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Mint long recognized as a miracle plant virtually everywhere. Its feature is not only that it grows throughout, but also that is both spices, seasonings and the drug. This universal application is connected with features like a mint plant. Who grows mint, know that it is quite fragrant. The use of multiple essential oils contained in it, can surprise you with its effect.

Growing mint in the home helps to clear the air, interrupting odors - in short, the house will only benefit from this. And those who have a constant runny nose, it is recommended to put a pot of mint bedside.

But before we talk about how to plant and how to grow mint mint house from seeds and cuttings, I want to tell you about its beneficial properties.

The beneficial properties of mint

Peppermint has many useful properties. It has been applied in cooking, medicine and perfumery. As a rule, used not only the leaves of the plant, but its stems, flowers and seeds. If you list all that will help to heal or "cover up" mint, the first thing we all remember the mint gum. In fact - the spectrum of its activities is much wider. So, mint can relieve nervous stress, excitement, it is used for insomnia and if you want to normalize or restore healthy sleep. Mint will help to cope with bad breath.

If you have a problem with sweating, it is a good means of struggle against excess, and then the volume of its extraction can serve mint broth. For those who have a long time to sit at a computer monitor for surveillance cameras, screens for complex devices would be logical to use lotions for the eyes of the decoction of mint leaves.

Mint leaves - a frequent guest at the table of many housewives. Spicy leaves added to salads, desserts. Surely we all remember from childhood mint gingerbread? It is also used to mint flavoring in the liquor, domestic liqueurs, vodka.

You should pay attention to the fact that the mint has a fairly sharp and specific smell. Do not forget that some people react to the smell of mint in a special way. They may have an allergic reaction, which is quite simply not heal.

 home to grow mint

Features of growing mint

There are times when you do not want to use the purchase of mint pharmacies and decide to grow it yourself. In this case, you will be interested to know how to plant and grow mint really gorgeous mint bush. We are ready to help you learn how to grow mint house, piggy bank and make it useful properties.

Growing plants, care for them in the garden or at home does not require much effort. Nekapriznoe and undemanding plant. The plant likes a loose, moist, humus-rich soil. Planting should be in the spring or fall. If you decide to grow mint from seed at home - on a balcony or windowsill, then remember that "home" loves mint complete fertilizer. Mint can be propagated by cuttings, layering and division of rhizomes.

If you still doubt whether a plant to settle down at home, we can assure you - all your doubts in vain! Mint House survives very well, it can be grown throughout the year. In the summer feels good mint on the balcony, in winter in a well-lit windowsill. In cold weather, you will need additional fertilizer and nutrients.

Care mint

If you do not know how to take care of the mint, then it should be easy to remember everything that had once heard from grandmothers about plant care. Mint does not require special care.

Remember that in the mint room care will be different at different times of the year. In summer, mint grows well on a windowsill or on the balcony. Then it enters a large number of solar ray settles little dust, etc. The pan pot should always be water, soil contain wet, otherwise mint become easy prey to spider mites and aphids. The plant should be watered only room water, occasionally spraying leaves.

This winter it should be watered with special care. The leaves and stems of this plant are a variety of fast processes that cover the plant juice and beneficial essential oils. In winter, mint grows slowly and smells weaker than in the summer. Do not forget that mint in winter should not be exposed to drafts.

Next, we describe how to grow mint on the windowsill from seeds and cuttings, and you select for themselves the most optimal and easy way.

How to grow mint?

So we got to the bottom. There are two main ways of growing mint: seeds and cuttings.

  • As home grown mint cuttings?

Pre stalk rooted in the sand, you can put the cutting into a jar of water and wait for the regrowth of roots.

Dig a small bush with a clod of earth. If a large shrub, it can be neatly divided into several parts, so that each had several kidney or shoots with the roots.

At the bottom of the pot, pour drainage, then the ground - humus and garden land (1/2). When planting mint, previously well moistened earth, and covered her with roots shoots.

After about 2-3 weeks you will have the young leaves. Now you can feed the shoots. For the dressing, use a urea solution (1-2 g per 1 liter of water). In winter, "feed" the plant is not necessary.

Choose a well-lighted place for your plants. He must have enough light to grow, especially in the winter. Those housewives who already know firsthand how to cultivate mint on a window sill or on the balcony, can confirm that under direct sunlight, especially in summer, mint can be lost. Its soil begins to dry out, and the plants do not like. Therefore, take care that the pan constantly in the water.

Pour the mint water at room temperature, do not forget the spray.

  • How to grow mint house from seed?

The second simple solution how to grow mint on a windowsill at home - it is growing from seeds. Mint, grown from cuttings, of course, the mistress of love more, because the mint seeds can grow not as active. The plant is planted from cuttings rather fast and gives good result, but it contributes to the rapid accumulation of moisture in the plant because of the thick stem. At room conditions, it grows well on a windowsill of mint seeds. You can enjoy the whole year fresh young shoots and leaves of the plant.

Mint: growing from seed at home is quite simple. It suffices to find the seeds from which you want to plant. There are times when the plant dies. For this reason, it is recommended to use different kinds of seeds, which can be in the process of growth of cross-pollinated.

How to plant the seeds of mint? Seeds are planted at a depth of 0, 5 cm. Shoots begin to appear after 2-3 weeks. If you have poor lighting, it is necessary to highlight the mint, or mint stretches and eventually completely destroyed. The optimum temperature for mint - 20-25 degrees. The soil should be loose and fertile.

  • How to grow a plant in the garden?

And in conclusion I would like to tell you how to grow mint in the garden. In the garden, like all plants, mint threaten numerous pests. In addition, if the mint will grow close to the beets, cabbage or cucumbers, then it is possible to see dark spots. This suggests that there is a plant pests and disease. Heal it is almost impossible, and treatment of toxic chemicals will only make it unfit for collecting, drying and subsequent consumption.

Therefore, you must decide exactly where to plant mint in your garden. Some of its vegetation in a bright sunny location, the lack of a radius of sixty - eighty centimeters from flowers, vegetables and spices can help you get a quality plant. In the summer of mint in the garden needs watering almost every day. If it is very hot - it twice a day, but not at the time when the sun shines brightly as it can "burn".

Mint does not tolerate waterlogged soil. It grows well in low-lying areas flooded in the spring, on the moors. The rhizomes of mint placed at a depth of approximately 5 cm. If you want to have a healthy plant, every two years is necessary to change the place of planting mint.

The beds need to prepare a mint on a level, well-dug plot. Remove all weeds and the need to refill the soil with organic fertilizers. Mint planted in open ground, on a bed width of 1 meter in three rows. The distance between rows of 40 cm and between plants in a row 30-40 cm. During the summer, you need a bed proryhlit 2-3. Regularly remove weeds.

 how to grow mint at home

How to collect and store the mint?

For drying mint harvested at the beginning of flowering, when its leaves are still very young and have the highest content of essential oils.

Click for a more convenient way to collect mint: You can cut the entire stalk, and you can pick individual leaves. Spread thin layer on a sheet of paper or fabric. Leaves should be dry well. Then pluck the leaves from the stem, coarsely pounded, some people like to leave the leaves intact. Keep mint should be in a sealed container in a cool, dry and dark place. As such, the Mint will retain its flavor for the whole winter. And for consumption of fresh mint leaves and shoots tear as needed.

 Growing mint in the home - it's just

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