how to make paper snowflakes from her hands

  • Traditional delicate snowflakes
  • Volume snowflake
  • Snowflake-Flower

Waiting for a miracle - that's what we love New Year. And in anticipation of this miracle tried at least for the Christmas holidays to turn his life into a fairy tale. Even as adults, and people stop believing in fairy tales, in the New Year we will again become a little child, who sincerely believe in this fairy tale.

Well, remember the childhood? Recall how to make paper snowflakes from her hands? Recall how prosaic white sheets with a wave of our hand turn into a fabulous New Year's snowflakes? After the New Year just around the corner, so we will again, as in childhood, expect a miracle!

Traditional delicate snowflakes

Do you remember how, as children, we carefully cut out of folded paper the area weightless lace? And the process has been almost miraculous. How do snowflakes, we know, but what exactly happens snowflake, remained a mystery. Just scissors snip-snip the edges of the paper triangles. And then they turn around and looked at with admiration, that this "chik-chik 'out. Over time, the process was improved, hand jammed and snowflakes obtained more beautiful and slimmer than all. Let's try to create such a miracle?

For these traditional snowflakes special tools are required (yes you say you yourself know it!), Only paper and scissors. Well, even a pencil, as a matter of improved technology. Most importantly - correctly folded paper. Therefore, we take the standard A4 paper and start folding.

  1. First, cut out from a rectangular sheet of a flat square.
  2. We add the squares on the diagonal, making it of a triangle.
  3. Fold the triangle in half, combining its sharp corners.
  4. Expand the resulting triangle pointing to himself.
  5. Wrap the right corner to the middle of the triangle connecting it to the right side of the line (visual), lowered from the top to the bottom.
  6. Similarly, wrap the left corner of the triangle, connecting it with the left side of the right edge of the resulting figure.
  7. Speakers tips slingshot, which have turned out, cut off by making direct or oblique cut. Oblique sections were taken from the right side to the left of the multilayer. Thus, the right side should get longer than the left. By the way, you can make the cut and rounded and wavy.

And now we continue to make a snowflake and draw on the paper patterns. Apply lines barely visible to the snowflake on the left traces of fatty and dark pencil. Please try to draw some very simple patterns: to the right, left, at the base, in the upper corner. A work-out, draw more complex and ornate patterns. And then will make the final "Passage" - cut out a snowflake on a painted lines.

Finished snowflake expand iron and iron, that it is not wrinkled. If you want to volumetric snowflakes, then cut six or eight identical snowflakes, and then glue them tips. First you need to make a series of three (four) snowflakes and close it in the ring, joining the ends of the extreme rays snowflakes. Then just need to glue the three (four) snowflakes. Then glue the top edges of the ring snowflakes with the lower edges of the second ring. By the way, this is not the only way that you can make the volume of paper snowflakes.

 how to make paper snowflakes from her hands

Volume snowflake

To make a snowflake, you need paper, ruler, scissors, pencil, tape and a stapler. First, cut six identical squares of paper. The more squares are, the greater will flake. Now we begin to make itself a snowflake.

Take the square and fold it diagonally, making the square of the triangle. We draw the line on the line of the future of slots parallel to the sides of the triangle. First applied along the right side of the three parallel lines without bringing them to the edge. The closer to the middle of the triangle, the shorter line. Then, three of the same line parallel to the left side of the triangle. The distance between the lines is made equal to about one-half centimeter. As a result, it should get a "Christmas tree" branches which do not meet in the middle.

Start making incisions along these lines, not bringing them to the edges of the sides of the triangle. Expand the workpiece. Before contact with the grooved square perimeter lines are not connected to one diagonal of the square. Now form a snowflake. Put a sheet so that the diagonal lines with cut-proof lying vertically. First, we wrap the inside and glue or tape the corners connect the inner square. Overturn the other side of the workpiece and also connect the corners of the second (from the center of the sheet) square-frame. Again we turn the workpiece again connect the corners of the third square. Also connect the last little corners and extreme-square frame, turning the leaf again.

We make three of these blocks and connect them with a stapler, forming one half of a snowflake. Similarly, the same must be made and a second half, further consisting of three blocks. Now we connect the two halves and get bulk snowflake.

Snowflake - Flower

A very simple way to make a three-dimensional snowflake shaped flower. For these snowflakes we will need colored paper, glue, scissors and a stapler. Start gradually to make a snowflake.

  1. Paper cut into twelve equal strips two centimeters wide and thirty centimeters long.
  2. Fold the strips and mark the middle of a pile, that stitch stapler, fastened strips of paper.
  3. Near fixing drip some glue, wrap the top strip of paper and paste it received loop-petal.
  4. Wrap a second strip by gluing one petal at first. And so we turn off all the strips and glue on one side of the bonding place of paper (staples from the staple).
  5. Keep doing snowflake wrapping strips on the other side of the clip.
  6. Having twelve petals on each side of the clip, we get a snowflake, flower, which is suspended by a thread on the tree, or collect and garland of snowflakes.

These snowflakes can be made from white or colored paper, you can decorate them with glitter or paint the hand. In general, snowflakes out of paper, you can not just cut. Amazingly beautiful, almost like real snowflakes are obtained, in the technique of quilling. Thin shelves of paper twisted into separate blocks, which later is going to New Year's miracle. And paper snowflakes can be done in the art of origami or Kusudama. It can be used for these purposes, a conventional office or colored paper, corrugated or tissue. Snowflakes can be done even from paper napkins. Chic volumetric snowflakes obtained by contour cutting, strict and stylish snowflakes can be made, having technology bumagoplastiki.

