German Pinscher

Adopt a dog is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Of course, if you live in a private house with a large garden in which there is room for the enclosure, the problems with the choice of the breed of your future friend does not arise. What do housewives small apartments? How to get a dog in such an environment where space is hardly enough even to family members?

In this case, the choice of breeds must be approached with great responsibility. And to think not only about his comfort, but also the convenience of a pet, because some dogs are not suited to live in the apartment. In this article we will talk about the breed called the German Pinscher, which is ideal for keeping in the apartment.

Historical facts

The roots of the German Pinscher come from Germany, for the first time this breed appeared in the XIX century. The main application of this animal was hunting rats. It was only many years later, it began to be used as a guard dog. In the period before the First World War Pinscher was very famous and popular as a cheerful, happy and alert partner. The closest relatives are Doberman and Doberman Pinscher which were obtained by crossing the German Pinscher at the turn of the XX century.

Until recently, the German Pinscher was popular only at home. But in recent years many Russian breeders prefer this particular breed of dog. This is due to the playful and cheerful nature pinscher, whom he pleases their masters, even in old age. And, despite this friendliness, this watch features "German guests" rather undeveloped. He is very alert and suspicious of strangers, but to a host of shows genuine love in every situation.

There are two varieties of pinscher - one and two-tone. Single Color is red or reddish-colored deer. Bicolor have the same shade of black with tan markings or mahaonovymi. German Pinscher has a medium in size and weighing 11 to 18 kg. It is graceful and muscular, perfectly built, with intelligent expression.

This breed, of course, "bedroom" and the home, however, and it needs to throw out their energy. Therefore, the German Pinscher should be free to walk because of his temperament, seemingly asleep in the room, a walk to the madness grows. After the walk, and the oncoming naprygalis, he again will behave calmly, quietly. Besides German Pinscher is very hardy and with appropriate care caring, able to live up to 15-17 years. And this is just the thing for people who are particularly strongly attached to their pets and take hard loss.

 German Pinscher

Advantages of the breed

Miniature Pinscher German has lots of advantages, allowing the rock called "multi-purpose". In Pinschers simply stunning leap that reaches 1 - 1, 5 meters in height. This feature allows the dog is with great pleasure to speak at competitions of skill and win high awards.

Past German Pinscher awarded its magnificent flair, hence the race on the trail to turn it into an exciting game. This skill is also useful if you participate with your pet in various activities.

To craft a hunter with dogs include strong Boytsov character, which are inherent in it is the German Pinscher. For you, it would be a huge plus, because their skills pet is sure to show for the protection of the territory, namely, the house of the owners, who selflessly devoted Pinscher.

Despite its size, the Pinscher easily demonstrate menacing look that can deprive the attacker wishes to encroach on someone else's property. And when a daredevil, a little afraid of menacing, the team will host German Pinscher demonstrate their skills, and fairly large sugar-white teeth.

Vigilance German Pinscher strikes, and they do not give their votes meaningless, then there will not be long and loud bark for a reason. Pincher shows the natural stiffness only when the penetration of the enemy. And his work has a very high quality.

 Dwarf German Pinscher

This "family member"

Pincher very good-natured to the kids. It behaves as an experienced and beloved nanny who cares about children, patiently enduring all the tortures. And not just children end up under his care, but all the animals living in the house. Therefore, if your house is already firmly lodged cat, hamster or parrot - is not a reason to abandon the German Pinscher puppy. As time passes, your eyes will become the best friend of all your pets.

Attachment to the owners of this breed is very high. German Pinscher dog has a high intelligence, and knows how to skillfully use the softness of the human heart. It achieves excellent results in the study of the home and knows how to arrange them in, playing a variety of roguish jokes. The ideal atmosphere for a habitat when it doted, groomed and cared for constantly.

The breed is well acclimatized to the conditions of our country: light frosts are not afraid of him, and in a stronger need to limit walking the dog. But warm fufaechka or coverall will always help if you love to run, accompanied by his pet. In this form, it will accompany you at all times.

It should be remembered that the German Pinscher hard to perceive losses and experiencing parting with their masters. And if you decide to have a "friend", then be prepared for the fact that he lives in your family all his life. Yes, and how you can give the wrong hands is a miracle! After all, some of its unique features is simply amazing.

Looking into your eyes, Pinscher able to smile and talk to you. He deserves respect for his intelligence and willingness to help at any time. He loves adventure and constantly strives to take a direct part in them. In other words - German Pinscher is able to become a full member of your family.

 German Pinscher - the ideal breed for apartment

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 Pedigree cats

Even in ancient times cats were considered sacred animals. And people treated them with awe and love. Ancient Egyptians worshiped cats, even considering their deity. The love of furry (or not) of wool lumps there, we unconsciously. Yes, and how not to love it - it's a small, seemingly helpless creature who trust us with their lives.

