what to wear tall boots 2012

Tall boots are an excellent choice, it's stylish and fashionable shoes, which also warms the great female legs .  Therefore, the biggest headache of any fashionista - what to wear high boots in 2012? After reading this article, you will understand in more detail what kind of things you will need for the successful formation of an image .  If you want to keep your feet warm while remaining very beautiful and sexy, the boots are simply irreplaceable .  This fashion trend a few years ago seemed to be a symbol of promiscuity and bad taste .  Nowadays, fashion has changed its course, and the ratio has changed to such boots .  Fashion designers were able to accommodate this kind of practical shoes many style options .  But before you go shopping, it is worth pre-acquainted with a variety of recommendations and opinions of leading experts, as it will warn you away from a lot of mistakes in choosing this wonderful wardrobe details .

In 2012, the demand will be very high boots, namely fashion boots, spare boots, stockings and boots are not above the knee length. This was made possible thanks to the fact that good designers worked in the offseason, has pleased us a huge number of different models. This shoe itself is already a very original, so do not overdo it with the dress, and it is better to keep it simple than overly bright and cocky. It is important to make the ensemble so that the shoe combined with the clothes in the colors. In the case where you do not want to attract a lot of attention put on the boots of the same color as your outfit.

The main visual effect of this fashion trend is that the boots visually highlight your figure and make the legs longer. It follows that the form-fitting things, opening and emphasizes the beauty of your feet, are appropriate to this type of footwear. Dress on the figure, straight skirt, narrow bridges with them and will look very harmonious. Especially looks nice ensemble, in which the length pants or skirts shorter than the height of the line boots.

 What to wear pants with high boots

From what to wear?

  • Continuing the theme should be given some attention to the question of what to wear pants with high boots. In the new season, preference will be given short pants that are not able to hide the beautiful shoes. The most popular models of the 2012 season - narrowed pants with constant smoothed by an arrow, which you add a little bit of business emphasis.
  • With high boots traditional black color will blend in well with decorative things. And boots, decorated with different elements, is to combine simple clothes. Therefore, to not look vulgar, it is important not to overdo it with the decor!
  • Skirts, overlapping the top of the boots look great. In these ensembles harmoniously combines narrowed and flared model. With high boots look good sweater dress or tunic.
  • The coat can be any length, but it should only cover the upper part of the boot. His silhouette can be flat or slightly extended to the bottom. This ensemble will warm not only your body, but also the heart.
  • Shorts and sophisticated dresses with ruffles and frills with these boots will look very bad. The most common variant proposed by the designers - worn boots, stockings and boots in an ensemble with a mini-dresses: silk with beautiful ornaments in the style of the club, and knitted sweater dress.

Jeans are so versatile that they can be combined with almost any shoe. In cold weather, many women prefer to wear them with boots. If you enter a number, it always raises the question: what to wear jeans with high boots? With this shoe very chic look model narrow, tight thigh. But wide jeans is best worn over shoes, tucked into boots because they look a bit baggy; although many girls it gives a special charm. As for color - trust your taste preferences.

The trendy 2012 season should not limit themselves in their desires! The more that boots can be worn with clothing made in any style, both in business and in everyday .  You just have to choose the right color palette .  Very important also is the combination of tissue and the material from which is made a particular model .  If you wish to make a fashionable accent legs, by the boots of bright colors is better to choose neutral tones things .  Conversely, if you want to emphasize the dignity of the figure, you can wear boots classic colors with a bright dress, emphasizing the shape and style .  As in any other situation, the selection of outfits and accessories, rely on their own desires, tastes and flair .  No fashion tips will not make them feel comfortable if the resulting image is contrary to your nature .  So explore trends, scroll catalogs and choose what is useful to you to form your desired image!

 From what to wear boots in 2012?

 Women's accessories. What's all the rage

Women's fashion never stands in one place: it constantly surprises us with their extravagant, spectacular and original new clothes. And it's not just shoes and clothing, but also accessories. After each representative of the beautiful half wants to look bright, elegant, fashionable and perfectly. A stylish way to do without fashion accessories impossible. For women's accessories are the following: sunglasses, bags, hats, jewelry and more.

With accessories, you can make any image more graceful, bright and effective. Romantic, sophisticated, daring and funny female accessories will give you a special charm, and charm.

What accessories can be considered as the most relevant?

Firstly, it is bright and showy jewelry. For example, it can be colored earrings and necklaces made of plastic and stones, massive bracelets, as well as products which are very similar to jewelery. The main rule when choosing jewelery: the more attractive and brighter, the better! As a rule, it is necessary to balance the bright accessories. So, if you give preference Bole flashy earrings, then you should stay at the more plain and modest clothing. If the clothes look impressive and addictive, the jewelry, on the contrary, should be more modest.

