How to teach your cat to the toilet


  • Prerequisites
  • Growing up a new toilet
  • Meet the new toilet
  • We are moving to a new toilet
  • Learning a new toilet
  • Possible problems and their solutions

Someone will cause resentment one thought that such an intimate thing as a toilet hygiene will have to share with the cat. And someone, in contrast, in this term refers approvingly. Most cat owners will find a lot of positive things that the cat does not defecate in the tray, and directly into the toilet bowl: and no smell, and every day to clean the tray is not necessary, and a filler for the toilet is not scattered. And so how to train your cat to the toilet, many speculate kotovladeltsy.

But it turns out, has a whole system of schooling cat to the toilet. This system is tested (very well!) And approved not one hundred cat lovers. And if you set out to teach your cat to use the toilet, you should take advantage of this "method". However, for its successful implementation is necessary to consider some points.


First and foremost, it is necessary to understand that you can teach your cat to use the toilet any age. But! Education adult animal takes more time, and if your pet is too small, it just can not cope with this "program". Therefore it is best to train a kitten to a toilet bowl in age from three months to a year.

And one more condition. Prior to accustom the cat to the toilet, you have to teach her how to use a tray. Only tray! And the tray for her to be a permanent and "bezvariantnym" toilet. If the litter box is not located in a toilet, and elsewhere, it is necessary to gradually move him to a toilet bowl. Do this by moving the tray on the way to the toilet every day for twenty centimeters. Depending on the nature and feelings of "shame" of your pet, this step may take a long time. But you can begin to learn only when the cat walks in the tray, standing next to the toilet.

If your kitten accustomed to the tray, not capricious and is not looking for another "toilet", you can safely proceed to his training, which lasts about a month and takes place in several stages.

 How to teach your cat to the toilet

Growing up a new toilet

How long will this step, depends solely on the characteristics and temperament of your pet. On average, the first phase accustom the cat to the toilet lasts from ten days to one month. But it is possible that to grow to a new toilet and you can in a week, and maybe for that you need, and more than one month. The objective of this phase of training - to raise the tray to a height of a toilet bowl. But it must be done so that the kitten had not noticed such "growth".

To do this gradually to enclose the tray under the newspapers and magazines, lifting him off the floor by two centimeters or three (possible) a day. Calculate the speed of recovery so that in about ten days Tray "grown" up one level to the toilet. But if you calculated the rate of recovery tray affect animal behavior, reduce your speed. So you teach a kitten to jump into the tray, and it gradually gets used to the altitude. The main thing here - patience on your part. Do not scold kitten and do not put in the tray by force, because accustom the cat to the toilet bowl can exclusively at its own free will.

Meet the new toilet

Once the tray is "mature enough" to the height of the bowl, proceed to the next step - the consolidation of skills. This will require two or three days time, and even your pet's innate curiosity. At this stage, the kitten has to get used to the sight bowl. Most likely, the mere contemplation is not limited and will try to explore this new and interesting object. Do not suppress research interest. Give a kitten an opportunity to explore the toilet seat. The main thing is that at this moment nothing frightened him. Therefore, take care of the stability of the whole structure, remove the bowl from the circle with a lid, remove anything that could fall off and scare the kitten, keep the cart in the toilet in his presence. Otherwise, the frightened animal will never want to master toilet and even more, use it as a tray.

We are moving to a new toilet

And the kitten already on it (in the toilet), is afraid of nothing, jumping around the toilet as a young goat, but the need is still celebrating in the tray. And there is a logical question: how to train a kitten to the toilet as a tray?

The second stage - is just the beginning of this "habituation". At this stage, the tray moves to the toilet seat. How to do it? Too slowly: on the first day on the toilet tray is shifted by one quarter (three-quarters rely on a stack of newspapers). The next day, the tray should already be halfway on the toilet, half in the newspapers. And if all your kitten manipulation reacts calmly and shows no dissatisfaction, then on the third day of the tray is completely put on the toilet. Putting the tray on the toilet seat, secure it (eg, double-sided adhesive tape) to remain stationary during movement of a kitten. And do not forget to remove the paper as far as possible from his Kitties. Otherwise Kish itself pile of newspapers to use as a toilet.

