Snow-cats and its advantages over the sledge

Winter is coming soon. Gorka. Ice. I remember myself as a child? Sledge, Ice-boats, snowballs, snowmen ... Sledge hit a luxury. Now everything has changed. There were snow-cats. They are light, strong and beautiful! Is not it a dream? And now imagine happiness kid who bought a snow-cats! The baby's eyes are burning, sly smile on his face, he wants more and more time to spend not watching TV, and on the hill! How beautiful it is!

Let's look at the main benefits of snow-cats:

The first and most important - is to steer. Thick snow - this is the element of snow-cats. Ice? And then at the height of snow-cats. Control is easy! Rudder moves precisely and smoothly. Overclocked or leaving too far? Snow-cats children are equipped with brakes. There may be two, may be only one. If the two of them, then you can clean the ice taxi, which further improves handling.

Snow-cats has wide runners that do not burrow into the snow, in contrast to the sled, with narrow runners.
Second, and equally important is the ease and strength. A child can easily pull the snow-cats can throw it over his shoulder and carry it to the top of the mountain. Plastic runners are not afraid of water and ice, frost and temperature changes. They do not crack like cheap aluminum sled.

The third is convenience. Snow-cats easily accommodate two children or one child and an adult. Two adults also withstand snow-cats, but I do not think they will be comfortable. The seat is ergonomic and soft. On small potholes slides you will not shake, and the child will feel like a real racer.

 Snow-cats and its advantages over the sledge

 ballroom dancing for children

In the life of every parent sooner or later there comes a time when you must decide where the child will do - in the sports section, theater studio or art school. You are the parents of a beautiful boy, but a little shy and insecure? Or your child - a girl who dreams of becoming a princess? In this case, you should consider the option of sporting ballroom dances for children.

Surely, without exception at least once in a lifetime performance we saw dancers. Agree that this is a very exciting show - flexibility, flexibility, grace partners arouse admiration. But all the stars ballroom dancing began their way to the summit of success was at a young age, when they opened the door of the school of ballroom dancing for children.

Ballroom dances are ideal for romantic young ladies - they remarkably develop plasticity, are taught not only hear music, but feel it. Too many girls looking statement couples on TV, come to a complete delight from the entourage surrounding ballroom dancing - the music, whirling couples, beautiful dresses. Not one of the girls is able to remain indifferent to the spectacle - so almost all of them with great pleasure to visit the studio of ballroom dance.

Boys are also more often in the studio ballroom dance lead moms who want to grow out of the sons of this well-rounded men. And this is true - not only that classes in ballroom dancing for children is a serious exercise that helps the boy to maintain a good shape, they are wonderful human socialize in the future. Believe me, a man who knows how to dance well, will feel comfortable in any company.

On the overall development of the child's dance training also it has the most beneficial effect, being an excellent means of both physical and moral - moral education. In addition, it reveals a remarkable way the entire creative potential of the child.

In addition, as already mentioned, ballroom dancing helps physical development of the child - the best trained and strengthen different muscle groups, enhance cardio - vascular and respiratory systems the child's body. The child learns to master your body, use it to convey their feelings and emotions. In addition, classes in ballroom dancing beneficial effect on the emotional state of the child and teach him to keep his emotions under control.

Ballroom dancing - to be or not to be?

Ballroom dancing is very, very beautiful. However, before we rush headlong into the nearest studio ballroom dancing, it is necessary to accurately determine whether you are ready to ensure that your child is involved in it. So, what must be taken into account?

Ballroom dancing - is an art, but at the same time it is also a sport. Yes - yes, ballroom dancing recognized as an official sport, so that the dancers are not only artists, but also athletes simultaneously. And children involved in ballroom dancing, not only to develop creativity and artistry, but also agility and endurance.

In addition, ballroom dancing, as in any other sport, the spirit of competition is very high. That is why it plays an important role in shaping the character of the child, teaches him to be a dedicated and hard-working, set goals and achieve them - in short, helps the child to grow single-minded and strong personality.

Since ballroom dancing - a real sport, like all the other species, it requires quite a serious approach. If you want to get your child involved in ballroom dancing professionally, be prepared for the fact that, as in any other sport, at the price of success can only be a frequent and longer training and the most serious approach and attitude, on the part of the child, and from parents.

Of course, before you decide to send their children to engage in ballroom dancing section, you must know exactly what they are. So ballroom dancing are divided into two programs:

  1. European program. European program includes dances such as Foxtrot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Quickstep.
  2. Latin American program. Latin American program is the most incendiary and includes dances such as the cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Samba, Jive and Paso Doble.

Apart from these two areas, there is also a sports rock-n-roll - quite heavy and complicated dance, a kind of mixture of the most difficult sports exercises with elements of dance movements. In addition, there are also elements of folk ethnic dances.

Why ballroom dancing recognized sport?

Not long ago, ballroom dancing were considered only one of the trends in art, and today recognized as an independent sport. Why did this happen? The explanation of this fact is very, very simple. Sport ballroom dances require dancers display of exactly the same qualities, which are inherent in these athletes: agility, endurance, commitment, hard work every day, and the like. The following are the main criteria that recognize the independent ballroom dancing sport:

  • Physical strength.

In ballroom dancing, there is a huge number of different complex supports, such as those that can be seen in figure skating. By the way, precisely because of ballroom dancing and were borrowed many basic support used in figure skating. And for their successful implementation often need remarkable physical strength.

  • The flexibility of the body and movement coordination.

In order to move freely on the floor without stumbling when performing the dance of lines and shapes, the partners must be well developed motor coordination and flexibility of the body. By the way, these qualities are needed in most sports, and not just in ballroom dancing.

