sphynx cat care


  • Exotic appearance of sphinxes
  • Breed Cat-sphinx
  • The nature and habits of sphinxes
  • Features of Care

Sphinx - a cat is very unusual and is still unusual for us. It is a shocking appearance puzzled rejection or delight. One thing is certain: indifferent to the Sphinx is not one! Happy owners of these exotic cats say that life is divided into two periods: before and after the sphinx his appearance in the house. What did they win the hearts of their masters? Let's try to understand. And look at what is the care for these exotic pets - so whether it is complicated as it seems at first glance?

Exotic appearance of sphinxes

All sphinxes without exception have a peculiar appearance. It is strong and muscular cat with a specific type of head, body, tail and paws. Their appearance reminiscent of extraterrestrial aliens. Huge eyes and ears, long legs with an almost human fingers, and webbed between the thin rat tail and wrinkles (wrinkles) throughout the body.

In a word, the sphinx - a cat that forces us to abandon cherished notions about how it should look like a cat. For example, a sphinx-kittens: they are both similar and small dinosaurs, and cheburashek. Naked, and folded eared creatures who whisper to rush from room to room and fall, making loud slapping.

Hairless cats and skin are different from other domestic and wild cats. It is they, like human skin, sweating, and tans. She, like a tattoo, color animal evident. However, the skin pigment provides a color tone of the hair, which would be covered by a naked cat. But by the end of summer colors tanned cat become stunningly vivid and contrasting.

 sphynx cat care

Breed Cat-sphinx

In the world there are only three breeds of hairless cats. It sphynx, sphynx, sphinx and St. Petersburg.

Sphynx cat and moon

To date, only this breed Sphynx gained worldwide recognition. Her story began in Ontario in 1966. When an ordinary domestic cat kitten born naked, enthusiasts cat owner decided to bring a new breed - a breed of hairless cats. For a long time these attempts were unsuccessful, but, since 1975, working on breeding a new exotic species has started to give positive results.

Modern Canadian Sphynx have a special smooth lines and convex shapes. The basis of their main distinctive feature lay a natural mutation hairless apparent: in fact the animals are covered with a very, very short hair, that feels like suede. His unusual forms of body and head, they are obliged to Devon Rex (they also used when the breed).

Sphynx hairless cat or Russian

This is one of the newest breeds of cats. The history of its origin is similar to the history of the Sphynx. One day (in the late eighties of the last century) in Rostov-on-Don was found homeless, sometimes a bald kitten mutant. The kitten was a girl, was named Varvara and became the progenitor of a new breed.

Sphynx, unlike Canada, completely or partially naked. This slender animal of medium size with high slender legs, compact oval paws and long fingers. At pedigree sphynx large ears, large almond-shaped eyes, very prominent brow and cheekbones.

Petersburg Sphynx or Peter Bold

So far this breed only on the way to the recognition of feline world community. It turned out as a result of random mating with Oriental sphynx cat and further consolidate the natural gene mutation hairless oriental cats.

And at its core, Peter Baldy - a bald oriental cat with a long neck and tail, narrow snout and small eyes. Petersburg Sphinx is light and graceful body, has a very different standard (as opposed to Canadian and Don Sphynx) and other breeding.

The nature and habits of sphinxes

All sphinxes unusually intelligent, sociable and affectionate. They can not stand alone and prefer to always be in the community. That is why care for bald cats primarily involves constant communication with them. Sphinxes are very mobile, playful and even in critical situations rarely scratch and bite. But if a person sphinxes are friendly, the other cats are often in conflict.

Character sphinxes hardly a feline. One gets the impression that they themselves do not consider themselves cats. Moreover, and people perceive as equals. Sphinxes trusted person. They patiently tolerate all the unpleasant procedures, such as care for the nails, ears or injections. It is easy to accustom to unfamiliar places and learn the various commands and tricks.

Sphinxes love good food. They eat everything and in any quantity, and often surprise their gastronomic predilections. Sphinxes happy to use fresh tomatoes and raw potatoes, green peas and corn, melons, kiwi fruit, sauerkraut. As well as many other unusual products for cats.

