Computer games for children

Many of us remember the Nineties, when the computer was in short supply. And at that time it was difficult to imagine what a personal computer was almost in every home. That is why the computer cafes, clubs were then exorbitant popularity. And the Internet, accordingly, was in its infancy.

At the time the computer was something new, unusual, was considered a great toy, so each new computer game is considered a masterpiece, it was the one and only. Today, every game is essentially the same game as thirty years ago, it only takes up more space on your hard drive, due to the improved graphics performance. At that time, twenty megabytes was the largest size of the game, but the content is constantly increasing, there are new opportunities. In today's market of computer games constantly emerging new products, which is not possible to try everything and go from the beginning to the end, because it's not enough any free time. Moreover, many new games are copies of existing ones, so not everyone will want to repeat only in the other design.

Today is widely developed the World Wide Web, so you can see reviews and the description of the interest of the game, before you buy it, if it is not a free game. Unlimited Internet allows you to download free demo versions that allow you to play the game and we needed to assess its capabilities and graphical quality. Also in the Internet you can find a sufficient number of sites where you can play online games, which need not be installed on the computer. In addition, it is possible to use a variety of areas - separate games for boys Winx Games for Girls, Puzzle, Racing, Simulation, etc.

The modern industry has made a huge step forward, with the increased power of computers has increased the number and variety of computer games. But at the same time it is becoming less and less, even though many of employed adults is now happy to be sat for an interesting game.

 Computer games for children

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 develop fine motor skills in preschool children


  • Finger play
  • Games-lacing
  • Finger paint
  • Lego"
  • Applications
  • Modeling
  • Small items

The fact that every child needs to develop fine motor skills, heard, probably every parent. However, everyone knows what this very fine motor skills and how to develop it? Most likely no. Let's try to sort out this issue and understand what kind of exercises will help in the not so easy task.

First you need to have an accurate idea of ​​what is the fine motor skills. Under this concept implies the functioning of physiologists small muscles that are in the hands. In addition, the fine motor skills of hands - it's also hand-eye coordination - all the muscle movements are performed under direct vision. Why is it so important to the development of fine motor skills in preschool children?

It is very simple and it is difficult simultaneously - those centers which are responsible for and speech, and for movement of the fingers are located in the brain are very close to each other. Simply put, stimulation of fine motor skills will inevitably entail development of the speech center.

And forget about the practical side in any case it is impossible, because it is very necessary in everyday life - to button buttons, tie shoelaces. And that's not to mention the fact that a child needs to learn to paint, sculpt from clay, and then write. So you should make life easier for your child to preschool and start the development of fine motor skills.

It is not necessary to delay the development of fine motor skills "pigeonholed" - it should be started as early as possible. Even breastfeeding baby can be regularly massaged her hands and fingers - it will stimulate the cerebral cortex. As your child grows, you can connect the simple exercises, accompanied by verses, specialized games.

Finger play

Finger games - the best way to develop motor skills in children of preschool age. And most importantly - the game does not require any cost. All you need is time, desire and fantasy. The essence of these games is simple - you are together with your baby instseniruete any stories. Ideally, they should be rhymed - so your child will be much more fun. Rhyming is easy to find - take any children's book with rhymes.

For children older than 4 years, the possibility of wider - you can use various props, for example, blocks, houses and other small items. Try to build the game so that trained each finger individually and collectively - it will help to stimulate the cortex of the brain more effectively.

Watch out also for the nature of the motion - fingers should tighten and relax, stretch. Hands of the child should receive the maximum load - only in this case, the training will give the desired result. Otherwise, all your efforts will be a waste of time.

Duration finger games depends on the age of the child. If the child had not yet turned three years - about 5 minutes. For a child 3-5 years - about 10 minutes, and up to 7 years - the same 15 minutes. But most importantly, what should be guided - it is on the child's condition. If he plays with pleasure - all right. But in that case, if a child is missing or frankly even more capricious, it is better to spend a few short sessions than one long. Remember - the game should be just a game, but in any case it is impossible to turn it into a class. Preschool children can only carry away so as not to discourage desire to engage in a lifetime.

 develop fine motor skills in young children


Games-lacing long enjoyed a special love from child psychologists and educators of preschool children. The essence of the game is the following - the child must push through shnurochek in different holes. These games are very different both in the story, and the level of complexity - is to select suitable for your child.

These games develop fine motor skills, not only due to the fact that the child has to lace, but also through tactile sensations - in most games use different materials with different textures. The older the child, the more difficult it is to be a game-lacing: otherwise the results will be little ones you expect.

All parents know that the same toys a child of preschool age is very quickly bored. Do not be an exception, and the game-lacing. But it is not necessary to buy them constantly - lacing the game-not too hard to do alone. All you need - a thick cardboard, colored paper, glue, string or tape, and ... imagination.

For the story, you can use anything. For example, a young child can be cut botinochek with holes for the laces. But more than an older child can be offered to dress the doll - lace up her shoes, buttoned jacket, tie bows. Be creative - who does not like you to know that your child may be interested in.

Finger paint

Finger paint love all children, without exception, as the year-old toddler, and children who are getting ready for school. Finger paint well develop fine motor skills. In addition, using them is not too difficult to teach a child of preschool age to understand the colors. It goes without saying that drawing finger paints will result in extra hassle for the parents, because the paint get anywhere - on the nose, clothes, furniture - but not on the album sheet.

But experienced mothers of preschool age children share some secrets that will facilitate your fate. Perhaps some of them will be useful for you:

  • Whatman

It is best to offer your child to draw no ordinary album sheet and drawing paper - to miss the baby will be much harder. By the way, on Whatman paper - many parents whatman fixed on the walls and just change them as needed. First, the child will be able to draw (crayons) when he wants. Secondly, you defend against childhood wallpaper masterpieces.

