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  • Types of computer games for children
  • Why computer games?
  • What computer games to choose child?
  • Instruction for parents

With the latest achievements in science and technology, from the cradle babies have the opportunity to explore the world without leaving home. So do not make the most common mistake parents - child limit, allowing the computer only ten or fifteen minutes a day. Of course, it all depends on the age of the baby. But on average, per day, he can sit at the monitor for at least three or four times. It should clearly ensure that what your child is involved, so as not to hurt his psyche. The bloody battles of the war and aggression are not allowed to minors.

Types of computer games for children

Today there is a variety of genres of children's games that parents sometimes quite difficult to select a specific option. To make it easier to deal with the fact that the download, buy and install on your computer, first decide the purpose. Think about what is most important to you - to distract the baby, to help develop a particular skill or teach him something new.

  1. Adventure

    This category of mini-games is a cartoon in which the kids take part periodically. The main goal - to develop logical thinking and ingenuity. It should indicate that the older the player, the more difficult levels and objectives. So choose a particular option should be based on the age of the baby.

  2. Simulations

    This toy allows you to relax and have a good time. But, unfortunately, it does not bring benefits. Simulator - is a kind of simulation of vehicle (motorcycle, plane, car). The main goal - to deliver the goods or take no damage from point A to point B. Usually, allowed traffic violation that already inherently bad. The little man still does not understand that this is just a game, and sees everything that happens in all seriousness.

  3. Puzzle

    Find scattered items, make an offer of the letters to solve a crossword puzzle - these mini-games are the most useful. They are recommended for use with three or four years, when the child already understands the meaning of many words. At first you will need to sit around the player to tell or to help with the task. Later, when the child will understand the principles and rules, he would do well at any level.

 Mini games for children

Why computer games?

  • They help to develop perseverance

No other activity can not get to sit in one position for two hours without a break. However, you still have to control the time allotted. After half an hour, ask the kid to help you around the house (clean room, wash dishes, water the plants), that he was distracted and mash.

  • They develop

Children's mini-games, designed in accordance with international norms and requirements, helping to fantasize, to develop logical thinking, learn to read and count. At the same time the parents do not have to be with a belt over the child, the kid wanted to learn the multiplication table. During the passage of the levels, it will have to be smart, performing simple, but quite exciting job.

What computer games to choose child?

Children's toys are divided not only by age but also by gender. For girls and boys developed a completely different subjects. Male sex offered a serious and complex problems, the future Lady often offer to develop a sense of taste.

  • Toys for sons

The boys will be much more interesting to play in a mini game where you have to pass the levels, jump, run, fly. Children and shooting sports tournaments at the same time should not contain the bloody scenes, deaths, etc. Ideal when you need to get a gun in the usual target, rather than the enemy.

  • Toys for daughters

Very young (under 6 years) fun to play with dolls - dress them up, paint, make them different hairstyles. Older children will appreciate the games in which there are prototypes of their idols. Only for what you need in this case to follow, because it is to the plot, designed for adults, even girls, had no sexual overtones.

 children's mini-games to play

Instruction for parents

In order for the game to be really useful, it is important to follow a few rules.

  1. Check the contents

    Before letting your child play computer games, try yourself to go through several levels. So you find out whether the program is designed for young girls and boys, if there prohibited advertising or spam. An important role in this case is the age-appropriate kids and complexity of the story. If the task even an adult is unable to perform, then it will definitely be a child can not do. This can cause aggression, apathy, or even a nervous breakdown.

  2. Check the duration of each mission

    Play toys for girls, where you have to dress the doll on a date, baby for a long time can not. The boys also have a particular tenacity, so to distract them from the computer will be much harder. Therefore, developers are trying to create a version where to perform all missions would leave no more than fifteen minutes.

When buying a particular product, be sure to familiarize with the summary. Check out who is the publisher of mini-games, if it is approved by the state. Best of all, if the creation involved not only programmers, but also child psychologists. This is usually written on the reverse side of the package.

 Children's mini-games: what are they for?

 how to improve the self-esteem of the child


  • How to recognize that a child's low self-esteem?
  • What to do?
  • How to find an approach to the child?

Have you noticed that some kids just have an amazing ability to communicate with all the others - peers, teenagers, adults? These kids happy and cheerful, they are always in good spirits and attract the attention of all others without exception. And some - a sullen loner, with whom to talk something about. It is a sad sight. But that means only one thing - this surly man lowered self-esteem and to blame only the parents. After all, the family - the foundation of the future of the nature and character of the child. That's my mother and father form internal evaluation baby for his behavior, and even the ability to mind.

How to recognize that a child's low self-esteem?

The probability that the lowering of self-esteem in a child is independent from the influence of parents is great. That is, mom and dad, without even noticing, to artificially bring the baby to the decision: "I'm not like everyone else." To identify this problem, psychologists advise, first of all, talk to the baby.

Please listen to what the child says about himself. If its set phrases to describe the present "lazy", "greedy", "incompetent", "ugly", "stupid", it's time to sound the alarm. These kids think that just do not have the right to make mistakes - otherwise, they will be unhappy. If a child is constantly asking about the correctness of their actions (even banal washing), then ask - why does he do it? Surely, the kid frowned and replied, "I do not know."

Every movement of the child uncertain. You just pay attention to how the baby responds to your request, for example, to wash the boots. He will do it slowly and very strange, shake hands, a lot of fidgeting. It is also a sign of low self-esteem of the child - in this way, the baby is trying to prevent errors in the execution of the request.

