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If you have a desire to have their own lemons at home, then nothing is impossible is not here. You just need to know what to do and how to successfully grow this plant. In this article you will find out which varieties to choose, how to take care of the little tree - in a word, how to grow a lemon at home on their own.

Lemons are evergreen plants of the family Rutaceae. On the leaves of lemon in a large quantity are glandular cells that produce a fragrant essential oil that causes most people to grow the plant in their own house. Externally lemon looks like this: a small tree with leathery leaves are dark green and small spines, which are quite rare placed on his escape. The flowers are white lemon inside, and outside - reddish.

Homeland lemon is the Indian subcontinent. It is from this plant has spread across the planet - first hit the lemon into Mesopotamia, then in Italy, and from Italy - to other countries of Europe and the world. Today, meet wild lemon is impossible, it is cultivated mainly in countries with a subtropical climate. But to meet him at someone's house is now also not uncommon.
If you do decide to grow a lemon, you will need to know what the best varieties for the cultivation of trees in the home are:

  • Pavlovsky
  • Meier
  • Novogruzinsky
  • Maikop
  • Eureka
  • Genoa

If you are interested in how to grow a lemon on the windowsill, then know that for this purpose are only suitable varieties of "Genoa", "Maikop" and "Eureka." They are stunted, sometimes other varieties reach a height of 3 meters. And a special yield different sort of "Maikop".

To grow a lemon at home in two ways: by planting cuttings or seeds of the fruit of the lemon. Most people believe that to grow a lemon from a stone and make it in the future can not fruiting, but it is not. For 4-5 years, it is possible not only to grow the plant, but also to begin to collect from the fruits of it. Thus, in the subtropics, Spain and Italy and in the countries of Southeast Asia lemons grown from the seeds of lemon, begin to bear fruit at 5-7 years. Of course, the cultivation of lemons at home - this is not the subtropics, so it is important to know the basic techniques that can help you not only make a lemon blossom, and bear fruit.

First, consider how to grow a lemon from cuttings.

 How to grow a lemon

We grow from cuttings lemon

Of course, plant a lemon through cutting is preferable. Buy stalk lemon can have gardeners or botanical gardens. So if you have a place to buy cutting - choose this method of cultivation of lemons at home.

For the most efficient cultivation of lemon should always maintain the same conditions. When selecting the cutting should know his age and count the number of leaves on it. That is, the age of the cutting should be at least 1 year, and the leaves on it - at least 3-4. Acquire stalks should be in the second half of February or in early spring, as in natural conditions at home this season is a period of active vegetation of lemons. At other times cutting is simply not accustomed.

For planting the cuttings should be selected special primer. That is, the land should be very loose, consisting of humus, leaf and turf land in equal parts and a half of the coarse sand.

Pot lemon should choose a spacious, always clay. Before planting the cuttings need to pot a few hours soak in water. Thereafter, the treated water tank is placed convex side up crock, which should cover the hole in the pot and then stacked layer of glass, and then - a drainage layer of coarse sand. Then he laid a layer of small stones or charcoal. On top of these layers in the pot is necessary to impose a dry manure, and finally - earth mixture. When planting cuttings is important to see to it that its root collar was at the level of the upper edge of the pot, or slightly below.

Planted sapling should be watered with warm water and cover the glass container to increase the humidity around the plant, which protects the leaves from the stalk excessive moisture evaporation. Remove transparent vessel will be after cutting fully take root.

So, how to grow a lemon from cuttings - we tell you. We hope that in this regard you have questions do not arise. Now let's talk about how to grow a lemon from a stone.

We grow from a lemon tree pits

So, we come to how to grow lemon seeds from. To Lemon is not only increased, but also began to bear fruit, you should know some of the nuances. Central to this process is the right choice of seeds and planting.

To get from the bone to grow a lemon, you should choose from the fruit of the biggest seeds. They should be planted in small containers - for seedlings. For this purpose, it is descend cups of yogurt or cut plastic bottles. In selected for planting seedlings capacity should make the drainage holes.

Before planting the seeds should be selected to process the natural biological stimulant. As such a preparation can be chosen dissolved sodium humate "Sakhalinsky". This solution should not be darker beer. In this solution should be deleted seeds and hold them there overnight. This measure is necessary in order to subsequently develop the root system of the plant as actively as possible. After keeping the seeds in a solution of sodium humate should be for 8-12 hours put into the water with drugs "Zircon" and "Appin-extra" (1 drop per cup of water), which will accelerate the growth of seedlings and makes them more resistant to low light and dry Air your apartment.

