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We know that fashion is not only for clothes, shoes or hair color, but also to pets. After many saw on TV their favorite stars, attending various social events with little lapdog, the demand for them has increased many times, especially among the ladies. And others, is a fan of a prominent politician, could not resist the Labrador, and now they are also very popular.

Many of acquiring a dog, do not think that it is a living creature that can get sick and possibly in the near future will have to find the owner of announcement: "demodicosis in dogs treatment." Even a small dog - not a toy, in which you can simply replace the battery if a problem occurs. But another, more serious problem occurs when the baby appears in the family. Buying a dog in his youth, guy or girl do not look far ahead, and four-legged friends (subject to the rules of care) live for a long time, and their owners can during this time not only to create their own family, but also to think about the appearance of the child.

At the same time the hostess small dog may have concerns that a child may hit her "girlfriend", so that will have to find an answer to the question "dislocation in dogs treatment." But the owners of larger breeds disturb other thoughts: How will the appearance of the dog family "competitor" would not it be "jealousy"? Yes, and relatives with your friends begin to tell scary stories about how the "neighbors' dog bit a child and disliked him.

The main thing in this situation - do not panic and, of course, do not try to get rid of the dog. In the first place, particularly stringent requirements need to be present to observe the health not only of the people but also four-legged friend. But rather, it is the requirement for the owners. Even before the newborn in the house, it is necessary to conduct deworming dogs for worms. And even before that she did not have health problems, in search of the nearest clinic is enough to type in a search engine "veterinary clinics in Moscow." There should be checked for the presence of dog fleas, which can also infect her worms. As long as the child is a year, preferably every day to wipe the four-legged friend with a damp washcloth. After this period - as often as they did before the advent of the baby in the house.

In order for the appearance in the child's home does not have any conflict situations in communication with the dog, you must think in advance about the style of her upbringing, and how well the owner knows your pet. In most cases, problems arise when the dog is used only to feel the center of attention on the part of the owners. If the dog is not immediately takes a liking to the baby, do not force it to force (especially for large breeds) love him, and to endure all childish pranks. In such a situation it is better not to interfere and not to show unnecessary initiative. Otherwise, the imposition of unnecessary child can provoke aggression on the part of the animal. There are many cases when a dog does not manifest itself in relation to the first baby of attention, and then (when the child gets older and he began to take care of it), he became a real true friend.

It is desirable, going for a walk with the child, take the dog. While the baby sleeps, you can pay attention to it, play with it, without sacrificing personal time. Ideally, in order to reduce the possibility of conflicts, preferably before, in the house a baby change daily schedule, taking into account, as it is, and to correct the possible gaps in the education of the dog.

 Moscow, children and veterinary clinics

 hedgehogs home

Most likely, none of the exotic pet does not have so much attention to the public as a decorative hedgehogs. They are curious, adorable, smiling faces, friendly nature and the real nature of their usefulness to humans, have won sincere love of the majority of people in all countries. Hedgehogs have and tales of the peoples of the world. Naturally, they know and love all children. Moreover, almost all the time they are positive characters - cute, clever and resourceful.

Thanks to the efforts of breeders in different countries today, African pygmy hedgehogs become a real pet hedgehogs. Over their breeding work since 1995, and has already withdrawn more than 90 decorative colors of hedgehogs, which are now very popular in Europe.

Hedgehogs, unlike most of the wildlife is fairly easy to adapt to life in captivity and quickly get used to people. In addition, compared to rodents, they do not bite in a cell or in a room quite easily they can be trained to use the toilet only in one place at the hedgehogs home no peculiar smell, like ferrets, and they are not trying to mark territory like cats . Typically, home hedgehog friendly to people and the rest of the pet. They are curious and active. This animal you can buy at the pet store, and the hedgehog will be specially grown for the life of the house. And it is not recommended in the woods chasing usual crew cut, and then try to accustom him to his apartment, because your efforts will not succeed - the usual wild hedgehog can not get used to the home.

General description of the hedgehog

Thus, the African pygmy hedgehog .  In contrast, their counterparts - ordinary urchins, sea urchins, these very small .  Weight adult hedgehog about 300-500 grams .  But its size 15-20 cm in length .  With the right content hedgehog at home and correct diet their life expectancy is 4 to 7 years .  They have a charming little face with beady eyes and a pointed nose funny, which is constantly moving and snooping surroundings .  The upper part of the body is covered with hedgehogs extremely sharp needles, and their soft white belly hairs .  The muzzle, depending on the overall color, may have a black mask, and hedgehogs are pets like a raccoon .  On the other colors a black mask is not available, and a muzzle is covered with white hairs .  If the hedgehog is frightened of something, it collapses into a tight ball, covered with needles .  When the hedgehog is not scared of his back muscles relaxed, and needles lie parallel to the body, and then have the opportunity to calmly stroke him along the needles .  More hedgehogs have a tiny tail length of a few millimeters, so it is noticeable only when the hedgehog runs .  It's quite intelligent animals, they have expressed individual behaviors .  They love to play and frolic in the tunnels, as well as sort through the tabs on the running wheel .  Hedgehogs hedgehog, boys and girls, do not differ from the behavior or character .

