How long does a pregnancy in cats


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Asked how many takes pregnancy in cats in the literature is given a precise answer: "The average length of pregnancy in cats is nine weeks." But this is only conditional numbers (and nine months in humans). In the normal course of pregnancy cat bears offspring from fifty-eight to seventy-two days. What determines the different stages of pregnancy, and how it takes place? Let's face it.

Different stages of pregnancy

Firstly, there is a perception that short-haired and long-haired cats are different stages of pregnancy. Although scientific evidence to this fact is not found, it is the place to be. For example, it is noted that usually (but not always), long-haired cats Kittens hatching longer. They have a gestation period of sixty-three to seventy-two days. Shorthair expect the appearance of offspring born from fifty-eight to sixty-eight days. A Siamese and Abyssinian cats (allegedly!) Hatching kittens longer than usual.

Gestational cats depends on the number of hatched and kittens. Most often large litters can become a cause of a shorter duration of pregnancy. And if the cat bears more than five kittens, then she gives birth to them before the average date. However, even the birth of a very large litter (eight to twelve kittens), which began before the bottom strap pregnancy (less than 58 days) are considered pathology. And such premature kittens often do not survive.

Cause prolonged pregnancy can and a small number of pups per litter, and stress on a pregnant cat in the last period of gestation kittens. At the same time delay childbirth for one week it is permissible and does not affect the health of newborns. However, a long delay requires human intervention, otherwise it may result in failure. But in any case, to control the timing of pregnancy can host only when he knows the exact date of mating and therefore conception, which takes place a day or two after pairing. It is a "point of reference" in pregnancy.

 how many cats lasts pregnancy

Pregnancy Calendar

Pregnancy cat can be divided into three main periods.

First Trimester

After conception the fertilized egg (zygote) attached (implanted) to the uterine wall, and in the first week of the cell reaches the size of dust particles with a diameter of three-tenths of a millimeter. During this period, the future looks more like a kitten on an empty vial with a bundle. Himself bubble will then take part in the formation of the placenta, and the "knot" will develop into an embryo.

  • Interesting! Biologists have found that insertion of each individual embryo is determined in advance, depending on the sex of the kitten.

Each kitten develops individually cocoon called "chorion". This cocoon is surrounded by the placenta, which provides nourishment of the fetus. The placenta is covered with villi, the number of which is adjusted rate of growth of the embryo.

  • Interesting! If placental villi one to straighten, their area is five square meters. If during this period will intertwine placental villi opposite-sex kittens, then the light will be false hermaphrodites.

By the fifteenth day of pregnancy, the embryo reaches a size of two to ten millimeters. He becomes visible head, and there are the beginnings of the brain. By the eighteenth day of legs begin to form. Prior to the twenty-first day of pregnancy formed the beginnings of the auditory canals, the future appears pigmentation eyes, begin to develop internal organs. It was at this time becomes a first outward signs of pregnancy: a cat and turn pink nipples grow.

Second Trimester

It was during this period of pregnancy the embryo turns into a fetus, and it becomes like a very, very small cat. How does this happen? First, the embryo is formed by the upper lip, ear lobes and fingers. Continue to develop the skeleton, muscles, and internal reproductive organs. Formed spinal cord, jaw, tongue, palate. Hormonal system begins to develop.

By the end of the second trimester of the muzzle is formed: there are cheeks, chin, nose and mouth. Bones begin to suck the calcium and the teeth are formed (in the back of the jaw). The internal organs are located at places reserved for them, increasing the head, eyelids appear and triangular ears. At the head developed cheeks, chin, nose and mouth. Forms the outer sexual organs and claws appear on the fingers.

  • Interesting! Females grow faster seals. A number of fruits in this period is difficult to determine.

  Third Trimester

The last stage of pregnancy the cat. At the beginning of this period, the fruit grows to eight centimeters. The skin becomes thicker and gathers in folds, increasing the ears, and elongated tail. For forty-fourth day appears silky fur, and four days later it acquires the color. At this time, the fetus grows has to twelve centimeters.

On the fifty-eighth day of the formation of the fetus is considered complete, and all the remaining days precede birth. For twelve hours (or even days) before delivery cats rectal temperature drops to thirty-seven and a half degrees, and the prenatal period can last up to one and a half days.

 Pregnancy lasts for cats

Post Scriptum

Normal healthy cat will give birth without problems in the exact nature of the reserved time. And how many days it will last her pregnancy depends on the individual characteristics of the cat. However, successfully proceeding pregnancy in cats can not last longer than seventy-two days, and less than fifty-eight. On average, a cat bears posterity two months. And what is interesting!

  • Cats reach sexual maturity as early as five months, and only nine cats.
  • During his life, the cat can give birth to more than a hundred cats.
  • On average, the cat has two or three litters per year.
  • In one litter of kittens can be born from different fathers.
  • The progeny of one pair of cats in seven years to reach four hundred and twenty thousand.

Truly amazing animals!

 How long does a pregnancy in cats? As it flows?