Very often, this condition goes too far, and then from a child with low self-esteem grows insecure loser. Such people:

  • It is always an object of ridicule, smirks and bullied;
  • Usually alone - no friends, no girlfriends or just good friends;
  • Do not take their own independent decisions and are ready to follow any man;
  • With the accumulation of failures, people can really sniknut and "hitting the winds" - alcoholism, drug addiction, theft.

Fear, loneliness and continuous failure - a constant companion of people with low self-esteem. Hardly anyone wants to see the parents of such a child. It is necessary to take action immediately, once seen the first signs of such problems. And in any case, nothing to reproach the child - from your self-reproach, certainly not increased.

 how to improve the self-esteem of the child

What to do?

First of all, treat your child as an individual, formed man. If you have something come up there myself, it does not mean that your baby feels the same as you. A striking example: The child says, "I'm going to walk." What does he mean by that, is thinking about? Yes, everything is simple: "I'm tired and just want to ventilate the brains to run a little bit with your friends and meet here with that girl from next door." And he thinks his mother - he is lazy, does not want to help me, and thinks only of the bun! From here go prohibitions tears, insults and scandals. Mutual understanding is deteriorating, and the child immediately feels like some servant, who just do not let walk.

Talk with your child should be only "on an equal footing", otherwise it will not become an independent person. See for yourself in this - try to behave like an adult relative. Immediately you see a response - a child begins to realize its importance, it will be more frank and cease to perceive the advice of parents as excessive care.

Try to praise him for everything. Even if something happened wrong, your baby deserves praise just for being dared to do useful work. Be sure to gently and accurately show your child how to do it right - only it gently and not with pretensions. "Good always triumphs over evil" - it is not a fairy tale but a reality.

Look approach to their child. All children are different - they are after personality! Of course, what's good for the education of one may not be suitable for another. You can try out different options, but the most effective - is a dialogue in the form of "question-answer". And, the answer is to give the child. But often, and this dialogue:

-How Could you break a cup?
- ...
-You And incompetent twit - anything normally do not you!

Do you think that's going to tell the child? Hardly! And you decided everything for him, put him in his place - a small, meaningless family member. This is a gross error of many parents, then mom and dad are surprised when they hear these stories from the mouth of a child.

Be sure to create a child his own little world. Ideally, this should be a separate room with low shelves, large mirror and personal belongings. If it is physically impossible to implement, but at least separate corner in the screen room - even though a minimum personal space he still will. It taught him to be independent: low shelves allow you to bring the child to the cleaning, the mirror will teach him to monitor their appearance. Such fines constitute the basis of the formation of a disciplined and responsible person.

Constantly emphasize to the child that you trust him completely. This greatly boosts to the accomplishment of deliberate actions. And by the way, the children, which are treated with respect and trust are much less likely to become alcoholics, drug addicts and criminals - they just do not understand how you can bring your family. No need to constantly monitor it and to prompt action. Be sure to talk about the possible negative passions and to clarify: "You a grown man and he has to understand everything. We trust you "

By the way, the child's self-esteem is also possible by this method - try to trust him more and do not notice how the baby will begin to be transformed.

 like a child's self-esteem

How to find an approach to the child?

Yes, it is hard to be a parent. So that was quiet and and well-balanced, and fair, and kind, and wise. Nobody promised the easy way, you will bring up a man, and it is from mom and dad all depends.

First of all, remember - parents are a model for the child. When my mother said that her son incompetent - so it is. When my daughter suddenly became an idler, you think about it, you did not call her so? Children are like sponges, absorb completely all the information and do not think that after yesterday's penalty in the mind of the children of nothing happens. Quite the contrary! He thinks he is going through, and takes one doubts the right (as it seems) solution: my mother says so.

Psychologists often advised parents to talk with the child in the form of endearment. Not necessarily 15-year-old called the diminutive-affectionate nickname from childhood, but in a small age, it is very useful. Even in these words the baby will feel good, love and attention. Judge for yourself: Dmitry - Dima, Vladislav - Vladyusha Nicholas - Kolya. You also own and nice when people come close to you pet names.

Never scold your child in front of other people and children. Even if it's my grandmother or uncle, neighbors or nephews. In no case can not humiliate the kid! A teaching and punishment in the presence of others - this is the real humiliation. You just can not imagine how many people remember that your children's "shame" for life.

From that moment, it could be in trouble with mutual understanding. Another point: if you find a teenager with personal diary entries, we will never, under any circumstances, do not mention it. You can read - after all there are the child of your innermost thoughts (you never know what's going on in his life), but to quote the lines, scolding him for something or advertise these things work to his father, grandmother or friend in any case impossible.

More often walk with your child and play with him in the game. It is not necessary to replace the communication computer games - is not the best hobby. But to play with blocks, make applications, make some crafts will be very helpful! Finally, paint the picture some - it is very necessary for you and your baby.

Be kind to your child. No troubles and problems must not be displayed on the attitude to it - remember that it is just absolutely nothing to do with. His resentment and anger splash out on anything, not on it. Better to walk down the street, bring their thoughts in order and to calm down. Or ask your child to leave the room for a few minutes, say you have a headache and want to relax. Search for any option, but to communicate with his most native person proceed only in a good mood.

Nothing bad will happen if you apologize to the child for his mistake. After all, adults can do wrong. And if you unfairly yelled, just "broke down", do not be ashamed of it. Just talk to him and try to explain the situation. Be sure to ask for forgiveness - frankly, a hug and maybe even tears. The child will understand and forgive, but you are close to him. He will feel that you care about. Is not this the most important thing for our children?

 How to improve the self-esteem of the child?

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