Learning a new toilet

The final and most important stage - "excommunication" kitten from the tray. At this stage you need to make sure that the tray remains in place, but the kitten was unavailable. Cover the tray with adhesive tape crosswise, so that the cat could not fit there. And do not forget between the "unavailable", and the rim of the toilet pan to save space where the animal was able to recover. Already accustomed to going to the bathroom in this place, the kitten will use as intended by you free space.

Another embodiment of the final stage. Tray to remove completely, and put into the toilet (hang) plastic strip width of ten to fifteen centimeters from the mound at her vehicle. Dig his kitten can and sit on the strip - not. And it will be forced to relieve themselves sitting on the rim of the toilet bowl. It is said that this option has a greater effect and passes less painful for the animal.

And you can try to do without the filler on the tape. Just blow a tray out of sight (and newspapers there) to smell that emanates from him (no matter how well you do not have washed the tray), without provoking a cat on a quest. The animal jumps on the toilet, as usual, and had already got used to it - and there is no tray! And it is not anywhere! What is smart pussy? Just make your case, sitting on the toilet.

 how to train your cat to the toilet

Possible problems and their solutions

In the last stage already Inspired by the success may lie in wait for the master main difficulty: the animal categorically refuses to go to the toilet and clamoring for his return tray. Do not argue! Return the toilet seat and try again. Well, if you do not succeed the second time, then use cunning.

Start in the center of the tray to cut a hole. First, very little, then a little wider, then widened as from the tray will not only bumpers. We throw away bumpers, and enjoy success! This clever way more durable, but also more reliable. Cases of failure to complete use of this method are unknown (unless, of course, do everything by the rules).

The main thing before accustom your cat to walk on the toilet, please be patient. This process can be very long, but worth it. No smell, no expenses for filler or meow nervous early in the morning (if the tray is full) - beautiful! And the hostess is happy and satisfied with her unusual cat tray. What else do you want?

 How to teach your cat to the toilet, or Custom Tray

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 guinea pig care and maintenance


  • Buying pet
  • How to keep a guinea pig
  • What and how to feed rodents
  • Reproduction
  • How to care for rodent

So, this day has come. The child grew and increasingly starts talking about pets. To give preference? Allergic to cat fur, the dog requires constant attention .... Why not start a guinea pig? They are so cute and funny, also very close care they do not need. Resolved - go for a guinea pig! And of course do not forget to bring your baby, because he must participate in the selection process.

Buying pet

Remember, the animal is better to buy only in specialized pet shops. Only there will tell in detail how to care for a guinea pig and give a guarantee that it is completely healthy. Not worth the risk and buy a pet "with hands" in the poultry market or ad. Since both of these are cute pet rodent diseases that pose a danger to people. Therefore it is better to be safe.

The most optimal age for purchase - 8 weeks. What sex you choose the animal - this is purely a personal matter. But if you decide to buy just a couple, remember - males often fight for the championship and can hold real fights without rules. Therefore, they are seated in different cells, but samochki more accommodating to each other - they can contain a few individuals in the same cage.

Chose? Now carefully observe the animals. A healthy guinea pig mobile and curious. If you have some free time, then wait for the hour meal and watch the animal eats. Normally, pigs eat food with a big appetite, and drink plenty of water. Take your pet up, feel, determine fatness. Look to the fur - it should be smooth and shiny. There are two kinds of animals: the long and short fur. At home, easy to care for short-haired pigs.