  • Buckram

Do not be amiss to lay a work surface oilcloth - it will also help to maintain the relative purity.

  • Restriction site

If you do not want to detect spots of paint on a couch in the hallway and other unexpected places, limit the area of ​​creativity. It is best suited for this kitchen - all surfaces are relatively easy to clean.

  • clothing

Of course, do not forget about the clothes - to put the child to draw in the clothes, which is a pity to spoil it would be at least silly. Therefore, choose the clothes and throw you do not mind. And do not forget about yourself - the kid could grab you by the arm smeared with paint palms. By the way, if the house is warm enough, you can do small victim - to put on some panties crumbs.

 develop fine motor skills in children


Children's designer is considered to be the best educational toys for kids of all ages. Playing with Lego helps your child develop motor skills of hands, working with color, imagination and learn to think logically, creating a particular architectural masterpiece.

When you select a designer for the child, it is necessary to objectively assess its capabilities. If you choose a designer for children aged three to four years, make sure that the designer items were large and easy-going. At this age, children are very attentive and can easily lose a lot of small details, and if the construction details of the designer shape grooves are heavily connected, your baby will soon get tired to expend this effort and interest to the designer rather quickly disappear.

When the child reaches school age, it is possible to buy as a constructor with the average size and the designer with small details. In this age of small designer items help your child learn to be alert and focused.

First-graders can safely fly more complex constructor, which consists of a large number of parts and provides a wide field of activity for imagination kid helping him develop both imagination and logical thinking.

When buying children's designer, pay special attention to its packaging. It is desirable that performed as a package box. Have a special box where you want to add the details of the designer accustom the baby to clean and teach him to put everything in its place.

Particular attention should be paid to details of the designer colors. The wider the color palette, the better. Possibility of using the designer to recreate not only the shape of an object, but also to style it in color, will allow the child to develop at an early age in his impeccable sense of style, and try yourself as a designer combining a variety of colors.

By purchasing a new set designer, be sure to play a few days with your child. Show him that you can build with the help of the designer, but in no case do not drive it in the templates and frameworks. Give an opportunity to show his work. Ask how he built this or that element, and provides an opportunity to finish you started. Subsequently, the child will be much more interesting to build something on their own and then show you, rather than build it with you, but at the first stage of acquaintance with the designer parental involvement is mandatory and necessary.

Very often children reaching any result, ready to enjoy days on the creation of their hands, so in any case do not insist that your baby to built a castle or the ship was named immediately dismantled and folded into a box. If the child has decided to put it on your desk or on the floor in the children's room do not let this desire, because it is not dictated by a lack of desire to harvest, and pride in their own hands created a small architectural masterpiece.

Always be sensitive to the fact that from the designer built your baby. If you notice that he was often to build the same thing, gently hint at the fact that the designer makes it possible each time to build something new. If hints do not help, build something original together to stimulate the child to explore new ideas. Such help parents help the child to develop their full potential and do not stop there. The search for new forms of design, will make your child a real creative personality, and helps him to fully unleash your creativity you purchased constructor.


If the child is more than four years, the application - a very effective way to develop fine motor skills of hands. You can buy ready-made kits, but you can use good old colored paper. And if you connect your imagination, you can with your child to create true masterpieces.

The younger the child, the easier it should be application - details should be large, and they should not be too much. As children get older complicates the task. In addition, you can use colored paper and natural materials - a variety of leaves, twigs, pine cones, chestnuts and acorns.

Most importantly, what parents should keep in mind - it's about safety rules, because the child will have to work with scissors. The most sensible thing is not to give the baby the first available, and buy special scissors for children's creativity, with rounded ends - such scissors child can not hurt, even if you accidentally stumble on them.


Rare baby does not like clay - in fact it can be used to do quite a lot of interesting things - to gloss over the speaker phone in my mother's, my father's seal drive computer, stain glass - but you never know what can come up with! The situation is very familiar to many parents.

But if you give your child a little time and prefer to modeling, you get triple benefits - child find useful employment, will develop his creative skills and develop fine motor skills notorious. A young child challenges can not afford - and teach him at least the balls roll. But an older child, and surely he will come up with what he wants to dazzle.

Incidentally, the clay is quite possible to replace salt dough. Preparing it is very simple - knead the dough, using only salt, flour and water. After the finished product can perpetuate - hold in a preheated 200 degree oven for about 20 minutes. By the way, these crafts can be painted.

 develop fine motor skills in preschool children properly

Small items

Perfect service and can do a variety of small objects, which are in every home. But remember - the child must deal strictly under your supervision, he choked or small object stuck in the ear or nose. And do not be naive to hope that your child is old enough and sensible. Such children are often even doing a seven or eight years, not to mention the kids early school age.

  • Pasta

Dry pasta can be a wonderful material for beads - most importantly, buy pasta suitable shape. Show your child how to string macaroni on a thread. We bet that this occupation will entice a child for a long time. When simply stringing pasta bored child can complicate the task by offering the child to color them.

  • Game Cinderella

The development of fine motor skills in children can be stimulated in virtually any situation. Prepares lunch or dinner? Combine business with pleasure - ask the child to try what it was like Cinderella. What does Cinderella, you ask? Reread with the baby tale again to refresh your memory.

So, if the child is small - you need to beans and peas - mix and pour them on the table. Place two small plates and give the child a folded beans, and in another - peas. As a rule, children with pleasure cope with this task. For a child of early school age suit cereals - they are smaller, so the task will be more difficult. For example, buckwheat and rice mix. Of course, it is not necessary to mix a large amount - two or three tablespoons will be enough.

As you can see, the development of fine motor skills in children - the problem is not so difficult, it would wish. And the success of the child's parents will not leave indifferent!

 The development of fine motor skills in preschool children

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