The next popular female accessory - it's bags and wallets. Currently miniature handbags pushed large clutches folders, which are made in the style of the 70s. Fashionable women's bag or purse can buy in huge shopping malls, and without leaving home through the online store. For example, the store offers a huge range www.modnie-sumki.com women's fashion accessories.

In the cold season should give preference to models which are made of thick fabric or leather and decorated with metal rivets, fur and contrasting inserts. As for color, the relevant time for the cold brown, gray and black shades. But for the summer and spring - a bright and catchy models of bags that have a juicy shades. The most important thing - they should look brightly and cheerfully.

Of course, without sunglasses will not do more than one fashionista. Despite the fact that the glasses are designed for summer weather, in our country are run throughout the year. In winter, sunglasses protect against the sparkling snow, and in summer from the blinding sun. It should be noted that it is very relevant retro model. As for colors, the designers recommend in the summer to give preference only bright colors.
If you want to look bright and stylish, the stylish accessory for you!

 Women's accessories. What's all the rage?

 Women knitted berets

Beret - this is probably the only one in the world today headdress, which for such a long history of its existence managed to preserve intact its original appearance .  Where and when I first did this now fashionable accessory? Today, with precision, no one can say, because information on this subject is very controversial .  And now it is not so important .  What is most interesting, not always taking ladies' accessories .  Such flat cap (which is translated as the word "take" from Italian) were farmers and hunters long before our era .  He also had a huge success among the imperial royalty and their entourage .  In Russia, this hat has gained popularity in the early 19th century .  Then they were worn by married women only .  It was only after some time, this thing became fashionable part of any fashionista's wardrobe .  Later this stylish hat was a huge success among the creative professionals: actors, artists and musicians .  They also prefer to wear many doctors and architects .

Nowadays, the most popular women's knitted beret.   It's over the past few seasons, they are at the height of fashion, but it was not always so: in the history of this headdress was like a surge in popularity and fall. And today we can say with confidence that in the daily life of this trendy, stylish and easy to use accessory is now experiencing a rebirth. Resilient over the years fashion for women's knitted beret inspired contemporary designers to look more and more new ideas. All kinds of styles, shapes and colors, they are not! A huge variety of models in the fashion collections of famous brands for the new season will be able to satisfy the taste of even the most demanding fashionistas.

Trends of the season

This autumn and coming winter women's hats and berets - a mandatory element of the fashionable woman's wardrobe: this year is not fashionable to go bareheaded. Moreover, the designer believes that without this autumn accessory ensemble will look unfinished. Its presence in the arsenal reflects not only the good taste of its owner, but also an indicator of careful attitude towards their health. That in any situation look fashionable and flawlessly, look closely at the innovations hats that offer us the designers for the new season. A huge number of options proposed by the designers for the new season will not disappoint even the most sophisticated one fashionista.

Fashionable autumn-winter season of 2011-2012 opens the fair sex limitless expanse to implement the boldest ideas and experiment with the images. So, what hats are in fashion this autumn and winter?

 Women knitted berets

Berets and caps

To keep pace with the times, pay attention to volume berets and caps with visors. In addition to these trendy accessories collections there are many other interesting models. As an optional accessory for the evening as well as many fashion designers offer elegant berets adorned with sequins, rhinestones, embroidery, tassels or a brooch.

 Women Berets

Knitted hats

It looks like a knitted fashion is not going to give up their positions, at least this season, so it continues to reign on the fashion catwalks. Knitted hats wide variety of colors and styles - the most topical subjects of autumn-winter wardrobe. Among the models proposed to us by leading designers, especially popular three-dimensional knitted beret women. This season, they set aside a place of honor. They can be pinned with a brooch, decorated with buttons or bows. Another fashion trend of the season: the youth option - cap-toe.

 Women take a photo


Women's hats are still relevant. Moreover, this season many designers in their collections have focused on this elegant headgear. And, as it turns out, they did not without reason - this stylish accessory has long been considered a symbol of femininity and elegance. This fall is very fashionable to wear wide-brimmed hats, which were moved to the autumn wardrobe from summer collections. Elegant and sophisticated ladies' hats are perfectly combined with feminine models cloaks and coats. Of course, they look very impressive, but, unfortunately, not very suitable for rainy autumn and snowy winter. Gorgeous model hats from Christian Dior, Lanvin and Bill Blass help every woman to create a unique image.

 Women's hats and berets

Fur hats

Hats made of fur as always relevant for the cold season. So this season is no exception, the topic of fur is very popular fashion designers. In the new season, not one fashion house has not disregarded the road and warm material. Fine models of various types of fur: fur cap, turbans and hats in the form of a turban, and presented by renowned designer famous fashion houses, will protect you from the cold.

