a gift with their own hands favorite


  • We sew and knit
  • Master paper
  • Lepim
  • Photoshop
  • Combining

On the eve of holidays shops thrive! Because the people headlong rushing from store to store and buy everything from what can be presented as a gift. We are looking for, choose and buy gifts for parents and children, friends and colleagues and, of course, for pet. Well, if you are financially independent and wealthy lady, and you can give a man an expensive or very expensive, but it has long coveted thing. And if you and your beloved are still learning and do not have a decent income of their own? And if you are a large army of honeymooners, the lion's share of their money to pay for the rented apartment, or young parents whose finances magically transformed into a package of diapers, but jars and boxes of baby food?

Then you have a decent and cost-effective way - make a gift to a loved his own hands. However, even if your wallet is not lack of the purchase a gift, it is to make an original gift to the man with his own hands. Any sentimental and vain man, regardless of age and social status. A special gift made personally for him, is bound to be received with gratitude and sincere admiration. So oschastlivte his favorite, giving him the opportunity to feel unique and worthy of a personal gift. And what exactly can be done in a gift to the man with his own hands, and we'll try to find out.

We sew and knit

So, you know and love to knit or sew. Well, you and the cards. First of knitting. If your skill in this kind of needlework known peaks reached, then a full-fledged zamahnites pullover, cardigan, sweater or even a vest. Patterns and schemes of the male wardrobe of fashion items today in abundance not only in professional journals, but also in the network. But keep in mind that such a thing should look flawless. If these creatures you are not yet on the shoulder, then tie mittens, gloves or socks. And the most simple - a scarf. Scarf (classic or original) - a win-win, in addition to cope with it any mistress.

With sewing, of course, the situation is more complicated: shirts, pants, and others like them easier to buy than to make yourself. But there are things that you can still make a gift to man. Here, surely, your favorite loves after a hard day's work to occupy the sofa and selflessly surrender to communicate with the TV. In this case, sew him a pillow - exclusive, personal and original. You can make a full cushion or pillow, or even just an old sofa cushion change beyond recognition. Use for this purpose the popular technique of patchwork or embroider on a pillow of his name - and that's original and spiritual gift is ready. And, you can sew a leather case for your phone, silk scarves, massage (full of barley) on the seat cushion in the car - fantasize.

 favorite gift with their own hands

Master paper

It would seem that the paper is hardly a suitable material for the manufacture of gifts. However, you can come up with something. Have you been donated to his favorite card? Even if not so long ago, the next holiday - a good excuse to give a greeting card made by hand. Paper - material grateful, and if you own technicians bumagoplastiki kardmeydingom and are familiar with, you can make an original gift to the man as a greeting card. Besides, no matter how perfect the look of cards, the main thing - what the magic words are written inside her.

Another non-trivial idea of ​​using paper for gifts to loved ones - machinery miter. Namely - Topiary-suspension from the category of jewelry for the car. There are few drivers who would not have tried to glory in the interior design of their own cars. And the most common embellishment - suspension on the mirror at the windscreen. Using the technique of the facing paper ball can make a pussy-flower bouquet or a soccer ball, suspension, or any three-dimensional heart shape. Figures can be cut out of cardboard elementary and now amount to give her using the said technology miter.


Materials for miniature sculptures are not so much. The most common salt dough, cold porcelain and plastic. The first two masses for molding masters prepare yourself, but plastic products available in stores for needlework. But what can be blind as a gift to the beloved? It's not fair maiden and on the bracelet and kulonchiki delight not come. Although, as you say ... Many men enjoy wearing pendants, charms lace and chains, and if your man is to those, then the flag in your hand - sculpting.

And as his own jewelery can serve tie clip and cufflinks. Just take these new or old accessories, neatly remove their decorations factory and replace their own creations. Plastic (very durable material) may be the original fashion keychain, focusing on a hobby or a profession of his beloved. Make of weight for modeling can be the same suspension for the passenger compartment, and the individual elements of the decor more sophisticated gifts, executed in combined techniques.