It seems that with the loss of wool Sphynx cat lost wildness and independence. They are not cats that walk by themselves. Love in the master trust and friendliness, extreme tenderness and irrepressible love of food - perhaps it is these features distinguish from other Sphynx cats. In all other respects, these hairless cats are like representatives of other breeds.

 Sphynx cat care

Features of Care

Despite the prevailing opinion that the bald cats require special conditions, care for them neobremenitelen. But something sphinxes owners still should be considered.

  • Feeding

Excellent (often uncontrolled) appetite can lead to indigestion sphinxes and even obesity. Therefore it is necessary for them to adhere to a balanced diet. Feed naked cats should be 3-4 times a day. But because of the increased energy exchange it is necessary to give a greater amount of food than usual cats.

  • Grooming

Another feature included in the care of sphinxes, also related to the lack of coat. Their skin is going to wax-like protective coating. Healthy naked cats these secretions are not abundant. In order to care enough sometimes wiping cat wipes or sponge. As necessary, the animal can swim, using funds for children's bathing. Abundant plaque - a signal of metabolic disorders, poor nutrition or animal diseases. In this case, you must change the diet and consult a veterinarian - he tells in detail about what should be the care in this case.

  • Caring for the ears and claws

Another hygienic feature of sphinxes - ear secret that accumulates very quickly. Therefore hairless cats require periodic cleaning ears. But this procedure is more in need of cosmetic rather than hygienic purposes. Claws cut with special pliers. The procedure should be done very carefully, cutting off only the tip of the claw. By the way, some cats of this breed on their own biting nails.

Sphinxes love their masters, so caring for them does not pose any difficulty. The absence of hair makes them harmless to allergy sufferers and peaceful nature - safe for small children. Sphinxes enchant with their appearance and character. They are intelligent and affectionate. That is why exotic hairless cats have increasingly become pets in our country.

 Sphynx Cat: the care and especially the content

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 Jungar hamster care


  • How to start dzhungarikov
  • Which cell is selected
  • Health home
  • Health dzhungarika
  • Feeding dzhungarikov

Hamsters do not lose their popularity as a pet. Oh very tempting to have a fun house and the clever animal, which is so small it fits in your palm, but also to take care of these pets is very simple. By the way, pets hamsters is not uniform. Here, too, has its own breed, whose representatives can be fluffy and smooth coat, one-color or multicolored, large or small. Most small household hamsters - Jungar or, as they are called, dzhungariki.

Many believe that the care for these kids do not need. Enough to feed them but from time to time to clean the cage. However, these would-be owners of hamsters do not live long. Animals get sick, become sluggish and cease to please people with his funny antics and business behavior. And for themselves hamsters this life is not a pleasant experience. But very competent and non-burdensome care dzhungarikom and will ensure a comfortable existence of the kid next to a man. So how do you properly care for small Dzungar hamsters?

How dzhungarikov start?

Many latter-day owners Jungar hamsters are firmly convinced that this little animal just needed company. Therefore immediately acquire a pair of hamsters, comfortable cage for them and all the necessary accessories: waterers, feeders, houses, and other devices. However, not everyone knows that dzhungariki not need a companion. Moreover, each Jungar hamster should live in their separate cage! Here they are individualists.

However, this is not a whim, but due to the nature of the feature of these animals. Under natural conditions, they live alone, so lonely in captivity does not make their lives boring. On the contrary, in a large cage with no neighbors dzhungariki feel at ease and comfortable. But the forced necessity to share territory with other hamsters do dzhungarikov aggressive and restless.

In most cases, the content of a single cell of a few animals leads to a truly tragic consequences. Hamsters are beginning to share the living space, arrange fights that end up not only injuries, but also the death of the animals. However, there are examples of peaceful co-existence and quite Jungar hamsters. But the final choice yet you have to do. And if you are determined to buy more than one hamster, for each pet, prepare a single cell. By the way, the cell for these kids also have to choose based on their lifestyles.

 Jungar hamster care

What kind of cage you choose?

