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  • As ovulation occurs
  • He feels if a woman changes her place?
  • The hormonal cycle
  • Medical ways to know about ovulation

There are many ways to know when ovulation occurs. You can conduct special tests to measure the basal temperature, blood test from a vein on hormones. But despite the apparent availability of these methods, women want to know how to feel ovulation without medical techniques. What are the symptoms can be understood that it occurred? Why do women need?

Not all are continuous contraception, many prefer barrier methods or practice coitus interruptus.

Feeling the onset of ovulation, a woman will be able to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy.

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As ovulation occurs

Ovulation - a physiological process that occurs in the female body. At this time, the follicle bursts and the egg from the ovary out, which flows into the fallopian tube and begins to move toward the uterus. If after the egg gets to the uterus, it will meet the sperm, conception occurs.

The girl begins to build follicles another "design stage", when the most modern medical equipment does not yet know the sex of the fetus formed. Meanwhile, the girls have a future in the 6 week laid follicles, about 300,000 cells, the size of a micron.

Hard to imagine, the woman still does not know who she is, girl or boy, do not have time to penetrate the thought that soon become a mother, and have thought about the nature of procreation.

 Ovulation Test
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He feels if a woman changes her place?

It is necessary to immediately clarify that healthy women of reproductive age experience ovulation as physiological process, in most cases impossible. If it has a gynecological problem, the release of the egg by cutting the fallopian tube will be painful for her.

In no case is this happening? When available:

  1. Inflammatory processes in the ovaries.
  2. Adhesions of the fallopian tubes.
  3. Endocrine diseases.

The pain may stop for a few hours or linger for two days, to be pulling or acute. In some cases, even have to resort to painkillers.

There are many modern, relieves pain, but most gynecologists are advised to limit no-shpoy. This proved drug, it effectively relieves spasms and rarely give side effects.

To understand when ovulation occurs, it is necessary to analyze the state during the cycle. And surely be able to notice some regular physiological and psychological changes in their own state.

A woman can celebrate a regular burst of energy, coinciding with certain days of the cycle. This is a sure sign that ovulation occurs. It was while she is released estrogen, a hormone that improves mood and stimulates ... attraction to the opposite sex.

Check that the egg came out of the follicle and can be characteristic changes in vaginal discharge. They are liquid, almost transparent. During urination, the woman is often seen as the consequence of it is literally slime. These changes begin in two or three hours before the release of the egg and continue for two or three days.

If during ovulation released a drop of blood or pinkish discharge, nothing wrong with that. It's just a woman's individual response to the physiological process.

While often this occurs when a woman has fibroids.

 Signs of Ovulation
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The hormonal cycle

Ovulation occurs ideally on certain days of the menstrual cycle. It is divided into several phases.

  1. The initial phase is called the follicular. After completion of the critical days in the follicles begin to form the egg.
  2. A week after the start of the primary follicle maturation stands - Graaf vial. This is where the future is born egg. Ovulatory phase is called.
  3. A week later, and hatches from the egg graafova bubble. Her ability to live an average of up to three days, but is that its activity continues for five days. This is the phase of ovulation.
  4. The last phase of the cycle - the phase of the corpus luteum. The bursting of the follicle is collected in a bunch, closing the flower corolla. It accumulates pigment lutein and changes color.

If pregnancy has not occurred, the egg is rejected by the body with the endometrium that have accumulated over this period, on the walls of the uterus.

Since the menstrual cycle occurs in the ideal case. His normal duration varies from 21 to 35 days. For most women, the critical days occurs within 28 days, plus or minus five. When this periodicity ovulation occurs in about 14 days.

If the woman is healthy, it is not influenced by external and internal factors that cause the pathology, the cycle is maintained almost unchanged. In case of violation of the ovulation cycle can move or even disappear altogether.

Horse racing cycle related not only to health. In its course, the occurrence and extent, is influenced by many factors.

  • Changes in diet, including diet. When you reset the "extra" kilos of reproductive capacity may be lost completely. If a woman has the constant fluctuations in weight, and the other side, it may lose the ability to be a mother.
  • Changing climatic zones.
  • The emotional state, especially frequent exposure to stress.
  • Excessive exercise.

Violation of hormonal changes and age, related directly shift ovulation. Blocks it some medications that do not have in their composition of hormones. There is no time of ovulation and pregnancy.

Some women find that during lactation mature egg can not, and are not protected when breast-feeding. The ability to conceive can be resumed within a month after birth. At the same time the organism from a previous pregnancy is still not time to fully recover. Therefore, starting sexual life after childbirth, require carefully protected, if not immediately plan to give the younger baby brother or sister.

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Medical ways to know about ovulation

One of the "old" methods - measurement of basal body temperature.

During the regular cycle measured in the morning the temperature values ​​in the anus, and plotted. Upon ovulation the temperature increases, albeit only slightly, by two to four divisions. But on the chart you will notice a permanent ovulation jump. For the conception is the most favorable time for an unwanted pregnancy - the most dangerous.

The following method - a blood from a vein on hormones. Before the release of the follicle into the fallopian tubes the amount of luteinizing hormone in the blood significantly increased.

A modern method for detecting ovulation by the test based on the same principle. Just increasing the amount of LH in urine is fixed.