But the kitten grows up and becomes a proud freedom-loving animal, the cat that walks by itself. And then the question arises: the owner tame cat or cat owner? After watching the behavior of pet, we conclude that the second option much truer. Especially wayward behavior differs pedigreed cats, so they somehow know exactly who's boss! And well aware that they are loved and forgave all pranks.

Varieties of pedigreed cats abound, so choosing a pet, do not get confused and wonder. Angora, Persian, Siamese, Javanese, Asian, Bengali ... So you can transfer indefinitely. To choose a cat that was accustomed in your family and will get along with all of its members, it is necessary to study the nature and preferences.

Balinese cat - a beauty with a difficult character

This pedigreed cat came through mutation of their Siamese relatives. And she also inherited from the specific character, so does not recognize loneliness and does not tolerate insults. Educate a cat should be gently - she is very smart, and understands everything without punishment. If you make friends, you will be blessed with kindness and tenderness of this wonderful animal.

Balinese cats have long hair and delicate, elongated snout and elegant posture. Kittens are born pure white, but with age they have a cream color. It is especially visible on the feet, ears and tail.

Balinese beauty belongs to the category of pedigreed cats that need a lot of attention. Do not interfere, and a variety of toys for development, as it is quite active and playful.

 pedigreed cat

Bengal cat - head of the family

This breed is very rare among fans, because it is the closest relative of panthers and tigers. Yes, genealogy is quite harsh, but the breed was successful. And now the most daring cat owner brought up at home panthers in miniature.

A feature of Bengali thoroughbred cat is its love for water procedures. It is much more tied to the owner than the rest of her relatives, he considers himself a full-fledged member of the family, and does not miss an opportunity to show all their leadership skills. Having raise a Bengal kitten, accustom him to the hands, do not regret affection, otherwise it wildly.

Leopard and tiger genes are immediately apparent when you look at the pedigree cat. They are visible in both behavior and in coloring. Females behave gracefully move smoothly. And most importantly, it is very difficult to tolerate the closed space. So do not forget it for a walk, especially if you live in an apartment building. In the early days after the appearance of a kitten in the house, take care of security, let him get comfortable and get to know you better because instincts of wild relatives have your pet is still present.

Bombay - always in the center of attention

There was this breed in the United States in the fifties of the last century. Modern Bombay medium sized, has a muscular body and round like a saucer eyes that are golden honey hue. Wool is very short and always black. There is not a single speck of light.

Pedigree, resin and shiny fur cat, very affectionate, sociable and flexible, committed owners, like cleanliness and order. However, the love of the owner does not prevent them from being "star" in a large company. It turns out perfectly at the Bombay - they are always surrounded by attention and care.

The only difficulty in the care of the pedigreed cat is its coat. Here you need special sets of brushes.

 names for pedigreed cats

Havana - sensitive "chocolate"

Name of pedigreed cats was not on the name of the country, and thanks to the cigar - is so breeders have decided to make a joke, calling the animal after the brand of tobacco. Worldwide famous as they come from the East. They have a gorgeous fur, deep chocolate brown and bright green eyes.

By purchasing this cat, be sure to order in your home will never happen. Havana is very playful and mischievous, always sticks his nose, turning everything upside down! And all this happens in the evening, so that you fall asleep too early will not succeed. But despite the playfulness, this thoroughbred, like a chocolate cat, quite friendly, easy to contact, even with strangers. Besides kitty is so sensitive, that will always be tailored to fit your mood.

In Havana care completely unpretentious, easily gets used to a confined space and feels uncomfortable on the fifth floor of an apartment building. However, it needs a lot of attention, and separation from loved ones can lead to a host of diseases.

How to name your pet?

Buying purebred cat in a kennel, you get along with him and pedigree, which are often already written down the name of your future pet. However, this is not always the case. Many breeders are entered only the first letter of the name, because the kittens each litter should begin with a certain letter, so instituted. And you have only one thing - to name an animal yourself. For some, it's just, just looked at the cat, and her name has surfaced in the head itself. And some are considering the issue is not one day, because the names of pedigreed cats must conform. Well, do not call the kitten Bengal breed "Murka" or "Vaska." Somehow it does not sound ...

So what are the names for the pedigree cats are most suitable? This question is no single answer. Lovers of literature known as Cat names of famous works. For example, pedigreed cats with black color and the name of Hippo quite a lot in our country.

And fans of show business give their students a true "star names". It is interesting to guess whether pop diva Madonna is that her name is Cat in the simple Russian family? The owners are not deprived of sense of humor, anoint animal pixels or by Yandex, and another tube or sausage.

Greek mythology gives you a huge selection of owners of pedigreed cats. Mars, Zeus, Selena, Venus - is not a name for your pet? And the cat is easier to remember than some of the complicated title of the acclaimed series.

Do not hesitate too long over the name of the pet, and by immediately begin to teach him a kitten. Say it often when feed are calling when you play, or just keep on hand. And when he begins to speak, be sure to praise, because he will get used to, and the name and its owner.

 Pedigree cats. Which to choose?

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