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  • Educational toys
  • Other toys

The abundance of goods corrupts us: we become moody and lazy at the same time. On the other hand, a huge range of what you can buy in stores, do not always meet our needs. For example, products for children are often not only harmful but dangerous to children's health, and children's toys purchased can cause allergies and even adversely affect the psyche of the child. This is especially significant for very young children. And if the clothes and food for kids is somehow meet the standards and are certified, the toys sold in stores are made primarily of synthetic materials do not meet the basic quality requirements. And that is harmless to the child, sometimes the money is crazy: we teach modern manufacturers to pay more for quality.

Of course, children's toys factory look tempting, and absolutely refuse them is not necessary. But many of these products for kids is quite possible to replace the handmade counterparts. In addition, the toys made by caring hands of the parents have a special power of love and kindness (as, in any case, considered to be!). Toy own hands - not a craze on Hand Made and age-old tradition.

Without reading scientific papers and attending special courses, our predecessors understood intuitively favor toys for young children. And for today's parents are no longer a secret that the toys for infants to help little ones to focus the eyes and develop coordination. Older children using toys develop fine motor skills and tactile sensations. Anyway toys are useful for the emotional, mental and physical development of children. In short, the use of toys for children of all ages is undeniable. And we can only find out what kind of toys for kids can make their own hands.

 toys for children with their own hands

Toys for newborns

All mums know well that grudnichki love pinching during feeding mother. Anyway kids sucking chest, fingers love to explore the mother's body, grabbing and pulling her hair and clothes. This behavior is natural for babies, so you can try to take a hands kid appropriate toys. Such convenient for mom and baby toy will be, for example, handmade necklaces

  • Bead

Plastic or wooden beads tie with a hook bright thread. Such beads can just tie or sew, filling them with synthetic padding (and better natural wool). Finished beads strung on a strong need to Nylon thread or cord. The main thing is that the baby could not break them. Putting these beads while feeding, Mommy will be relieved of the tender, but tangible tingle, and his hands are busy toddler bright and pleasant to the touch toy.

  • Soft children toys

Outset that soft toys for babies are not suitable. However, you can make a suspended turntable with soft toys that will develop the focus and color perception baby. Sew the fabrics of bright birds, butterflies, little animals or tie them in a suitable yarn. The basis of such a vane grab a light wood or plastic ring (hoop large diameter, for example). On the circumference of the ring tie yarns or cords of the same length at a distance of about ten centimeters of each other. All threads collect the dome by connecting them over the center of the ring, and tie into a bundle. To ring hang homemade stuffed toys, and the ring itself hang over the bed, picked up a bundle of related threads.

  • Arch

Take two plastic gymnastic hoop. One of them cut into two equal parts. Now get the arc vertically put cross-wise, to get the kind of dome-spider. Crosshair arcs securely fasten wire and attach to the base of the dome from a hoop, also using wire. You should have a dome with a round base and two crossed arches, arches. You're obtyanut hoops with synthetic padding and soft natural cloth. Such a dome put over the children, newborn laying on a soft blanket and inside hanging arches bright children's toys.

Educational toys

For older kids, you can (and should!) Make educational toys for children. And you can start with the most simple.

  • Rag balls

Make of bright fabrics blanks of different diameters to sew a few balls, ranging from very small to fit in the palm baby, and ending with the largest that the child will be able to keep only two hands. Each blank sew around the circumference of the small stitches, stepping back from the edge of a centimeter. Pull the string and fill the ball with any suitable vehicle: synthetic padding, the remnants of yarn, beads, pieces of cloth, cellophane. The main thing that the kid was interesting touch and knead a ball. Threads pull together until the end, tucking the edges of tissue inside the ball, and secure. Round rag cover drawn in by her place on the ball firmly and sew the flap to the ball.