  • The musical ear and sense of rhythm.

Since we are talking about the dance, it is only natural that both partners should be a musical ear and sense of tact. Otherwise, they will not be able to communicate properly.

  • Endurance.

Endurance is very important for the dancers. And no wonder - all the competitions in ballroom dancing held in several stages - from qualifying to the final round. In each round, serving pair must perform five dances, which last an average of two minutes each. You agree that it is not difficult to imagine the level of stress on the body of participants. But the life of dancers - it's not just performance, it's also a regular exhausting hours of heavy exercise.

  • Strict discipline and teamwork.

Ballroom dancing, by the way, is a team sport. Moreover, the team may consist not only of the two partners. The biggest ballroom dance team consists of 16 people, or 8 pairs. Judge for yourself, what should be the level of discipline of dancers to successfully interact directly with all members of the team.

 ballroom dances for children

Clothing and footwear for ballroom dancing

In deciding whether or not to be ballroom dancing in your child's life, it is necessary to take into account the aspect of the financial aspect. Ballroom dancing is one of the most expensive sports. And it's not the cost of training ballroom dancing, although it is not cheap enough. However, the most expensive - costumes for ballroom dancing for children.

Besides the fact that the child must be at least two track suits and a pair of training shoes also need costumes for performances. Buy costumes for training can be in stores specializing in the sale of clothing for dance. However, with costumes for performances, the situation is a little more complicated - they have to sew only under the order. And this applies to both boys and girls. And the cost of such a suit can vary greatly - from a few hundred dollars.

And since this article refers to the children involved in ballroom dancing, you need to remind parents that the suit will be enough for speeches to a maximum of one year. After all, children, unlike adults, are growing very rapidly, growing from costly costumes.

In addition to all these nuances can not be overlooked as a cost item, like a trip to the competition. Not only do you have to pay premiums, you also have to pay for the road to the venue of the competition, accommodation and meals. But it is also a considerable amount of money. It is much wiser to assess in advance the family's financial resources than to put a child aware of the fact that you have no money. Believe me, this will be the most severe disappointment for him and a severe blow to the child's psyche.

At what age to go to the floor?

So the decision was made, and ballroom dancing is yet to be. And then another question arises - in what age should give the child to the studio ballroom dancing? Definitely answer it quite difficult. On the one hand, in ballroom dancing, as in any other sport, to achieve the results necessary to bring the child to the tender age. On the other hand, children who have not attained at least five - six years of age, is hard enough to perceive and assess the requirements of the coach.

There are studio ballroom dancing that take children from about three - four years. However, before you take your baby to really appreciate its power. When the crumb is still not able to focus, coordinate movements and quickly tired, do not rush things and give it to the studio ballroom dance.

However, if the child is sufficiently developed to take the team coach has a good memory, the ability to coordinate their movements well and has a musical ear, you can try and give crumbs to the dance. However, experts still suggest that the optimal age for the start of classes in ballroom dancing - is six years.

The principle of a coach with children

Of course, parents interested to know how does the studio ballroom dance performed work with children. So, your child is accepted into the studio ballroom dancing - what's next? Usually, at the beginning of training the trainer will hold a parent meeting where parents will read out a list of what you need to buy a child for further training.

During the first year of training the children often dancing on one. Kids are devoted to the basics of the secrets of dance. At this stage, the task of training the trainer is to teach children the basics of rhythm and choreography, as well as the basic movements in ballroom dancing. Learn the basics of the main dances - cha-cha-cha, Slow Waltz, Jive, Quick Step, as well as some auxiliary dances such as the Blues, Polka, discotheque.

In the second year, when the children will be 6 - 7 years, the coach puts children into pairs. In training, the children begin to learn to perform the same movements that they have learned in the past year, but in pairs. It is the second year children begin to take part in her first competition in ballroom dancing.

Competitions Ballroom

In the second year, when children are placed in pairs and go on their first event in life, they begin their performances in the category "Beginners." To judge the competition like the kids have a little more leniency than the rest of the participants - they are not just starting on the floor, but in the age of everyone.

In the event that the year went well, and a pair of young dancers showed good results, it is assigned a dance class "E -4". In this class, the children take part in the competition in four ballroom dance: Quick Step, Slow Waltz, Jive and Cha-cha-cha. Children dancing couples, which is assigned a class, is already considered to be full-fledged athletes. They are involved in various kinds of events, both in class and in the public groups on children's competitions in ballroom dancing in a group of children - 1.

In that case, if the current year, at least one of the dancers in a pair is ten years, couple automatically enters the next sequential age group "Children - 2". In this group, the competition is already much more serious than in children. And the great advantage are those couples who at the time of the transition to group children - 2, made it to the class D, which means that the children in the dance contest is not four but eight dance 4 Dance of the European program - Slow and Viennese Waltz, Tango and Quick Step, and 4 from Latin American dance program - Rumba and Jive, Cha-cha-cha, samba.

Children take part in competitions in ballroom dancing kids in the classroom - 2 for only two years. As soon as one of the partners in a couple of 12 years old, the couple automatically translated into dance group Junior - 1. In this age group children dancing ballroom dancing practically adult dance program. And the requirement of judges to such couples also very strict - as adults. In addition, this age group is radically changing the requirements for the appearance of the dancers - their shoes, clothes or hairstyle.

Of course, far from all the children who come to the studio ballroom dance, grow Alexander Berezin and Victoria Rudkovsky. However, in any case, ballroom dancing lessons for children will not go to waste. The beauty and grace of your son or daughter will allow them to always be in the spotlight!

 Ballroom dancing for children

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