You own a magic graphics editor named Photoshop? Then think for a long time nothing - your gift is almost ready. Take a picture of your favorite and make artistic or amusing montage, and then the new picture - in a frame! And even better - to make the final image, and then print them from the calendar, or to order an exclusive t-shirt or mug.

A great gift for men - personal or even the name of a bottle of liquor. Here you will also come in handy possession of computer graphics. You make a label editor for cognac, vodka, whiskey, wine or beer, printed and glued on the bottle. If the printer is simple does not suit you, then make a printout of the photo studio or a specialized department of souvenirs.

And one more opportunity to use their skills in computer graphics - processed photo in the style of portraits and print it on canvas. Then just need to make or buy a baguette - and your loved one will be conquered by such an extraordinary gift. By the way, for such gifts can be used not only pictures of the loved one, but also your photos together, as well as, for example, a photo of his beloved dog, a car or landscapes memorable place for him.

 Send flowers with his own hands


It is not necessary to make a gift exclusively related, cobbled together or cut paper. You can combine materials and use a variety of needlework techniques to make a gift. For example, a frame for photos. This is where there turn imagination and skill of the needlewoman! Get ordinary, very simple frame of wood or plastic and decorate it at your discretion: the same salt dough or plastic, paper lace in the technique of quilling or decoupage. And the frame can be covered with fabric or felt, crochet or weave tie frame-macrame.

Decoupage - a technique used in combination with other types of needlework. In this technique, you can decorate the cover for a passport, a box-banknotnitsu, wall clocks and even furniture. Bouquet of sweets. If your favorite is not even breathe to Sweety, you give him a bouquet. You can make a traditional version of the flower, and a sailboat, and a car (in the form of a sweet bouquet, of course). It is even easier - bake him exactly cake!

In short, whatever skill you either owned, whatever may have been dokoy, these skills you will be sure to come in handy if your intention is to make a gift for a loved one with your hands. Men, as we have said, sentimental, in spite of all his feigned manliness and brutality. A personal gift made with your hands, be sure to bring joy to a man, and amuse his pride. So fantasize, go ahead, create, and all you get!

 Present your own hands beloved - opportunities needlework techniques

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 Ribbon Flower with their hands

  • Lush flower of satin ribbons
  • Flower from a nylon tape
  • Dahlia
  • Daisies
  • Flower technique kanzashi

Flower theme needlework virtually inexhaustible. What not only carved artificial flowers! Paper and fabric made of leather and felt, plastic beads and! Flowers sew, knit, sculpt, cut, glue and paint! In short, floral motifs - a reason for the manifestation of fantasy and implementation of creative ideas all masters. And if you're still just beginning needlewoman and no complicated skill is not yet mastered and stuffed his hand in a certain handmade technique, try to use prepared material and simple techniques. Namely, we suggest you make the flowers with his own hands from the tapes. These flowers will be a great addition to your clothing or to your bag, hair ornament or as a basis for brooches. Try?

Lush flower of satin ribbons

Excellent decoration for the holiday together! For the production of the lush flower we need:

  • three meters of satin ribbon,
  • thread to match ribbon
  • a sewing needle,
  • a piece of felt or felt.

For a start we will improve the tape. Take it and stretch from one long side to the edge of the tape became wavy. Simply pull the thread of the longitudinal edges and cut off what will be pulled out from the tape. Now, on this side we do two folds and sewed them. Next, begin to fold the tape spiral (in a circle) to form a flower. Note that the wavy edge of the tape should be outside of the flower!

Place the fastening thread twisting in the course of work, and the remaining tape folded the edge of a flower and sew. Circle cut out of felt and glue or sew it on our beautiful flower. That's how your own hands, you can easily make a beautiful flower that will decorate and hairpin, and a bag, and even act as a brooch.

 flowers with his own hands from the tape

Flower from a nylon tape

Remember what bows intertwined Soviet schoolgirl in pigtails? Today buy nylon tape is problematic, but possible. And if you have a home somewhere preserved such translucent ribbons or you bought them on the occasion, try to make their own hands the original flower from a nylon tape. For its production we need:

  • caproic meter wide belt
  • sewing pins,
  • scissors,
  • thread with a needle.

