chihuahua dog

Dogs Chihuahuas - this is one of the oldest representatives of the dog world. These charming creatures with big eyes, big ears and a miniature body, despite its ridiculous size, a really bold character and not afraid of almost nothing. This breed has gained worldwide popularity and chihuahua among toy dogs have their special mestoSobaki Chihuahua breeders have always been favorites of older, but now this breed is popular among many people of different age groups. Features of the nature of this breed makes it a real boon for some people, but at the same time the most unsuitable one for the other.

Historical facts about Chihuahuas

 Chihuahua dog breed

Until now, around the world there are heated debates about the origins of this ancient breed, and its history is full of all sorts of legends, mysteries and myths. Among the most basic version of the homeland Chihuahua are three of the most common. According to one of them, "roots" chihuashek are in Europe, they have a second track and eastern originate in China, but most scientists still argue that their origins, the breed owes North America. And its name, this group of miniature dogs was in honor of one of the north-western states of Mexico, which did nazyvaetsya- Chihuahua.

In the 1800s, the Chihuahua was brought to Europe by travelers from traveling to the southern part of North America, and immediately gained immense popularity due to its unprecedented "portability". It should be noted also that the peak of the popularity of this breed of miniature dogs 1960s began the year - the Cold War and the Cuban crisis. And in 1959, Fidel Castro presented the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev as a sign of friendship between the peoples of the two long-haired Chihuahua. These two young hero named Duke and Duchess were the first representatives of the breed in Russia.

In autumn 1997, the world-famous Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell chihuahua dog made the center of his advertising company and use it as a talisman of happiness for man. Which was a huge success, the ads led to a rise in the popularity of the network, and at the same time - an increase in the demand for puppies chihuashek. Over the past ten years the popularity of the most ancient species of tiny dogs has increased several times, and the little hero of this advertising campaign was nicknamed Taco Bell dog (dog Taco Bell).

Chihuahua - the perfect companion and friend

 Chihuahua dog

Chihuahua is considered the smallest dogs in the world, one of them was even entered in the Guinness Book of Records because of his very funny weight - 490 grams. The norm for these universal favorites is the weight of 1-3 kg, and its height at the withers is typically 15-23 cm.

There are two main varieties of this species - long-haired and hairless dogs. Long-haired Chihuahua has a long, straight or wavy, but not curly or thick hair. In haired miniature representatives of this breed - tight-fitting wool, soft and silky to the touch, having a characteristic luster at the direction of the light. Each of these types of Chihuahua has a whole palette of different shades of wool as plain and combined with spots and markings on white basic background.

Despite its diminutive size, the Chihuahua dog has a very strong physique and extraordinary vitality and courage. These baby accustomed to express their love and affection to their owners, and it gives them great joy. Chihuahua extremely proud and active, and without proper training can be very stubborn and obnoxious. With some representatives of this breed may have some difficulties in their training, but they are easy to overcome due to the exceptional intelligence and ingenuity of these dogs.

Breed dogs Chihuahua rather not tolerate the cold, so it will be very grateful to you for the timely put on her to walk a warm sweater. In principle, these decorative little ones may be sufficient motor activity inside the apartment. This is especially useful to people who do not have permanent opportunity periodically walk the dog.

Chihuahua will become residents of a perfect companion because it can take with you everywhere. Dogs of this breed are usually vigilant, active and alert, that is, possess distinctive features terriers. They like all households, but, nevertheless, each of them stands for itself only one owner and that it is particularly loyal.

This breed has extraordinary stamina and good health, and the average duration of its life expectancy is about 15 years.

 Chihuahua dog - a craze or a perfect companion?

 than to feed the hamster

These little funny animals that fit in the palm of your hand, many successfully replace conventional pets. But its tiny dimensions of care and attention they require no less than, for example, cat or dog. Given the very small lifetime pet hamsters, owners are trying to provide them with the most favorable living conditions. So the question is, what to feed the hamster, is for them to not idle.

If your house has appeared the representative of a large army of pets, you will likely also reflect on how to feed the hamster. So let's find out, that the Council in this respect veterinarians, zoologists and experienced owners of hamsters.

The basis of the diet

The main dish on the menu hamsters (and other rodents) - cereals: grain and grain mixture. Giving such food they need every day one or two feeding. What should be included in the cereal mixture for your hamster? Ready-mix, as a rule, include wheat, oats, sunflower seeds, peanuts (groundnuts) and peas. In addition to these main components of the mixture can be supplemented with corn grain, grass and millet grains.