Care Dzhungarian hamster begins with the purchase of a suitable cell and accessories for her. To hamster feels comfortable, it requires quite a large cage with dimensions 60h30h30 centimeters. The fact that the Jungar hamsters are very mobile and a lot of time in the runs and workouts. Note that the bars in the cage for the hamster should be positioned horizontally. Then the hamster will not only run on the floor of the cage, and climb the bars, both climbing wall.

In addition to the large cells will need to purchase a special water bottle, bowl to feed, house and a spinning wheel. This is the standard minimum required any home hamster. Active dzhungarikam not interfere and additional exercise equipment: ladders, tunnels and sections. In addition, it would be good to provide cell kupalkoy and stone for grinding of the teeth, which can be chalky or mineral. These accessories can be purchased at a pet store, and some of them and make their own hands.

A significant element of the home Jungar hamster is a filler for cells. It's simple - to fit any dzhungarikov filler except for wool. Vata simply dangerous to these animals, as its tiny fibers may twist the legs and body, disrupting blood flow and causing edema and necrosis. As for other types of filler, the hamster will feel comfortable even in a cage with cat litter. And of special fillers especially prevalent cellulose, wood and corn. Furthermore, it can be used as fillers of conventional chips, scraps of toilet paper or paper towels. By the way, the latest materials themselves happy hamsters are used for nest building.

Health home

Care housing hamster comes to timely cleaning and replacement of the filler cells. A nice feature for people dzhungarikov can be called an almost complete lack of a specific smell, so that the contents in the house of Zverkov almost seamlessly. Therefore, to clean up the entire cell, which lives only one hamster, just once a month. But this is only if the animal is accustomed to the toilet and allocated for these purposes nook in your home. If your pet is not so neat, equipped with a toilet does not guessed, leaving traces of their vital functions throughout the cell, you have to clean it more often. And the most reasonable solution would be a weekly cleaning service.

For the cell is necessary to choose the right location. For example, you can not put Jungar hamster home near radiators, next to the TV, computer, refrigerator. Not the best option would be content and hamster in a cage on the window sill or on a pedestal near the window - for dzhungarikov harmful sunlight. In any case, try to cage pritenyat from sunlight.

 Jungar hamsters care

Health dzhungarika

It is believed that care for dzhungarikami very simple. This is true. But caring for these kids to be very delicate. Indeed, the need for any special hygienic procedures there. It will be sufficient presence in the cell kupalki sand, the animal was able to take care of their hygiene. You need only to periodically inspect pet to detect possible injuries or illnesses.

If you want to care for miniature and active by nature dzhungarikom, the hamster must ensure conditions for maintaining physical fitness. This is referred to the wheel, tunnels and stairs. It is advisable to buy a wheel with a solid surface that does not injure the hamster paws. With regard to bathing, the answer to them is unequivocal - no, you can not bathe dzhungarikov. It is dangerous not only for the health of these tiny creatures, but even their lives. If the animal is heavily stained, clean the fur with a damp sponge.

Feeding dzhungarikov

It is clear that caring for any pet is not just about hygiene practices. That's your hamster should not only be clean and healthy, but in time and properly fed. Note that feeding these kids does not complicate their care. Dzhungariki food unpretentious and practically omnivorous. They can be given fruits and vegetables, herbs and cereals, chicken, cheese and egg white. However, the basis of the diet should be rodent chow at a dosage of 10-15 grams per day.

The list of add-on products, from which not refuse Jungar hamster:

  • walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts,
  • sunflower seeds, melons and pumpkins;
  • wheat, buckwheat, oatmeal;
  • apples, plums, pears;
  • carrots, radishes, tomatoes;
  • parsley, green salad, dandelion leaves.

However, your hamster should get and plenty of protein. So let him once a week that any of these products:

  • mealworms (available at pet stores)
  • boiled chicken;
  • a hard-boiled egg;
  • low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt;
  • lean boiled fish.

In short, proper feeding, care and maintenance guarantee your pet comfortable life. Wait until the hamster get accustomed to the new location, let it get used to your home and you. Soon, the baby starts to take in hand a treat, and then all will be happy to come to you in your hands. So, there is a contact! Do not forget that pets need not just to care, but also to love them. Even tiny Jungar hamster needs love and care. Remember that we are responsible for those who tamed.

 Hamster Jungar - caring for miniature rodent

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