Among all the wild animals domesticated man, perhaps no more surprising than the ferret. This predator weasel family, which became the pet about eight years ago. Originally bred ferrets kept and exclusively utilitarian purpose: to hunt rabbits. But in the 20th century began to ferret pets par with dogs and cats. Only they are inferior to them in popularity among all types of conventional and exotic pets. This cheerful, friendly and funny animals are very common in many countries, but we have to ferrets are still quite cautious. Maybe because little is known about them? Let's take a closer look at the ferrets and find out what kind of animal and how to keep at home.

Portrait of ferrets

Domestic ferret - a small animal with a narrow and long body. Females and males are very different from each other in size. Females weigh about a kilogram and do not exceed in length (from tip of nose to tip of tail) 40 cm. Males are larger: their weight ranges from a half to two and a half kilograms, and length - from 45 to 50 cm.

In ferrets beautiful shiny fur of various colors: sable, pearl, gold and pastel. There are also completely white ferrets are albino. Shedding ferrets in spring and autumn, samochki still shedding and before the offspring. This pet friendly "with the smell." In women, it is very mild and there are no unpleasant. But ferrets have a macho bright musky odor, especially during mating season. But castrated animals do not smell.

In nature, ferrets are burrowing lifestyle. In domestic ferrets these instincts remain. They love the nooks, trying to build all sorts of holes from rags can begin to dig tunnels in pots with home flowers and enjoys digging on walks. And ferrets love to do "nest egg" of food and toys, pripryatyvaya them in hidden places.

Lifespan ferrets from 8 to 12 years. They get along well with dogs and cats, but keep ferrets with birds and rodents dangerous. Predatory instincts leave no chance of any bird or mouse (hamsters, rabbits, paint). In spite of their mobility, ferrets sleep a lot (up to 20 hours a day), but can easily adapt to the rhythm of life of their owners. They have very good hearing and sense of smell. But vision in ferrets unimportant - they are short-sighted and distinguish only shades of gray and red.

 ferrets names

The nature of ferrets

Ferret pet smart. In addition acumen ferrets also possess qualities such as playfulness, curiosity, friendliness and fearlessness. They are trainable, easy, like a cat, accustomed to the tray, and how to walk like a dog with the owner. Even ferrets quickly memorize their names and readily respond to them.

Active and playful ferrets have not lost any as they get older or after castration. All animals are quite individual and capricious. Therefore, the behavior of domestic ferret depends on the owner and his role as an educator and trainer.

Most of the ferrets silent. However, the emotions they express not only behavior but also the sound. Calling of cooing or accompanied by positive emotions and friendly mood. This is accompanied by the sound of the game, as well as a manifestation of tenderness to the owner or the young (in females). With annoyance, anger or resentment ferrets hiss, and with pain and fright emit sharp cries. Puppies ferrets still creak. That sound they beckon her mother when they are cold or hungry.

The content of ferrets

For animals like ferrets content in the cell is not like - is being freedom. But even for temporary detention ferrets (during cleaning or as a punishment), the cage should be spacious, with drinkers, "toilet" and a berth. The best way for him to build (or buy) a cozy house-shelter where to put a soft cloth. For a complete happiness ferret this house can be equipped with hammocks, mazes, ladders and a box with sand for digging. Ferrets also need a tray, toilet, toys (not rubber or fur!) And bowls for food and water.

Feeding ferrets desirable forage as close to their natural diet. These predators feed on living in nature rodents, and such food would be perfect for them and in urban environments. But most of the ferrets is cooked with minced meat and strongly boiled cereals. You can also feed the ferrets and special dry food for ferrets or premium food for kittens. You can not mix dry food with natural food and feed ferrets food from his table.

 Ferret content

Education ferrets

At the heart of education ferrets is the method of "carrot and stick". For unacceptable behavior being punished for good behavior encouraged. Ferrets are smart and quickly learn all the lessons. In addition they can train. But the first thing to do - is to accustom the animal to the tray and wean bite. And remember that no amount of effort will not help wean ferrets dig and hide food. With this is necessary to reconcile or find a compromise. As for the rest of your efforts educator will necessarily be successful.

In general, for animals like ferrets content quite seamlessly. It is in many ways similar to the content of the dogs and cats. However, the latter-day owners of ferrets still worth it to start to get acquainted with the peculiarities of these animals and get expert advice from a breeder. And if you add to that knowledge has the patience and love, mutual positive emotions will be provided for the animal and its owner.

 Ferret. The ABCs of home detention

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 Griffon dog

The first thing that comes to mind looking at these funny dogs - domovyata! Snub nose, cunning eyes, and even with a mustache and beard. And hidden behind such unusual appearance cheerful disposition and exceptional fortitude. So who are the griffins? Let's look at them more closely: what griffon dog, where it came from and what it represents.