The daily rate of grain mixture ranges from one to three teaspoons bed - it depends on the breed and size of a hamster. If your pet eats twice a day, the grain mixture should be included in the evening menu, because it is at this time of the day the animal is the most active.

Additional mandatory products

In addition to grain (dry food) in the diet must include a hamster and juicy food: vegetables, fruits and herbs. Note, however, that not all of these products are suitable for domestic hamster menu. Permitted fruits and vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, beets, squash, corn, apples, bananas, pears, apricots and peaches, strawberries, gooseberries, lettuce, dill, parsley, celery. To add a juicy menu hamster can and fresh clover and dandelion leaves and leaves of poplar, birch, pear, cherry and apple trees. However, given all the products hamster need in small amounts as a useful but limited goodies.

In addition to plant foods hamsters needs and animal protein. What to feed the hamster to supplement his diet this food? As a source of animal protein hamster should offer low-fat boiled meat or fish, eggs and cheese. Also easy to find in pet shops special food from insects, which feed aquarium fish and turtles (butterflies, grasshoppers, flour and earthworms).

For proper metabolism, good health and a nice appearance of hamsters needed vitamins. Perhaps, that the food you feed your pet, contains enough vitamins, but if there is a shortage of them, turn the menu vitamin supplements. They may be different in composition and taste, so pick what you like best hamster.

Besides the food your pet needs and even in water. It is believed that for a hamster that is enough liquid, it receives a juicy fodder. This is true, but the water it does not hurt. So you'd better let us clean and fresh water to your hamster, and he himself will decide how much she needed him. By the way, the usual bowl hamster can easily flip, so equip a special cage drinkers.

For complementary feeding sick hamster or young, you can use vegetable and meat baby food, porridge cooked in water or soaked in water, cereals, vegetable oil.

 how to feed the hamster

Illegal and unwanted products

Among the potentially harmful products for hamster veterinarians include:

  • complete feed mixtures for birds;
  • bread and bread;
  • Brazil nuts and acorns;
  • potatoes and persimmons;
  • Drops.

List definitely harmful and is strictly prohibited products is as follows:

  • spices, sugar and salt;
  • whole milk, cream, sour cream and butter;
  • sausages of all kinds;
  • exotic fruits, cantaloupe and watermelon;
  • Citrus;
  • dried pasta and cereals;
  • honey and mushrooms;
  • confectionery;
  • almond, apricot and cherry pits;
  • pine branches;
  • sorrel;
  • cabbage, onion and garlic;
  • any fried foods.

Terms feeding

In addition to the knowledge of good and bad products, the owners are interested in and how to feed the hamster. Because it is important not only the composition of the menu, but also the number of different products and their ratio in the diet. Here are some recommendations in this regard.

Grain base diet mix, which complements the juicy and protein foods. Fruits, vegetables and herbs - every day. Any protein food, whether it's chicken, cottage cheese, yogurt or an egg, you need to give the hamster no more frequently than once a week. In addition, veterinarians do not recommend mixing different protein meal in one feeding to give only one product. Otherwise, you run the risk of provoking kidney disease your pet.

The diet of pregnant women and the females should be different from the everyday. For example, in the animal protein they need greater than normal hamsters. And that means, and give them such food must often - two or three times a week. By the way, hamsters peculiar to cannibalism, and often the females just eat the whole litter. To avoid this, some breeders recommend as often as possible to feed the pregnant female chicken. But such a rich meat diet can lead to the opposite result if homyachiha "will talk." To prevent this disaster veterinarians recommend giving pregnant females Gamavit (once a day, for three days before giving birth, at 0, 5 ml).

Lettuce can provoke kidney disease hamsters, so they need to be given every day. Nuts in a lot of bad for the liver, so they feed the hamster should be no more than twice a week. The only nuts, for which such a restriction does not apply - cedar.

Frequent feeding sunflower seeds disrupt metabolism. But pumpkin is no harm hamster will not cause - only benefits. Besides pumpkin seeds hamster thistle seeds are very useful - it improves liver function, growth and quality of wool. These seeds need to give hamsters a teaspoon a day.

Despite the fact that there are rules of feeding hamsters, experienced owners believe that the feed in the trough should be constant. Firstly, it will enable hamster eat when necessary (if it is really hungry), and secondly, it will implement a natural instinct hamsters do stocks. And to diversify boring routine hamster living in captivity, can be mixed with a filler or feed scattered over pallet. Then, your pet will be able to spend days in an exciting and busy looking "harvested" food. And you will not suffer the question "how often to feed the hamster? "And everyone will be happy.

 What to feed a hamster to do no harm?

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