It has been over half a century later, the famous denim revolution and jeans are still considered extremely convenient wardrobe item that can come to the rescue in any situation. It is noteworthy that in contrast to the Soviet generation of young people tend to think of this thing as ordinary and familiar. However, in order to gain global popularity, jeans have been a long history of evolution as perfect as it is entertaining. Now buy these jeans from America - the homeland, yavivshey to light the main miracle of street fashion - do not need many dealers known manufacturers. Together with a modern online service Shopotam buy branded items from America, Britain, Germany and other countries directly from the manufacturer and the direct cost with no extra charge!

For the first time appeared in jeans as working clothes for farmers and a century later were recognized and appreciated women of fashion and fashionistas around the world. Denim boom has passed, but did not love this versatile trousers. Today, a variety of cut, style and color performance of the subject's wardrobe surprises: narrowed, narrow, flared, wide, high or low-slung and many other models. Mostly, designer jeans models from America presented in the interpretation corresponding to the current bandwagon and the latest trends. However, in some virtual boutiques can be found as the good old classic variation. Do not forget that the jeans - it's the model of so-called casual style, but some Hollywood beauties do not hesitate to wear them even for evening out.


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 Jeans from America - a sad nostalgia or real deal?

 Mint dress

Gentle and pleasant light green color, which in common parlance is called a fashion-mint, has been on the top of the world podium. You could even say that today there is a sort of boom in mint color - it was included in his collection of Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Miu Miu, Ellie Saab and other famous fashion houses. In addition, the European mass market is also not lagging behind the fashion trends - great shirts, T-shirts and tank tops in different shades of soft green are represented in the collections of the new H & M, C & A, Mango, Zara, etc.

Stylish combination

Designers agree that it is most advantageous to look mint-colored dress - thanks to lightness, tenderness and lightness. In addition, these dresses look advantageous in combination with a lot of other types of clothes of different colors and styles. For example, if you need to pick up a dress coat or jacket, you can safely stop the choice on things white or beige - they emphasize the delicacy and fragility of the image. If you want something "harder", the ideal and leather "leather jackets", and a denim jacket. To give such a chic way to help gilded accessories - zippers, rivets, buttons.

Very interesting, candy pastel image can be created using the mint-colored dress and shoes and accessories icy pink, light yellow, blue and coral colors. This gentle and watercolor image goes very very young slender girls with fair skin.

 Mint dress

Mint color goes all

Ladies older too, should not deny yourself the pleasure to wear a dress of light green color. To emphasize their status and chic, designers have come up with a combination of mint pale lilac and gray and chocolate - especially the elegant and noble color compositions are looking at a woman "over 30".

The variety of shades

In addition to the dress, which is the only mint color shade, you should pay attention to the things that pale green blends with other colors .  For example, few people could have imagined that the tint is perfectly looked in a checkered figure, combined with pink, pale blue and a thin orange stripe .  In addition, good and dress with gradient colors - from dark to light shades .  Do not forget about the classic combination of colors in different shades - here minty great "works" with grass-green, deep turquoise, the color of moss and dark green .  It should, however, avoid the emerald and marshy shades - they will crush priglushat and light green, and he just lost on their background .  And, of course, mint-colored dress will not be "friends" with the clothing and accessories of other bright shades of green - the color of apple green, pale light green and others - they are simply "score" to each other and do not give open .

Article on materials

 What is more profitable to combine the mint-colored dress

 Women's clothes

For every woman important question of good appearance and best prices for clothes. Modern foreign brands is not boast of adequate pricing policy. On the pricing of European clothing affects not only the cost of the product, and brand recognition, the cost of transportation and customs duties, various taxes and so forth. All this forms a very attractive price are not known clothing brands.

At this time in the post-socialist space formed its market knitting. Belarus, more than half a century ago, firmly standing on the positions of high-quality apparel manufacturing, and today continues to delight his potrebitelnits new fashion collections. Buying clothes Belarus, in any case we do not overpay for the cost of the brand name, but at the same time, we get at least a quality product.

Shop Online Belarusian clothing provides an opportunity to get even cheaper, because there is no need to raise the price of rental store across the street and pay vendors. Act as a mediator between the buyer and the factory online store does not charge for its services as a large fee, such as a boutique in a large shopping center.

Belarusian products really catches the eye with its simplicity and elegance. From lingerie, this product combines the softness and elegance, is talking about is always a great demand for it. By the way, as opposed to foreign producers, the Belarusians are not guided by a strict standard model, but rather pay attention to all sizes and shapes of the female body. This great advantage of clothes manufactured in Belarus - not necessarily possess the body of a top model to find the appropriate size.

The foreign-made fabric, one way or another, dominated by synthetic materials can not be said of the products of Belarus. There is always a part of the fabric of much of the cotton (aka cotton), of which in the total approaches 100%. This - a tradition which strictly adhere to the manufacturers for more than half a century, and are not going to change it.

Looking at the online store page, you can find not only the models of this season, but all the others - spring, summer, winter. It is important to know your size before buying things. For this it is necessary to correlate the measurement results with the table body sizes.

Women's pants wholesale you can buy using the Internet. It is advantageous in this case to join with several other women of fashion, make a general order. So every woman will be pleased with the purchase of high quality and substantial cost savings. By the way, can be ordered in bulk, not only trousers, but also all the products displayed in the store portfolio. It - underwear, socks, sweaters, skirts, blouses, cardigans, jackets, coats, capri pants, shorts and more.

 Trousers Belarusian production: quality for a reasonable price