dandruff in cats


  • What is dandruff?
  • Symptoms of dandruff
  • Causes of Dandruff

He settled in his house cat, a man doomed to constant concern about this capricious, though it is self-existent. But the independence of cats relevant only when it comes to decision-making and clarify the rule of man and animal. Here, the cat does not recognize the authority. But when the animal suddenly zaneduzhit, then help the person seeking it. However, feline ailments are not always heavy or dangerous. Sometimes a cat suffering stoically malaise and cured exclusively by its own vital resources.

Often the disease of cats are asymptomatic, but sometimes even the most easy and secure illness are very frightening signs or symptoms are not very pleasant. For example, the cat dander. What is it, as evidenced by this phenomenon and how it is dangerous? Let's face it.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff - a phenomenon that occurs in all warm-blooded animals (in humans as well). Dandruff - a syndrome, ie the total set of symptoms (apparent or perceived attributes) with a common mechanism of occurrence and development of disease (pathogenesis). This syndrome is characterized by scaly skin peeling particles. Moreover, this delamination occurs with high speed and for a long time.

Most often, dandruff appears on the skin, covered with abundant scalp. Therefore, human dandruff occurs on the head, but for the occurrence of dandruff in cats "favorable" site becomes basically spin. However, on any area covered with hair cat's body, too, can appear dandruff.

The process of dandruff next. Skin cells are constantly regenerated, that is updated: the formation of new and old die. As a rule, dander - flakes of dead - there are always animals, but at normal speed cell renewal of skin scales a little. However, with the accelerated replacement cycle of skin cells wool animal (or human hair) are just strewn on dead these scales. That's when we see all the signs of dandruff.

 the cat dander

Symptoms of dandruff

Dandruff looks different. Showered with flakes of animal fur can be gray, yellow, brown, white and even black (it all depends on skin pigmentation). The size of dandruff can also be very, very different. For example, sometimes these scales resemble spilled not wool flour and sometimes flaky, dandruff and feels dry or greasy. Often stuck together with flakes generally able to form a whole layers.

Number of dandruff also are different - from a few pieces to unimaginable volumes. A striking dandruff can like the entire surface of the skin of the animal, and only a few areas. The number of scales can also be varied from a few pieces to huge numbers. Dandruff may cover the entire surface of the body, or only certain portions thereof. In the first case we speak of generalized defeat in the second - on localized. In short, the same disease in different animals can cause different dandruff.

But do not think that the accelerated renewal of skin cells and, as a consequence, the emergence of numerous light or dark flakes in the hair - the only sign of dandruff in cats. In addition to such symptoms may be symptoms of dandruff:

  • layering the skin and the appearance of her dry thickened plaques;
  • animal anxiety and frequent and intense scratching.

Unfortunately, these symptoms may accompany various diseases: fungal infections of the skin and fur of an animal infected with parasites (fleas, lice), dermatitis, allergic reactions. By the way, some diseases can also cause dandruff in cats. And it should be noted that dandruff is most often a direct consequence of any wrongdoing in the animal body.

 dandruff in cats

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff - the first sign of animal health problems or violations of the rules of hygiene and maintenance. A healthy and well-groomed cat has a smooth, shiny and thick hair (if we are not talking about the bald rocks). But even with such a condition appeared dandruff hair indicates the owner that the cat is not all right. Therefore, pet owners need to find out the cause of its occurrence. And the reasons may be different.

  1. Skin parasites. Call dandruff can fleas, lice, mites, lice. Therefore, if the cause is just, it is sufficient to handle the animal with special preparations, and the problem will disappear. However, eliminating one cause of dandruff, you can call another - an allergic reaction.
  2. Allergies. Typically, animal allergies often accompanied by allergic dermatitis. The cause of this disease can be drugs, poor nutrition, and the same parasites.
  3. Metabolic disease. Dandruff as a result of accelerated renewal of skin cells, and may signal the wrong metabolism (metabolism). And this, in turn, says, for example, violations of the endocrine and nervous systems.
  4. Stress, it is a violation of the nervous system and mental, can also cause dandruff. A state of stress in cats can cause anything: change the house, the emergence of a new family of animal or human, the transition to other foods.
  5. Conditions of detention. For example, too warm and dry air in the apartment. It dries the skin and hair cat, causing dandruff.
  6. Care. Too intensive care ward or illiterate, such as: frequent bathing in chlorinated water, washing or improper shampoos, improper combing the animal can also cause dandruff in cats.
  7. Food. Firstly, the transfer to another cat food can cause stress and dandruff. Second, unbalanced diet causes beriberi (or hypervitaminosis), metabolic disorders, eating disorders and, consequently, the appearance of dandruff.

So, if your cat or cats appeared dandruff, sure to find out the cause. First, examine the animal in a veterinary clinic. If the inspection will show up any diseases, then perhaps their treatment and recovery, and the cat will lead to the disappearance of dandruff. But if the animal is healthy, look for the cause of the other. In this case, the most likely cause of dandruff steel stress, poor diet or illiterate care. Only your attention and participation will help the animal to get rid of this scourge. By itself, the dandruff will not pass.

