How to choose the first baby shoes

Your baby begins to walk, then it is time to pick up the shoes to him first.

You can not take the shoes "by eye", it is better to take the baby with them. And you can make it easier. Put the child in socks on a sheet of construction paper and draw around it with a pencil sole. Cut out the resulting pattern and take it with you when you go to a children's shoe store. This will prevent the baby from a long tedious fittings and keep your nerves.

Do not take strong shoes "for growth." Foot the baby in it will hlyabat, and it would be inconvenient to go, and if it's winter boots, the boots are too free leg baby will freeze. The space between the socks and shoes should be about 1 centimeter.

It is better, if the shoe is made of leather. Choose shoes with a broad heel, toe shoes should be slightly bent up, the kid does not stumble when walking.

The sole should be flexible enough if the bending of the sole in contact with the heel of a sock - it's a good shoe. And pay attention to was the sole slip.

We do not recommend wearing shoes. Foot the baby is still being formed and should take the form of individual and shoes, which went to another child, has taken the form of his foot and possibly wrong. This has a negative impact in the future to walk your baby.

 How to choose the first baby shoes

 winter clothing for children

Winter is here - that will have an effect. But, as is customary, purchase winter clothing we always put off to the last minute. And these days a great number of parents is visited by tens of children's shops in search of the optimal variant of winter clothes for their babies. This is quite natural, because the choice of winter clothes - a very serious matter.

What factors are crucial when selecting winter clothes for children? Experienced parents are advised to pay attention to such details as:

  • Convenience. Remember that children's clothes should be comfortable enough that the child felt totally comfortable walking, even if it is for a newborn crumbs.
  • Weight clothing.
  • Impermeability.
  • Easy to clean.

All these requirements are optimally responds precisely this winter clothing like overalls. This already seen a huge number of young mothers. Nowadays, children's overalls are mostly sewn on the latest technologies, from special fabrics, making them light enough freedom of movement to the baby, but at the same time surprisingly warm and, most importantly, waterproof.

Children up to six months

In that case, if your baby is under a year old, the best option for him would be the so-called jumpsuit - transformer. This suit has a zipper on his pants, making it easily transforms into a warm envelope. This is extremely convenient, as small children often fall asleep while walking, but because of overalls - Transformers mom can quickly strip crumbs without disturbing her sleep. Additionally, make it easier for mom to help fastener in the form of two side zippers.

When choosing a suit for such crumbs mother should pay attention to some features of tailoring. Remember that your child most of the time is in a wheelchair. And accordingly, it is unacceptable that in the suit were rough seams or ruffles are sewn so that they do not cause discomfort crumbs.

However, you can buy and an ordinary suit. As a rule, overalls designed for the smallest crumbs are zastrochennye tight sleeves and pant legs that will prevent heat loss, and will not allow freezing hands and feet crumbs. In addition, very useful have Drawstring at hood, which protects from the cold neck crumbs.

Children around one year of age

If crumbs here - that turns one year old, walking qualitative change. The kid does not sleep most of the time walking. The kid sits in a wheelchair, trying to reach something - or knobs, possibly even making the first attempts to walk. So, respectively, and the overall need some other crumbs. The main thing that parents need to pay special attention - it is the right fit, which will provide the child comfort. As the insulation is optimal sintepon or holofayber.

 winter overalls for baby

A child and a half - two years

In that case, if you are a parent of a small topotushki that already confident enough to walk, then to the bodys demands largely increased. Firstly, one-piece suit should be. In this suit, your baby will not slide guaranteed pants, and jacket not zaderet. Mom does not have to detract a little from the pioneer study of the world only in order to correct a jacket or pants.

Also, when buying a snowsuit note that on the sleeves and trouser legs to suit present special protective gum that will not allow the snow to get under the child's clothing. It is also very useful to look at the ass overalls - many manufacturers sew on an extra layer of padding polyester ass - because the baby is so much land on the "ass." And, of course, very important to pay attention to the material of the suit sewn - it must be impregnated with a special compound, whereby it is waterproof.

Children over three years

Well, in that case, if your crumbs already three years old, you can consider the option of dungarees or, as it is often called, a separate suit. It is a high breast panties, straps and jacket. It has many advantages. Firstly, such a suit is enough for two winters - its size is adjusted by straps. Secondly, on the pants are almost always sewn footstraps, which is very convenient. B - Third, entering a warm room - a hypermarket or clinic, you can easily remove the jacket only child, so the child does not sweat and did not appear the risk of catching cold.

When choosing a suit is to give preference to models that have the length of the jacket will be up to about mid-thigh. In such a coat the back of the child will always be protected from the cold air or wind, even if the child will sit down on his haunches, or, on the contrary, to raise the handle. Also note the collar suit - he must reliably protect the crumbs from the wind. And, of course, the material - it should be is waterproof.

And the last piece of advice to parents - do not try to buy a winter suit for the child of a series of the most expensive, if your family budget do not have extra money. Firstly, the overall maximum buy baby two winters. And in - the second, overalls of the budget price series is no worse than most top-end brand.

 Winter clothing for children. What to choose?

