Baba Yaga learns to read

How nice to be able to read!

No need to stick to my mother,

Do not shake the grandmother:

Look, please read! "

Valentin Berastau

"Ma-ma-la we ra-mu" Remember as a child we carefully drove his finger on the page primer? Sometimes the study was a joy, and sometimes the kids bathed in tears, unsuccessfully fighting the unruly bukovkami. Time passes, I have many, but the ability to read is always a necessary skill for any person.

And the kids are still fighting with the alphabet. Someone continues to do it the old-fashioned, out - under pressure and with the scandal. However, nowadays there are many ways to teach the crumbs to read without coercion, in a playful way. These training programs can be found everywhere: in children's magazines, TV programs and, of course, computer games, such as "Baba Yaga is learning to read." That's about it and will be discussed below.

In recent years, more and more parents and teachers of children's preference for a series of educational games like "Baba - Yaga," the company "Media House". This tutorial series includes games aimed at teaching a child writing, reading, familiarity with the world. The series consists of games such as:

  • "Baba Yaga learns to count"
  • "Baba -Yaga learning to read"
  • "Baba Yaga. School on chicken legs "
  • "Baba Yaga. Go there, do not know where "
  • "Baba Yaga and ask. We are exploring the world around us "

These training programs are designed for the youngest children. For those who are older, there are other programs where the Baba Yaga will learn foreign languages ​​and get to know science. However, today we will just about learning to read - about the game, "Baba Yaga is learning to read."

The principle of learning to read

As already mentioned, many teachers use the game 'Baba - Yaga learns to read "for learning to read preschoolers. And this is no accident: in the game is based on a technique of advanced training. This type of training is built taking into account the peculiarities of psychology, four children - seven years, so it is most effective.

As a rule, children of preschool and primary school children hardly keep a focus on any one thing. A game 'Baba - Yaga learns to read "allows you to play it by completing tasks in any order. The child, in order to start playing the next stage of the game, do not necessarily finish last.

Start the game, you're with the baby immediately plunge into the fantastic atmosphere with a touch of the detective. Baba - Yaga kidnapped by a significant part of the letters. And your task - to find them. However, in the way a child lying in wait for bukovkami various tests and challenges. Only if their child will get a letter.

Fabulous little animals will help your kid. It is not necessary to prompt the child the right options - allow it to cope with them. Every step of your child is accompanied by a variety of comments and poems animals.

Child psychologists have long been definitely established that the information filed by the child in verse form, is absorbed 40% better than any other. Incidentally, the verse form is the basis of the game, "Baba Yaga is learning to read."

 Game Baba Yaga learns to read

The essence of the game

This game is ideal not only for the youngest children, who do not know letters, but for those kids who already know the letters, but still do not know how to put them out of syllables. The game introduces the child to the letters, learn to put syllables and words. And thanks to the wonderful graphics and professional voice acting, "Baba Yaga learns to read" very similar to the cartoon, in which the child can feel like the protagonist.

The entire training program consists of three phases:

  1. Bukvarik. In Bukvarik child acquainted with letters. In every letter Baba - Yaga stashed his poem. Typically, after a month pipsqueak knows by heart and recites all happy quatrains.
  2. Slogarik. With slogarika child learns to put the letters syllables. And help him in this wise Raven. The learning process folding letters in syllables takes a little more time - from one to three months.
  3. Mini - games. The third stage is the most difficult game. Attention is invited to the child's card with a job to search for the letters. After all mini - games, the child will collect all the letters he had at the beginning of the game abducted insidious Baba - Yaga.

Finally, all the children who successfully perform all the tasks proposed to them, a surprise from Baba - Yaga. We will not spoil the impression and to tell in advance what kind of - you're sure to see for yourself.

Some parents believe that a child learn to read on their own to anything. They say that time will come, and the child will learn to read in school. On the one hand it is, but on the other hand, remember two things:

  • Self-esteem of the child

The vast majority of children come to school already knowing how to read. And your child may be an inferiority complex. And in this age this phenomenon is highly undesirable, as the lack of confidence may accompany the child throughout school life.

  • Love of reading

In the event that your child will learn to read "under duress", is unlikely to follow the love of reading will be its hallmark. Education is in the process of the game does not cause the child any rejection of the process of reading.

After all, how else, but still - still, "How nice to be able to read! "And the game" Baba Yaga learns to read "will help your child.

Download the demo version of "Baba Yaga learns to read"

 Baba Yaga is learning to read. Learning together!

 How to choose the right toys!

You want your child was the best? Choosing children's educational toys, it is necessary to focus on the fact that they are, first of all, have benefited. However, not all children fit the same toys.

To from educational toys was an expert, you can purchase at the following tips:

  1. Toys, are safe for the health of your malysha.Neobhodimo choose a safe and healthy toys. Of particular concern should cause plastic products, as unscrupulous companies used in the manufacture of inexpensive material to spare. Chemicals are part of these toys can result in serious illness.
  2. A well-chosen game posobiya.Po definition, educational games should contribute to the development and education of the child. Unfortunately, not all toys cope with the task, and some even do not teach anything. To find educational toys, increasing the knowledge base of your child, you should carefully read and study reviews, consulted with friends and acquaintances who have already faced a similar problem. And do not forget that interesting at first glance, toys can actually learned nothing.
  3. Selection kategoriyam.Fizicheskoe age and mental development of children of different ages differently. Therefore it is necessary to pick up the game manual for specific age groups. This will help to maximize learning your baby. Typically, these recommendations can be found on the packaging.
  4. Funny igrushki.K Unfortunately, many believe that learning can be enjoyable. If your child is interested in the classroom, he necessarily all learn. It has long been known, if the toy is boring, then it will postpone the child and forget about it.
  5. Environmentally friendly igrushki.Obratite attention to toys that can be partially or completely recycled. A large number of gaming benefits ends its way to the landfill where they release harmful environmental chemicals. When buying toys, which can then be recycled, you save the environment from pollution.

If you pick up the right to train and develop the gaming material, then eventually it will benefit your child.

 How to choose the right toys!

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 High-tech radio-controlled robots

Modern toys are much different from those that were produced ten years ago, not only design, but also technical support. Despite the fact that the toy market is quite diverse, he kept growing. Radio-controlled robots are now at the peak of popularity, they are fun and exciting. But this does not mean that one should buy wholesale remote control toys, and then try to find a good use for them.

Try to include a huge variety of robots to find the one that will brighten up your life and your child's interest. Developers robots try to make them look like a man, is now equipped with high-tech toys miniature video cameras that help avoid obstacles, touch sensors and other sophisticated devices. Radio-controlled robots attracted a large audience, as can walk, run, jump, move not heavy objects and even conduct simple conversations with their owners. They can perform more than 40 functions programmed person.

Radio controlled toys are not bored and do not give a miss to the owner. If you can not make a live cat or a dog, certainly brighten up your loneliness Pleo dinosaur who loves to play and affection and tries to be all over like his master.

The developers tried to make the toy so that the robot could see, hear and touch. All the impressions he analyzes, differentiates and transforms into a unique experience to further act completely independently and very emotional. Dinosaur - not an ordinary toy, unlike e-cars, they can not be controlled. Pleo is good and independent, and these qualities are attracted to it customers.

By purchasing a toy, you need about two hours to charge the battery. Imagine that at this time the baby is born, and laid his identity. You want the dinosaur grew cheerful, smart and playful? Then give him time to form properly.

 High-tech radio-controlled robots - a novelty toy market