At the same time it is to plant a dozen or two seeds, then to select the best of them.
To grow from seed lemon, it should be planted in loose fertile soil to a depth of 1-2 cm. After 3-5 months should be held to select the best seedlings are carefully transplanted into larger pots with preservation of earthen coma, in which up to this growing seedlings. It is important to add to the soil vermicompost.

Selection seedling held in the following categories:

  1. Stocky krona. To judge sufficiently chunky crown may be the minimum distance between the buds on the stems of lemon seedlings.
  2. Minimum number of short needles or lack of subtlety and shoots.
  3. The maximum number of leaves.

It should be compulsory culling of plants with thin stems, and low amounts of leaves.

 How to grow a lemon at home

How to form a crown of lemon?

Lemon - a rather capricious plant in terms of lighting. To put a pot of lemon should be on the window, overlooking the west side, or close beside him. It is not necessary to move the plant from place to place, even within the sill, as the lemon is very not like changing the lighting. Once a week, you need to turn the pot on a 1-2 cm to subsequently krona trees did not become one-sided.

In the first months of life should be prevented odnostebelnoe plant development. It is necessary to encourage lateral branching of lemon, which is 4-5 times a year during the next wave of growth (occur at intervals of 1-3 months) need to pinch the tip of the shoot grows with tweezers or fingernails. If the topping does not lead to regrowth of lateral shoots, the newly regrown apex removed again. Regrown side shoots should also be subjected to topping as soon as they appear in the 2-3 leaf, not later.

Inside the crown should avoid the appearance of vertical branches. These sprouts until they are flexible and the young, should be tilted and tie a thin rope to a stick stuck in the ground. Also, it should not be allowed to grow into the branches of the crown to tree krona is not too thickened.

Also, it is important to "banding", which is carried out as follows: copper wire covering the trunk at the base of plants or 1-2 skeletal branches. Wires have to be pressed a little into the bark of lemon trees. The result of this procedure: the field produced an influx of banding, which stimulates the accumulation of beneficial plant substances that accelerate the formation of fruit buds. After half a year the wire should be carefully removed so as not to damage the tree, and a trace of wire you need to cover up garden pitch or tie a strip of flexible polyethylene.

Here, in fact, all you need to know about the formation of the crown of lemon.

Care lemon

Here you and planted a lemon tree house: its maintenance requires special attention. It is this "side of the coin" and devoted following stroki.Chtoby bring the flowering and, strictly speaking, fruits, observe the following care of lemon:

  1. It should organize additional ultraviolet light. To do this, you must purchase a special fitolampy (lamp for plants).
  2. The room in which the lemon tree, it should constantly moisturize, for example, by elektrouvlazhniteley.
  3. Lemon should be regularly transplanted. This should be done 1-2 times a year - in February and June. And the important factor here is the transplantation into pots of 3-5 cm more than the former. The soil should be chosen such, which we wrote about in the beginning - consisting of equal parts of turf, leaves, compost and humus. In addition, the soil mixture can be made as follows: a loose garden soil you need to add 1 / 3-1 / 4 portion (of the total land) horse manure.
  4. It should make regular fertilizing - in the period from February to September, as the nutrients stored in the soil no more than 3-5 months. And while the growth of the waves lemon plant requires additional power. As feeding is best to use ready-made complex mineral fertilizers and manure in liquid form it is much better than dry, so even dry fertilizer must be diluted with water in a concentration of 1-2 g product per liter of water. It is also very helpful for plants to alternate concentrate organic fertilizers with ready infusions.
  5. If in the first year seedling bloom, it should be cut all the buds. If you do not, then lemon, do not cultivate in natural conditions for it, spend all their forces to the flowers and soon die. Allow the lemon trees bloom can be only when it is not less than 10-15 leaves per ovary.

So you planted a lemon tree house, and care for, in principle, is nothing fancy. Is that possible even mentioned about how to grow a lemon in the cold season. Actually it is, primarily, in the case if the plant is on the windowsill.

If you decide to grow a lemon on the windowsill, then you should make sure that in the winter the plant is not frozen, as hypothermia root system contributes to the disruption of normal functioning of metabolic processes, resulting in a plant can die. To tree is not frozen in the cold season, simply wrap the pot insulating material or put under the container with a piece of foam plant.

So, we told how to grow a lemon at home from seeds and from cuttings. Which option is more suitable for you - that's up to you. After all, to grow a lemon at home is not so hard if you love plants and want in whatever was to have their own lemons. We wish you success in the cultivation of lemon and its abundant fruiting!

 Tropical on your window: how to grow a lemon at home

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