 Dandruff is a cat - symptoms and causes

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 signs of pregnancy in cats


  • Changes in behavior
  • Changes in appearance

When your cat is in an interesting position, then you will surely want to contemplate direct or indirect confirmation of this fact. News for you in any case: if you are passionate and do not want the addition to the feline family and if looks forward to the offspring from his favorite. It should be noted that the signs of pregnancy in cats can be explicit and implicit. And in some cases, home to the birth unable to observe any signs. And I must say that the first three weeks of pregnancy, such signs can not determine even veterinarians.

However, highly experienced cat owner still more likely to know how to see the confirmation of his pitomitsy interesting position. Mostly it concerns the behavior of a cat, but a change in its appearance also will hide them from prying eyes. Let us look at those characteristics that will understand your cat is pregnant or not.

Changes in behavior

As we have said, the first three weeks of almost no change, indicating that your cat is pregnant, is not observed. However, if you still have your kitty cat actively demanded and received the opportunity of a love rendezvous, I calmed down, then most likely, it has reached the desired goal (pregnant). However, if after seven to ten days conscription cries of your beauty resumed, the pregnancy is likely to come.

Thus, the complete loss of interest in the opposite sex - a probable sign of pregnancy. The fact that the cat is pregnant, as evidenced by its aggressive behavior towards any other cats living with her in the same house. Although the second half of pregnancy is the changing behavior is exactly the opposite: the cat becomes tender and gentle, not only in relation to other animals but also to humans.

With regard to changes in the habits of eating, the first weeks of a cat eats as before: the same number and the same. But on the third week of pregnancy, she may have an aversion to some (formerly familiar and favorite) products, as well as morning sickness and vomiting, which is indicative of the sign of pregnancy cats. On a clear evidence of pregnancy your cat and her behavior calmer, longer sleep and increased appetite. But these signs appear in the second half of pregnancy.

By the end of pregnancy, the cat get so calm and apathetic that they prefer to stay at home, even if they have access to the street. More and more time is spent in sleep or half awake: that sleep occupies most of the life of the pregnant cat. No other changes in the behavior of cats waiting progeny is not observed. Yes simply not.

However, one behavioral signs of pregnancy, the cat is still worth mentioning separately. Even if the external signs of an interesting situation your cat is not observed (and sometimes is), then the end of the pregnancy, she will begin to show concern and to search for a place for the upcoming birth. This is also a very clear sign of pregnancy in cats, and the behavior itself is called nesting.

This behavior manifests the natural instinct of a cat. About two weeks before the birth cat begins to look for a place to "nest" - comfortable, quiet and warm place, where she would have to spend with lambing and kittens the first weeks of their lives. The main criterion (from the point of view of the cat) the selection of places to nest - security. Therefore, it is possible that your cat will begin to aggressively break into the closets, trying to arrange a place on the shelves and in other hard-to-place for you.

This is the right time to introduce a cat to prepared for her box (box) for delivery, choose (using the most cats) suitable place for its location and convince future moms is that this box is best suited for her "nest" . If you do not, the cat alone will equip a "delivery room" and it is possible that in your bed.

 signs of pregnancy cats

Changes in appearance

Again, the first three weeks of absolutely no outward signs of pregnancy in cats is not observed. But after twenty-first day of carrying the offspring in a cat appear first noticeable changes visible to the owner. However, to see them, you should try. It is about changing the color and size of the nipple future moms. In normal healthy cats nipples do not differ in color from the skin on the abdomen. In cats giving birth, they may be a little darker, but still retain a solid color.

Nipples pregnant cats turn pink. Especially noticeable change in nulliparous cats, although the intensity of staining and the degree of increase depends on the species of the nipples and age of the cat as well as its individual characteristics. Incidentally, the gain color may not all teats, but only some of them. As for increasing the size of the nipples of a pregnant cat, it can be quite small and virtually unnoticeable. Still, in most cases, not only turn pink nipples, but also significantly swell.

Since that time (the third week of pregnancy) begins to grow, and the belly of a pregnant cat. However, at first it is almost invisible, and only in the second half of pregnancy kittens begin to grow rapidly, and therefore markedly increases the stomach and quickly hatched their cats. In fairness it should be noted that the value of the stomach depends on the number and size of the fruit. Therefore, when maloplodnoy pregnancy size stomach cats can hardly change.

Still, in the fifth week of pregnancy, this feature becomes apparent cats. If a lot of kittens, the mother simply blown eyes. The abdomen becomes rounded, large and hard, and you can even see the fetal movements. If at this point the stomach of a cat does not increase much, then most likely, it simply bears a small number of young. But if you put your hand on a small belly, you can feel the kittens are moving there.

About a week before the birth belly of a pregnant cat takes a pear-shaped, and her nipples visibly droop, and they receive colostrum. If at this time a little squeeze the nipples with your fingers, then they will have a semi-transparent drop of white or yellowish in color - this is the colostrum.

In general, all of these signs indicate that your cat is pregnant. If you do not see any of them, you should contact the veterinary clinic, where with the help of ultrasound to determine exactly the cat is pregnant or not pregnant. But in any case, pay a visit to the vet is necessary. First, not always a sign of pregnancy can trust cats (especially behavioral), and secondly, a survey of cats go to her advantage and prevent many potential complications.

Be attentive to their pets. Remember that your lack of attention often turns diseases, nervous disorders and even depression pets. But we are responsible for those who tamed, and assistance and support for our pets to wait more nowhere. They trust us.

 Symptoms of pregnancy in cats: the behavior and appearance

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