To start putting out tapes pentagon. Put it on the table, turning the long edge facing you. Derogate from the short edges fifteen centimeters and wrap tape at right angles up from yourself. Shear pin and fold the tape again, expand the long edge facing you. Again measure off fifteen centimeters (to the eye) and then wrap tape at right angles. Repeat this operation five times and get a pentagonal shape. If the tape is an extra tail, trim it.

Now, on the outer edge of the pentagon do short basting stitches. Not removing the thread from the ribbon and trimming it, and take out the baster is contractible pins. At the same time the inner edge of the pentagon will be straightened and the outer edge of the flower, and strapped region turned into the lower side of the flower. Just add up the pentagon to the second tier, only now do the part of a pentagon twice shorter. Fold tiers of flower and sew them. Spreads rose. By the way, these colors can be made from a narrow kapron tape or even from a narrow strip of organza or any other light fabric (chiffon, tulle).


Flowers of nylon tapes become an excellent alternative to decorate elegant bow hair schoolgirl. In addition, it made a similar way flowers can be original decoration for curtains. To make their own hands a dahlia, prepare:

  • wide nylon strip (4 meters)
  • needle and thread (color ribbon)
  • ruler and a pencil.

They make these flowers is easy enough, but look at this simply gorgeous. First you need to do on the tape marking in the form of a zigzag in increments of eight centimeters. Thus on the tape are obtained to draw a triangle with vosmisantimetrovym ground on the edges of the tape. Painted broken line is sewn with short stitches one long thread and tightens it as possible. Now twirl tape in a spiral (caterpillar), twisting her strapped edge and fasten thread. Twisted base sew.


These cute and simple colors can be made from any of the ribbons. Suitable for daisies and nylon and satin ribbons. However, their width should not be less than four centimeters. Although, of ribbons are obtained just little flowers. So, to make such chamomile, prepare:

  • tape of any color,
  • midway buttons for color
  • scissors,
  • needle and thread.

Cut pieces of tape on the twenty-five (thirty centimeters) in length. Fold the ribbon on equity. The width of the lower part must be greater than the upper two millimeters. Hide the ribbon sewn with short stitches, paving the seam at the edge of the fold and the maximum contractible yarn, forming a flower. The thread anchoring, and in the middle of the flower sew on buttons. If you make a very small flowers, instead of buttons can use beads or crystals, which, incidentally, can not only sew but also glued. Incidentally, these colors of the tapes made by the hands, will be an excellent decoration not only for clothing, but may be used in scrapbooking or kartmeydinge.

 flowers from ribbons with their hands

Flower technique kanzashi

The technique tsumami kanzashi made just gorgeous flowers. Most often used for such color satin ribbons, but you can make flowers from nylon ribbons or patches organza, silk or chiffon. For the flower, we need:

  • any tapes
  • candle,
  • thread with a needle;
  • scissors;
  • beads or rhinestones.

So, take any wide ribbon and cut it into square patches, and the cut edges of the searing flames. We turn off the square diagonally and clamping finger right angle of the resulting triangle. Now, one sharp corner wrap and pressed to a right angle, and then wrap and a second area. Then squeeze with your fingers folded corners and podplavlyaem them over the flames, so they stuck together. The result is a single petal of the flower of our future. Doing five to seven lobes and collect them on a string, strung melted edge of the needle. You can make a flower with a single tier of petals, with two or even three - that's the way you like. The middle of the flower decorate with beads, sequins, and beads.

These are the different colors of the tapes can be made with their own hands. Try, dream, go for it! You must come out. Good luck!

 Flowers of the tapes with their own hands - textile floristry

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