hearts with their hands out of paper


  • Heart of magazine pages
  • Hearts of corrugated paper

Holidays requiring special decoration at home, now not so much. Naturally, we decorate the Christmas tree and decorate the house before the New Year celebrations, the master Easter wreaths and candles. Yes, even on Valentine's Day we try to dress up the interior of the house or office to create a proper holiday romantic atmosphere. And, of course, on this day the main attribute of the interior decoration are hearts. The easiest way to make jewelry out of paper hearts, especially since it's easy to make your own hands. By the way, these hearts made of paper (some of them) can be used as greeting valentines. Well? Try?

Heart of magazine pages

Glossy color magazine pages are an excellent material for paper hearts. However, with the same success these original hearts can make their own hands of any other heavy paper, ranging from office and ending with sheets of colored paper sets for creativity. Incidentally, brochures, permanently display in our mailboxes, also suitable for the manufacture of hearts. So, for those hearts have to stock up on magazines, scissors and a stapler. All! Nothing else is needed (except free time, patience and accuracy).

So, magazine pages cut into strips of equal width. For one heart, we need six strips - two long, slightly shorter than two and two is even shorter. Now add up the three strips of different lengths one to the other, aligning their ends from one side. Take the edge of the stack of strips and stifle their bottom fingers of his left hand. Note that the strip should go on growing - from the shortest to the longest.

And now begins the wrapping paper petals. Take a gentle edge strips and combine it with squeezed margins, having petal-droplet. Then just wrap the middle lane, pass it on the first petal. It turned out two lobes - the small in the large. And the longest streak wrap over the first two petals. Now stapler fastening the ends of the strips in the place where they are pinched fingers. Two skrepochki put along one edge of the petals and two - on the opposite side. We get half a heart.

In the same way we do, and mate. Fold both sides, aligning the ends stapling. Petals should turn to the side and fastened the ends should be pointed tip of a heart. If the tip is long, then just cut it. Fastening heart at the junction of the two parts and admire the symbolic heart, made with his own hands. Taki hearts can be hung on the window or on the chandelier, and you can decorate them a large flower room.

 hearts of paper with his own hands

Hearts of corrugated paper

From the red crepe paper with your hands, you can make a very nice Valentine. Such corrugated heart and is not ashamed to give, and as interior decoration convenient to use. So, for the bulk of corrugated hearts Prepare the following tools and materials:

  • corrugated paper red, green and yellow;
  • cotton or padding polyester for stuffing;
  • glue, which does not razmoknet corrugated paper;
  • crochet hook one and a half rooms;
  • stick for a barbecue or a long needle;
  • scissors.

Take the red crepe paper and cut out of it two identical blanks in the form of hearts (the size is arbitrary, but no more palm). Now the edge of one piece smeared with glue, causing the adhesive strip width of about half a centimeter and leaving no fluff plot size of two centimeters. Superimposed on the heart is the second blank is pressed and glued.

When the glue is dry, gently fills heart wool through the hole left by pushing the cotton swab or needle. The opening to seal. Next we need to cut the red or yellow paper strip that becomes wavy heart frame. The width of the strips should be about five to six centimeters, and length - about one and a half meters. Cut the strip so that the strip zhatye walked across the workpiece. Fold the strip in half, aligning the long edges, but now crochet hooked fold and gently pull the paper down on the edge of doing scallops - oval teeth width of about two centimeters. Smooth the edge of ruffles smeared with glue and glue it to the heart, stepping back from the edge of half a centimeter frills. Excess (not glued) cut the paper.

You can do otherwise, making a single layer frill. Cut a strip of the desired width, cut its one edge scalloped and slightly pull them, causing waves. Now, this curly frills glue to the heart, as in the first embodiment. By the way, the options for such a heart, made with your own hands can be more. It can not cut along one edge and make a straight line, only pulling the outer edge to it a hundred wavy. You can make it out of red paper or corrugated paper from any suitable colors: white, pink, orange.

