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"Living like a cat with a dog" - that's the definition we used to give the warring people living in the neighborhood. It would seem that this statement should convince any person that the enmity between these animals is inevitable in any case. However, many of us have witnessed quite a peaceful existence of dogs and cats in the same house. So what's the deal here? Maybe to live in the same house may only certain breed? Or is it all depends on the character of pets? Let's try to understand this issue.

Congenital hatred or instinct?

What do you think, what motivates a street dog, cat haunting? Maybe innate hatred or dislike? No. It triggered a hunting instinct. With the same zeal dog can chase, and the man who runs the departing bus, and for any moving object. And caught up with the frightened cat, the dog just sniff it, raids, showing its superiority, and quietly run in the opposite direction. Of course, if the dog is not specifically trained hunting cats - this also happens.

And why does escapes cat? After all, by their nature it is also a hunter. Yes, just that she is afraid to communicate with people who are bigger and stronger than her. Here the instinct of self-preservation. But from the little dogs cats do not run away. They are in a protective posture, hiss, arch your back and are even able to show claws, brushing doggie nose. And in such a situation, it recedes dog - she did not want to have to fight with sharp claws.

As you can see, even in the street, these animals are on a par. What's really nothing to talk about home. By the way, in the home and beyond cats and dogs behave quite differently. For cats "own" the dog and "alien" - these are two opposites. However, for the dog as well. And the animals instinctively know with whom you can be friends with and who better not.

 cats and dogs

New tenant in the house: we act according to the situation

If you have a pet lives, deciding to have a second, you may encounter some nuances. And it all depends on the age as cats and dogs. The hardest thing to befriend an adult animal, especially if the first house there was a cat. After all, he has long been the sole and rightful owner of the territory, so it will be hard to reconcile with the appearance of her new neighbor. And in this situation, the cat will dominate the dog, even if it will be bigger and stronger than him.

The cat and dog will get used to each other, if the animal is already an adult. Of course, the appearance of a fluffy and lump meow dog did not immediately accept it for granted. It is best to settle a novice in the other room and try to future friends is not met. Let the cat get used to the new home and the dog put up a new scent.

About a week can introduce pets. Be prepared for the fact that the kitten will accept a new neighbor aggressively: will fizz and release the claws. So it shows the behavior of the dog that can stand up for themselves. At first, feed the animals individually equip each own a place to rest. Gradually the cat and dog get used to each other, and after a couple of weeks you will see them sleeping in an embrace in a secluded corner of the house.

Bringing the house where lives an adult cat a puppy, you can introduce them immediately. The behavior of the cat will depend on its nature. If maternal instincts she had developed, it will take it as their own child. If your lady with the character, the resentment on her part can not be avoided.

The first time, she will express contempt for a new tenant, hissing at him, can even release the claws, thereby showing who's boss. Do not worry, the cat will soon accept the existence of a neighbor. Importantly, do not forget to pay attention to her, show that you have not stopped loving her. Make it clear that it was and remains the mistress of the house.

The best solution - to get a kitten and a puppy at the same time. Dogs and cats will become best friends, if they are to grow and develop together. Stages of development of these animals are similar to each other, so they are sure to find a lesson to your liking. Of course, two rowdy and playful pet owners can bring a lot of trouble: sgryzennye slippers, spoiled furniture, curtains constantly which snap. But there's nothing you can do, just have to accept and wait for pets older.

Some features of co-parenting dogs and cats

  • If your dog has recently became a mother, try to isolate it from the cat;
  • It is unnecessary to feed the pets from the same bowl. If they want to share with each other, they will do it without your help;
  • Be sure to equip for cats and dogs separate beds;
  • Playing, animals can cause serious injury to each other. Watch out for cat claws - time to cut them in order to protect the puppy from painful scratches;
  • Both pets given equal attention. Do not let the appearance of jealousy on their part.

In any case, over time, the animals realize that they live in the same house, and that "a bad peace is better than a good quarrel." The main thing that you have helped them in this. They need to feel that you need them, and care for them is a joy for you, and not painful duty.

 cat and dog

We are responsible for those who tamed

Raising a cat and a dog, you have to understand that it is up to you how their future life. Any pet requires a constant and proper care. To process does not bring you much trouble, from the first days, start to teach him a pet. Cat and dog owner should be aware of hand, certain gestures and movements. So it will be easier to carry out all hygiene: clean ears, eyes and teeth, cutting claws, swimming or washing the paws after a walk.

Hygienic procedures

Grooming dogs and cats depends on many factors: the time of year, the physical condition of the animal, on the length and thickness of the hair. Dogs bathed once every two months, using special shampoos, as well as funds from parasites (fleas and ticks). But it is desirable to wash the paws after each walk, just rinsed with running water. Cats bathe much less - it all depends on the conditions of their detention.

By trimming claws pets must be accustomed since childhood. It would be good to carry out this procedure once a week. Dental care of an animal is also very important, especially for dogs. To remove plaque using a special brush and paste. If there was a stone plaque teeth, consult a veterinary clinic, there will hold an ultrasonic cleaning procedure.

Do not forget to regularly inspect and ears of animals. When there are no deviations, the pet will not object to this process. But if you notice that the cat or dog is not allowed to touch the ears and pulled out of the hands during the examination (although before them this was not noticed), immediately contact your doctor. And of course, do not forget about the annual vaccination and Preparations against the worms, which are necessary to give the animal time 3-4 months.

Animal diet

This issue is of concern and the owners of cats and dogs. People often come to the belief that animals have enough for a balanced diet residuals with dining table. This approach is totally wrong! Pet diet should contain all substances necessary for proper growth and development.

Well in this regard, dry and liquid ready to feed. They already have everything they need. But remember, giving preference to purchase feed, be sure to consult your veterinarian. And do not try to buy the low price, only buy food in specialized stores, with a certificate of quality for its products. Otherwise, no one can vouch for the health of your pets. This approach to feeding additional minerals and vitamins to animals are not needed.

If you decide to feed the animals natural products, study the recommendations listed below to help you make the right diet.

  • And for cats and dogs are required for cereals - rice and buckwheat;
  • The meat must also be present - chicken, beef, turkey;
  • Fish need not only for cats, but also dogs. Be sure to remove it from the bones before feeding;
  • Vegetables - everything except the potatoes and legumes. The greens are not recommended;
  • Do not let the animals too fat milk and milk products;
  • Chicken eggs and offal (liver, kidney, stomach), you can not give more than 2 times a week;
  • No need to spoil the animals, feeding them with a common table. First - it is harmful. And secondly - so you cause it to lose mode, which is also not good for the health of the pet;
  • Sweets cats and dogs are contraindicated.

With this feeding dogs will need some vitamin supplements. To find the right medication, contact your veterinarian.

We hope that these tips will help you in the education of four-legged friends. And if you have not got a puppy or kitten, be sure to do it! No wonder they say that the animals dedicated people. My favorite person can go, friends and relatives - to turn away, but pet will always be there, no matter what situation you do not turn up!

 Dogs and cats: care, feeding, training

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