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Our sense of the child's body and the possibility of inconsistent as to put the child on the street, how to determine that the cold is quite small, wordless baby, or some advice about everything related to the cold and the child.

If the outside temperature is below 13 - 14 degrees, and not worth the risk to go for a walk. Whatever had no warm clothes for children, believe me, he is still in danger of freezing. Since the baby is breathing cold air, without having him warm up in the nasopharynx, even the hairs that are located in the nose, protects and warms inhaled air. In very cold weather, they also freeze and turn into something similar to the icicles, and they can warm the icicles? As it is nothing.

Make sure that the child would have dry feet, and that would be the baby was not wet. Because perspiring body cools down much faster than dry. And because the child's body much faster than can be supercooled and ill. It is very easy to determine when a child is cold, in no event shall look at the spout, it is cold or warm, this particular wrong. The child's face may be pale, but it is also a deceptive response, it is advisable to touch the back of the head or chest, if cushy means the baby warm and well. But if you feel that it is cold, drop everything and quickly home. Your baby is very cold.

Houses should definitely do the right thing with the deserted child, which would then have been no consequences.
First baby change their clothes, give tea with lemon, milk with honey give is strictly forbidden that the child is not sweating, wrap and let it warm up a little kid.

 A few tips for a walk with the child in the bitter cold

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 properly chosen clothes for baby

At the present time, in fact, there is no problem with the lack of children's clothing, but a new problem, its proper selection. A variety of styles, fabrics and different styles and designs, it is huge, and it introduces not experienced parents astray. In this variety to choose is not so easy, we'll give you a few not complicated tips to help you make the right choice.

For starters you should know that the clothes should be first of all easy to use. This is especially true of newborn children. A lot more importantly you need to consider what clothes should be igotovlena of natural fabrics and have no synthetic additives that can cause allergies in the child. Natural fabrics are not expected to harm the child's sensitive skin. You can buy clothes for children from natural fabrics online store

And another important factor is not enough not to mention - is the price. Clothes made of synthetic fabrics are usually much cheaper than natural fibers.

Of course we can not ignore the fact that the child is growing very fast, but the poor quality of things can cause that thing comes into disrepair after the first wash.

And before you buy clothes for your child, you need to think well what can happen in the end. It is necessary to take into account that the quality instead of the two things you have to buy an incredible bunch of low quality clothing. And in this case the saying - "miser pays twice", it can relate to you.
And most important things in cotton your baby will feel comfortable and cozy!

We wish to make the right choice!

 Choosing the right clothes guarantee of healthy and joyful child

 sand painting

Drawing with sand in recent years is becoming increasingly popular not only among adults but also in children. This is not surprising - drawing with sand or, as it is called, sand animation, has a number of positive points. These points include:

  • Easy

A lot of children's hobbies require parents to spend a lot of time in search of the necessary consumables, which sometimes cost a lot. To paint with sand, you will need only light, glass and clean fine sand. While many people prefer to use sand instead of any free-flowing substance, whether coffee or semolina, or even sugar. You can also experiment and choose the material that you enjoy more than others. And in order to create, at first sand painting studio completely optional.

  • Age of child

A lot of parents do not pay much attention to the sand painting children in the mistaken belief that this activity is designed for older children. In fact it is not so - to draw sand may even yearling crumbs. For the development of fine motor skills to draw simple sand no less useful than drawing finger paints or modeling clay. But the confusion and hassle with cleaning will be much less.

  • Aesthetics

Pictures made of sand, very beautiful, and allow the child to show all their imagination. My parents certainly can be interesting like drawing, and co-creation, as we know, the most favorable impact on the attitudes of parents with a child.

  • Plasticity

An important nuance is the plasticity of the material. To change the image, the child does not need an eraser - just swipe your finger on the glass. On the same surface can create drawings infinite number of times.

Young children with great pleasure that draws sand. The sand is very good at helping the development of fine motor skills. And, besides, the child learns to distinguish the texture of different substances. After drawing can be used not only dry, but wet sand - it pipsqueak can smear on the glass.

Yes, and for the development of older children painting has the most beneficial effect. Teachers and child psychologists say that school performance in those children who began to engage in sand painting, is significantly improved. This kind of creativity and stimulate the accelerated development of thought and speech of the child. Psychologists explain this phenomenon by the factor that changes the child's creative thinking: the restructuring figuratively - logical thinking occurs colossal.

In addition, children engaged in drawing, much more resistance to stress. And no wonder - the sand helps the child to get rid of negative emotions, relax and relieve stress. These children are a lot less nervous, less sensitive and aggressive. Too many child psychologists in their classrooms with an emotionally unstable children resorted to drawing sand.

 Drawing with sand for children

Accessories for drawing with sand

In order to move forward to the sand, you should prepare the following items:

  • Wooden box
  • The glass or plexiglass
  • Lamp

In the box you need to make a hole the size you require and close the window. The size of this hole is determined by themselves, taking into account the desired area of ​​the future picture. Treat the edges of the glass, so they are not sharp. For kids it is generally desirable to use acrylic, which the child can not get hurt.

Above the plexiglass is necessary to put a piece of white paper that it is desirable to fix the tape. This measure will help to give a haze. Then make a small hole in a box and put it into the lamp.

Prepare material for drawing itself. If you use sand, rinse and dry thoroughly before painting. Note that you can use absolutely any sand, not only quartz.

You're done - you have only to wait for the darkness and start drawing. Do not try to immediately perform complex dynamic patterns. The sand painting, as in any other activity, the rule "from simple to complex." A little patience and perseverance - and pictures of your child will really surprise the audience! Or maybe your child will enjoy this activity so that the studio sand painting will be his conscious choice.

 Drawing with sand - space for children's imagination

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