holiday for children


  • The idea and design
  • Costumes
  • Invitations and guest list
  • Music, games and gifts
  • Refreshments
  • Photos on memory and the final celebration

For a child, regardless of age, the festival - an event astronomical scale extravaganza of emotion and moments of pure happiness. After all, children are sharper and naively perceive the reality around them, and any occasion for them - a miracle, a welcome and surprising. And every loving parent is wondering how to arrange a holiday for children, making it a memorable one. Christmas, New Year, birthday - when you think and calculate, it really will be children's events are not so much. And I want that in the life of the little man, there were as many as possible!

So why not make a child a holiday, rather than waiting until the next date? Dilute the series of familiar everyday something special, for example, to organize a Festival of soap bubbles. Everything you might need - a liquid soap, the ability to blow bubbles and good mood. But the sincere joy in the eyes of a child will be priceless reward.

Or arrange a cloudy day celebration of the sun. The scenario is simple: hang on the walls of the apartment sheets of drawing paper and razrisuy them with your child paints, pencils, brushes, fingers, colored chalk. Let every corner of the house you look bright and cheerful sun! Together bake cookies in the form of small suns and Treat them family members.

All this is a family holiday, but do not forget that fun in the company of friends can give your child a lot more fun. Of course, you can arrange a holiday with the help of professionals. But you deprive yourself and your baby the lion's share of pleasure from the coming celebration. After all, when the baby will take a direct part in the preparation for this event, it will have another reason to be proud of themselves and their contribution to family life. So give him that opportunity!

So you've decided to cope on their own? Then the first thing need to start - is to make a script for the holiday and decorate it point by point.

The idea and design

Here is the scenario depends on the age and gender of your child. For a boy suit theme parties in the style of the wild west cowboys, space or a pirated script. You can beat the scenes to arrange knightly tournament or fun starts. But girls are more suitable ball fairies, flower festival, a masquerade ball, or princesses. And, of course, depending on the ideas will change the rest of the holiday themed items.

This is where your child will receive a fantasy space for the flight! In no case do not give up his ideas. Take the greatest possible number of them. Think with him every little thing. This will help your child understand that you listen to him, and will contribute to the development of his taste. The selected room can be decorated with balloons, lights, various crafts, relevant theme of the holiday, to make inscriptions on the posters to draw pictures.

 Scripts of holidays for children


If you clearly define the theme of the holiday, then you need to take care of the costumes in advance. Children, regardless of age, are very fond of dress, try on a variety of interesting images, to get used to them. Pofantaziruet with the child on his new way. Let him draw some detail of costume, and then help you in its creation.

Try to use every moment of this collaborative work, get closer to your child, teach him something new, and perhaps learn something new from him. No wonder, if in the process of writing suits you better understand your child's desires and dreams.

Invitations and guest list

The next step will be the drafting of a list of guests. Let your child choose those he wants to see on your holiday. With whom he was pleased, fun and easy to communicate. After all, it is his personal holiday. And then with him to think through the design of invitations.

If, for example, you stayed in the knightly party, the component themed invitations, for example, in the form of an old postcard of the tower or the shield with the coat of arms. And an invitation to a masked ball can be made in the form of masks, fans or firecrackers. By the way, better organize the delivery of invitations in advance. After all, if it's a costume celebration, the guests also need to prepare for it.

It is possible that some of the parents of your guests will want to contribute to the preparation and will add interesting details to your script. Do not give up, new ideas will not be superfluous.

Music, games and gifts

The most important and probably the most creative part of the celebration will be fun games and correctly chosen music. It is a mistake to assume that the simple outdoor games will keep children's attention for a long time. They are more tired than the rest and rejoice in the holiday.

The child's attention is very difficult to hold long on any one thing. So you need to offer as much entertainment, alternating outdoor games, intellectual and creative tasks. The holiday program is to be rich is not tedious, lengthy and age appropriate children.

Make a script and prepare a pre-requisite to avoid hitches and sagging in the program prepared by you. Arrange your forces and the forces of participating children a small idea. This may be the home of puppet theater and mini-performance.

You can learn a child with a few simple tricks and give him the opportunity to shine on the home stage. To give children the opportunity to express themselves in creative work, ask them to draw, or cut paper polepit themed images corresponding to the idea of ​​a holiday. And then you can arrange an auction of children's drawings and crafts for parents, involving them thereby general merriment.

Mind games can directly reflect the holiday scenario. So, the ball will have to place flowers at the flower quiz, participating in which children will have to name as many flowers and flowering plants. A party at the space will be interesting quiz about the planets, constellations and aircraft.

On pirate party can arrange a treasure hunt. Hide trunk with sweets in a secluded place and map with notes and memos, cribs mystery about how to reach the goal. And when the treasure is found, everyone who participated in the search, will receive their share of the sweet "treasure."

Incidentally, it is worth remembering that you have chosen or invented games should not be a clear winner. Children are very sensitive to any loss. Why spoil a holiday child? Therefore, let every child on your holiday gift to get some souvenir. Even the most insignificant detail is able to lift the mood of the little man, happy to light the lights in the eyes and be his personal "treasure." And for what is still to hold a children's party, if not to see the sincere joy of a child?

 holiday for child


Well, what holiday can do without treats? Especially as games and dances, of course, "wake up" children's appetite. Therefore, be careful with the menu. It is not necessary to plot anything grand. Interesting and unusual tapas sandwiches, assorted fruit, bright and beautifully decorated cakes desserts will delight the child much more than a "business lunch" with hot and compote.

Although, if you count the fact that the holiday will last for more than five hours on a hot still worth thinking about. But in a festive table, you can add a touch sharing with your child's creativity. Let him help you come up with names for the dishes, or invent an unusual shape, and he will cut out cookies, and maybe - invent a new kind of sandwiches.

The dishes on the table should be bright, to attract children's attention. You can decorate with their respective topics of your holiday. Canapes in the form of stars or piastres, rolls in the form of space rockets. The list is limited only by your imagination and the imagination of your child.

Photos on memory and the final celebration

Every moment of the holidays steeped in smiles and joy. Your children are changing and so, at this moment, you will not see more of them than ever. To feast was not only in the memories, it is best to capture the photo or video camera.

In any holiday important not only to its beginning, it is important and final. It should be bright and memorable. You can arrange the fireworks or launch balloons in the sky and explode firecrackers, if the festival is held outdoors. Or solemnly cut the birthday cake. You can select the king and queen of the ball or a party who distribute rewards or prizes to his subjects in the final event. All this, of course, will delight children and their accompanying adults.

You may find that coming up with interesting scenarios and for him to arrange a children's holiday - it is difficult and impracticable. Believe me - it is not so! After all, every smile and sparkle of genuine joy in the eyes of the child are spent forces. And the understanding that you will have in the joint work, will be the greatest reward for loving parents. Therefore, in a series of everyday affairs and habitual everyday life to make a gift - arrange an unforgettable holiday for children!

 How to arrange a holiday for children in the home?

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