  • Bank with ribbons

This toy is suitable for children aged from six months to one year and older. And you can make it out of the ordinary banks from infant formula. The cover needs to be done to insert holes in them colorful satin ribbons. At the end of the tape to tie the knots that will not allow the baby to pull the tape out of the jar. Inside the banks put small items that will create noise (beans, beads). Now pull the ribbon, leaving only a small lid on the tips, and cover with lid jar. The meaning of the game and training is pulling baby ribbons certain color.

  • Drawing board

Suitable for children games and one year of age, and kindergartners and younger students. In addition, this toy will protect your walls and furniture from children's arts. For its production need to take a piece of conventional particle board and paint it any dark paint. When the paint is completely dry, it should be fine sandpaper lightly wipe over the surface. The edges of the board, so it does not look too gloomy, razrisuy acrylics or obkleyte colorful adhesive tape. You will get a toy school board on which the child like to draw with crayons.

  • Toy products

Such toys and suitable for children aged one to two years as developing games, and older children are needed in the role-playing games (Mothers and Daughters, shop, kitchen). Of plaster or salt dough you need to sculpt small casts of different products: fruits and vegetables, a piece of cheese, a loaf of bread and so on. Then you just need to paint them (ponaturalnee) and varnished. Giving children the self-made toys can be only after they are completely dry, and the smell of nail polish is completely eroded. Keep in mind that children up to a year or even two years to try like toys on a tooth. Therefore, do not leave these kids with these toys unattended.

 toys for children with their own hands

Other toys

Kids after a year already safe to give soft toys. And for these children can safely sew and knit all soft toys and dolls handicrafts. From year to three years, children with great pleasure playing with a developing pad, which also can make their own hands. Please them and homemade books, and soft blocks.

For children up to one year can make a box with a glass insert, using his colored cups of yogurt and performing in the box holes required diameter. Only glasses should be covered with cardboard lids with pictures for which the baby will be able to keep the inserts and insert them into the box.

Pyramid rings and soft synthetic padding and upholstered in fabric core is not only interesting year-old kid, but also safe for children under one year. And remembering his childhood, you can do for little girls paper dolls, or even a whole puppet family. Malyshka really like to wear such clothes painted dolls, and the daughters and mothers with a similar paper family, they also play with pleasure.

In general, fantasize! Invent toys and games with the children, play with them. Love your children and embody this love homemade toys. The heat of your hands and the kindness of your heart are sure to make children's toys special: not just a harmless and useful, and these amulets with magical power of parental love.

 Toy own hands - from parents with love

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 tie dress for girls crocheted

  • Dress for baby
  • Dress with a skirt sun - flared
  • Motives patchwork

All the girls love to play with dolls. And even today's children, famously managed with a computer have not lost their need for traditional games and toys. Only if the girls' pre-computer "era pleasure to sew, knit, or cut paper new outfits for dolls, the girls are content with current virtual models.

And we note with age women do not lose interest in such disguises. Having grown up and become mothers girls happily continue to play with dolls, but have become models of their own children, nephews and grandchildren. And this area - a real paradise for handy people. Especially when it comes to clothes for girls. Here it is all my mother (aunt, grandmother) with gusto handmade indulge in frenzy, obryazhaya girls in all imaginable and unimaginable clothes, making them glamorous fashionistas or fairy princesses. Want to join in this "clan devoted?" Want to make some unusual outfit for your little princess? Then we suggest you contact a dress for girls, using for this, such as a hook.

Dress for baby

If treatment with a hook you are not yet a dock and find out in a variety of intricate schemes you still difficult, try to relate a very simple and elegant sarafanchik. Using cotton thread or silk yarn, you can associate a light summer dress baby. If we take a woolen or wool blend yarn, the result is a sundress that can be worn with a turtleneck or with a sweater. By the way, a pinafore would be an excellent choice of clothes for kindergarten.

Pattern of the dress is elementary: flirt, skirt and strap-hangers. So to cope with such a model can even novice needlewoman. Start knitting with coquette. For her, we need two colors of yarn, for example, white and pink.

