how to teach a parrot to talk

Parrots have long been familiar to our pets. Of course, exotic large and bright representatives of this species of birds not everyone can afford, but even the more modest individuals become full members of the favorites, and many, many families. Why do we lead parrots? Unlike other birds, they are funny, easily tamed and trained, have interesting habits. But most importantly - they can talk to us in one language. It is this unique ability to imitate parrots enjoy such success.

If you decide to get a bird-talker, you should know that, first of all, not all parrots are equally capable and teachable. And, secondly, you have to spend time and much effort to teach your bird to talk. To get the answer to the main question (how to teach a parrot to talk?), You need to know the answers to a few questions for free.

Q preferences

Of all domestic parrots are considered the most talented imitators Greys, cockatoos, Amazons and parrots. Leader among the bird-talkers - Grey Grey. This large bird is not only able to memorize words, but can also perfectly mimic the tone and timbre of the human voice. Moreover, Jaco often say "in the subject" than overwhelmingly surprised its owners and their guests. But Grey bird is not only capable but also capricious, noisy and finicky. In addition, the Greys can start perfectly mimic any sound and at the same time flatly refused to utter a word.

These types of parrots like cockatiels, lovebirds and Rosella less teachable, but not hopeless. Lories can start to talk, even without training. Lorikeet able to learn about fifty words, but their diction is poor.

Talented students are considered and the most familiar to us parrots. They are able to remember a lot of words and even phrases. However, utter these words is not quite legible. While many owners budgies do not think so, and fully understand the "speech" of their favorites.

But no matter, on what you have forged a parrot, remember that the success of the training will depend on the personality of the bird. And do not think that your newly purchased parrot immediately begin to talk (and even if not immediately, then certainly a lot and well). Alas, in addition to your desire and patience must also desire and ability to birds. However, if the strategy of training your parrot is right, success in this difficult matter is sure to be achieved.

 how to teach a parrot to talk

Question Strategy

To begin, decide what you do want - a talking bird or a parrot (which in principle can also talk to). If you acquire a young and untrained parrot, then the chances of success in training you will have more, and the bird itself will cost you much cheaper. Choosing a parrot, look at his behavior: a bird, the ability to learn is closely watching the man and listens to the conversation. The best age to buy a parrot - one or two months.

If you buy a bird is not for breeding, it is better to opt for males. Although there is still no definite answer to the question of who speaks better (boys or girls). However, observed that more talkative budgies still boys.

Buying bird, be prepared for the fact that your pet may not be very apt pupil. To determine its ability to advance is impossible, but, as you know, patience and a little effort. So tune in, respectively: perseverance, patience and affection must become your main assistants. The result will be in any case.

A matter of trust

This question is perhaps the most important. Only tame parrot will talk to you. So make friends with his parrot: bird must trust you and wait on you dirty tricks and meanness. How to achieve a trusting relationship?

Parrots do not like change: change in familiar surroundings - it is stressful for them. Therefore, settling the bird at home, give her time to get used to new surroundings. By the way, the older the parrot, the longer the adjustment period. Once the parrot to learn and stop panic at the approach to the human cell, you can begin to tame.

To cells treated with caution, affectionately calling parrot named. Try not to scare the bird, do not tease her. Try to stretch in the palm of your dainty bird, and when it ceases to be afraid of your hand, open the cage and pull the hand inside. After a quiet start to take the parrot food from their hands, he will sit down on the substituted finger. And now when these skills will be secured, release it to fly around the room.

If the bird starts to sit safely on your hand or on your shoulder (and some on the head) and gladly take the food out of your hands, then, contacts have been established. Therefore, you can start training. Remember that learning should be voluntary. If the parrot is not interested, stop exercising. Do not get angry and do not rush. Your impatience will lead to irritation and can scare away birds and destroy trust.

 how to teach a parrot to talk wavy

The question of tactics

The atmosphere in the room where the training is to be relaxed - no outsiders, and sudden loud noises and everything that can distract or frighten the bird. Classes are desirable to carry out every day at the same time (as the lessons at school). Your parrot will soon get used to this regime. And even it is possible that he will be looking forward to the next lesson. Start training with a 15-minute lessons, gradually increasing the time to 30-40 minutes.

If you teach a parrot to talk to a woman or a child, the case is likely to go faster. Somehow, these birds are more like it for children's and women's voices. Although most parrots are selectively teachers are well trained and it is with those who they like.

To get started, choose one simple word, the best name of the parrot. Say it slowly, clearly and loudly (in such moments, the teachers themselves are like a parrot). It is desirable that the first words kept growling and hissing sounds. Do not try to teach a parrot to multiple words. At the end of each session, be sure to praise and treat the bird some delicacy. After the first successes can move on more complex material.

