how to determine pregnancy cats


  • The first (implicit) signs of pregnancy
  • Clear signs of pregnancy
  • On a note

If your house is living a healthy mature cat, then sooner or later it will gather to bestow you with their numerous offspring. What is there to do? Call of the Wild. Keep the cat from the selfless partner and no less selfless act of love can only extraordinary circumstances, such as: being in a locked iron cage, iron chains, with which she is chained to a radiator, or a sudden decision of the owners to sterilize their favorite.

However, one hundred percent result gives only sterilization. Even if your cat is not able to communicate with individuals of the opposite sex, then sooner or later it still uderёt from home (it is possible that permanently), or in your home surreptitiously and insidiously penetrated this very individual, attracted enlistment meow your hermit. So, no matter how karaulte, but still prokaraulite and will wrestle with: pregnant suffering, or still the god of mercy.

In the opposite situation, some koshkovladeltsy also scratching their heads over this issue, looking forward to the birth of the offspring of aristocratic cat blood. That is, the groom picked up like a thoroughbred, and they turned out all right, but was plagued by doubt. And so I want to have to come up with how to spend the money from the sold thoroughbred aristocrats. Well, if you is vital to resolve the doubts about the pregnancy of your cat, then let's see, how do you know she was pregnant or not.

 how to determine pregnancy in cats

The first (implicit) signs of pregnancy

Outset that in the first three weeks to get a definite answer to the question of pregnancy, the cat you do not get. Even in your veterinary clinic does not help: ultrasound will show nothing, the doctor did not feel out. However, if your pussy walks by itself, then I am sure that during the next estrus ended safely (for her), or rather fruitful. There really is no wonder: there are some signs or not, and after nine weeks your house will announce peep newborn kittens.

And often it happens so that the owners simply do not believe that the act of love in general took place. This is especially for those moments when the kitty for this purpose specially transported to the seals. However, experienced breeders (people engaged in professional breeding of pedigreed cats) noticed the following features.

  1. If immediately after the visit to her husband returned home the cat renews their love songs (please back to the cat), it is likely to place the wedding night, and we can hope for kittens.
  2. If the recruiting cries cat resumed one week after returning from the groom, there is nothing they have not succeeded, and the cat, realizing that did not become pregnant, require a return visit.
  3. If a cat in heat quickly stopped after talking with a partner, then with high probability we can expect offspring.
  4. If the cat is a love rendezvous in general ceased to submit any signs of its desire to become a mom, it is likely that the goal is reached.

But all this, of course, only the total experience koshkovladeltsev and conclusions from observations. In fact, such behavior cat can about anything and not to talk but to its bad character. And, nevertheless, sometimes (and often!), These marks are correct.

And another phenomenal observation. If you (the landlady) with every fiber of your soul resist the replenishment of the family cat, then rest assured - after the first mating your kitty gets pregnant. If you, on the contrary, sleep and see your cat pregnant, the dream for a long time and will remain dreams. Especially if they are doing everything that we defiance?

Clear signs of pregnancy

Define clear pregnant cats can only be three weeks after conception. The first, most obvious and the most paradigmatic attribute - change the color and size of the nipple. The nipples of a cat slightly swell and turn pink. This happens at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, when the embryo has reached the size of one to two centimeters.

In the same period, an experienced vet will be able to probe and determine not only the presence of kittens, but even their number. Belly of a cat by the third week of pregnancy also increases slightly, but it is almost impossible to notice. Already noticeable (for cats), hormonal changes, so kitty can suffer morning sickness.

Abrupt change of behavior also demonstrates an interesting position of your pet. But to know for sure about the pregnancy ultrasound will help the cat spent on this term.

Only in the second half of pregnancy signs of an interesting situation your cat becomes visible to the naked eye. On the fourth week, the kittens begin to actively develop and grow so much and is growing rapidly, and the stomach of a pregnant cat. Already you can find hand stirring kittens, and if a lot of them, then see it. True, cats, hatching only one or two young, strong stomach is not increased.

Pregnancy affects the behavior of the animal. Many cats become calmer, more indifferent to events. They are many and long (longer than normal) sleep constantly and persistently demand attention and affection. In general, pregnant cat becomes tender is not only to humans but also to other animals living with them in the same house. By the end of pregnancy, the nipples of a cat begin to droop, the belly becomes much more cat and she is trying to find a place for the upcoming birth.

In fairness it should be noted that some cats during pregnancy do not change the constitution. And some long-haired breeds is difficult to see not only change the color and size of the nipple, the nipple but they find problematic. So sometimes distinguish pregnant from CIMS is not pregnant can be difficult. Here, only ultrasound helps to dot the «i».

 how to know pregnant cats

On a note

  • Human pregnancy tests on animals does not work! So do not try to determine your cat's pregnancy with the help of such a test.
  • Reliably and completely learn about the pregnancy or its absence is possible only with the help of ultrasound.
  • False pregnancy in cats is very rare, and in veterinary medicine is classified as a neuro-psychiatric illness.

