year-old child often wakes up at night

Sometimes before there is a problem the young parents that their child was waking up at night more often than usual. And equally often parents complain that the year-old child often wakes up at night and more younger kids. Is this normal, or all the parents begin to worry and have to take certain measures? This is what we will talk today.

Why can it happen? For example, if your still a pipsqueak still eats at night, his frequent nocturnal awakenings, most likely due to the fact that the child feels a sense of hunger, and just simply hungry. Although those babies who get artificial mixture cease to feel the need for a night feeding for about two - three months, infants, feeding on mother's milk, at night there are still about five months of age.

However, if the child is 6 months began to wake up at night, this is unlikely to occur for a reason. During this period, an intensive growth spurt child, and accordingly, and food crumbs it requires much more than before. As a result, the baby wakes up at night just because of the fact that he feels a sense of hunger.

What should be done in such a situation that the child was asleep and did not wake up tight at night? Give your child the night a little more food than you normally give it. Very often, the kids go to sleep before being fully sated. In order to avoid such a situation, it is necessary to proceed as follows.

If the baby fell asleep before he ate posited norm, shake it, hold it vertically to the air, swallowed by the baby, I went outside. Then wake up crumbs and ask him to eat a little more. And do it as long as the child does not eat as much as you need.

Naturally, feeding in this way turns into a kind of ritual, very time-consuming. However, remember that the price of the issue - a peaceful night's sleep. Agree, is not so little, in fact it is always not enough young parents. And, moreover, such a measure is needed for very short time. Pretty soon your child will grow up a little bit, and you will be able to enter the lure. But solid food is digested and absorbed much longer than the breast milk and infant formula. Therefore, your baby will sleep through the night.

Changing diapers

Many mothers, too worried about your baby, especially at night, put Service in order to be able to wake up and change the baby diaper. However, to do this, doctors - pediatricians is not recommended. The frequent change of diapers justified only if the parents use gauze diapers or no diapers.

Otherwise, the child will manage perfectly diaper change, the frequency of which is equal to the frequency of feedings. However, note that you need to change them at the end of feeding, not at the beginning, because at the time of feeding a young child is stimulated as the process of urination and defecation.

Problems with skin

Mom should carefully monitor the baby's skin to remain healthy. In that case, if the child has a diaper rash, or prickly heat strong, the baby may experience quite severe discomfort - severe itching or burning. And not surprisingly, if your child is due to uncomfortable sensations will sleep poorly at night and often wake up.

In the event that all skin problems - still there, my mother should seek help from a doctor - a pediatrician, or the child to a dermatologist. Fortunately, modern pharmacology offers a very wide selection of a variety of drugs that can help get rid of diaper dermatitis and prickly heat in a very short time. However, in no case can not independently acquire any whatsoever drugs - they must appoint a physician.

Also, not to mention the unpleasant disease such as atopic dermatitis and diathesis. Dermatitis is not so harmless as it seems at first glance many mom and dads. And the child discomfort it brings no less - a child can not just wake up at night, but did stop and sleep, for a short time, falling into deep sleep and wake up again. In this situation, family life begins to resemble a temporary hell. To prevent this, you need as quickly as possible, seek medical help from a doctor.

 children 6 months began to wake up at night

The need for close parent

Small children first year of life are almost always feel extremely vulnerable and unprotected. And for your own peace of mind they need to feel constantly that parents, especially my mother, always there and will come to it at the first call. That is why it is so important to the child whenever he cries.

In this case, the child gradually learns to you fully trust you. It is often possible to hear the recommendations, urges parents not to pay any attention to the baby's crying at night. However, this is not the best way to solve the problem - it will not be solved, only aggravated. But the child's nervous system can greatly falter. Much to our happiness, there is a very small number of women who are able to silently, doing nothing to hear the cries of their remains.

Eliminate possible irritants

In the event that all of these factors are excluded. A baby still continues to cry, be sure to check if there are any - any other irritants that can lead to the awakening of the child? Maybe the room is too cold or too hot, or maybe crumbs annoying mosquitoes? Besides that. He could hurt tummy or teething - any of these reasons can lead to the awakening of the child at night.

Approaching the baby at night, try to eliminate the irritant as quickly as possible, and at the same time as quietly as possible. By the way - which is why all experienced moms and doctors - pediatricians strongly recommend to young parents to buy night-light and always leave it switched on at night - because the inclusion of overhead lighting can greatly frighten the baby. And the dream in this case can completely leave your baby, who was surprised to find that the middle of the night can not only sleep, but also fun to play with my father and mother.

Also, try not to take the child in his arms, when he wakes up at night. It is much wiser to sit near the crib and gently stroking the crumbs on the back as long as he does not fall asleep, even if it takes a little longer than motion sickness. But otherwise, you can teach a child to ensure that he would cry as long as you do not take him in my arms. And fall asleep on their own, without the motion sickness, it can also refuse.

Properly put your baby to sleep at night

I'm sure all parents know that a child often wakes up at night when it is bedtime too perevozbudilsya. However, all believe that this holds true only to the older children, but it does not apply to infants. But this is not the case - and the crumbs have to put down properly. In no case should not play romps before bedtime.

But in many families it is exactly what happens - Dad comes home from work and starts to play with the crumbs. After that, both happy with each other expenses - Dad in the kitchen, baby - bed. That night my mother sitting constantly jumps up to the child to wake up. Sounds familiar, does not it?

Therefore, we must ensure that the child before bedtime is not overly excited. By the way, on television advertising of children's shows are constantly bubble bath, which supposedly soothe the baby and helps him sleep. And many people are advised to bathe the child before bedtime. However, in reality this is not so - you need to bathe the child for about an hour before bedtime, but not directly in front of him. Otherwise, the child will fall asleep and a long and restless sleep, waking frequently.

 The child often wakes up at night

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 Crafts with kids. Please - it means to develop

Early development - natural concern of today's parents. The dynamics of life suggests the only way to raise a successful, self-confident people - to teach him to think creatively and to do without outside help in any situation. An introduction to the development of various kinds of needlework - the best way to solve these complex tasks.

Generate ideas, select materials and methods for their treatment, to overcome the difficulties of mastering new technologies, completing begun, inspired by the results of their work. All this and much more baby learns by observing the actions of knitting, sewing, embroider mom or dad, collecting model airplanes, enthusiastically masteryaschego Crafts from clay, bent over a plaque to burn. Only the co-creation, causing joyful emotions of all participants in the process, has the highest educational and developmental effect. Business, positive attitude of the adult is the child's desire to be active and achieve success.

Practical benefits of manual labor for the comprehensive improvement of the little genius can not be overemphasized. Knitting and sewing circle in the classroom, weaving, plastic, paper and soap at home, sculpture and drawing at the art studio. Whatever we choose, physical, verbal, emotional and moral development in the creative process is carried out as if by itself, and of course fun. You can hone skills, having thoroughly studied one or two kinds of handicrafts, but it is better if the classes will be varied. All the more so now a lot of new material processing techniques, and long known to have become more affordable for the majority.

In order to involve the child in the creative process, it is not necessary to select the primitive, simple in execution crafts. The more complex the job, the more room for development. At first, the baby can be entrusted the execution of auxiliary functions. For example, very fashionable now decoupage technique in general is quite complex, but feasible participation in the creation of a masterpiece can take even a crumb, just learn to keep in the hands of scissors and cut a passable pictures. The child is very useful and easy observation of the human creative, he is like a sponge absorbs moods, ideas, methods of action and eventually apply the accumulated experience in creative games and communicating with peers.

 Crafts with kids. Please - it means to develop