Useful properties of pomegranate


  • A little history
  • The composition is very tasty and healthy fetus
  • So what useful properties have grenades?
  • A few delicious and healthy recipes

Pomegranate, useful properties are noticed in ancient times, it cultivated thousands of years ago. Tree height is 10 m, leathery leaves are dark green, the flowers bright red, large fruit to 0, 40 kg. Pomegranate fruit has a spherical shape yellow-red peel is thick, leathery, astringent taste. Within 6 to 12 slots, which are separated by a partition film, and a plurality of sockets located seed. The seeds are surrounded by an angular look and juicy flesh, which is formed from the seed coat.
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A little history

Homeland is so wondrous fruit considered to Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and the countries bordering these states. For many centuries it was displayed many different varieties. Historically, it is proved that pomegranate has spread to every continent during the XVI - XVII century.

In Russia, the fruit can be found in the Caucasus and Crimea.

The Greeks considered the fruit a symbol of a happy marriage, and in Central Asia pomegranate - a symbol of the good relations and friendship.

The fruit got its name "Punica granatum" from the ancient Romans and Greeks. At first it was called the Punic apple (as the Carthaginians came from), the Greeks called it "Grenade", which translates as grainy.

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The composition is very tasty and healthy fetus

The flesh contains fructose, malic and citric acids, rich in micro, macro and ultramicroelements, vitamin C, provitamin A, pigments flavones and anthocyanins. Collected from the branches of fruit may lie until spring, while maintaining all useful properties.

The pomegranate juice contains 8 - 10% of sugar, and some varieties can boast of organic acids (citric, malic), nitrogenous substances, volatile production, vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, manganese.

The peel and roots contain alkaloids, which are useful properties are in a strong anthelminthic action.

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So what useful properties have grenades?

Juice before our era consumed to relieve stomach pain. Also it is used for colds, sore throat, and no voice.

Another useful feature - the ability to increase the blood levels of hemoglobin. The course of treatment 2 - 4 months. 100 - 200 ml of pomegranate juice taken before meals 3 times a day. After a break of one month, and the treatment can be continued again. It should follow a certain diet. Regular consumption of pomegranate lowers blood pressure, but do not forget that this fruit has astringent effects and can sometimes cause constipation.

Also, you can increase the level of hemoglobin, drinking, 3 times a day before meals with 100 ml of pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon, carrots, apples, honey and sugar beet.

The juice is used in the cosmetic purposes: whiten skin, remove age spots, acne and freckles. It is very nutritious and useful mask of pomegranate juice and sour cream. It not only contributes to bleaching, but also nourishes the skin.

One of the beneficial properties of this fruit is a restorative effect, which affects the digestive system and absorption of food intake. In addition, it can be regarded as a biogenic stimulator for the treatment of diseases of the pancreas.

Doctors recommend taking the juice in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, after operations and infectious diseases as a tonic.

From pomegranate nectar is prepared syrups, extracts and refreshing drinks. For many centuries humanity known for its beneficial properties. Hippocrates, Avicenna, Galen in his works recommend the use of pomegranate juice for medicinal purposes: in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, throat, colds, fever, headaches and as an anthelminthic.

Pomegranate rind contains tannins, which are effective in the treatment of intestinal disorders and against tapeworms. A decoction of it will help get rid of dandruff and improves hair growth. With increased nervousness, restless sleep and depression is recommended to add to the tea pre-dried peel.

Woman in menopause can be used not only pulp, fruit and seeds, since they contain fatty oils that normalize hormonal processes in the body, providing an analgesic effect, lower blood pressure and relieve irritation.

Cora, taken from the roots, odorless, astringent taste, and when wet inside the cortical surface with a solution of water and lime painted in yellow color (tannins). It contains alkaloids such as:

  • pelleterin;
  • metilizopelleterin;
  • izopelleterin;
  • psevdopelleterin.

Medical preparations on the basis of the bark is used as a tool to help in the fight against tapeworm. This is due to the action pelleterina, izopelleterina and metilizopelleterina and psevdopelleterin has no such effect.