Now do decor of yellow paper. Cut strips (for frills) and fifty centimeters in length and a width of about eight centimeters. Along the long edge of the strip put a wooden stick and twists it in the paper. The free outer edge is glued to receive the rolls. The paper (a roll) collect along the length of rod, condensing it into a light transverse fold and stick heed. The resulting gofrotrubochku bend in the shape of a heart and stick to our paper heart in the place where it is connected with frill.

Heart made with his own hands, is almost ready .  It remains to decorate his flower .  To do this, a green crepe paper cut out a square with a side of ten centimeters .  Fold it in half and cut five elongated leaves of a length of about four centimeters .  Compress each leaf with a narrow end and leaves collect in the socket, fixing them with glue .  Midway outlet also smeared with glue and put it on the heart closer to the sharp tip .  Yellow paper cut a strip twenty centimeters in length and a width of about four centimeters .  Fold the strip in four layers and cut one end of the semicircle .  Now unfold the strip and form of its flower, collecting smooth edge and smoothing petals, cut to the opposite edge .  Lubricate the middle of a flower glue and attach it to the green outlet .  From red paper as well (just not cutting one edge of the petals) do the middle of a flower .

Now our valentines, hand made from corrugated paper ready! You can present it as a symbolic gift, and can be used for a romantic surroundings. By the way, if that surround heart fill with cotton wool soaked in a few drops of essential oil, then you get a sachet - scented pillow. As you can see, a paper heart quite cope with the role of not only romantic, but also a practical gift. Successful initiatives you and success!

 Hearts made of paper with your own hands - and a gift and decoration

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 hearts with their hands


  • Hearts made of felt
  • Heart of fabric
  • Paper Heart

On the eve of Valentine's puzzles we need to select or manufacture of traditional gifts for this day. And what is accepted to give on Valentine's Day? Of course, Valentine. Therefore, any souvenirs and crafts in the form of the heart will be appropriate and welcome gift. And if you like something to tinkering, do something with your hands hearts made of cloth or paper you will not be much difficulty. Beautiful valentines can sew, sculpt, tie, glue or cut ... In general, hearts can be almost any - it all depends on your needlework skills and your desire. Here are just a few examples of the use of various techniques for making valentines.

Hearts made of felt

Very touching and cute gift will be heart-souvenir, made of felt. Felt - easy to use material. It is soft, but it holds its shape well. Edge parts cut from felt, do not crumble and do not require additional treatment to fix the slice. By the way, if you felt for some reason you can not find, it successfully replace ordinary viscose wipes for household purposes. These wipes can be purchased at department Home in any supermarket. Viscose as felt pleasant and comfortable to use. So for these valentines you will need:

  • felt or rayon cloth;
  • thread floss;
  • a sewing needle;
  • scissors;
  • cardboard template;
  • pencil;
  • padding polyester or cotton;
  • multicolored ribbon width from two to five millimeters;
  • buttons, beads, sequins and beads for decoration.

You must first cut the cardboard template in the form of a heart. One template, you will be quite enough, even for a few hearts. So apply a cardboard heart on felt or cloth (on the wrong side of the future valentines) and drag it. For one heart you will need two pieces. Try to make two different hearts. Not exactly different, and differently designed.

So, for the first embodiment valentine cut out two pieces in the shape of a heart, a round Circuits, which will simulate a patch and choose a cute button of size slightly smaller patches. Now superimpose on the front of the one-piece patch and stitch sew it over the edge. Stitch must be neat, but look at this a little sloppy (as in this patch). Then sew a button to patch. The next step - linking the two parts valentines. Fold both sides of the heart wrong side and sew them in neat neat stitches over the edge (as a patch). Seam start from the top, from the recess-tick. Here we sew and ribbon. After stitching around the edge valentines, insert into the hole folded loop ribbon and sew her loopy seam. Through the hole fills heart synthetic padding, cover the seam and fasten thread.