You love your pet, even if they do not justify your hopes. Remember that we are responsible for those who tamed.

 How to determine the pregnant cat? Explicit and implicit signs

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 Stop cystitis cats


  • The properties of the drug
  • Product form
  • Formulation
  • Dosage
  • Precautions

Cats cystitis, as well as other diseases of the genitourinary system, is quite common. It is not a rare disease and is treated with special preparations. Sometimes animal veterinarians prescribe conventional medications, which can be purchased in "human pharmacy," and sometimes prescribed and special products for animals.

Considering that the risk of cystitis in cats is quite high, and not interfere with preventive measures that are not only good nutrition and proper care, but also in the use of appropriate medications. One of these drugs is the "Stop cystitis cat", which is produced in the form of tablets or suspensions. What is it?

The properties of the drug

Stop cystitis is considered a complex drug, a diuretic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory action. This drug relieves spasms and excrete toxic products and urinary stones, which is especially important for prevention of cystitis. As a preventive measure drug use in diagnostic studies (catheterization tsitoskopiya) and during surgical operations. Treat stop not only cystitis cystitis, but pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, and urethritis.

Product form

Stop anesthetic for cats is available in the form of a suspension in the polymer vials volume of thirty or fifty milliliter. Externally, the suspension is a suspension of (thick liquid) containing undissolved particles, and has a peculiar but pleasant smell. For long term storage at the bottom of the vial precipitate appears which disappears under agitation. Bottles with the slurry is packed into boxes, which is also a measuring cup and a syringe dispenser. Stop Cat cystitis tablets - another form of the drug. Two hundred milligram tablets of fifteen pieces packed in plastic jars, which are packed in cardboard boxes.

Medication should always be marked with the name, volume, date of issue and expiry. Also on the box indicates the batch number and details of the manufacturer. In each box of medicine is an instruction, which are painted composition, properties and dosage of the drug.

 Stop cystitis


Stop cystitis contains complex components, the proportions of which are specified in the instructions. The composition of this product is as follows:

  1. nitroksolin (antibacterial and antimicrobial agent);
  2. drotaverine (antispasmodic with vasodilating effect, relieves pain);
  3. herbal extracts: adonis, nettle, juniper, cranberries, licorice (anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect).
  4. auxiliary components (the form and consistency of medicines).

All components stop cystitis well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Medicinal plants that are part of the stop-cystitis, rich in biologically active compounds, vitamins and minerals, have uroseptic properties and reduce pain. Synthetic materials consisting stop cystitis excreted through the kidneys.


Apply brake cystitis cat for any other purpose veterinarian. The dose of a single dose is determined by calculating the mass of the animal. The specific proportion of drug is calculated by the instruction, which must contain recommendations on dosage. Furthermore the dosage and frequency of reception assigns veterinarian based on the severity of the disease and the general state of the animal. Treatment stop cystitis prescribe (usually) in combination with other medications, and the treatment regimen is also developing the doctor. Therefore, never (never!), Do not attempt to treat sick animals, unless you are a veterinarian.

Give the cat a medicine is not easy. Typically, the animal is actively resist and voluntarily taking pills does not want. As in this case, you can do? Firstly, it is worth trying to outsmart a cat, to mix the drug in the feed or giving to a favorite delicacy. But most do not have to use cunning and force. For this seal is placed on the back (or hold in their hands), one hand over his mouth open, and the other put a drug on the root of the tongue. Then you need to close the cat's mouth and gently squeeze the jaw, so it does not spit out the medicine. Hold for a while the animal's head in a slightly upturned condition - the cat will be forced to swallow what you put on her tongue.

And be prepared for the fact that the first time you have this number can not get through. For the treatment of cats also need some skill and experience. And do not forget to protect yourself from possible scratches and bites: For cats, this procedure is unpleasant, and their resistance is inevitable.

 Stop cystitis in cats


Special contraindications to the drug there. However, it is not recommended for animals suffering from acute cardiac or hepatic insufficiency. In addition to the course of treatment, it is desirable to give the cat antihistamine (anthelmintics) drugs. And there may be restrictions on the treatment of cystitis stop lactating and pregnant cats.

In some cases, possible allergic reactions to stop anesthetic for cats. However, this depends only on the individual characteristics of the animal. And some owners say such a reaction as drooling. However, many cats do react in a similar way to any medicine.

And it should be recalled that the store this drug (like all drugs) should be away from food and according to instructions. And do not forget about the shelf life of drugs, and in any case not to give the animal expired tablets or suspension.

 Stop cystitis cats - what is this medicine?

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