In the skin of the fruit contains up to 30% tannins, which treat dysentery and intestinal disorders. Traditional recipes recommend eating a pomegranate rind with bronchitis, inflammation of the colon, colds, malaria and so on.. Although the best option would be to take a decoction of the bark of the plant, but it should be done very carefully. Requires strict compliance with dosage: not more than 3 - 4 times a day for a teaspoon, otherwise it can lead to internal bleeding and alkaloids can cause blindness.

As a tonic, you can use a decoction of the peel 5 grams, and 100 ml of water. Take 0, 5 - 1 tsp 3 times a day. You can improve the taste by replacing the water in the syrup, adding a little dry wine.

Syrup for excretion of tapeworm. 50 g of garnet grains soaked for 6 hours in a 400 ml of water, after which the mixture was put on a plate and heated until the solution was halved. The broth is filtered through cheesecloth or a fine sieve and gradually consumed within one hour, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. After 2 - 3 hours taking laxatives (castor oil or Glauber's salt).

 pomegranate juice
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A few delicious and healthy recipes

Because pomegranate juice cooked delicious sauce nasharabi, which is one of the best additions to the Caucasian dishes. Fresh juice is poured into a container and boiled at three times the initial volume. Then poured into a glass bowl and refrigerate. This sauce will give the dish a unique piquancy.

Pomegranate sauce with nuts. In 200 ml of pomegranate juice is taken 50 g of walnuts, garlic clove, some fresh cilantro and hot peppers chilli (to taste).

Drinking juice is diluted with cold water (about 0, 5 cups). Nuts, pepper, garlic and cilantro are mixed and passed through a meat grinder. The resulting mixture is added to the juice and salted to taste.

Uzbek salad with pomegranate and onion. At 2 servings you need: 1 medium-sized pomegranate, 4 onions, a little salt, fresh dill, parsley and cilantro.

Finely chopped onion in a clay bowl shifted twice filled with boiling water. After that, the bow is shifted in a sieve and lightly salted. Ripe grenades cleared. Part of the grains is converted into juice and placed in the refrigerator and the other mixed with the bow in a ceramic bowl, which is then added to the juice. As decoration salad sprinkled with chopped greens. This salad is perfect for a shish kebab and pilaf.

Unusual appetizer. It will take 8 eggplants, small onion, 50 g walnuts, half a glass of pomegranate seeds, salt and pepper. With a baked eggplant skin removed and crushed, add pepper, salt, sliced ​​onions, walnuts (crushed) and pomegranate seeds. All this is thoroughly mixed. Very tasty and healthy salad ready.

Serve it better chilled.

 What is useful grenades?

 early signs of pregnancy


  • Emotions and feelings
  • Manifestations of Physiology
  • Changes in the body
  • Protection from the first days

There is an anecdote about how a girl going to the tram needs to cede his place as pregnant. Place conceded, apologized for the fact that it is not noticed. A woman said that an hour is not yet in sight.

The hour-not an hour, but the first signs of pregnancy after conception can be seen already in the first days. Of course, not others, and the woman.

Some changes in the body can be felt within a week of pregnancy.

They are related to health.
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Emotions and feelings

First pregnancy responds, in most cases, the emotional sphere.

The woman herself did not understand why all of a sudden becomes a whiny at all offended over nothing breaks. She always wants to sleep, the slightest physical effort caused a breakdown. In the foods there is an unusual taste. I want to try something that does not exist in nature. In the mouth dryness constant or, conversely, too much accumulated saliva.

This affects the body's hormonal changes. It began increasing production of progesterone, which is responsible for the fact that after conception, the fertilized egg is firmly connected to the wall of the uterus.

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Manifestations of Physiology

The changes are not limited to changes of character and tastes. Some women 2-3 days after conception sense that the body is something unusual.

For example, there is dizziness. Heroines of foreign films are always learning about her pregnancy after being in a public place fainted. This happens with real women. Hormonal changes in the body can trigger pressure surges.

What else can be distinguished as the first signs of pregnancy after conception?

