Gifts for newborns

Having a baby - one of the most significant events in the life of any family. It goes without saying that all the relatives and friends tend to present a baby - a gift. And then there are hundreds of questions: what to give newborn boy? Gifts for a newborn girl?

Especially zealous relatives runs far ahead and almost dowry prepare, choosing a gift the newborn girl. But deciding how to choose a gift to the newborn boy, looking towards, if not by car, on bicycles accurately. But do not forget that only a pipsqueak - only came to light. And there are plenty of gifts intended for children.

However, very often, alas, they do not bring any gifts to the child or mother any good and go "dead weight" on the shelf. Choose the gift that will be useful and will appreciate - the task is not so simple. However, if you know some secrets to approach this issue creatively and put into choosing a gift for the soul - you're sure to find the best gift. So, what to give newborn child?

Of course, you can go for the most simple and proven way: ask the young parents. However, very often the parents of modesty and politeness do not respond to this question, you choose to offer. To choose a gift in this case, you need a little more care - take a look, what it lacks family. But the information given in this article will help you with this.

Unwanted gifts

 what to give newborn boy

There are several gifts that give a family in which there was a newborn, it is not recommended. According to tradition, adopted in Russia is almost always present with the young mother presented a bouquet of flowers. However, to do so is still not worth it - pollen with high probability can trigger the development of allergy attack. However, to go without flowers would not want to?

There is a solution - give a bunch of balls. It is not only completely safe, but still very original gift that parents will forget very, very long time. Typically, these balloons - colors are sold ready. But if suddenly you could not find them, ordinary balloons of different sizes and thick wire will come to your aid.

Choosing gifts for crumbs, especially toys, be sure to take into account the tender age crumbs. It is not necessary to give a newborn soft toys, toy cars or dolls, even the most expensive. Kids playing with them not begin soon, but they will collect dust during this time very much. You do not want to add a young mother of extra work? She and so have something to occupy their free time.

If you decide to donate toys, choose those that might interest the child in the near future. This toy can be a big bright rattle, set of rubber toy for bathing or, for example, develops mat. Also, do not lose sight of such a gift, like a musical mobility on the bed - such toys can never have too much. When choosing toys sure to check that they have been certified. Small children are almost always pull toy in his mouth - they must be absolutely safe for children's health.

Diapers are also quite controversial gift. Of course, the diapers are never superfluous. However, before you buy them as a gift, ask your mom what brand she prefers? Do not try to self-determine this by looking at the stack of already open. Perhaps it was this brand of diapers bought the other because at that time was not, and perhaps they are also presented.

Recently, it became very fashionable to give the so-called diaper cakes out. They are offered to those who want to choose unusual gifts for newborns. Advertising such a gift can be seen everywhere - from the Internet and ending store of goods for children. The idea is this: every diaper is twisted into a tube, and are using the beautiful ribbons shaped cake. No doubt - like splendor looks very original and impressive. Gifts for newborns with their hands always very relevant.

Original gifts for babies are always valued highly. However, doctors - pediatricians have extremely negative attitude to such gifts. And no wonder - diapers are exactly the same as the tool of personal hygiene, for example, feminine pads. After all, no one would think of removing the pads from the package, is not it? And diapers must be clean, not perverted by alien influences another's hands, and dust. So if you too, and decide on such an original gift, be prepared for the fact that it will be just a souvenir, and off-label use will never be.

Another favorite, but often useless gifts are pacifiers and bottles. Firstly, a lot of kids just simply do not suck pacifiers and bottle they do not need, because they are fed breast milk. Secondly, even if the child sucks a dummy and you can not guess with the shape of the nipple or the company - the manufacturer, because of what the child is easy - simply refuses to suck them.

Nor should we buy a playpen. Until a few years ago was very popular arena for all mothers without exception. Recently, however, a growing number of young mothers just simply refuse to use it, preferring to carry the baby in her arms or in a sling, and do not put him in a playpen. In any case, if you decide to give crumbs arena, pre-Speak the issue with his parents, and especially my mother.

All the above is equally applicable with respect to such gifts as a walker. Do I need a child walker - decided in each specific case, around the age of 5 - 6 months, not earlier. The ratio of different parents to walkers contradictory - someone praises them, and someone categorically rejects.

Also, in any case it is not necessary to give these crumbs pharmaceutical products as herbal teas for the baby, vent tube, syringe and so on. Their mother herself would buy in a drugstore, knowing exactly what you need it crumbs. And as a gift to these things will be looked at as appropriate.

