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You want to have a real home a goldfish? Imagine this is possible not only in the fairy tale. No, there are no guarantees that the three wishes, we will not let you ... But tips on how to properly care for a goldfish living in your aquarium - no problem! Caring for goldfish easily, and their content does not cause too much trouble. What are in fact these fabulous goldfish? What should be the proper content of goldfish as feed them and if they need some special care? Let's face it.

Zoological portrait

Aquarium fish, known to us as gold, wear the official name of Carassius auratus auratus (in Latin) and belong to the carp family (Cyprinidae). Immediate family goldfish in our rivers and lakes - mirror carp, carp, bream, rudd and bleak. But what family belonged to Pushkin goldfish hard to say, because they mainly freshwater fish.

In the home aquarium goldfish usually do not grow longer than fifteen centimeters, although the length can reach tridtsatisantimetrovoy. They have flattened laterally elongated elliptical shape body with a sharp snout (muzzle). Length of the upper (dorsal) fin begins at the middle of their bodies, and the short bottom (anal) is located closer to the tail. Classical colors goldfish red-gold on the back, yellow-gold on the sides and yellowish on the abdomen. The fins are also painted in bright red color, or any reddish tinge, sometimes they are just yellow. However, there are instances of just exotic colors ranging from black-and-blue and white finishing. So that goldfish can not be gold, and red, pink, brown or mottled.

To determine the sex of the goldfish is only possible in the pre-spawning period. At this time males are ready to spawn, acquire distinctive feature - notches on the front of the first line of the pectoral fins and gills. A female ready to lay eggs, it is easy to recognize the compaction swollen abdomen. If at this time to look at the fish from above, we can see the curvature of the body, which often remains after spawning.

 Goldfish Care

Conditions of detention

Aquarium with gold fish must comply with the conditions for their comfortable detention. It is advisable to buy a special species tank length by one meter. At the bottom of the tank is necessary to pour the coarse soil and plant a small amount of water plants. In accordance with the conditions of goldfish is a plant should be not very small leaves, such as Potbelly or Vallisneria. Good to settle in the tank, and floating plants, which serve as the goldfish food. From floating plants most suitable to duckweed and Ritchie.

Comfortable conditions - water temperature which varies from 16 to 24 degrees. And in winter the water temperature should not exceed 20 degrees, and in summer to fall below 21 to reduce or increase the seasonal water temperature should gradually.

Proper care of goldfish - it is also to maintain a balance of stiffness and the acidity of water in akavariume. Water hardness (dH) goldfish can range from eight to eighteen units and acidity (pH) in the area supported by seven units. The water in the aquarium, naturally, should be clean and oxygenated, and the height of the layer should not be less than twenty-five centimeters. Caring for goldfish and provides a daily update of water, pour into the tank when one-tenth of its total volume. You need to add water of the same composition and temperature, and with seasonal changes in temperature increase or decrease the degree of daily updates via water. It is also desirable to provide an aquarium filter and aerator.

Determine the maximum number of fish in an aquarium can be a simple formula: for every ten centimeters in body length of fish is necessary to two hundred square centimeters of the surface. For an aquarium with no aeration this rate is doubled. And while daily change of water should be at least one-third of the total. Note that care for fewer fish much easier.


Basic care for goldfish comes to the proper and timely feeding. It is important to remember that these inhabitants of the aquarium quite voracious, do not know the steps in the food and are prone to obesity. At the same time, they are omnivorous and unpretentious. The diet for goldfish should include live and plant food. Suitably they live food - a traditional bloodworm, daphnia, ground and earthworms, tubifex and koretra. Vegetable food - duckweed, Ricci and salad.

As additional carbohydrates can give them bread crumbs and very steep porridge of buckwheat, oatmeal or wheat. Kashi is cooked without salt and rolled the balls are the size of a pea. An additional protein in the diet of goldfish would be scraping the meat, which can be mixed with bread and also rolled into balls. Unlike tropical aquarium fish goldfish needs more carbohydrates than proteins. Special dry food in the form of pellets or flakes to be given in accordance with the instruction.

The daily rate of food for goldfish to exceed three per cent of its weight. A larger amount of food the fish eat, too, since the measures do not know. Determine the amount of feed for the fish in the aquarium can be experimentally. To do this, they poured the approximate amount of feed, and fifteen minutes later all uneaten food collected from the surface of the water. Feed goldfish should be twice a day. And leave them without food can be no more than a week.

 goldfish care


How to care for fish during the spawning season? For breeding goldfish should have a special spawning aquarium. During the mating season males and females are seated and well-fed, and ready to spawn female and two males are placed in three spawning aquarium. The female spawns, floating among water plants or over and the male fertilizes the eggs immediately. The eggs stick to the plants and on the second day become transparent.

After spawning, the fish is deposited, and a layer of water in the tank is reduced to fifteen centimeters. After about five days of fry eggs appear. It is important that during this time the water temperature in the spawning tank has not changed by more than five degrees. Further care for fry and conditions of detention fully comply with the care of adult goldfish. At first, the kids are fed ciliates and rotifers, and the second year is transferred to a regular diet.

If you properly care for a goldfish, then the content will not cause much trouble. It is unpretentious and cheerful creatures. So comfortable and competent care content - that's all they need. Settled in his fabulous aquarium fish, and who knows, maybe your desires will be fulfilled!

 Caring for goldfish, or How to MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE

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 like brushing your teeth cat


  • Why clean your teeth cat
  • How to brush your teeth cat

In most cases, the cat copes with caring for themselves independently. However, some procedures it literally is too tough. And it comes to brushing your teeth. The fact that the diet of feral cats is very different from what we feed our pets. And if wildlife teeth cleaned in a natural way, then brush your teeth domestic cat falls to us - the owners. But not everyone is aware of the need for this procedure and how it is carried out.

Why clean your teeth cat

Soft foods does not allow self-cleaning feline teeth that adversely affect oral hygiene and prevent the formation of tartar. Initially stone appears on top of the teeth gradually condensing and causing gingivitis. Eventually tartar reaches such an extent that leads to loosening and loss of teeth.

Inflammation causes excessive salivation, foul odor from the mouth, and toothache. As a result, the cat is not only suffering, but also refuses to eat. In this case, it may help to stone removal and subsequent treatment of the gums and teeth. Therefore, domestic cats have to brush your teeth.

 how to clean cat teeth

How to brush your teeth cat

To clean the cat's teeth is quite suitable children's toothbrush. Toothpaste for this purpose should not be used because its taste and smell cats do not suffer as foaming property of toothpaste. Therefore, you need to use tooth powder without perfume. Brush lightly moistened and dipped in the tooth powder, and then with a little effort carried out by brushing the teeth from top to bottom and then from side to side.

Brushing your teeth cat or cat need inside and outside, by placing the animal on the table and fixing his legs and head. If the animal is making every effort to avoid this procedure, it is possible to clean your teeth with a soft cloth wrapped around the finger, but rather to use tooth powder baking soda.

Weekly cleaning will be enough to keep your cat's teeth healthy and prevent the formation of tartar.

 How to brush your teeth cat? And why is it necessary?

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