Choose a dress for girls

The older girl becomes, the more her own, like my mother, I want to wear pretty dresses. But there are special occasions when you need to make every effort to dress up your crumbs. So how do you still choose an outfit for a girl?

First of all, a beautiful dress for the matinees in the garden, you can choose to It is fashionable today to decorate the kids on graduation celebrations, when the kindergarten is like a small gathering of magical fairies. And we can not do without beauty contests in which your child will attend. Such competitions are starting to do for children from five years old. In addition, a child of preschool age is constantly compares himself with other girls and deliberately associates the fact, it looks like she and her girlfriends. There is nothing you can do, is female psychology!

When choosing festive dress, you need to present the girl herself, but only if it is not a gift. Often, the very quest for fancy dress with her daughter, it is for her holiday. Therefore, you can organize a small celebration of the child and ask her about what kind of dress she would like and what color and length.

It is important to bear in mind that the festive dress for the girl to be light pastel tones that emphasize the solemnity of the moment. Also look good saturated colors or floral patterns. It should be taken into account tsvetotip child, because not all the colors come to face the girl.

Another story with winter clothes, because any time there are different festivities and dress up the baby in the winter in beautiful light dress with short sleeves are not always safe for her health. That is why, if you can afford it, buy a separate fee for the winter. The color of this dress is also necessary to choose according to taste.
An excellent option when choosing festive dress, can be practical and beautiful fabric. For example, a silk or satin for a newborn. It may also come chiffon and other fine fabrics. When outside the winter, you can choose a thin woolen fabric, crochet.

It is important that when a girl fitting dress felt comfortable in it. Check out for yourself how to choose a dress sits on your child, you do not narrow in the shoulders or whether a tight belt. And always check the quality of a thing. After sticking buttons or thread suggests that manufacturers were unfair.

 Choose a dress for girls

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 Interior nursery for children of different sexes


  • Psychological nuances
  • Zoning regulations
  • Rules for the choice of furniture
  • Options plan

First, a nurse, then ljalka. That's how our ancestors voiced their desire to acquire two opposite-sex offspring. Of course, the desire to desire, and life disposes of its own way. Still a baby girl and a boy, perhaps dreaming of virtually all normal parents. Girl for mom, boy for dad - so they argue, when planning a family. When dreams come true, happy parents consider their mission accomplished, but life puts in front of them more and more tasks. It turns out, to educate children of different sexes are often much more problematic than two siblings. And the organization of living space heirs - also not an easy task.

Most of the families are able to select only one for a child's room, where will live two or even three children. If the age difference from the heirs of the small, the first problem as such does not exist. There are no problems and the organization of nursery for children of different sexes, when a child is much older than the other. But as soon as the close in age, children come into tineydzherstva time, conflicts are inevitable. But before parents face a sensitive issue "right" design a child's room. Let us know what experts advise on the design of the interior nursery for children of different sexes.

Psychological nuances

Psychologists recommend to draw the interior nursery for children of different sexes, the most distinguishing between individual areas. This means that every child in the room should be a personal space, but at the same time - plenty of room to play with. The problem of leadership is inevitable, if the children are close in age. In this case, the parents should be able to design the interior without disturbing the hierarchy defined by the children themselves, but without stressing the apparent preferential position of one of them.

It is a common room for two children of different sexes - the problem of the organization of the interior with the maximum security of personal space. In people genetically inherent cautious attitude to the opposite sex, the desire to break the intimate space of the "neighbor" and to protect against such intrusion his private territory. It is these nuances and should be the starting point of the overall planning of interior room for children of different sexes.

 beautiful interior nursery for children of different sexes

Zoning regulations

For brothers and sisters, it is desirable to allocate two clearly defined part of the room. Typically, the individual area of ​​each child should include a bed and a safe (cabinet) for storage of personal belongings. If there is a possibility that part of the child where there is a window, should be a common area. Here you can organize a place to practice, to put the TV set and other items that involve sharing.