  1. Very unpleasant symptom - it is a manifestation of the veins. On the legs, shoulders, abdomen and chest are clearly visible blue veins. Later veins disappear, blood flow will not be as intense as soon after conception under the influence of raging hormones.
  2. Unpleasant dragging pain in the lower abdomen. Women sometimes the pain associated with frequent urination. Pain is caused by the fact that from the first days of pregnancy, the uterus begins to prepare for nurturing.
  3. Changing or steady increase in basal body temperature. Watch for changes in basal body temperature can only woman who built her schedule and marked the onset of ovulation.
  4. Increased sensitivity of the mammary glands. Some women under the influence of excess prolactin literally from the second week after conception from the nipple secrete a fluid similar to milk.
  5. Violation of the intestine. It is caused by a change in metabolic processes. And again, to blame hormonal changes.
  6. Slightly increased the uterus. Having discovered that the uterus is tense and increased, do not immediately run to the doctor. If the long-awaited pregnancy, the vigorous examination at an early stage can not give it to evolve. Medical manipulations threaten to trigger uterine contractions and she will reject the embryo. It's best to buy a test and independently determine, with associated changes. Pale second bar shows that the egg is already trying to win a place in the female body.

There are signs of pregnancy that the woman may not be aware of how to change their condition.

  1. Can start to break off accrued nails and cause a reaction to the usual metal ornaments. It will manifest traces on the skin.
  2. Some women in connection with conception occurs allergic to certain foods, do not cause harmful effects before.

 Ultrasound in early pregnancy bereennosti

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Changes in the body

The first signs of pregnancy that a woman feels about identified. Although it is still not time delay, which will give confidence that the pregnancy.

What happens in a woman's body after conception?

In the first week of pregnancy, after the egg with the sperm met, and there was a conception, the fertilized egg leaves the fallopian tubes and adheres to the wall of the uterus. Activated placenta begins to develop active progesterone.

During the second week begins to form the umbilical cord, which will continue to nourish the embryo is formed. After it appears in the first of the future human body: cardiovascular system. The mother's body starts building bubble of membranes, and it is filled with amniotic fluid, which are liquid nutrient for the embryo.

On the second week after conception, it is already possible to note the emergence of the placenta. This body will be transferred from the mother's body the nutrients to the future baby, and it will depart as processed products.

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Protection from the first days

The woman felt the pregnancy. How did she behave then? Sticking to the old way of life, radically change the mode of the day?

No one is forcing expectant mother to abandon the activity. But why not a little bit to adjust their behavior? Instead of meeting with friends at a club or in a smoke-filled room of the cafeteria to offer them a walk in the park. Go to a concert in the museum to admire the works of art. Very noisy entertainment changed to quieter.

Aside from the onset of pregnancy, due to the active entertainment can begin early toxicosis. Future moms in order to generate a healthy baby, you need time to eat, sleep, then the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy can not occur.

It is necessary to protect themselves from contact with people, which clearly shows that they are not completely healthy. Seasonal rhinitis is usually easy to carry on their feet. But the same virus entered the body in the first weeks of pregnancy can seriously harm the future baby, weaken his immune system emerging.

Expectant mothers and children to avoid infections such as mumps and rubella. The development of these diseases can cause serious fetal abnormalities. Predicting the consequences of infection for the baby is impossible. Usually pregnant women who have had the infection in the first trimester, when the basic form of life of the fetus, offer abortion.

If a woman has not had animals before pregnancy, after the start of their conception is not desirable. Most often, the owners of animal antibodies for toxoplasmosis - a very dangerous disease for pregnant women - have already been formed, and the contact with a pet will not bring harm. Erupted disease can cause abortion.

Sometimes, women notice the first signs of pregnancy, and then come monthly, and even the doctor can not tell exactly what it was. Abortion in early pregnancy? Or a woman betrayed "wishful thinking"?

No need to get upset, pregnancy is bound to come.

And maybe upset early? For some women, menstruation in the first month after pregnancy - is the norm. The body has not had time to readjust.

In that case, if the bleeding come in 2-4 months after pregnancy is diagnosed, we need to see a gynecologist. This phenomenon is evidence of insufficient production of estrogen by the body. Medicine at the present level can help in solving this problem. Do not be afraid that the child is due to be born sick spotting. Production of hormones by the body of a pregnant woman on the formation of life-support systems of the future baby no effect.

 How to identify a pregnancy in the first days