History of griffins, or three in one

Griffins - a group of rocks. It includes the Brussels Griffon Belgian Griffon and brabansky Griffin (Petit Brabancon). His pedigree, these dogs are from Belgium, where they appeared in the early 15th century. Different sources describe different versions of the origin and elimination of griffins.

In the basic version is a hunting dog (one of them hounds, other cops). These rocks were created specifically for hunting in France, and their appearance was formed taking into account local climatic conditions and characteristics of hunting.

Another version claims that originally brought griffins for rodent control. How excellent rat-catchers were kept in their homes commoners, artisans and merchants.

And some sources reported that the Griffins - Pets aristocracy. Precious tiny dog ​​was a symbol of elegance and indispensable companion ladies of high society.

The debate about their origin not subside until now. It will be born in them the truth or not - is unknown. But Griffins (and Brussels, and the Belgian and Petit Brabancon) are so genetically similar that never cease to amaze even professional dog trainers.

Genetics griffins, or Miracles dog

The fact that a mother and even in the same litter can be born once all three breeds griffins! And determine which breed puppy is only in color and type of wool (and that - closer to the months of age). It is also noteworthy that the parents are born as a wirehaired Gorny and "bristly" kids. While haired griffons do not bring haired offspring.

Interesting and metamorphosis with color. For example, petit Brabant can be red, black and black and tan, Brussels - only red, and Belgian Griffon - black or black and tan. So Petit Brabançon give puppies all colors, but two red parents will only ginger offspring. And Brussels Griffon give only red Brabant and griffins. Why is that? Riddle ...

With regard to the species involved in the breeding of modern griffins. So here too there is no consensus. It is believed that in their veins flows the blood and King Charles Spaniel and the Affenpinscher and the Irish and Yorkshire Terrier, and even pug. Some dog experts argue that the round eyes and snub-nosed snout got it from griffins pugs.

But what would the blood flowed in them either, griffins very unlike all other dogs and surprisingly similar. How to distinguish griffins?

 Petit Brabancon

Species griffins, or those same but different

All griffins - a small and energetic dogs. They have a round bulging eyes, flattened upturned noses and strong constitution. They differ in color and type of hair.

Brussels griffon haired and can only be red color.

Belgian Griffin also has a hard coat, but its color can be black and black and tan.

But Petit Brabancon - a smooth-black, red or black and tan griffin. And he may have miksovogo color (red with black and brown). And Brabant does not have a beard and mustache.

Belgian and Brussels Griffon his curious appearance reminiscent of a cross between a dog with a monkey. Petit Brabancon - photos (only caricature) miniature pug boxer or lean.

Besides the similar appearance of all Griffins are still the same character.

The character of a griffin, or energetic intellectual

Griffin has a balanced mind and docile nature. Different intelligence and wit. Very energetic walk. He loves to run and play. At the same time travel (in car, train or plane) behaves calmly and politely.

Griffins are very affectionate and loyal dog. Try to be always close to the owner. Very emotional. I feel the mood of the owner. Get along well with children. They get along well with other pets. Clean, easy to education and training. Non-aggressive, but they, too timid and can not be named. In short, the ideal dog for any family.

Among the shortcomings can be noted only griffins snoring (well, snoring, they dream). Although this is not particularly the nature and anatomy.

A feature of the care it should be noted the need for trimming (twice a year). Although, for example, petit Brabant does not require such care.

However, despite the fact that this dog could be called the ideal companion, it is not suitable for everyone.

 Petit Brabancon photo

Who should start griffins, or similarity of characters

Griffins have a cheerful disposition and irrepressible energy. Therefore, any of the griffons (Belgian, Brussels or Petit Brabancon) does not approach a person gloomy, melancholic and closed (though such people it is better not to have any dog). But all the griffins are ideal as a family pet.

And if the family has children, the best friend than a griffin for the child simply can not find. He can run and play, he would never hurt a child, and himself will stand.

For older people, the griffin also be a great companion. They are well behaved on walks, do not bark at passers-by, do not run for the cats or birds.

Griffins - great for dog lovers of the sport. And Petit Brabançon suitable even allergies who dream to have a dog - owners griffins argue that no wool, no smell in the house of this dog there.

So if your pet becomes bearded griffon or Petit Brabancon smooth coat, you will surely find common language with him. And this living with Brownie, "a motor" is sure to become not only a favorite of all households, but also a kind of talisman of comfort and family well-being.

 Griffin - a dog with "a motor"

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