Use the method of association. Teaching a parrot some phrase, do it in the appropriate situation. For example, going to a cell, say a greeting and giving the bird food, pronounces the phrase with the word "eat". Very often, this method gives surprising results - parrots trained to distinguish objects, and even learn through!

How to teach a parrot to talk, if that is not enough time? It's simple - you can use for that tape (Voice Recording) records. However, experience has shown that the birds happy to talk to someone. But the tape is good to use for learning the songs and poems. Yes, these birds even is capable of!

Incidentally, many parrots learn a phrase that is heard on the radio or on television, as well as just the words that are often spoken in the home. So be careful in expressions and do not let yourself too much in the presence of such a diligent student (so you do not blush in front of guests).

In conclusion, a few little tips:

  • several short daily lessons will have a better result than one long session;
  • the best time for training - morning and evening;
  • words that should be pronounced parrot remember emotionally, "with the expression";
  • Parrots learn better in the presence of other talking birds (competition?);
  • live chat is still preferable to a tape recording;
  • before they learn to talk wavy parrot or any other talker, please be patient.

Remember that not all parrots can quickly memorize the phrases. But if such lessons are carried out continuously, and according to the rules, then one day your first parrot necessarily utter the magic word. And then - easier. Bird also like communication.

 How to teach a parrot to talk?

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 how to take birth in a dog

Nature is wise and humane. That is why all the animals in procreation unaided usually not needed. However, when it comes to our pets, we do not think so. And if a cat or dog is going to bestow us with their calves, we will, in turn, puzzled by how it help. And even if the birth occur without disease, we are committed to take this process feasible, and sometimes a very active part. Especially strongly the issue of obstetric care dog owners. So let's learn how to take birth in a dog, and that on this occasion the advice of experienced breeders.

Dogs, living in the house of a man named as "humanised", which seems to us, though without the aid of this very delicate process can not do. In most cases, our schenyascheysya assistance dog is required. All they need to do the master, so this is just the place to prepare for the dog, and to act as an independent observer. Nevertheless, for many dogs (especially nulliparous) birth - a real stress. Even more stressful it is for the owner of the dog. Also to be ready for various kinds of surprises. So, how to prepare for this event and how to take birth in a dog?


First, be sure to arrange with a veterinarian about his assistance if needed. Have a telephone number or the phone number of emergency veterinary care. But let's hope that calls to these numbers you do not need and everything goes well.
Secondly, please be a set of necessary medicines. Check the medicine chest and replenish its membership, which should include:

  • liquid bubble green fodder (brilliant green pencil in this case, will not work);
  • the smallest (children) syringe;
  • levomekol (ointment);
  • scissors;
  • acrylic or silk thread;
  • rubbing alcohol or vodka (not for you, but for the puppies!);
  • sedative (this is for you).

In addition, you will need clean sheets and diapers (which can then be thrown away), water bottle (possibly electric) or a pair of plastic bottles, roomy box (where you can put six or seven newborn pups). Some dog owners have successfully used instead of a blanket warmers heated and say that it is much more convenient.

If you can, then make a playpen for moms with children. This should be a low drawer with borders, in which the dog would lie stretched out at full length. In special arenas even provided a small gap between the bottom of the box and the bottom of the boards, so that the dog does not press down the walls of the puppies. If such an arena to buy or make fails, simply prepare a place for the dog on the floor, laid out his blanket (foam mattress), medical oilcloth and sheets.

Preliminary manipulation

Pregnancy in dogs lasts 58-68 days. And whelp it can at the most inconvenient time for you, such as late at night or when you are at work. Therefore, the beginning of the alleged birth take two or three days of compensatory time off and be prepared not to miss this crucial moment. Otherwise, your dog can easily turn into a "maternity ward" sofa or bed, and you earn a psychosis on the basis of experience for his girl.

Before birth the dog starts to behave restlessly. Even before the contractions begin to look for a place to give birth, and if you have already found, it will dig litter and bridges. This means that soon, soon everything will start. Once your baby girl (Rybonka, Zainka, Zolotko) will let you know that she is ready to give birth to offspring of God, prepare everything necessary for his meeting. Remove and place in a convenient location all of the above medications, soak in a saucer with alcohol, acrylic threads and keep ready a heating pad or a bottle, which can replace it. Wash the syringe with boiling water, rubbing alcohol scissors, make sure that the phone number of a vet you also on hand. Also, it is desirable to prepare in advance and a box for the puppies. Cover the her a blanket (blanket or heated) and a clean diaper.

