how to make a flower out of paper with his own hands

  • Rosebud
  • Tulip
  • Peony

Paper flowers today have become very popular, probably because the improved technique. These man-made samples of a natural master of creation is no longer associated with a vulgar wedding roses since the Soviet kitsch. And today is incomparably better quality materials than in the recent past. And, of course, make their own hands a paper flower is much easier thanks to His Majesty the Internet, where the samples-pictures can be found, and detailed instructions, and master classes, recorded on video.

But if you are just beginning to master, then try to make a very simple flower and take for this purpose the most convenient material - corrugated paper. It is from this paper, you can make your own hands is very "natural" flower, even if you do not have sufficient experience in bumagoplastike. Yes, this is the name appliances, which are carried flowers and other interesting crafts out of paper. So restock corrugated paper, prepare scissors, wire, glue and start ...


These paper flowers are ideal for sweet bouquet. Crepe paper is widely used in general masters suites design. And if you have in mind to try your hand at this art, start with rosebud. Make a flower with his own hands is very simple. For this we need:

  • corrugated paper under the color of the future bud (peach, pink, white, yellow, red);
  • green crepe paper for leaves;
  • sewing thread;
  • round candy;
  • Toothpicks;
  • teip tape;
  • scissors.

First we need to make the bud pattern, which we will collapse from a single lobe. Therefore the first cut out a square blank, the width of which should be such as to allow the paper to wrap half candy. Now cut off the top half of the workpiece in a semicircle, rounded corners and save the live two bottom corner. Important! Zhatye cell corrugated paper should be placed on a vertical workpiece, and it must be stretched horizontally.

Now put the candy in the middle of the right edge of the workpiece and begin to tightly wrap it in paper. Do not forget to pull the paper slightly, causing the workpiece to become convex at the point where it comes into contact with candy. Now stretch the edge of the petals, making it wavy and just a little wave petal top bud. The lower part of the bud of the paper (just below the candy) collect in a bundle and tying thread.

Bottom bud insert a toothpick or skewer and wrapped around her green crepe paper (paper can be seen teip-tape). It remains to make the sepals. For them, cut out the square billet and cut into one side of her teeth (one sepal - five cloves). Wrapping the blank around the stem under the bud and anchoring. The tips of the teeth tighten slightly sharper than rolling it between his fingers. The flower is ready to take its place in a sweet bouquet!

 how to make flowers out of paper with his own hands


On the colors of a well-trained in skills improvement bumagoplastiki. A ready-made flowers will occupy a worthy place in the decorative bouquet, which will be the exclusive decoration for your interior. So, to paper with your hands to make a tulip, you need to prepare:

  • corrugated paper under the flower color of the future;
  • green crepe paper for the leaves and stems;
  • spool of thread;
  • wire for the stem.

From colored crepe paper cut out a rectangular three billet width and length of eighteen centimeters (or, for example, four and twenty). Grains bellows should be located along the length of the workpiece, the paper ran wide. Now twist the workpiece in the middle, making two turns (like candy candy wrappers). Next, add up the rectangle in half (to connect two three-centimeter edge) and stretch the lobe of paper, making it convex. The base of the petal - the opposite edge of the fold - squeeze and twist. I should get a kind of spoon with twisted handle. We are making such six petals.

From green crepe paper cut the strip width of two centimeters (grain corrugations in the strip width), folding it in half lengthwise and wrap the wire paper. Now stir at the end of the stem three petals (inner crown of the flower), and behind them in a staggered three petals. Attach the petals from the stalk, primatyvaya their strip of corrugated paper. In the same green paper cut long narrow leaves and also attach them to the stem. The flower is ready! And if you make a few colors, with their hands can collect beautiful bouquet of tulips and decorate them to their home.

 how to make flowers out of paper


A great way to make your own hands simple flowers of paper, when they need a lot. Is a flower quickly and easily, and looks very impressive. In order to make the peony with their hands, prepare:

  • colored crepe paper;
  • toothpicks or sticks for barbecue;
  • sewing thread;
  • PVA glue.

First, cut off from the roll of paper strip width and length you need: the wider and longer than the bar, the more luxuriant will flower. For the sample strip cut to the width of the roll. Keep grain corrugations aligned on the width of the strip and its longest side stretched. So, cut the strip and then its one long edge of stretch, causing the paper slightly zakudryavitsya. The opposite edge along the entire length coat with white glue and leave the corrugated tape to glue a little dried up, and the paper is not under our arms sprawling.

Now, take a stick for barbecue and fixed on its top ball of paper. Or is wrinkled cotton ball, which wrap paper. This will be the base of the flower. Next, begin to turn after turn prepared before wrapping strip around the base, pressing and gluing missed PVA glue the edge of the workpiece. We straighten the finished flower petals and fasten thread bottom. If you wish to do for the peony sepals and green stem wrap corrugated paper or teip-tape.