The second option - Valentine's card with a bow. Her sew as well as the first heart, but packaged differently. Fold the ribbon in a broad bow and sew the intersection. Now, we are putting a bow to the front of one of the parts of a heart, sew it and decorate the middle of a sequin or a button. PARTS, fills heart and sew the ribbon-like loop in the first embodiment. By the way, instead of a bow or a patch you can use a bulk consignment of application from the same material as the hearts. Simply cut colorful flowers and leaves collect a bunch.

 hearts with their hands

Heart of fabric

Because the fabric is also possible to make a very lovely valentine. So if you know how to sew or just friends with a needle and thread, feel free to handle the production of such a gift. Take, for example, the heart or heart-sachet-bagel.

In the first case you need to take small pieces of cotton fabric and material for packing. It may be dry, fragrant herbs, bath salt or soaked in essential oil sintepon. From the fabric, cut two identical parts in the shape of a heart, fold them face and sew by hand or prostrochite on the sewing machine, combining parts of the edge of the future valentines. Now sew one of the parts of the loop ribbon or tape, process (Neaten) punishing and remove the heart. Pull out the eyelet and into the heart pour fragrant stuffing. The hole through which the packed heart, sew. If desired, garnish with a sachet with lace, beads, ribbons or buttons.

To make heart-bagel, cut two pieces of fabric in the form of a heart large and two smaller parts .  Now midway parts also cut to have received four parts of the tissue in the form of hearts, bagels (with empty midway) .  Further, as in the case of serve first, down two large faces of the parts, sostrachivaem the inner and outer edge, and a gut-wrenching .  Similarly, connect, and two small details .  With long needles fills both parts valentines synthetic padding, pushing the stuffing inside and uniformly distributing it .  Close the seams on both blanks, put a little heart inside (a hollow middle,) large and sew it in two places - the top and bottom .  If the inner heart has turned out much smaller than the external, then make the connection jumper loops of fabric or ribbons .  Much to heart the stitch loop-hanger and decorate Valentine any decorative elements: lace, lace, beads or buttons .

If you take a pastel fabrics and make the workpiece in the form of elongated (elongated) hearts and nabete a cushion Valentine synthetic padding, then you'll have a heart-style doll Tilda. And woolen fabrics, jeans or tapestry, you can make a cushion in the form of a heart. And if very little heart made of cloth or felt sew on the one hand an ordinary pin, and the other side to decorate or embroidery done on it, it will turn Valentine-brooch.

 heart with his hands

Paper Heart

Original paper heart can be made in the technique of the facing. Such will be the heart of the creative crown for the fashion today topiary or suspension for a mirror on the windshield of the car. How to make a "hairy" heart?

For this you need the blank foam, glue gun and corrugated paper napkins or multilayer. Paper cut into squares with a side of not more than one and a half centimeters. Styrofoam heart cut out the right size. Now the fun part. Take an ordinary pencil, put the end to the middle of a square of paper and compress the paper, bending the edges up. Rolled a pencil, holding a paper and pencil pressed to get tortsovochku - blank for miter. In the center of the foam heart drip glue and put it tortsovochku. Presses a pencil to the foam and remove it from the tortsovochki. The following workpiece is pasted around the first, trying to keep between them was as little empty space. The next series tortsovok paste the same circle. So fill the entire surface of the foam hearts on both sides and on each side (if a thick foam).

Topiary heart to sit down on the trunk-rod of appropriate size and fasten it in the decorative pot filled with alabaster or ordinary clay. Pot decorate. For heart pendant Fasten a foam blank loop of braid or ribbon. By the way, if the foam is applied to the contours of a pattern and do tortsovochki of colored paper, you get much more colorful valentines and more fun.

And you can try to link hearts hook sculpt them out of salt dough, plastics or cold porcelain. Valentine can be made in the technique of quilling, embroidered cardboard izonityu heart or cast from the wax and make original candle. Want to learn soap making? Perfectly! Try to make soap in the form of a heart. You know how the stove? Great! Cake and cookies in the form of the heart, too, has done with the role of valentines. In general, a heart gift with their own hands - this is the best gift for your sweetheart. After he is done with love, which, as we know, can not be bought for any money. Love! And be loved!

 Hearts with their own hands - a gift heart Master

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