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 clay crafting

Molded from clay for your crumbs already passed stage? The child confident enough to have the basic skills of modeling? If the child likes to create different things from clay, it will surely enjoy this activity as modeling clay. This activity does not require large material costs, and bring pleasure to the child with nothing comparable. Yes, and handicrafts made of clay can be stored for many years.

Where to get clay for sculpting?

If you are with a child decided to try modeling clay in front of you, of course, raise the question of where to take the clay. In principle, there are several options:

  • Buy in store

Basically, in our time for the clay is sold in almost every department of office supplies, or in the shop of children's toys. Buy usual gray clay can be quite inexpensive - its value fluctuates within a hundred rubles. This clay is soft, smooth texture. Clay sale small packages, is fully ready for molding. Most suitable modeling of polymer clay for those kids who had never experimented with modeling clay.

  • Blue clay

In that case, if the modeling clay for the child is not a novelty, and the child sculpts are many, the most reasonable for you will be the acquisition of a soluble blue clay. It is sold packaged in packs of 3 and 10 kg. Blue clay for molding plastic enough, so the child will be comfortable working with her. However, there are several drawbacks. Firstly, a blue clay contains a large amount of foreign matter such as pebbles, and sand. Therefore, it is necessary to pre-sifted. And the blue clay dilute with water alone is not every child will be able to - he'll need adult assistance.

  • Natural clay

Another option - to look for the clay itself under natural conditions. Typically, the clay can be found on the riverbank. However, keep in mind that not every clay for sculpting. In pottery, there should be no cracks. So try to pre-roll the piece of clay in his hands and see if it is flexible enough. For kids from this clay should be discarded. For them, a more optimum modeling of polymer clay.

In addition, natural clay to be properly cleaned of impurities. To this solution clay in water so as to obtain a uniform mass. Let stand for about an hour, after which, without shaking, pour it into another container. All the stones remain on the bottom, and you'll have a clean, suitable for modeling clay. Dry it in the sun and you can start to work.

Types of modeling clay

Depending on the age of the child, you can choose several options for modeling. For example, figures can be created from a single piece of clay. To do this, create the desired shape with your fingers. A child using simple techniques of extrusion and topping can create from the base figure.

If a child knows how to use stacks - special sticks to shape the clay, he can take advantage of them. However, note that in this case the clay should be sufficiently dense, even slightly hardened. Only in this case the child can comfortably sculpt out of it.

Another great way for modeling can be plaster molds. The molds need to pour a solution of clay and left to harden. In order to prepare a solution of clay, mix water and clay until creamy state.

If the child is old enough, you can try to create more serious things than clay bunnies. For example, you may want to blind a vase. To do this you will need plastic clay and plastic film. Wrap any bowl with plastic wrap, then put on top of the clay. After that, leave the clay to dry slightly and very carefully remove the film from the vase. After the clay is completely dry, you will have a real vase.

Another quite interesting kind of modeling clay, who adore all children without exception - is embossed molding. When modeling a relief on a flat layer of clay applied all sorts of small details - flowers or petals, for example.

 plastic clay

Little secrets of modeling clay

To modeling clay brought pleasure to the child, you must know some of the features - in fact anyway but clay for its plasticity is still different from the clay. Clay is much stronger than clay, but at the same time requires much greater accuracy. For a successful modeling remember quite a few simple rules:

  • Clay for sculpting, should always be moist. Therefore, every time after the molding of the clay is finished, you need to rest a lot tightly with a damp cloth to prevent drying.
  • In the process of modeling clay inevitably cracks. The child must live down them with a liquid clay or water, otherwise ready to hack will look untidy.
  • Start crafts necessary to create larger pieces. And after them need to attach smaller. If the child is too young, help him - clay modeling is quite complex.

Processing craft clay

And hack clay ready. How to preserve it for years to come? Firstly, any need to pre-dry the crafts. To do this, place it in a transparent plastic bag and leave for at least three days. In order to determine whether the product is dry, take a good look at him - dried clay is much easier and lighter than crude.

In addition, a couple of days a clay crafts you can further dry in a microwave oven. To do this, place the pottery in the microwave for two - three minutes. You can also use and oven - preheat it to 300 degrees, put the figure to the dried and leave for about 20 minutes. Please note - in any case, do not put it in the oven just made and perfectly raw product - you run the risk of his hopeless mess.

Once the product is completely dry, you can start painting it. For coloring clay wiser to use gouache. Gouache great falls on the clay surface, gives a very bright, vivid colors. And most importantly - gouache completely harmless to the child.

In the event that created the hack adult child, you can cover it before painting a layer of white enamel - it dries very quickly and creates an ideal basis for paint. However, if the hack was created a baby, you should not use enamel to crumb, do not breathe its vapors.

Once the painting is completed and the product has dried, apply a uniform layer of ordinary PVA glue. It will give the product not only strength, but also a terrific shine. However, be sure the glue is applied to only the dried paint, otherwise the pattern can be blurred.

Modeling clay is a wonderful way to spend time with the child is not only interesting, but also with a significant benefit to its development!

 Clay crafting. Children's creativity

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