Just show ovulation ultrasound examination of the machine. Also, it is possible to trace how the egg falls on the tube to the uterus.

Women want to feel the moment of ovulation in order to calculate the optimal time for conception or the most "dangerous" day of the cycle . But there are those who know exactly release follicle need to find out who subsequently born, a girl or a boy?

According to one theory, it is believed that when the sperm enters the body before the release of the egg, then the probability of girls is maximized. Ostensibly, the cells "with the girls" more viable from the first moment of existence, and the cells are "boys" before release of the egg die. Like it or not, science has not yet been established.

 Is it possible to feel ovulation?

 correct uterine massage


  • Goal procedure
  • Indications and contraindications to pelvic massage
  • The algorithm and technology impact on the pelvic organs
  • Number of necessary procedures

Gynecologic massage - not a new invention. He first proposed the Tour Brand, a biologist who had no relation to medicine. In 1861, this massage was nevertheless put into practice and proved to be an effective method of treatment of certain gynecological diseases.

Uterine massage tones the body, improves its motility and reduces congestion.

Its action is similar to the effect of any massage treatments.

Twenty years ago, pelvic massage administered active about it was known to the general public. About this procedure even went jokes ambiguous content. Now, those who know the technique of this massage, you can count on one hand, because the procedure is very rarely appointed.
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Goal procedure

Gynecologic massage helps to solve many problems associated with diseases of the female reproductive organs.

After the massage effect:

  • accelerated blood flow and limfoprovodnost in organs located in the pelvis;
  • the tone of the uterus, and therefore its contractile ability;
  • stretch adhesions, increased mobility of the connective tissue;
  • It strengthens the muscles of the pelvic organs.

In that case, when the uterus under the influence of childbirth or weakening of muscle ligaments deviated from the correct position, pelvic massage is able to return it to the place.

Of course, this procedure - not a panacea for curing gynecological diseases. It has its protivopokazaniya.Takzhe do not make a bet on it at the disposal of infertility.

 indications for the procedure
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Indications and contraindications to pelvic massage

The procedure prescribed for:

  • Uterine fibrosis, if it was caused by stagnation in the pelvic organs. This occurs when the sharp hormonal races.
  • Low back pain, pelvic joints and sacrum associated with gynecological diseases.
  • Scarring of the gynecological organs that degrade the quality of life, including her intimate side.
  • Bias and incorrect position of the uterus.
  • Menstrual irregularities related to the contractile ability of the uterus.
  • Pathologies of various kinds and shapes caused severe birth or unfortunate consequences of abortion.
  • Inflammatory processes of the reproductive organs.
  • Amenorrhea (menstrual passing without exclusion of the epithelium).
  • Infertility.
  • Frigidity.

With pelvic massage with similar conditions can be fought successfully.

It is forbidden to the procedure in the case of:

  • raising the temperature;
  • the presence in the blood sedimentation rate - ESR - above 20 mm / h;
  • of infection;
  • bacterial vaginosis;
  • pelvic tuberculosis;
  • congenital abnormalities of the uterus from the correct position;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • presence of erosion;
  • lactation;
  • bowel diseases such as colitis various kinds.

After abortion and birth process can be assigned to no earlier than two months.

Mental disabilities are also contraindications to pelvic massage.

Do not appoint him, and women who have problems with blood vessels, varicose disease of the pelvic organs, low blood clotting.

At a high pain threshold appropriateness of the procedure is considered individually.

 conducting massage
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The algorithm and technology impact on the pelvic organs

During the massage the uterus woman is on the gynecological chair in the traditional position or on a massage table in a knee-elbow.

  • Two hours before the procedure can not eat anything.
  • The intestine is desirable to empty the three hours before coming to the massage room, and bladder - just before the procedure.

Be sure you want to perform hygiene - washing of the external genitalia. Before you begin massaging the uterus, the doctor will treat sex and additionally adjacent organs antiseptic solution.

The massage is done with both hands simultaneously. The fingers of one hand inserted into the vagina and the other hand made external impacts through the peritoneum.

After the procedure the woman requires about 15 minutes to lie on his stomach or back, without getting a massage device, completely relaxed.

Women experiencing soreness should not. The clitoris and the urethra during medical procedures are not affected.

 Procedure Results
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Number of necessary procedures

Depending on the severity of the disease, the number of procedures and their frequency doctor prescribes individually. However, there are general guidelines based on which are calculated and how many times a woman needed a massage and how much time they need.

First time massaging the uterus no more than 10-15 minutes. During the trial of massage is determined by individual characteristics of the organism, the doctor discovers the action of some forces want to apply. At this time you need to talk to your doctor and share their feelings.

On average, the intermenstrual period prescribed for 10 to 20 treatments, in some cases - amenorrhea or scanty menses, their number may increase to 60.

So if the doctor insists on holding sessions for 3-4 months, suspecting him of sexual harassment should not be - the number of procedures is prescribed depending on the effectiveness and impact of health status.

Massage helps the uterus to get rid of many gynecological problems without the use of drugs that have in many cases, the adverse effects on many systems of the body. However, to rely on him as a relief from infertility, it is not necessary.

Infertility in most cases is not due to stagnation in the reproductive organs and hormonal problems.

 Undeservedly forgotten pelvic massage