In addition, this winter will be very popular luxury fur hood, which no doubt will make the image of women is much more attractive and richer.

 Women knitted berets and caps

Retro hats

World-renowned designer Marc Jacobs offers our contemporaries experience the atmosphere of the last century and feel the timeless beauty of the popular in the 30s and 60s women's hats pills. However, unlike its predecessor, the current model proposed by this designer, has an unusual design. In appearance, it looks like a handkerchief with which the tablet is fixed to the head. A rather unusual version of women's hats will appeal to many modern women of fashion. Incidentally, with regard to a tissue, it can be a completely transparent, and sufficiently dense - all depend on the season.

 Women's knitted hats and berets

Hats in military style

In autumn fashion collections as usual not without hints of male models and military style. Knitted hats with earflaps, caps, caps with visors, fixed buttons and hats, which in appearance very similar helmets and Budenovka. These hats - an excellent choice for the brave and extraordinary women. They help not only beneficial to stand out against the general crowd, but also will protect from frost and wind.

 women's fashion berets

Hats with Norwegian pattern

In many designer collections present voluminous knitted beret women with traditional Norwegian designs and bright colors or muted ethnic motifs. Opting for a hat, you can not doubt any of them harmoniously complement the image of the modern woman.

Photos female berets and caps, which are well represented on our website, you will familiarize with the fashion trends of the season and will enable advance to look for the most suitable option for any weather and occasion.

Now that you know almost everything about fashionable hats of the new season, you can go shopping in search of a suitable option for any weather and occasion.

Selecting a fashion accessory

The choice of headwear in the new season like never large and diverse. Therefore, with the onset of cold weather, no representative of the beautiful half of humanity will be left without a stylish and fashionable clothes autumn wardrobe. Choose the right hat for any type appearance this fall will not be difficult. Every woman, regardless of her age can choose the model that will emphasize its beneficial skin type, eye color and facial features.

This year, the most universal hat are just women Berets: photo from autumn fashion show illustrate well how they look great on women of all ages. For the off-season, when it is not so cold and not too hot, but at the same time without a hat is not entirely comfortable, ideal can become delicate takes thickness can vary depending on weather conditions. In addition to the classical models can be found in the collections of other variation thereof - take-cap and takes the leg, crocheted or spokes. Also worth noting is that these hats are stylish girls with any type of person.

Women's hats and berets in the fall can be made of various materials that are relevant for the cold season. For the manufacture of headwear designers often use velvet, felt, soft knits, natural and artificial fur, leather, suede and textured yarns. You can also find spectacular women's hats, made up of several materials of different colors.

Fashionable Fall colors: classic black and all shades of dark red, brown noble, refined olive and gray. Also relevant cherry, purple and burgundy.

From what to wear women's fashion berets?

Female takes - a unique and practical headdress, which was in vogue many years ago and still enjoys the attention of fashion and love of the female population of all countries. It is fashionable to wear berets, not only in cold weather and in the off season, but and summer. This headpiece fits owners of a wide variety of face shapes and women of any age. Women Berets go well with almost all things feminine wardrobe.

This fall and winter, designers are advised to combine them with an elegant coat, stylish trench coats or long cardigan. Also, they look good with suits, dresses, sweaters, jackets, knitted sweater, dress or skirt. As for shoes, in this case it is better to give preference to the classical models and more feminine heels. The rest of the accessories: bags, gloves and a scarf to complement your ensemble, certainly should be chosen in the same style as that takes. Thus it is not necessary that all of them combined together by color. It is enough to pick up the tone headgear of any one of the accessories, such as gloves.

What is most interesting, this fall the same knitted beret women can be worn quite differently:

  1. Pulling it back on his head, and the hair can dissolve or completely hide under it;
  2. Pulling on his forehead and ears;
  3. Overhang on its side;
  4. In a kind of cap hanging most of it back;
  5. Admirers of the business style of dress may be the best choice takes small rigid form, which puts a little to the side. The hair in this case, means should be collected.

Comfortable, practical and beautiful hat is perfect for all occasions. This headdress, you can go anywhere: to work, to visit, to walk, and even a party. Tastefully chosen accessories can transform even the most ordinary outfit and at the same time to emphasize your individuality.

Women knitted berets have attracted many Hollywood stars. They are happy to Britney Spears, Madonna, Kylie Minogue and many other celebrities. This is not surprising, because the textile and knitted models presented in the new autumn collections, ever distinguished by the beauty and elegance. Opting for stylish headgear, you can appreciate in its practicality and convenience.

 Fashionable hats autumn - winter 2011-2012

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