercourse, but rather connect them, straightening your knees. Thus, during the frictions your partner will strengthen the impact on the clitoris, and ask them to move up and down rather than back and forth. Try another way: put your left foot on the shoulder of the partner and the right bend at the knee and take aside. Alternatively, put both feet on the partner's shoulders so that he could penetrate as deeply as possible to you.

Not very many people know that for a more complete sense of orgasm in "missionary" position should be well relax, knees spread apart. That way you can feel more contraction of vaginal muscles. The classic pose of diversity and use the usual dense cushions. She can put under his buttocks, back or tailbone. This will allow your partner to experiment by choosing the most comfortable angle of penetration.

Many men say that the best pose for them, when the lady is on top. However, we women are often ashamed of them because doubt the attractiveness of his own body in a number of far-fetched, or the very real reasons. But your vibrations - not a reason to give up in order to give pleasure to the partner and yourself. So you can not remove a bra or remain in sexual nightgown. Some women share their experience and advise to tie the man's eyes, to relax itself and sharpen his senses.

Pose rider is convenient because it belongs to you Initiative choice of tempo and range of motion, and this means that the chances of reaching orgasm increases. Of course, if you try to get comfortable and liberated, freed from undue modesty and stiffness. Options for this position, too little: a woman can not just sit and lie down for a partner to squat, bend forward or lean back and so on. Your imagination surely offer so much more interesting.

Often partners prefer to have sex in a situation when a woman leans on her elbows and knees. This position has such ancient roots, as the history of humanity itself. In ancient times man male is so subdued a woman in the clan, dominating it. Now this position is convenient for the fact that enables partners to imagine without seeing each other's faces. And it is known, is an excellent excitation stimulator.

In addition, the stronger sex is still like the feeling of power over the partner, located in front of them in a defenseless position, and the sight of her arched back and buttocks able to simply drive you mad. Diversify Bozeman pose you can, if you just bend while standing on the floor and leaning his hands on the bed or get up on all fours. Thus your partner to find new points of stimulation and will be able to perfectly adjust the amplitude and speed of intercourse.

Good posture for a gentle morning sex many women called the situation in which both partners are on the side of each other, like spoons in a gift set. It is very convenient if you are pregnant because the man does not allow the vaginal opening is too deep, and all the movements are committed to them carefully. Diversify this pose you can, if you turn your face to the partner and will throw one foot on his thigh, trying to keep the situation on the side. At the same time in front of both of you opens up additional opportunities for caresses and kisses. Alternatively, lie on your back and bend at right angles to the left leg, allowing your partner to penetrate deeper.

Ask a man to try a pose called the "office". To do this, ask him to sit on a chair with a back, and themselves get down on his knees, facing or back. In this case, you have to take an active role and select the magnitude and pace of movements. For variety, you can bend down to the floor, sitting with his back to the partner, and to lean on the palms. This will stimulate new terms to achieve orgasm. In a sitting position, and you can be, for example, using a table or a washing machine. Obveyte feet hip partner and rocked back and forth together or alternatively lie back on a table or lean back on his elbows.

Many couples at least once tried to have sex standing up. And those in which a man is physically quite strong and hardy, this posture is called good and even very comfortable, especially if the woman is fragile and short stature. In this case, it can twist a partner with both feet, and he was without much stress will keep it under your buttocks. If the partner has a standard height and build, and realize that to keep her man would be difficult, it may be, throwing him on the thigh with one foot.

 best sex positions

Original pose for a change in sex

We have already written about that intimacy - it is not just a very nice physiological act. It is true creativity without borders, which are necessary components of a new sex positions. They mean different positions, many of which differ significantly from the traditional. Such variants sex gives an excellent opportunity to get an amazing, incomparable orgasm, the probability of which at common positions are not so great. In any case, it is often said the woman. Therefore ingenuity in intimacy - not just a whim of jaded man. Application of new postures in sex is often a very real necessity of promoting the fullness of love and its uniqueness. And the experiment is useful to mutual interest is not extinguished.

One of these provisions is to pose for sex, which is called the belt. It involves the use of intercourse big ring of the belt, which reinforce or on the headboard or on the wall at the head. Ring it serves as an additional point of support for women. This kind of original sex begins with the missionary position, in which the woman lies on her back, and a man entering a member of the vagina, making a few moves her hips back and forth.

