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"Your pussy would buy Whiskas" - says the well-known advertising slogan. And oddly enough, this time the ads do not deceive us. Despite our pleas or prohibitions, any cat would do so (unless, of course, this food to taste it). Because what makes a cat is that it sees fit, and what she likes.

And that's the essence of the cat's life. And because education is often a cat owners and wasted nerves and scratched hands, tears and resentment. However, there is one little secret, but rather the psychological (zoopsychological) technique which makes the problem legkorazreshimoy.

The secret to successful parenting

Yes, it is to comprehend this simple truth it all begins. Actually the very training cats is reduced only to the correction of the cat's behavior. A correctly adjusted it can only be, if I can convince the cat that she wants. That is to say that the change in the behavior of cats caused solely by her own desire. This method is the most humane and most effective method of education.

And one additional condition successful for you and for the cat education - the earlier we start, the more effect can be achieved. You agree that educate still easier than re. But even if you are faced with the need to re-namely, success is achievable if you follow certain rules. Namely, cunning, patience and perseverance on your part, trust and understanding of the cat. Let's start grasp the secrets of successful parenting cats from the beginning, that is, from the moment that appeared in your house cat.

 Cat training

Education at an early age

Good behavior adult cat or a cat - is the result of proper education of a kitten. For some it was an animal at an early age, and will remain so, as a grown-up individuals. It is an axiom. Therefore, whatever the affection you have not experienced the little kitten, do not let him do something that would not allow adult animals.

For example, the clumsy attempts to climb to the baby on your shoulder, clinging to the feet and clothing, often cause only emotion. But imagine this role potyazhelevshy cat, or even worse - a full-grown adult cat? Unpleasant - is an understatement. Most likely, you will still hurt! And who is to blame? They taught themselves.

Therefore, to suppress all attempts kitty treat you (and other family members), both with fitness equipment. Do not let him acquire habits that an adult cat will be undesirable (from your perspective) behavior: scratching of furniture and walls, digging up the earth in flower pots, climbing on the table, begging for tidbits and so on and so forth.

While your pet is still small, it is enough to be a sharp change of tone of your voice to stop the pranks. So allow yourself to strict and harsh tone in restraining the phrase: "No! "" You can not! "," Stop! ". Subsequently, the animal will not respond properly to the tone only, but on the words themselves. Just do not forget that the rest of the points you need to talk to him gently and calmly, and do not forget to encourage your baby for the correct understanding of your inhibitions.

By the way, the prohibitions shall not apply only to the kitten. If you have a child, explain to him that the animal - is not a toy. Must be handled with care: do not squeeze, not to torture hugs and kisses, do not hit or throw. Otherwise, the kitten will be forced to protect themselves from such violence and launched into claws and teeth. And this behavior easily becomes accustomed to it, and the result - biting and nervous tsarapuchy beast instead of tender and affectionate cat.

Show firmness and perseverance in accustoming a kitten to the tray and scratching posts: the kid quickly understand what you want from him. Kittens Unlike adult cats less annoying and more "accommodating". And the independence of character they are still in their infancy. So use the moment - educate obedient cat while it is still small.

As it is impossible to bring up a kitten?

Never! Do not hit him. Firstly, it's just not fair - it is smaller and weaker than you. Secondly, it is not the most effective method of education. Thirdly, animal aggression can reply to you (and it is quite normal for cats). And fourthly, the cat still does not understand, why do you hit her. And if they understand, then just nursed a grudge and always naprokaznichaet in your absence.

If you are a supporter of physical methods of action, use the advice zoopsychologists: mimics the behavior of a cat-mother. As she calmed excessively razrezvivsheesya child? The cat in this case strongly but gently pressed to his nose with his paw. Try to do as well: Touch your finger to the nose of a kitten and let him know that he behaves properly.

And yet it is impossible that the cat knew that prevents her deal with "favorite" thing, it comes from you. Yes, it is you, perhaps, will not do this anymore. But be sure to take advantage of the moment when you are not around, and try again. If the attempt failed - down the drain. Nothing will make her give up the intention, it would still do it again and again, but only in your absence. Therefore, to educate cats use other, already proven and effective methods.

 Education cats

Methods of Education

The tone of your voice. This method should only be used for the education of a kitten. With such focus adult animals, as a rule, does not pass. So cries, pleas, strict notation will not help you. To beat him, too useless. So how to bring a cat or a cat in this case? For the education of the adult animal, try to apply the method of conversion into trouble pleasant.

Create an environment for the cats to leprosy, which it does with obvious pleasure she became very unpleasant. But in parallel with this, encourage it, because it changes its habits. For example, if your favorite got into the habit to tear up furniture, purring with pleasure and enjoying the sound of tearing cloth, try to go to the next trick. To begin scratching purchase (best of all - a special rack) Wives and trim claws. Rack fragrant rub catnip, and "place for scratching" on the furniture, cover with adhesive tape (sticky on both sides).

Most likely, the two options available to choose a cat stance: that smells nice, and nothing sticky paws. And if you attempt to return to the cat furniture does not stop, then at the first insidious encroachments on the part of the sound of a loud, scary cat. You can, for example, with the power to slap hands, or on the wall, hit the metal ladle lid on the pan or turn sharply hair dryers (mixer, vacuum cleaner). What matters is that you have a cat at the same time no see! Then she decides to be honest, it sounds terrible issue furniture, to which it is coming. A scratching post is silent!

Good for training cats and method of surprise when "suddenly" and quite unexpectedly for them there is something unpleasant or frightening. For example, you can wean the cat to jump on the table. If you set up on a pyramid (necessarily unstable!) Of the empty cans, when it will dump the cat jump and sprinkling cans crashing down. The cat is definitely not like it!

If your quadrupedal loves queer "fumble" in the bin by opening the lid and turning it, it gives her the opportunity. Just put the jar in a bucket of water (or in very pour a bucket of water). Opening and turning the bucket hooligan get a generous helping of unexpected falls. Surely it discourage her desire to try again. And if this happens more than once, and even when no one is home - it means "something in this life is not so", and a bucket is best left alone.

But the cat itself must come to that conclusion. She's all "by itself" and no it is not a decree. And for the proper education of the cat method of "I myself" - the most important and most effective: "I myself do not want to do what I was doing before." If the cat thinks so, then one of you get a wonderful teacher. Your task is completed, if you were able to convince the cat that she is so decided. And to help you in this will help another truism.

Its essence is that the cat never does anything to you "out of spite" - it is just above it. She just sees the world differently, and just does what she likes and does what she wants. This much her character. And the successful education of cats does not mean that the nature of the need to break. And it is impossible in principle. A cat can scare embitter, make you love or hate, but to break down - never! And we can learn from these proud animals.

 Education cats, or Who will outwit?

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