 Care guinea pigs

How to keep a guinea pig

Often, the owners placed a guinea pig in a small glass aquarium. Such maintenance pet is fundamentally wrong. Furry friend to live in a cage - free, with iron bars, sturdy metal door and the floor. Why metal? Remember that guinea pigs are rodents, and the wooden floor will house them for a tasty morsel. Content pet requires compliance with certain rules:

  • On the floor pour shavings or sawdust. You can buy a special vehicle, capable of absorbing odors;
  • Cell length should not be less than 50 centimeters;
  • In the cage must be equipped with water bowl and two feeders;
  • To care for a guinea pig well for you, set on the bottom of the cage plastic tray. So it will be easier to direct order there;
  • Along one of the walls, set feeder for hay;
  • Do not forget to fasten the bars (somewhere in the corner) thick rope and a special wheel - let the pig sharpens its teeth;
  • Guinea pigs can not tolerate drafts, sudden changes in temperature and direct sunlight. Therefore, choose the right place for the cells in accordance with these requirements.

What and how to feed rodents

Many owners tend to treat your pet with something especially delicious candy, cookies, even ice cream. This is fundamentally the wrong approach! Do not forget that diet guinea pigs must be strict, otherwise the animal may be ill. To breast was correct and complete, remember a few rules:

• In guinea pigs, two meals a day - too frequent and tight feeding leads to obesity rodent;

  • Watch portion sizes - small animal should be given as much food as they can eat in 2-3 hours. Initially, it will be difficult to clearly define the norm, but after a week you will have "the eye" to fill the feeders;
  • Guinea pigs are herbivores, they like hay, roots, fruits and vegetables. Of these products, and develops feeding - no sweets and meat slices;
  • It is useful to give your pet fresh grass (it should be a little dry the dew). Clover, dandelion salad are favorite rodents;
  • Guinea pigs like potatoes, carrots, beets. You can give a little bit of black bread, cabbage leaves, cucumbers and zucchini;
  • No one feeding should not go without water. Do not forget to change it periodically to fresh.

In pet stores sell special food - vitamin and mineral mixture. They are certainly useful, but it should strictly adhere to the instructions. After an overdose, even the most useful substances does not lead to anything good. By the way, you can at home and cook vitaminized mixture, after consulting with your veterinarian. If you are to feed your pet, he will live 8-10 years.

 guinea pig care


Want continuation of posterity? Then it will be just right to buy a couple of boys and girls. Grow them to the desired age (7-9 months), and you can arrange your wedding night! As soon as you notice that a female began to beat his partner to bite him and selected food, then - she is pregnant, and it's time to future moms is deposited in a separate cell. Gestational age - 65 days (median).

Born to four kids. They are born with open eyes, teeth and long fur. The kids are so independent that almost from the first day not only drink mother's milk, but with a big appetite eat ordinary food. With them there will be no hassle - guinea pigs are able to look after their children. Do not immediately transplanted back to a female "husband." So you do not have time to blink as will another offspring.

For some reason, many believe that guinea pigs boring animals and have nothing to do with them. But it is not so! Furry rodents can publish funny sounds that mimic the creaking door. In addition, it is guinea pigs are able to recognize his master and enjoy its appearance: they quickly run around the cage and even bounce. And guinea pigs are very fond caress. Take them often on the hands, caress, you can comb the fur - small animal will be very pleased. They can even play a bit - happy pig react to light teasing.

How to care for rodent

The content of the guinea pig can not do without hygiene. These animals are very neat and cleanly: they continually wash, clean legs and eyes. You just have to follow the claws and just cut them. This should be done regularly, otherwise the animal can hurt themselves. If the guinea pig has long hair, get a comb with a few teeth, and use it to comb the animal, cleaning and tangled hair clumps. This procedure should be carried out every three days.

Do not limit the freedom of the guinea pig. Though occasionally give her the opportunity to walk through the apartment and balcony. Before you let your pet, remove anything that it can chew. Yes, such a walk is a challenge, but your pet will be very happy!

As you can see, caring for guinea pigs is not particularly difficult and does not require large financial investments. This animal will become a real family favorite, and your child will be happy, taking part in the life of the little furry friend.

 Guinea pig: pet care and maintenance

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