In short, no matter what technique of working with paper, you did not own, start making Christmas snowflakes. This process takes a lot of pleasant moments and cause to remember his childhood. And become a little child, at least during the magical holiday - is not it wonderful?

 How to make paper snowflakes from the hands - remember childhood

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 Paper flowers with his own hands

  • Paper roses
  • Flower tissue paper
  • Peony corrugated paper

We women are creative nature. And we are by nature creatrix. All of us itching to do something to create, improve, beautify and improve. And we like to attach to the process of his (and others' too) children. Well, we have the makings of teaching too. And for many, many mothers (grandmothers, aunts and sisters) crafts with the kids - one of the favorite pastimes. And that only together we do not do what only do not teach their offspring: sew, knit, embroider, sculpt, draw, master.

So, to appease your own creative itch to implement pedagogical potential and introduce children to the beautiful, we offer you to make flowers out of paper with your hands. No special skills are not needed for this, the most affordable materials required, and the process, believe me, a pleasure for you and the children. What good are crafts? First of all, the availability of a variety of materials and techniques. Make paper flowers in the technique of quilling, origami, Kusudama, bumagoplastika. They are made from the usual color of the tissue and corrugated paper. And the children are happily carved crafts in the gift mothers and grandmothers.

Paper roses

All kinds of paper crafts are very popular with children: they like messing around with paper. And if you share a hobby of their child, then together you should have something. Try, for example, to make paper roses. Extremely simple, but very effective. And most importantly - affordable and easy for children.

For such colors, you will need only colored paper (duplex), scissors and a pencil. We work in stages.

  • From colored paper cut out a square with a side of ten centimeters.
  • The solid line draw on it a spiral, starting from the center and bringing the line to the edge of the square. From the point of intersection of the outer edge of the paper cut wire perpendicular to the previous turn.
  • By drawing a line scissors cut spiral.
  • Now, with the outer end of the spiral (the same segment) begin to tighten the slip of paper in a roll: roll up in a spiral rosette.

That's all. The flower is ready. Such paper roses are ideal for decorative panels, for bulk greeting card or even a bouquet. By the way, if you attach the paper flowers on dry twigs, you can create a great composition in the Japanese style.

 flowers with his own hands made of paper

Flower tissue paper

The same technique is simple enough for children. The colors are soft, translucent and "air" like a fairy tale! Did not like the fairy crafts for children? For these magical flowers, prepare tissue paper, a ball ping-pong table, a thin soft wire, cotton, glue millet grits, and floristic tape.

First make the stamens. Cut pieces of wire length of five to seven centimeters. On each segment screw the one hand a little wool, wrapping it around the wire and rolled between the fingers. The rest of the wire wrap white tissue paper. Now a thick (with cotton) edge wire dip into the glue and millet. Flower stems are also made of wire, wrapped her floral tape. On each stem attach approximately eight stamens, collecting them in a bun and wrap floral tape.

Now start making the petals. Cut out the tissue paper rectangles with sides of five ten and five and a half centimeters. On paper, place a ball and half of his paper wrap. The ends of the rectangle, twist and remove the ball. You should get a "cup" with two sharp tips of curled paper. Paper Petals attach to the wire alternately applying and wrapping each petal floral tape. Next, trim the outer edge of his sharp and unfold the petals. These are obtained fabulous colors of paper with your own hands!

 flowers from crepe paper with his own hands

Peony corrugated paper

Crafts from corrugated paper like tinkering not only for children. Even experienced handy happy to work with this material. And especially nice to receive flowers from crepe paper. Of these, do roses, crocuses, lilies, irises, peonies. And believe me, the flowers look very natural, and sometimes even better than the real thing. Try to make the peony of corrugated paper and see for yourself.

We need:

  • Sheets of corrugated paper green, yellow and pink;
  • Soft wire for the stems;
  • teip Feed (floral tape);
  • glue stick.

Cut the petals oblong pink paper with a narrow straight and wide wavy edge. For a single flower - fourteen petals height of about twenty centimeters. From green crepe paper cut out of two double leaf for each flower. From yellow paper cut into wide strips of ten and fifty centimeters long. Note: for the petals and leaves cut blank on equity figure of corrugated paper. For the yellow strip of paper unfold to zhatoe "grain" is parallel to the long side of the strip.

Now we wrap floral tape wire, a little pulling and smoothing her hands. Strips of yellow crepe paper cut into one side fringe about one-third the width of the strip. Then wrap the stems of these strips, winding the strip at one end of the wire, leaving a free fringed edge. Fix the teip-tape. Form the petals gently stretching them wide onto the edge and making a little "curly". With the help of glue attach the petals to the stem, collecting them in several tiers. Petals straighten, making flower and fluffy like a real peony.

In the leaves of green crepe paper put the wrapped wire floral tape and stick it to the paper. Paper slightly punched around the wire, giving the leaf volume and simulating streaks. If you wish to pull the paper, making wavy leaf margins. Attach leaves to stems with flowers and admire your creation.

Flowers made of paper with your own hands - a great way to spend time with their children, to teach them to work with this material, handicrafts crafts as a gift or just for the soul. Children's crafts have a special energy. Adults, unlike children, can not also abandon given process. Use the opportunity to "nourished" creative energy of children. Good luck and success in the work!

 Flowers made of paper with your own hands - a hobby for children and adults

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