Why are toys are needed for children

So, in the way of selection of toys you see the phrase "toys." However, what is there to develop, as a child just a few years? Maybe you should not rack their brains and do not need "to deprive the child's childhood," let them play with a teddy bear?

Nobody can abolish the traditional toys. Funny soft bunnies and teddy bears have been and remain the most cherished childhood friends. Today it can be seen not just stuffed animals, and interactive toys - it is common in addition to sweet and gentle muzzles paws has a pleasant voice, able to walk, eat and know the hostess. But let's digress for a moment from pink childhood child and try to look at his life even more widely. Your baby was born in the age of the active development of information technology. Our lives are increasingly embrace modern innovation, and has affected not only the specialized area, but also everyday life. And our preschoolers may have to plunge into the vast world of information. Therefore it is important from an early age to be able to perceive, analyze, organize and recall information. To do this, and created special toys for children.

Learning from the cradle

Development starts with the most diapers. Even primitive, seemingly rattle can be "smart", it not only affects the visual and auditory perception of the child (noise, bright color). Modern rattles can surely be attributed to toys, as they are:

  • moving parts that develop motor skills;
  • surfaces of different textures to stimulate tactile sensations;
  • different fillers, to promote sound sensation.

Developing rug

This all familiar thing as children rug from ordinary litter turned into a huge igrodrom - a child can study the details and elements of the game mat for hours. In addition to the development of auditory, tactile and visual sensations, game pad introduces the first concepts of line shapes and sizes, providing the opportunity to explore the soft and hard, big and small, long and narrow in practice.


This is followed by a variety of designers predecessors - lacing, pyramids and all kinds of wooden toys educational. These toys affect the stimulation of spatial imagination of the child. Before learning how to build complex structures, it is necessary to find out whether it is possible to push a big thing in a small, and learn to distinguish shapes - square, circle. Playing with such toys and studying them, the kid learns the very first principles of strength of materials.

Games in the bathroom

When spending time in the bath, the baby does not lose time. Sometimes even an ordinary cup can take it to tens of minutes. For example, just nalivayai pouring water back, the child receives an indescribable pleasure, because he studies the behavior of the unknown substance for it - a liquid. Technology and stepped away here - Today you can buy an interactive toy for the bathroom, which will help to develop new skills of behavior in the water.


All kinds of kits for painting, sculpting and other forms of creativity can also be sure to include the category of educational toys. Working with dough for sculpting, a child is not only attached to art, he developed motor skills of hands and trains their motor skills. The same applies to musical instruments, and paints. Parents usually do not set a goal to grow from a child's well-known artist, but you must give it a try, and this type of activity and develop talent. This prepares for school, and as a result, will help him determine the future life choices. Because all the passions begin in childhood, like all good things.

 Why are toys are needed for children

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 the child afraid of the dark


  • The reasons that contribute to fears
  • How to deal with fear?
  • What to do in any case it is impossible?

From childhood fears familiar to almost all the parents, without exception. And the most common of these fears - fear of the dark. Many dads are surprised - well why yesterday they pipsqueak without fear remained in a completely dark room, and now even in the light of a lamp starts to act up.

Child psychologists say that the emergence of fear of the dark - there is nothing but a sign of the proper development of the baby's brain. So do not panic too much - a phenomenon common and perfectly normal. However, fears of leaving children unattended too dark in any case impossible - otherwise get problems with the already fragile psyche of children.

The reasons that contribute to fears

Despite the fact that children's fears are almost an integral part of growing up the child, very often the parents contribute to their occurrence. Therefore it is very important to know what can trigger the development of fear of darkness and aggravate them. Let's understand why children are afraid of the dark.

  • TV

It would seem that all adults are well aware that horror definitely not for children. Nevertheless, very often parents include all sorts of "living dead" and others like them, are not really thinking, runs there beside the child. And believe me - even if you think that the baby is entirely absorbed in the game, and the screen does not pay any attention, in fact it is not. So if you want to watch horror movies - watch on your health. But behind closed doors.

  • "Educational" techniques

Word educational knowingly in quotes - bullying education a child described as very difficult. But many families still scare the child gray wolf, Baba Yaga, babaykoy. So do not be surprised if your child starts crying hysterically as soon as you turn off the light.

  • Psychological conditions

Child psychologists say that most often cause children fear becomes intense psychological atmosphere in the family. Children - they are barometers, just as sensitive to any changes in the family. And if you are naive to believe that the child does not know about the conflicts in the family, you're wrong. He may not be able to articulate their concerns into words, but it does not find a way to slow down. Including the fear of the dark.

 what to do if a child is afraid of the dark

How to deal with fear?