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 Care bamboo happiness


  • Features bamboo content happiness at home
  • Transplanting and fertilizing bamboo
  • Breeding seeds
  • Bamboo happiness of feng shui

Dracaena braunii received among amateur gardeners original name - bamboo happiness. Indeed, many owners of the plant argue that it attracts the house good luck and positive energy. Of course, to bamboo mascot he acted for them need proper care. That's what we'll talk later.

Features bamboo content happiness at home

The lucky bamboo likes water, especially in summer. In the hot season it needs abundant watering. Leaflets plants should be cleaned from dust with a damp cloth, but the spray is not required. Temperature range is quite wide - from 18 to 35 degrees. The plant does not like direct sunlight, so it is best to place it in a shaded area of ​​the room.

By the way, this plant there is also another name - bamboo varnishes, which means "happy". Sometimes the flower is sold in the form of cut - a few stems are connected to the original bouquet. People who adhere to the philosophy of Feng Shui, prefer to wrap the stems of bamboo lacquer red tape with themed images. This is necessary to keep the bouquet in water. Every 5-7 days, changing the water. It is believed that caring for bamboo to be more precise, if added to the water and mineral fertilizers.

 bamboo happy care

Transplanting and fertilizing bamboo

If you are going to settle at home lucky bamboo, no harm will learn about its reproduction, as well as how to care for plants after transplantation.

  • Transplant is carried out in April-May. It was at this time the plant is easier to tolerate this process;
  • There must be sufficient drainage - the layer height of 2 centimeters. For landing, a special substrate for dracaena;
  • Bamboo happiness loves much water, so make sure that the land in the pot does not dry out completely. Ideally, the soil should always be moist;
  • If you need to multiply the lucky bamboo from existing plants, the top otschipnite escape and leave in the water until the roots;
  • When transplanting into the ground can not add any fertilizer;
  • After 3 weeks after planting in a pot need to feed the plant - just pour it with water and fertilizer (advise them in specialized stores);
  • The dressing is also used as a nitrogen and phosphorus;
  • Many owners of added organic fertilizer - horse manure or bird droppings.

So, what we found out? Well podkormlennaya land, timely watering, regular moisturizing stems and leaves - these are the main points that are included in the proper care of bamboo happiness.

Breeding seeds

Bamboo varnishes not only reproduces by cuttings, it can be grown from seeds. Yes, the process is not easy, but quite feasible. Action is needed on the following algorithm:

  • Seeds soaked in gauze and kept at 60-80% humidity until they germinate;
  • Next, the seeds are planted in a box with the ground: it must consist of two parts leaf land, one part of the drainage (for example, expanded clay) and one part sand;
  • Seedlings daily sprayed with an atomizer;
  • When the seedlings appear, they are covered with a piece of polyethylene to create hothouse conditions: a lot of moisture, light and heat.
  • Three times a day teplichku airs in order to avoid rotting of young plants.

After the plants reach a height pyatisantimetrovym, they are transplanted into individual pots. This selects only the strongest shoots, because they just take root. Caring for young bamboo happiness is necessary for the above-described scheme.

From time to time the plants leaves turn yellow and fall off. This suggests that the bamboo was got small midge. She hides in the folds and crannies of the stem, so it is difficult to notice. In order to get rid of it, you can purchase a special tool and spray the plant. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

Due to the excessive heat and high humidity bamboo varnish may start to rot - stem and leaves are covered with black spots. Therefore it is not recommended to put it near a radiator.

 Bamboo varnishes care

Bamboo happiness of feng shui

It plays an important role location of the plant in the house, and the design of its crown.

  • Three stems of bamboo in the pyramid lacquers bring to the house of good emotions and happiness;
  • If you want to add to the house of financial flows that make up a pyramid of five stalks;
  • Good health will give seven twisted stems;
  • Twenty-one stalk fulfill all the wishes of all at once;
  • Place the bamboo in the south-east - and attract good health, and financial flows at the same time;
  • In the south - you will have a certain weight in society: the promotion and respect of colleagues;
  • In the east - love will accompany you everywhere, in the family harmony and tranquility reign;
  • Tighten around the stem of bamboo red ribbons hanging image doggie "Fu" (the philosophy of Feng Shui, it protects the tranquility of the house), you can enhance the beneficial power plants.

By the way, experts say, it is possible to make a bouquet of any number of stems, its magical spell will still work. It should be avoided only number 4: it is considered a bringer of bad luck. How to tighten the stem?

  • Young shoots bend, obkrutit direct them around the stem and seal wire. As soon as the sprouts will congeal, the lock can be removed;
  • Plant sprout in the ground vertically and close the box, leaving a narrow strip - it will break the young shoots, reaching out to the light;
  • With the proliferation of young shoots, rotate the pot in different directions, so that the plant is not twisted.

As you have noticed, to care for bamboo happiness is simple. Especially if you get a cut bouquet. It is worth it for a long time, does not require special attention, also serves as a wonderful decoration of the room. "If you want to be happy - be happy! "Remember this and never trust in the power of talismans. You yourself are building their lives, and what side it will turn to you, it depends on you!

 Cultivation and care - bamboo happiness

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