Housing for the hedgehog

 Home hedgehog
 So what is the proper maintenance of the hedgehog at home .  And should contain these urchins at room temperature between 20 and 27 degrees .  They do not fall into hibernation for the winter .  Featured content hedgehog suitable cell or a medium-sized, for example, plastic cell dune .  Dimensions bottom cells should be from 0 Q4 .  m .  And the very bottom to be sure Tselikov and in any case the trellis, because generally have very thin legs hedgehogs and hedgehogs may get hurt if their fingers suddenly fall through the grate .  Typically, the cell must be well covered in the daytime, but it should not fall sunlight on very hot days .  To this it should be placed away from possible drafts .  It should also be noted that hedgehogs - it is usually solitary animals, hedgehogs and males should be kept separate from the hedgehog almost all the time except during mating, otherwise they will destroy their newborn babies .  But if you still want to keep several females together, they should be kept together right from childhood .  Since hedgehogs never bite your house - cage for them can be made of wood, but the bottom is necessary to lay linoleum or some more waterproof material .  Use as a filler sawdust on the floor cells .  Everything else, every cell of the hedgehog shall contain:

  1. Of course, the bird feeder. Best of all feeders are flat ceramic height of about 5 to 7 cm and a diameter of 8 to 15 cm, although, of course, can be used for sea urchins and plastic feeders, only have hedgehogs, loving their turn.
  2. The drinker. The most convenient - use Autodrinking that sell to other rodents. For one, the hedgehog will be sufficient drinkers about 250-300 ml. And if the water is poured into a saucer, it will at all times be filled with sawdust, and eventually your hedgehogs are not drinking enough.
  3. House. Ideal wooden house with removable top. Although you can use other original items, such as ceramic jugs. The minimum size for a house at the bottom of a hedgehog - 15x15 cm
  4. The running wheel. It is best to buy as large as what you'll find. It can not be less than 20 cm in diameter. It is extremely important to carefully inspect the grid on the wheel rim. Because it must be either a fine mesh, or will have to sheathe wheel soft strips of cloth in order to thin legs hedgehog did not fall through the bars.
  5. There are hedgehogs who like toys. In addition to the tunnels to them, for example, like small balls for cats and small plush toys. Also sometimes hedgehogs love to luxuriate in the soft house for rodents, meet periodically in pet stores.

This is how to care for a crew in terms of arrangement of his home.

Meals for hedgehog

And in terms of food hedgehogs should pay attention to such things: they need food that is low in fat and high in protein. In European countries, already have specialized pet hedgehogs, and if you often go there, you can just find them at local pet stores. If this feature you do not, you still do not get discouraged, because they are perfect food for kittens the best quality, or if you find a dry food for ferrets. Also, the diet of hedgehogs make almost all small animals: larvae, earthworms, little mice, snakes, caterpillars, frogs, chicks, snails, slugs, eggs and, of course, insects (dung beetles, ground beetles, chafers). Even in captivity, sometimes it is necessary to try to give the hedgehog their familiar food. Pieces of fruit and berries can also be given, but their hedgehogs will eat less willing. In addition, they will not give up soups, vegetables, seeds and raw meat.

More pet hedgehogs can be given to fish and boiled liver - they are a very valuable food for them. Fish in this case must be of high quality and unsalted. Extremely useful to give the hedgehog a mixture of bread crumbs and grated carrots and add the finely chopped, hard-boiled eggs. But milk is absolutely impossible to give the hedgehog in contrast to popular myth, because hedgehogs are no enzymes that digest lactose. The same applies to all other dairy products. In addition to milk, hedgehogs are contraindicated: raw pork, cold or frozen food, spicy or sweet dishes, fish with bones. Besides, you can not feed your hedgehog "household" cockroaches that he accidentally infected or poisoned by various household insecticides. Meat for hedgehogs always be the average room temperature.

It is not recommended to frequently wash your hedgehog. It is best to once every three months. Your hygiene products for this use is not necessary, purchase a pet shop special shampoo. After bathing the animal must be wiped dry, and not to start immediately on the floor - so that he could not catch a cold.
In general, the care of these small animals is not complicated, just need to know how to care for hedgehogs.
Handmade hedgehog, of course, is not afraid of people, it is different sociability and curiosity. It is with great pleasure that can stay in your lap while you are, for example, watch TV or read a book.

For all general questions, feeding or treatment it is best to seek the advice of a specialist, veterinarian, because only he can have a real expert help your pet spiny.

 Home hedgehog - an unusual pet

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