If the window is located so that get only one child, you have two options distribution of individual zones. In the case of an explicit and even aggressive leadership of similar age children of the room with a window, most likely, you will have to give the lead in this pair. With sufficient difference in age appropriate to settle in this part of the youngest child, he used to sleep. And one more opportunity - to settle children according to temperament. For more calm and quiet child will feel better in the long (not passing) of the room, and its active neighbor he would not bother constant walking back and forth and rapid pastime.

Such zones, it is desirable to differentiate visually: each zone must be stressed is framed in a "boys'" or "devochkovom" style. In addition to the visual differentiation of children's area, and it is desirable to designate a tangible boundary: a screen, pedestal, rack. Therefore, in a room for children of different sexes such a boundary is best carried out perpendicular to the long side wall. Of course, it is possible and parallel zoning, when the bed is positioned along the opposite wall, a desk near a window located between them. However, such distribution would make private housing areas as open and vulnerable, and children at the same time will not feel very comfortable.

Total bunk bed, oddly enough, does not violate the right of individual zoning. Sleeper every child is private and hidden from the prying eyes of neighbors. And the question of the selection of individual zones can be solved by arranging, for example, two isolated space for classes and storage of clothes, books and toys.

Rules for the choice of furniture

When making any child's room should be guided not only for its taste, but also the rules of selection of furniture for children of all ages. Consider these rules.

  • A child up to four years the child must be allowed to freely exercise thirst for knowledge. Furniture should be light, soft, safe, and should not restrict the free space. From flowers best suited bright hues, but without abrupt changes colors.
  • In four years, the criteria for selecting children's furniture a little change. It's time to organize their own workplace. Pay special attention to the comfort and safety of furniture: it should be strong, to have no corners and be made of environmentally friendly materials.
  • At ten or eleven years of human tastes are formed, it is necessary to choose furniture with the participation of the child. Not bad, if the furniture in the nursery is not heavy - in this case the teenager will be able to change the situation in accordance with the mood of the room.

 interesting interior nursery for children of different sexes

  Options plan

Planning nursery for children of different sexes should be based on the age of its inhabitants, their lifestyle and temperament. Consider the most common solutions to this problem.

  • Spacious room similar age children

This is the simplest case. The interior can be planned according to the wishes of children and parents opportunities. The most correct decision - color designation privacy zones and organization of common areas for games, communication and training. Such a solution to the problem would be convenient not only for parents but also for children. Make sure that the work areas were sufficiently covered and located as conveniently and equally. Strictly speaking, this observation true for lay sleeping area each child.

  • Room for children with a large age difference

It is also appropriate to individual zoning. And the youngest child can give the room a more comfortable and senior compensate such "injustice" the greater area of ​​its zone. In this embodiment, the interior layout should be divided only on the personal area for each child. A total area of ​​uneven-aged children do not need and are quite satisfied with the need to communicate in a neutral territory - in the living room, dining room, kitchen.

  • A small room for children of different sexes

Here, parents will have to be considered, above all, with a small area of ​​common nursery, and come to the fore the task of saving space. It is appropriate to opt for a bunk bed, and in the case of a small difference in the age of the children - in the children's corner with two bunks. General You can make the workplace, lockers and books. Still, do not deprive children of the opportunity to have a private area: Think about how you can plan your interior with this in mind, wishes. Suppose that at least a bedside table or bookshelf, each child will have their own.

  • Very small children's room

Place in a room heterosexual children - not an easy task. However, there are optimal solutions. The main thing - do not try to cram into the room all the children's things. For example, clothes can be stored in the general wardrobe, books and textbooks - in a large bookcase in the living room. The interior of even very small room you need to plan, distinguishing between private areas for each child. Most suitable for solving this problem designer furniture (convertible). It usually combines bed and a work area or a bed and a wardrobe. Do not forget about the possibility of zoning the interior using a different design of "living space" for each child.

And remember that even absolutely identical organization of individual zones in the room for children of different sexes will not protect them from the conflict. Wise not to seek to maximize the satisfaction of the children's requests (which are known to have no boundaries), and teach children to compromise, to show generosity and respect for each other. By the way, this ability is necessarily useful to them in their adult life.

 Interior nursery for children of different sexes

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