Sometimes people in order to save money to seven young, buy as a gift for a newborn baby baby food. However, it is not necessary to do so - because you certainly do not know what a mixture of parents feed their baby. But any mixture should be given to the baby until approved by your doctor - a pediatrician.

That the book - it is the best gift we all know even from our childhood. However, in the case where to choose a gift for a newborn baby and its mother, it usually does not work. Books on child-rearing there are so many - a wide variety of authors, whose views are often on a particular issue are diametrically opposed. It is not necessary to burden my mother all this information - if it is required, mom will buy the book itself.

Clothing is also very favorite gift for many people. Beautiful and comfortable little things can be a wonderful gift. But do not buy clothes for growth - first, children grow very quickly, and it may happen that the thing purchased for growth, in the season will not size. And in - Second, children's fashion as adults - vacillates and changeable. If you do decide to buy a gift clothes, remember the simple but very important rules:

  • The clothes should be sewn only from natural materials.
  • Clothing should be simple cut - too uncomfortable to wear frilly patterns.
  • Always make sure to it that on the neck were buttons or buttons - otherwise the process of dressing - undressing will be very difficult.
  • Do not buy clothes that are decorated with three-dimensional applications with small elements - pipsqueak can pull them off, pull in your mouth and choke.

If you know how to knit, you can make a gift to the newborn hands - associated with love and affection blouse or cap will certainly please his mother and crumbs.

The best gifts for the baby

 what to give newborn girl

So, the fact that it is not necessary to give a more or less clear. Now turn to decide on those gifts that will be useful and desirable for the family of the newborn remains. As mentioned above, the best option would be if Mom and Dad said yourself that they need. If not, turn your attention to the following gifts.

  • Bed dress.

Bedding is very good and practical gift, because a lot of them do not happen ever. If you plan to give a set of bed linen for crumbs, reasonable to immediately purchase a blanket - blankets choice is very, very large, so pick a time can be difficult. Set in a crib, which includes protective bumpers and canopy, as surely please his mother and crumbs. Also pay attention to such things as children's rugs and large bath towels - they will always come handy in any home. Your gift is guaranteed to be in demand, and not to rely on the far shelf cabinet.

  • Photo accessories.

The appearance of a baby born to parents always evokes awe and affection. They belong to the great attention to the kid, watching his slightest success and, of course, seek to capture each milestone in its development. That is why the photo products will always come to the court - a camera, a variety of original photo frame, children photo album. On the children's photo album should talk a little bit more. Purchase a photo album that allows you to chronicle a child's life, write to the early successes and achievements of the crumbs. These albums are sold in two variants of design - for both boys and girls.

  • Wheelchair.

Wheelchair need any child without exception. And, of course, that it will be a good gift. But do not forget that the choice of stroller - a very serious matter. And going to the kids' store for a stroller for crumbs, call from a parent. Or at least pre-ask their preferences.

  • Cot.

Cot can also be a wonderful gift for the little man, unless the parents have not acquired it in advance. Choose a crib is much easier than a stroller, but be sure to make sure that it is certified and safe for the crumbs. There is a huge number of different modifications cots - and changing table and a chest of drawers, and beds - cots and transformers, which grow along with the baby. The choice depends on your financial capabilities and taste preferences. Perhaps it is not the most original gift to the newborn, but definitely very practical.

  • Washing machine - gun.

With the advent of a small child in a family of mom appears at times more laundry. And if the young parents do not have a washing machine, the load on the newfound mom increases significantly. And it, believe me, and so it is very difficult. And the washing machine will be a wonderful and most welcome gift. And although at first glance it may seem that this gift newborn child will not bring any joy crumbs. In fact it is not - you are giving your child the most valuable that can be. You give him my mother's attention, because it will be able to spend time with the baby, which is taken away to wash his hands.

It is necessary to pay attention to some points. In the event that you are giving a gift to relatives, be sure to coordinate their actions with all the family - what to buy as a gift to the newborn? This will help avoid many misunderstandings and make gifts to the best and most useful as a child, and for his parents.

Firstly, all the relatives of the family council should make a list of what you want to give crumbs and his parents. Then each of them should choose what you can give to a newborn. Thus, you can prevent the situation of purchase of two beds or wheelchairs. I agree that it will put parents in a very difficult position.

Second, you may want to think about how to make a gift for several people. Believe me - a washing machine or a stroller young parents will be happy more than five sets of rattles and clothing. You agree that in this situation a joint gift can be a very good solution.

And finally, the most important secret of a good gift for a newborn - is love. The easiest and most inexpensive gift, but chosen with love to the baby, it will be much better than the most expensive, but bought just for show. After all, the best gift to the newborn - is your love!

 Gifts for a newborn baby?

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