A small child - care more

Before the baby is born, the waiting parents and their relatives have to prepare not only morally, but also read a bunch of books on child care. However, some issues may still remain, such as what to buy diapers for the baby was comfortable in them.

This task is very important to decide right on the result will depend on the comfort and quiet sleep the child, and thus the dream of his parents. So, how to choose the right diapers? In fact, the size is not difficult to pick up - to provide the smallest newborn diapers 2 to 3 kg. If this is your baby does not fit (the smallest size diapers designed for premature children), then feel free to buy the size of "5 kg".

Typically, diapers for a newborn can be found on the inscription «NB» or «new born». These products differ not only in size, but also in the design - in the absorbent article and in the umbilical wound area (so that it does not cause injury to the anterior part of the diaper has a cutout or soft paste).

Do not buy just a lot of packs for the newborn - the baby is growing rapidly and gaining weight, so he quickly needed a completely different size, a couple of packs which should buy immediately. So, we figured out what to buy diapers, if you still have doubts about the size, you can dispel them in consultation with the seller.

In addition to diapers, the baby will need a whole bunch. Therefore, it is more convenient to make a list of necessary: ​​Heater buy baby food, bottle nipples, pacifiers, etc. The list can be very long, including major purchases like a cot and pram. And each item in the list must be taken with full responsibility, because buying things for the baby, you should know that the little things are not there.

However, to buy baby food warmer, bottles, diapers, first toys and many other things, you do not have to go to the store - all that you can buy without leaving home through the Internet, which is very convenient for the parents of a young child. In addition, the internet shop you can buy products from the same manufacturer as in stores, but at a more affordable price - that advantage will significantly save money, and thus allow the child to buy everything you need. Parents to be easy - it's a huge responsibility, but also the same enormous happiness. Make your child happy!

 A small child - care more

 Almost a magician

Our children are already in infancy demonstrate unique abilities. Do not believe? Recent discoveries of scientists to convince you of that.

The child uses all his senses to understand the world around

At the age of 1 month, the child already distinguishes many colors: his attention is especially attracted to bright colors, with their help, it is guided in the world. The hands and mouth to the child "tactile vision". For example, if infants aged 2 months to put in hand a - a subject - so that he did not see him, then he is able to recognize him when they see. Areas of the brain responsible for vision and tactile sensations, developed in close cooperation with each other. Touching provide information about the shape of objects, their size, volume, relief ... From the moment a child can take an object in hand (this usually occurs around the age of 5 months), he pulls it into his mouth, to better understand and study in detail.

The child has a high level of emotional development

From birth, the child has a high emotional sensitivity. Experiments have shown that grudnichki aged two days more often start to cry in response to the real crying, and not its imitation. Firstly, they react to crying baby at a few days or less - for the crying baby at a few months. They calm down when they are given their own to listen to crying, and does not respond to the crying baby chimpanzee.

Memory of a child starts in the first months of life

Experiments conducted Carolyn Rowe - Collier of the University of New - Jersey, clearly shows the baby's ability to learn, if tied to the foot of the baby ribbon and the other end of the ribbon - a small car, the child quickly learns the connection between the movements of the legs and the movement of the machine. A maximum of nine minutes, he begins to specifically move the machine, moving the foot. Moreover, he remembers the experience: 2 - month baby will remember him for 24 hours, 3 - month - for a week, 6 - month - for two weeks. But if you show the child the other car, he did not react to it.

The child can count

 almost a magician

In children aged 4 months of addition can take actions (1 + 1 = 2) and subtraction (1 - 1 = 0). They understand what it means to add or take away any - any subject. At the age of about 6 months babies understand that 2 + 1 = 3, and 2 + 2 = 4. Incredible, is not it?

The child - a connoisseur of Physics

Starting with two and a half months, the child understands that the subject matter does not turn into that - something else, if you remove it for the screen, and then get it back. Toddlers are very surprised if from - behind the screen, we reach the other thing (we know this because the child longer fixes his attention on an object or situation that it is puzzling).

Children also understand that the object moves along a certain trajectory. When your baby is 5 - 6 months, perform the following experiment: the rental of a child before the little car making so that it disappeared under the bed, and then reappeared. Success is guaranteed! Child enthusiastically watching the movement again and again. He understands that the machine continues to follow its path. This phenomenon is interested in boys and girls, so that this game develops a child's understanding of the laws of physics. At the age of 1 year old baby is not yet able to play with the ball, but understands that an inanimate object can not move by itself: in order to set it in motion, it must be applied to the effort.

The child knows that the object continues to exist even if he does not see

The work of French researchers have shown that grudnichok becomes aware of the phenomenon of persistence of objects in space from 4 - 5 months. For example, you pinch in the palm of candy, and then hide the hand under the cloth, and when removing a hand, your hand is empty. Kid continues to look for a piece of candy in your hand, not knowing where else she could go. This does not mean that he thinks that candy is gone. On the contrary, he is looking for her! He already knows that there is sweet, that's just where? Mystery ... To help your child understand what had happened, he had to demonstrate how you opened his hand under the cloth and candy stayed there. Only by 8 - 9 months of the baby during this experience will raise the cloth to find the hidden object under it - he will know that candy should be there.

Similarly, if under the age of 8 months, you will give your child a gift, it is more interested in the wrapping paper and ribbon, than the content. That is, in his mind "gift" is what he sees, he has not yet mastered the concept of the "disappearance". He still does not understand what happens when we close a - an object and it disappears from his field of vision. He can not understand that some - thing is, in this case, his gift is hidden inside the package.

The child learns to correct its mistakes

 almost a magician

The development of thinking is based in equal measure on the successes and mistakes. If you put two pillows on the sofa and hide behind one of them a toy to your 8 - month baby, he went after her in the right direction.

Do this several times, and each time the child will get a toy out - for the same pillow. Then, in front of the kid hide the toy for a second pillow. Your kid will look for it first. Only at the age of 1, he will realize that the toy is in the second pillow. Why he can not adapt to the new situation? Because it operates according to the principle of continuity. Only at the age of 12 - 18 months of the child's thinking becomes flexible enough to understand the change in the situation and adapt to it their actions.

The child creates his own dictionary

American psychologists have noticed that at the age of one to one and a half years for a set of words "Mom" and "Dad" as children say "left", "no more" and "there" .  These new words appear within 10 days from the moment children begin to understand the phenomenon of disappearances .  Children know that they raise enough tissue to detect hidden underneath before keychain .  They are unraveling the mystery and thus learn the concept of extinction .  When they turn the pages of books and horse drawn on the previous page, it is no longer visible, they say, "Gone" .  When all the water is lowered from the bathroom, they say, "No more" .  When Dad leaves and closes the door behind him, they say, "There" .  When they drop out of the arena toy, they say, "No more ..." In short, they form their own understanding of the word "go" .  Children begin to understand the meaning of words, connecting them with the sounds, the tastes, the smells, feelings, stories and their own experiences .

 Almost a magician