Then the Lady feet up, grabs the torso of a man, and then crosses the foot in the already prepared The belt ring. It - one of the best poses for the fairer sex, because it gives her the opportunity to move freely. A woman can be made to meet a partner, rotate your hips, rocking them from side to side, making jerks ... In short, a man in a posture belt gets active and very creative the Lady, which can be embraced strongly cuddle.

Hands of a woman in a new position for sex free, and it can caress of your favorite erogenous zones, bringing him an additional pleasure. Pose for lovemaking in the belt embodiment involves changing the rhythm of movement. If you start a sexual act with a light quick jolts, sudden changing of deep penetration, orgasm comes very quickly. Such an unusual sex erotic sensations allows women to rise to the highest level. This is explained by the fact that the head of the penis, excited at the shallow shocks, greatly increased and actively encourages the motion the first third of the vagina. And in fact it is responsible for vaginal orgasm.

The only drawback of this unusual sex - to move from a belt position in some other uncomfortable position. In the case where a pair prefers to change the period of sexual intercourse several positions and postures variables are selected as piquant variety, better and more convenient to keep them for the final step. In this embodiment, intimacy can safely experiment.

If, for example, instead of one large belt take two small strap and inserting the female feet, they become more mobile. And then they will be easier to breed in hand, lift up, bend at the knees, arches and so on. Those who prefer it attracted unusual posture of this kind, can try to put in the ring belt legs partner. In this case, hanging over his girlfriend, he was able to get into it as deeply as possible.

Generally, unusual sex with a belt means unrestrained flight of fancy. Belt partner can bind the ankles and a woman enter into it, lifting her legs and putting his shoulder. The belt is useful and in order to lock the knees partner. In this case, the penis during sexual intercourse will be able to further friction with clenched thighs. Finally, the straps can be contracted hands and feet of a woman, and experiment using this unusual posture to achieve mutual satisfaction from sex.

Of course, the original posture are not limited to belt-positions. Most couples have tried, more than once, having sex in the bathroom. It's so wanted to experience the sensations that gives intimacy in water. And the kind of woman he loved in the foam, wrapped in perfume fragrances and seductive bare chest, rarely a man can be indifferent. And we women love to feel a sort of Aphrodite or Venus, tempting and seducing. But remember that the extra move from the bathroom to the bedroom is often inconvenient, because they are able to destroy the magical anticipation of sex.

And if you do not have a jacuzzi in the big house, and the usual bathroom in a standard apartment, you probably faced with the fact that it is very narrow and uncomfortable even just lie down together, not to mention the fact, to have intercourse. But out there, though, is it that caressing and excite each other in every way you are lying down or sitting in the water, and try to have sex in the standing position, which is called the "hanger". This position - the best for the owners of small bathrooms who want to engage in sex for the sake of their diversity or because of the impossibility of privacy in the bedroom, sharing it with children. After all, in a small space to towel warmer can easily reach out with both hands and hang on it, standing feet in the bathroom.

But before we move on to the process, take care of the security measures laid out bottom of the tub rubber mat to avoid slipping. Now check is securely heated towel rail. The case for small: to invite her lover to take a bath, excite each other, and then stand up and hang on the towel rails. The partner must be behind, placing his hands on top of yours. Allow it to penetrate into the vagina and choose the most convenient for you both rhythm and movement. You can put one foot on the edge of the tub legs, just be careful, because you can slip, fascinated by the process.

As you can see, the options to diversify your sex life, without losing the comfort and amenities in poses much. This will help you and the development of a new space for intimacy, for making love can be not only in the apartment, but also in the vehicle. Unfamiliar surroundings is always a concern, spurring the desire and stimulates the imagination. Feel free to experiment, because this does not necessarily have the ballerina stretching. It is likely that the new terms for the proximity will open in front of you the most unusual poses, many of which you subsequently call the best.

Pay attention to the anthology of sex - "Kama Sutra." There is no need to repeat certain skills without first caught the eye of acrobatic position - approach to the question thoughtfully, realistically assessing opportunities for itself and partners. Choose the best, in your opinion, the provisions for sex, and do not worry, if something does not work right away, as in sex, like in any other business, can not do without experience and practice.

Be honest with your partner and do not suffer disadvantages if they arise in the process of developing new provisions for lovemaking. But do not give up on your new item under the influence of excessive shyness and complexes. Allow yourself to be free from the shackles of stereotypes and false morality, for sex - it's an integral part of our lives, and it must bring joy.

 The best sex positions: how to combine comfort and novelty

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