And most importantly, prepare yourself. Do not panic! There is nothing wrong in the fact that your dog is about to begin to give birth. This is a natural process. So calm down and try to calm the dog. Stroke it, say kind words. Remember that your excessive anxiety can be passed and the dog. And she did not, and so sweet. Look at how it behaves. Signs of labor: fever (shiver), rapid breathing, panting, digging litter. If all you are watching, you will soon begin, and attempts, and after them themselves genera.

 birth in small breeds


Before the advent of the puppy attempts to start, loop (vulva) becomes loose and elongated. You will see how the body of the dog passes the cramp, and water poured out of the loop. This water can be transparent, and can be yellowish (greenish), cloudy and cereal. At this point, your little girl may start to lick, and maybe take a comfortable position for themselves: lying on his side, hunched for spravleniya great need or standing on its hind legs, front and leaned on a table or chair. Do not bother her, but be ready to take the first puppy.

It was the first puppy can get stuck, causing panic and mom and you. But this is not true! Perhaps your intervention is not required. However, be ready. After departing okolopoldnyh water out of the loop there is something like a bubble or pink nose or paw. The dog in this moment begins to push, removing the tail back and puppy slips safely outside.

But! Births small breeds or nulliparous females may be complicated by some surprises. Sometimes these "clumsy", giving birth to the head or body, calm, thinking that it was over and try to sit on the ass. In no case do not let the dog do it. Keep it in a standing position or lying down (better if it is to do Assistant) enter levomekol lubricated finger into the loop. Do not be afraid. Do this carefully, moving his finger along a puppy, until you hit the jumper (the narrowest part of the vagina). Carefully "podnyrnite" under the bridge and drag your finger around the puppy. Then it all goes like clockwork: Mom natuzhitsya and "spit out" puppy.

Just beyond the last puppy should appear similar to a piece of raw liver (possibly greenish). Ideally, without your intervention on everything happens. Mommy bag of waters breaks teeth, bite off the umbilical cord and starts to lick the puppy to stimulate his breathing. However, she eats and the last. If everything is just so, do not interfere, and played the role of an observer (an independent and happy). If the dog does not deal with the puppy, it needs to be done to you.

Caring for a newborn puppy

  1. Puppy puts his left hand on the palm belly, muzzle away. Keep it slightly upside down and begin to vigorously rub (back and forth) back diaper (medical cloth). After a few grindings of unfolding puppy muzzle to him and open his mouth, his jaw easily on either side.
  2. Take a syringe, squeeze (deflate) it put the puppy in her mouth and sucked the mucus. You make it first on one side of the base language, then the other.
  3. Then, take your puppy for withers and slightly shake. As a result, the baby should be beeped. If his voice is clear and without wheezing and scream, all right. If not, repeat the suction mucus.
  4. Then you take a thread soaked in alcohol and tied the umbilical cord (which may still hanging afterbirth). Grasp do at a distance of one or one and a half centimeters from the stomach and cutting the cord about a centimeter (or half a centimeter) from the place of bandages.
  5. Lubricates navel green paint. Better to do it, the cord dipped into the vial and tightly pressed to his belly and turning (up and down) with bubble baby.

All these manipulations you have to do this only if the mother refuses to handle your puppy alone. If the dog licked the puppy, do not touch it until then, until it begins to be born a second. Then take the baby from the mother and put into a box, warmed by a heater or heated blanket. Remember that without a mother it will be cold, so make sure that in the box was warm. If the dog is between the birth of puppies exhibit trouble, take them only from the mother at birth of another baby.

Tips and suggestions

In fact, everything is not as strange as you can imagine. And if the dog has a healthy maternal instinct, that your help she hardly needed. Although against your presence in this sacrament, it is not. She, too, need sympathy, moral support and confidence. Therefore, listen to the advice of experienced veterinarians sobakovladeltsev and not to harm mental and physical health of his favorite (and his too):

  • if all the dog behaves normally, you do not hustle and do not disturb it;
  • Do not panic if your puppy after birth was more than an hour, and the next yet: this break may be up to several hours;
  • when many vain attempts (prolonged labor) do not be afraid to help the girl, repeating the procedure with a finger, smeared levomekol;
  • In no case do not abuse it, do not cry and do not cry;
  • if any suspicion of possible birth defects immediately call the vet (perhaps his advice will be sufficient);
  • please be sure to advance the nth sum of money in case of payment of veterinary care.

But even re-read pile of literature, consulting with the best experts in the theory and knowing how to take delivery of a dog, be careful, above all, to itself. It has the instincts (which we almost lost it) and she will tell you she needs help or not. Of course, if you have between the trust and love. And they just can not be between a dog and a man (at least, on her part).

 How to take birth in a dog? Tips "seasoned"

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