Take the pink thread and make moving first loop and then five air. Making one nakida and moving loop provyazyvaem three columns with nakida. Tied three air loops and three columns with nakida moving in a loop. Once again, three air loops and three columns with nakida. Completing the square of three air loops and two columns with nakida. Tighten the sliding loop and connect number in the ring.

The result is a framework of square motif that binds a circle, alternating yarns of different colors, and keeping the shape of a square. Through the use of aerial loops and bars with nakida. Experiment with this simple basis, and maybe you can come up with a new pattern.

Finished squares, and their we require six or eight, crosslinking or connect via a first hook tape, and then in the ring. Then take the white thread and attach it to flirt, start knit skirt. Skirt sundress can be straight or flared, and it needs to be knit in the simplest pattern - columns with nakida. Knit skirt sundress in a circle to the desired length. On the hem of the skirt can be sent two or three bands of pink color.

Shelly bottom tied sundress pattern vyvyazyvaya nakida five columns with a single loop. The same pattern and the top tied with a sundress (flirt). Now we have to tie lyamochki desired width and length (again without nakida columns). From pink yarn knit cord with tassels and threading it under the yoke. Pinafore ready!

 how to knit crochet dress for girls

Dress with a skirt sun - flared

This elegant dress also forces those who are still on the hook you. It is easy to knit and elegant obtained by lush skirts and decorative finishes. Begin to knit a baby dress need a coquette, for which a pattern can be made for any children's t-shirt. For better contrast need to take white yarn (as the main color of the dress) and bright (red, blue, turquoise) yarn for decoration. And you have to choose some openwork pattern of the skirt, which we knit circle.

So, making the pattern knit yoke of her two parts - front and back of the bodice for the dress. These details should be tight knit simple pattern, starting from the bottom yoke. Knit-T-shirt yoke is easy. It merely need to diminish the loop at the end or beginning of the series, observing the shape and dimensions of the pattern. Coquette can make her short, finishes under the breast: this option will suit dress little girls. For schoolgirls better to choose a model with a long bodice and skirt, starting from the waist.

Linking to and back, sew them or connect the hook and start knitting skirts. The skirt of children's dresses is essentially a ring and fit in a circle. First, you need to associate a row along the bottom edge of the yoke, and then selected under the scheme or openwork pattern knit fabric ring (as a field at the hat), making the right amount of additions in each row. However, for light dresses of cotton or silk yarn can be used and simple patterns or even tie skirt columns with nakida.

When the skirt is connected to the desired length, you can proceed to the elegant finish. For this purpose contrasting thread shelly (or other similar) pattern tie bottoms skirts, armholes and neck dress. Now, from this yarn florets tie three of the same or different sizes, colors decorate midway beads and sew on flowers at the bodice dresses on the bias - from the middle of the waist to shoulder. To emphasize the waist dresses for girls can be threaded under the yoke satin ribbon of the same color as the trim and associated cord-belt (also in contrasting yarn). Crochet flowers can be replaced by volumetric or rococo embroidery flowers embroidered satin ribbons.

Motives patchwork

Hook - a great tool for knitted patchwork. And in the style of patchwork can be linked original baby dress. Patterns you can choose any, but it is better to stay on strict models. For example, a direct tie tselnokroyny sundress or a dress with a flared or straight skirt patchwork fabric and monochrome bodice and sleeves.

For knitted patchwork canvas you can use different shaped motifs: square, hexagonal, triangular. A round of the reasons you get openwork dress for girls. You can combine motifs in sequence, or use a style-crazy patchwork, which combines a variety of shape and texture elements.

Generally the hook is convenient to knit any baby dress: light or warm, delicate and dense, elegant and workaday. Hook can master all styles, as crochet fabric is easy to adjust to any pattern. So do not waste your time, choose a model and pattern, buy the yarn and knit a dress for your little princess. You must come out!

 How to tie a dress for girls crochet?

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