Of course, to know the cause of children's fears is very important to try to prevent this situation. However, in order to cope with the children's fear of the dark, this is not enough - you need to know how to fix the problem. Immediately I would say that the most reasonable to ask for help from a child psychologist. Specialist realistically assess the psychological status of your crumbs to find, "where the shoe pinches" at the problem, select the optimal therapy to get rid of the fear of the dark. But parents depends very, very much. If the child is afraid of the dark, the main task of the parents - to help him overcome this fear.

  • Heroes of children's fairy tales

A very effective tool that can help your child cope with their fears - the heroes of children's fairy tales. All young children are very highly developed imagination - they can enliven any characters. And if the negative characters are the reason for the fear of the dark, the goodies will help to overcome this very fear, and as soon as possible.

And you just need to push the child in the right direction - for example, to tell the crumbs that Winnie the Pooh copes with ghosts and Cheburashka Baba Yaga fears more than anything else. They told me the baby? Now go with the child to the toy store and select a new friend. In the evening, before going to bed, be sure to Lose the situation with the child and a toy, and ask your child to play the role of villain - it will help your child visualize your fears and get rid of them.

  • Buy nightlight

Too many parents believe that the best way for a child who is afraid of the dark - a darkness .... They just simply turning off the lights, regardless of the child's tears. However, you can not do it - you just make the situation worse. Be sure to buy your child a nightlight - it will reduce the severity of the problem.

And in some cases, the fear goes away altogether - because the room is not dark! But do not forget about security - you need to buy a high-quality night light to prevent it from fire. Choose a suitable place for a lamp - it should not be too close to the bed of the child, so that the light did not hit in the eye.

  • Protect the child from stress

And finally, the most important condition, which is necessary to comply with those parents whose child is afraid of the dark - a calm psychological situation. Try as much as possible to protect the child from all the stress. And by the way, we must try as little as possible to scold the child for misconduct. Look for other ways of exposure, that will not hurt the psyche of a child who experiences fear of the dark. Psychologists say that those children, which parents raise their voices and even more so slap, much more afraid of the dark.

 Why children are afraid of the dark

What to do in any case it is impossible?

If your child's fear of the dark - not an empty phrase, you must remember how our father a few things that do not in any case impossible. Otherwise, fear of the dark you can not win, and the problem will only get worse. And then certainly without the help of psychologists do not succeed. And in severe cases may require medical treatment at all. Agree, it is unlikely to aggravate the situation to such a degree. So, what you can not do the parents whose child is afraid of the dark?

  • Do not try to dissuade the child

Thus, parents realize that the child is afraid of the dark. Usually, the first thing that parents do in the hope to defeat fear of the dark - a child begin to explain the absurdity of the fear and do it at the level of understanding of an adult. But this, alas, there is no point.

Remember - the children absolutely irrational fear of the dark and the baby quite simply does not understand most of the logical arguments that you bring to it, trying to explain that it is not necessary to be afraid of the dark. Lots of what you will achieve in this way - the loss of confidence of the child. kid decides that you do not trust him at all, and closes in itself.

  • Not Accompany your child

But even in extreme fall it is not worth it. By the way, it is also a widespread mistake parents - they start to play along with the child in agreement with all its fantasies. If the child will understand that you believe it, there is a risk that he perepletetsya reality with fiction. As a result - the fear of darkness will increase significantly. And deal with it will be almost impossible.

  • Do not be ashamed of the child

Another very grave error on the part of parents - an attempt to make fun of a child because of his fears. Believe me, if your child starts to feel a sense of shame, to no good it will not - fears will not go away, and it was added to an inferiority complex. Which, by the way, these very fears intensify significantly. And no wonder, because the child will be sure that he is not a wimp, and able to cope with a critical situation. In this case - and his fear of the dark.

  • Do not scold the child

All this is true of abuse. Very often parents annoying child's fear of the dark, and they just scold him for it. And most surprisingly, in most cases, the child is no longer afraid of the dark. More precisely - it seems. that is no longer afraid. In fact, the fear does not disappear just goes back. And you know why? Because the fear of parental disapproval is always stronger. And the problem itself will be undermined from within the nervous system of the child. And complexes increase.

And the most important thing that you need - is patience, patience, patience and more time. Do not expect too quick results - in one day problem is not solved. On average, to overcome fear of the dark leaves from several months to half a year. And once again draw the attention of parents - when children cope with fears fails, seek help from a child psychologist. After all, the sooner the child will be given professional help, the sooner your baby in the bedroom there will be peace and tranquility.

 My child is afraid of the dark!