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  • Climatic features of the winter garden
  • Construction of conservatory
  • Selection of plants for the winter garden

Few people think about how interconnected the winter garden with chronic fatigue syndrome. In fact, everything is very simple. The fact that man is a part of nature, it is known from school. Residents of large cities are unable to fully communicate with the natural environment - a natural source of energy. The fee for this is very serious: chronic fatigue, depressed mood, lack of inspiration.

The intense rhythm of the city does not leave people to spend enough time outdoors. Correct the situation is simple: if you do not have time to travel outside the city, it is possible to organize the plant oasis at home, for example, to equip a winter garden with his hands directly on the balcony.

Climatic features of the winter garden

No matter where you need to create a winter garden in the house: on the balcony on the balcony or in a separately allocated for these purposes. The first thing we do - create favorable conditions for plants. Otherwise, their appearance will be more depressing than inspiring. Second - this is the correct layout and equipment locations for a pleasant contact with nature.

Experts recommend using for the winter garden of tropical plants, which means that their well-being must be supported by a certain temperature and fairly high humidity. And there should be no drafts and extreme temperatures. All these factors are detrimental to plants of tropical origin.

We should not forget about ventilation, as fresh air is needed not only color, but also people who want to spend time in the winter garden. Climatic conditions should be balanced so that it is comfortable to humans, plants.

In this regard, it would have to give up the idea of ​​the connection balcony or loggia to the adjacent rooms: the living room or bedroom. In this case, it will be difficult to maintain the desired humidity in the winter garden. It is best to keep already existing door between the two rooms, but the glass to make it, to be able to admire the plants and out of the room.

 how to make a winter garden

Construction of conservatory

So, how to make a winter garden? How to start making dreams come true? This will be discussed below.


To create a suitable climate for the winter garden, you need to glaze the selected room. According to professionals one of the best options for these purposes - five-chamber double-glazed windows, decorated slopes of plastic. There are other options that will allow to maintain a comfortable temperature for the plants, and will not let it fall on the coldest days below 16 degrees. And in the heat of the opportunity to provide regular airing.

Planning glazing, should immediately consider the location of the balcony or loggia. If they come to the south or west side, you will need to consider pritenenie because not all indoor plants like light intensity. Cover the plants from the scorching midday sun will sun protection film or a variant of the blinds.


At arrangement of the winter garden at home can not do without warming the balcony, otherwise not be able to maintain the desired temperature. Building technologies involve the use for these purposes of modern insulation: foam, polyethylene foam or mineral wool. Once the heater is fixed, sheathe the walls of finishing materials. It is important that this material is resistant to moisture and it is desirable that it be natural.


Not the least role in creating a winter garden plays and heating. To heat the room there are several ways. You can spend central heating, but it requires approvals from relevant institutions. Installation of the heating is best done only after receiving permission for this type of repair work. It is much easier to do so-called "warm floor", which will regulate the temperature depending on weather conditions.

Suitable for heating conservatory infrared heater or air conditioning, which has a corresponding function. In the case of air conditioning it is necessary to clarify the possibility for buying - what temperature it will be able to maintain the room at a minimum temperature outside. Most likely, in the northern latitudes of its use will have to give.


When equipment is necessary to consider natural surroundings and lighting. The fact is that when it will suffer a lack of plants: their stems elongated, the leaves lose their intense color, and many of them refuse to bloom. For light to them - this is the life energy.

Therefore, at the stage of creating a project, you must take care of the lighting. There are special lighting devices that are designed for additional lighting mini-greenhouses. They differ from conventional lamps, as it considers necessary for the development of flora spectrum of light and its intensity.

In addition, in the winter garden can accommodate additional light sources, which are in the dark spectacularly underlined vegetation. This game with the light create an interesting decorative effect - a magical atmosphere on a regular balcony.


An important role is played for the winter garden decoration. It is desirable that a green corner of the house as much as possible resembled environment. For this reason, processing and finishing is better to use natural materials, or construction materials, simulating natural.

It is interesting to look among the lush, green natural stone, which can be used for decoration of the walls and the flooring. If you have a home live birds or fish - they are happy to move closer to the plants, thus creating the illusion of a pleasant nature. If the content of such pets is problematic, it is good to put in a winter garden with a fountain or waterfall flowing water. This not only helps keep the humidity, but also quicken the overall picture.

 how to make the house a winter garden

Selection of plants for the winter garden

Once the conditions have been created for the maintenance of plants at home: insulated room enjoys heating and lighting, air ventilation system - is the most fun part - the selection of vegetation. Of course, in this regard it is necessary to start from the visual attractiveness of the plant, but forget about the practicality is not worth it. Better to choose plants of different sizes, different colors and configuration leaves: trees, shrubs, vines and creeping ampelnye views. Let flowering plants live in the neighborhood with evergreen specimens.

As for the practical side of things, there is a basic rule that is used by professional landscapers. All permanent residents of the natural oasis should at least carry the same good climate. The thing is that a small area does not allow to create different conditions for the representatives of the desert and for the residents of humid tropical jungle. As a result, people from the marshlands will have a hard time next to a cactus.

When choosing plants for their own corner of nature, you can use the already proven option that experts usually recommend. It consists of a large enough size of date palms and several species of figs. Together with them will look good covered in colorful croton leaves, elegant Calathea, branched Scheffler and monstera large carved leaves. They perfectly complement the flowering plants: Spathiphyllum and Anthurium.

In order to properly position the plants in the conservatory, you must take into account their preferences in the sunlight. So zamiokulkas and date palm will feel well in full sun and monstera and sansevieriya - in the shade. Note that the Anthurium and Spathiphyllum prefer to grow in partial shade. However, like all varieties of figs.

If the balcony is not enough sunlight for the correct placement of colors, we can take as a basis the principle of growing plants in the rainforest. In the lower tier of the forest grow ferns and various begonias and ficus. Direct rays of sunlight hardly get there. Tier above the trees trailing multimeter Monstera, ivy and touching Tradescantia, which should not be neglected in the winter garden, as they are known for their ruggedness and attractiveness.

Fine orchid also belong to the representatives of the cloud forest. Unfortunately, without some experience of caring for these flowers, they are unlikely to please you for a long time. But every corner of the garden will be decorated with colorful leaves arrowroot and Qalat. Closer to the sun will feel good about themselves hibiscus (the people - Chinese Rose). And in the most lit places can be arranged bougainvillea and passionflower that with proper care will enjoy abundant flowering.

With a strong desire to equip a winter garden with his own hands, and you can own, without using the services of specialists. To begin to think about the action plan and stock up on free time, and most importantly - keep the main recommendations. Then after a while empty or filled up with unnecessary things will turn a balcony into a wonderful oasis. There will be a pleasure to spend time in solitude, make plans and just dream. And he will become a power replenishment for the weary city life of an organism.

 Winter garden with his own hands: equip sitting area

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