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Fashion - a lady with a very fickle mood, and all we have repeatedly seen, like some ultrapopulyarnaya thing suddenly becomes obsolete and useless. However, no matter how much time passes, and ripped jeans still do not go out of fashion. This is understandable, because they hit the spot for everybody dandies and ladies: rebellious teenagers, glamorous divas, female students and even movie stars. We invite you to join the most stylish women in the world and make trendy ripped jeans with her hands.

All designer collections this year, torn jeans are present without fail. Unfortunately, the cost for many girls is so exorbitant that only dream about a pair of Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana. There are also more cost brands such as Zara or Mango - in the range of these stores you can also find similar patterns, but there is a considerable risk to meet his clone (and not one!) In the subway or at a party. Do you want to become the owner of the unique things without spending on it a few months wages? Then read about how we are doing trendy ripped jeans with his hands!

Step Action Plan

Surely you have lying around in the locker room is old and shabby steam that and throw a pity, and wear longer want. Quietly, it was exactly what we needed! Apply a bit of manual dexterity and creativity - and you will get a fashionable "candy" at its disposal. What we need in addition to a pair of jeans for the realization of creative ideas?

  • Sharp knife and scissors - it is them you wield most of the time. We recommend using stationery knife - it is very easy to use. Just observe basic safety precautions!
  • A small piece of soap. It is necessary to draw the layout in the field of future cuts. But if you decide to "slash" or bright white jeans, the soap will not work - it is better to take a pencil instead.
  • Detail of hard plastic, boards, plywood or cardboard, not very large in size that it can be put inside the jeans. It will protect the back surface of the unintended damage.

Yet you will not prevent the vacuum cleaner - to clean up; but it has no direct relationship to the process of making holes in the clothes. That's all you need. It would seem, why guide, which describes how to make the ripped jeans? It's so simple - you cut and wear. But no! In this case, there are some nuances, which we will certainly tell. You do want to get a beautiful and trendy product, not a spoiled piece of clothing?

To get started, try to represent on paper what you want then to bring to life. Do not forget to include in the picture all the details: fashion jeans location of pockets, leg width, fit and color. And then you can narrow submitted glamorous cut white dzhinsiki forty-second size, and you only have kleshennye dark blue forty-four. And from the second, alas, did not receive the first. Remember that the model can be further decorate not just holes, but scuffed, highlights, buttons, embroidery and patches; the main thing - to observe all this sense of style and action.

Carefully think about the places where you want to place the cuts, what they will be the size. Consider the fact that a distinctive denim weaving, and to make holes the correct length and width, you have to not to tear it, cut it, otherwise instead of what you want, you get a diagonal hole. Once you have drawn on the paper project of the future "design" things, it can be transferred to themselves jeans with soap or pencil.

The next step - actually cuts. Put into the leg support, which was discussed above, and start creating! Denim is best cut in one motion, so try to do everything clearly and confidently. Make a cut, be sure to take care of it, "decoration": if he gets too neat, it has released several threads and rub it with sandpaper - for greater negligence. The appearance of jeans has to scream that they have broken accidentally. You can also add a few drops of the image of style, such as using bleach Vanish: he brightened and corrode the fabric, causing the resulting hole will look even more "grunge."

Sometimes you want something very glamorous: in this case, you must delete all the longitudinal threads and release several cross - so you can make a beautiful fringe, as if from a glossy magazine. Well, if you go too far and it would be too sloppy or long, just trim it.

It so happens that the soul asks some unusual and creative solutions - the same can happen in the case of your jeans. As you know, there are many ways how to make a trendy ripped jeans, and we want to tell you one more thing. To implement it in life you need fine grater, pumice and an awl. Start is the same as in the previous version: come up with a sketch, which is then able to move on jeans with soap. After that you need to be good (but carefully!) To walk on them float, and then process the resulting hole with a pumice stone. If another method, we suggest you handle the thread with a knife, in this case, use an awl to fluff them. On these jeans will look great stylish patchwork of lace, leather or colorful cotton.

 how to make ripped jeans with his hands

A few tips

So you've probably already realized that to make ripped jeans at home is quite simple - would be a drop of desire and creativity. But that's not all: there are many nuances which distinguish the spectacular designer thing spoiled by a pair of jeans. Read them carefully, because it affects the fate of your appearance!

Before you "kill" a pair of pants, you need to know about some of the features that has denim. For example, if you make cuts in tight spaces, they stretch in the future, and a wide - on the contrary, will be narrowed. This fact should be considered when thinking of what size are your cuts.

Now for the design. Of course, ripped jeans - this is a great space for creativity. However, if you are missing some ideas ready, then we have all come up for you. You can make cuts at a short distance from each other - you can even almost came. So you can easily create the effect of casual wear, but here it is important not to overdo it, otherwise you risk getting a big hole instead of the knees, for example.

Chance is an alternative design - where several holes are arranged randomly and at a great distance from each other. This concept is called "pants rather than a solid hole." Jeans are careless and seemingly shabby, but at the same time is quite accurate - this option is generally more suitable for free-seated models.

The most extreme design that cuts cover a large area - for example, from the hip to the middle of the knee. To wear these creations, need some courage. If you possess it, go ahead - you should not feel sorry for denim. When else can you feel like a rebel freedom-loving?

Now a few words about the choice of jeans for the application of their creative abilities. If you want a thing looked stylish and well, better to choose is not very tight denim pretty light shade - it cuts look beautiful and very topic. Speaking of models, it is not necessary to choose the design of experiments for the classic jeans that are perfectly tailored fit. The cuts also did not look on the fitting of "flare" - a tasteless, and in them you will look like a dirty hippie rags. Therefore, if you want to become the owner of a really great option, it is better to make a torn and frayed jeans model "skinny" or free pants or straight cut.

If you want your image was not only a "ragged" and "grunge", then give it the right color allow white splashes. Put them on your jeans will be using all of the same bleach Vanish (or the most ordinary "Whites"), stiff brush and small metal mesh. Before you start experimenting immediately with a cloth, be sure to practice on paper. Then take the grid, put it on denim and spray paint on top of the grid. Finish to achieve the desired result (just do not overdo with bleach - remember that it takes time to fully manifest itself).

After brighten cloth, rinse jeans in water to remove residual chemicals. Anyway, at the end of the production process of torn jeans and tattered they are recommended to wash in the machine - to consolidate and strengthen the desired effect.

That's all. Now you can show your new clothes to friends. None of them would guess that these trendy jeans did not Italian designers, and your hands - of course, if you do not tell us about it. Do not be surprised if they also want to get your own designer item. In any case, these jeans are versatile and easy to use - they can complement almost any outfit. We wish you to get maximum pleasure from wearing new clothes!

 Torn jeans with his hands: a practical guide

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