That's the way you can make flowers out of paper with your hands. Incidentally, it may be not only roses, tulips or pions, but other colors. Corrugated paper obtained simply gorgeous irises and crocuses, carnations and chrysanthemums, sunflowers and poppies. So go ahead, improve their skills and comprehend the art of magic bumagoplastiki. Good luck!

 How to make a flower out of paper with your own hands? Foundations bumagoplastiki

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 handicrafts made of shells

  • Tree of happiness
  • Christmas angels
  • Frame

If you had a vacation at sea, it is likely to come back home with a whole bunch of souvenirs, brought purchased handicrafts made of shells and stones. And in addition to traditional magnets, and handicrafts made of shells, of course, returned home with beautiful sea pebbles and shells, which were on the beach. And it's great! Because the shells and pebbles - gratuitous material for all kinds of crafts, ranging from the simple ones and ending with a truly masterpiece creations. So you and your household members will be busy boring winter evenings: you'll be happy tinkering crafts from shells with their own hands. A particularly appreciate this idea of ​​children who love tinkering something of a natural material.

From sea pebbles and shells turn out different crafts. Of these, you can make nice pictures, panels, frames for photographs and jewelery. They can be decorated with flower pots and pencil holders, jewelry boxes and candle. This natural material is made interesting souvenirs, trinkets and even Christmas decorations. We offer you several options of simple handicrafts made of shells, production of which will not be difficult for children and appreciate their simple, generally the result of an original and adults.

Tree of happiness

Tree of happiness - very popular today in interior design Topiary. Make happy those trees from almost any natural material, made of paper and cloth, from plastic bottles and salt dough. So why not make such a cute crafts made of shells?

For him, we need paper and thread, glue and cut the plastic pipe, plaster and container trees, shells and beads. First, you must select the appropriate flat-leaf shell and sort them by size. By the way, do not forget that for handicrafts made of natural material of any shells should be washed thoroughly (possibly several times) and dried. Now you need to glue the flowers to trees. First glue on the three petals of the large shells and three petals of the little - two tiers for each flower. Now collect the flowers - their number depends on the size of trees. Merge two tiers (six petals), and in the center of flower glue bead.

Shar-tree basis for making a newspaper, and smashed her tightly wound thread. On top of the ball can be pasted cloths or paint spray paint. Next you need to make a hole in the ball and the insert to tube, spread on her ball. The tube is mounted by means of gypsum prepared container.

We keep doing the tree of happiness obkleivaya his flowers of seashells. The empty space between the flowers close leaves carved from green napkins or corrugated paper or making use of the sea pebbles. The trunk and the "ground" decorate any suitable material: lace, lace, sisal, ribbons. And admiring what a cute crafts made of shells we were able to make.

 crafts made of seashells with their hands

Christmas angels

These articles made of seashells are relevant on the eve of New Year and Christmas. They can decorate the Christmas composition or use as a Christmas gift. And if in the kindergarten or school are the New Year's children's matinees, such articles made of shells will be a wonderful prizes for the children for taking part in competitions.

For this we need more crafts and small-pearl shells, imitation pearls, gold beads, thermo-adhesive, line and decorative cord. If your shell is too dark, the color of white, pink or blue acrylic paint. First you need to make the angelic head. Beads are strung on the line (five pieces for each angel) and closable in the ring - it will be a halo. Now the cord is threaded into beads and make a loop for which the toy can be hung on the Christmas tree. Top beads (round cord) glue halo.

Keep doing angel and glue bead with a large seashell-body. Beads glued on the narrowed side shells. From very small shells do wings, glue them on the sides of the body of an angel. If small shells there, the wings can be made of tulle, organza or a suitable natural material: scales of cones (colored) stones from the fish heads, maple seeds.

 crafts with their hands made of shells


This hack will entice children of all ages. And you will be pleased to know that the baby pictures are framed outline in which the decorations for the children's hands. In short, the pleasure of such crafts will be provided for children, and for you.

For the photo frame, we need any broad frame ready: strict and no decor. In addition to the framework should be prepared glue, gouache or acrylic paint and varnish, sea stones, beads and glass beads. Give children the freedom of creativity. Your participation should be only a guide for action and monitoring. Give your child the opportunity to show imagination and decorate a frame to your liking. Just show me how to stick shells, stones, and beads on the frame, and then the child will cope without your help. By the way, you can decorate the frame not only shells, and, continuing the theme of the sea, a blind man from salted dough octopus or a starfish, fish or boat.

Among other things, the combination of salty dough shells and very popular with children who love needlework. You can try to do with them, turtles and butterflies, frogs and birds, seals and dogs. Because of this natural material in combination with the salt dough, you can make almost any souvenirs, toys, depicting different animals. And even if your imagination run dry, the children will be enough imagination and energy for a long time - children's inexhaustible reserves. Be of good cheer! You all must succeed.

 Crafts from sea shells - ideas for children's creativity

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