Japanese Spitz

Times change, tastes change, fashion changes. Including the fashion for pets. And if Chekhov's "The Lady with the Dog" was inseparable from the German Spitz, the modern ladies are very interested in Japanese Spitz. "And what's the difference - you ask - he Spitz Spitz is: furry, sharp-nosed, cheerful little dog." That may be so, but only Spitz - a whole group of species of ornamental dogs. Each breed Spitz - it has its own history, its own standard and its features. They have a lot in common, but quite a few differences. Here, for example, what the fashion today the Japanese Spitz?

Species origin

According to zoologists, breeders and handlers Japanese Spitz comes from northern dogs, or rather from the Samoyed Laika. It is up to them as a result of painstaking breeding selection and got a new breed - Japanese Spitz or Samoyedic husky in miniature.

This breed was formed beginning in the late nineteenth century in Japan, and in 1948 was recognized by the National Kennel Union. The first officially registered representative of the breed became a Japanese Spitz called Hakura, who was born in the summer of 1947. A 1959 in Japan, was founded Canine Association of Japanese Spitz, uniting breeders and lovers of this breed.

It has long been a popular favorite in Japan and the Japanese Spitz breed is becoming more popular in other countries. And our country is no exception: today, the demand for these dogs is quite high.

Breed Standard

In accordance with standard breed Japanese Spitz must be strong and flexible body, a height of twenty-five to thirty-eight centimeters and weighs between five and ten kilograms. The head is rounded with triangular ears, a pointed snout, tiny black nose, thick lips, black, almond-shaped, dark eyes with black border.

The body of the Japanese Spitz is strong, with a well defined withers and neck, broad chest and waist and tucked up belly. Paws muscular with rounded metacarpus and fleshy pads. Folded into a ring tail tightly to the back.

Wool erect, thick, long with a soft undercoat. On the muzzle, ears and front legs the coat is shorter than on the body. On the neck and chest - a luxurious fluffy collar, and on their hind legs - tow. Coat color Japanese Spitz exclusively white, without stains and marks.

 Japanese Spitz dog

Features breed

Japanese Spitz - a companion dog. He has a cheerful disposition, playful and good-natured. At the same time, these little dogs pretty stubborn, so the education of the host requires perseverance and patience. However, with the right approach them easily achieve obedience, so the Japanese Spitz by nature intelligent and committed owner.

These dogs have an innate instinct to guard, to strangers are incredulous, but get along well with other pets. They are easy to train, they are gentle and loving concern to all members of the family and do not cause particular problems in the content. For example, Japanese Spitz chistoploten neat and rarely barks, almost never chews on the furniture and footwear (except as a puppy).

Japanese Spitz dog is perfect for keeping in the apartment. It will not be a burden for the elderly and will always find a common language with children. In addition to all its positive qualities of these dogs have an excellent immunity, rarely get sick and do not have allergies.

Luxury wool Japanese Spitz requires a constant, but leaving unhindered. The fact that a stain on wool, leaves no traces on it after drying. She just shaken off, and the hair is clean. Here is a unique "dirt-repellent" feature of these dogs have. A primary care of their wool is only periodic combing.

In general, the Japanese Spitz dog breed description is as follows. She is tiny, miniature, has a spectacular appearance and "sociable" character. It is perfectly cope with the role of a pet, brighten up the loneliness of elderly people and add joyful moments in the lives of many families. She did not take the hassle to care and maintenance, but its miniature size will be an excellent guard. Here are some interesting breed Japanese Spitz. Do not you have dreamed about such?

 Japanese Spitz for sovremnnoy lady with a dog

 How to wean your puppy biting

How then are they cute and funny, these kids! Such spontaneous, playful, touching! And at first we did not even annoying or loud leaping barking or whining plaintive night (while in the crib will not get), or puddles around the house or persistent biting during games. All this for the time touches and causes only positive emotions with the tides of tenderness and enthusiasm. However, the baby is growing, and with it grow and problems - problems with education and the content of the dogs in the house. For example, almost painless and harmless puppy biting very soon become quite noticeable. And if there are children in the house, then unsafe. How to wean your puppy to bite? This issue is relevant for almost all newly sobakovladeltsev. Let us listen to the advice of professionals and experienced amateur breeders.

Few zoopsychology

Why puppy bites? It turns out that such behavior is quite natural for a small dog. The teeth in dogs (as, indeed, and other predators), one of the main tools of survival. With teeth are protected, extract and absorb food. A puppy dog ​​learns to use this instrument to her. This occurs at the level of instincts. Puppies bite while playing with her mother or siblings, and in this way learn to adjust the force of the bite. In addition this behavior helps to establish a hierarchy of relations in the canine community.

As it happens in the pack? Kid biting his countryman and his reaction realizes how big bite force. If bitten by a puppy scream, the "nipper" in the next time will be cautious or not will bite brother. When the baby gets into your home, your family becomes his family. So he continues to behave in the same way. And to do so he is forced to instinct and experience.

It is through biting puppy invites host (hostess) for the game. What the response? One of two things: either to chase a toddler, or accepts the invitation. Repulsion puppy perceives as a continuation of the game, and if the owner begins to play with him, then razrezvivshiysya Doggie vengeance gives vent to his sharp teeth. Often the baby is part of the excitement and starts biting viciously, showing an aggressive mood. This behavior can become a habit for an adult dog, if the owner just does not beg the question "how to wean the puppy biting" and not re-bully.

 how to wean the puppy biting

Methods of re-education

First, that the advice of professionals - toys. Play with a dog bare hands (or feet), and toys. Let it bitten is them, not you. If the baby teeth still grabs your hands or clothes, do not let him do it, palming off for a bite toy. Just do not forget to continue the game. Very soon his need to bite while playing puppy will be implemented with toys. And if you want to invite to the game and you then bring a toy to you and will push it straight into the hands (or push the nose), showing his intentions. If everything is just so, so the problem is solved!

You can also use a more 'natural' method: behave like a dog. Namely, as soon as the striker you bite, scream (or makes another similar sound), step aside and show that you did not like it. Baby understands that did something wrong, that hurt you and upset his beloved Man. If you behave, you'll soon begin to bite a puppy less often, and then completely stop. After all, he wants to play and socialize, and "biting" quits the game.

If your puppy is stubborn and does not want to change their habits, or you do not have time to deal with this problem as long as the baby did not appear permanent teeth have to get tough (but not cruel!). The situation, when the puppy continues to bite the owner after four months of age, means that the dog tries to dominate, considering himself master of the family. In this case, you must make it clear to the puppy, who is the boss. How to do it? Once a contender for the title of the leader will start growling and biting, take him by the mane, press the muzzle to the ground, strictly look straight in the eye and said firmly, "it is impossible! "(Or other prohibiting command). And then declared a boycott of the dog short (about twenty minutes). By the way, some dog handlers and zoopsychologists advised at the time of the rule of finding the owner also growl! You dare to try?

What in any case can not do is scream and beat the puppy. Firstly, he can accept your behavior for the element of the game, and secondly, just offended and embittered. Get wisdom, because you are a man of understanding, and your dog is just a "foolish child."

How long do puppies bite and how to wean from this "habit"? It all depends on you, well, to some extent on the dog itself: its temperament, character and intelligence. In any case, only your patience, persistence and sensitivity to help solve the problem and re-educate the little stubborn. He will understand you and be sure to learn everything! Otherwise simply can not be because the dog always understand human. The main thing that he was able to explain it to her.

 How to wean your puppy to bite? Foundations of the science of education of dogs

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