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We, the girls, such thrower! These romantic nature that already captures the spirit. There are among us and tireless talkers, and concentrated Taciturn, but we all want to be heard. In fact, many of us are so timid that are simply afraid to speak out for fear of being ridiculed or misunderstood. But others fear adds bravado behavior. However, each of us can be silent and everyone understands the source - our personal diary.

Blogs have become fashionable among the educated aristocrats of the nineteenth century. And ever since until today they are popular with the young and not so young ladies. By the way, the tradition of making diaries with their own hands is also quite old. Although printers offer us all sorts of options such ready diaries, personal diary, made by hand, it is always better. So, do not shelving them, let's get to the factory.

Diary Folder

Diary, which we will gather, as they say, from scratch. For its production need to prepare:

  • Thick paper for the cover - a rectangle with sides of 28 and 15 centimeters;
  • The paper for the pages of the diary - rectangular sheets with sides of 20 and 11 centimeters;
  • The yarn or ribbons for laces - about 30 centimeters;
  • Two eye (metal rivets) 3 mm in diameter;
  • Shred the skin;
  • Marker;
  • Scissors;
  • Ruler;
  • Stapler.

First, we will do the cover. Take one sheet and expand the long sides up and down. Measured from the right edge of the short 3 cm 8 mm and otcherchivaem straight line parallel to the edge. From the left edge of the retreating 12 centimeters and also otcherchivaem vertical straight line. Now, cut out two circles of leather-buttons with a diameter of about four centimeters. Overturn the cover facing up and on the right side about an inch from the edge and the middle button of leather fastened. To do this, use a hammer and rivet.

According to the scribed lines do folds, wrapping paper inside. On the opposite side near the left edge of the second cover fasten a button similar to the first, departing from the edge of two and a half centimeters. We put in the eyes and fixed her braid, tying knots on the inside cover. Folded in half inside pages, put them in the cover, aligning the fold line with a left fold cover. Fasten the cover page to the stapler at the junction of folds of the cover and pages. That's all. Our blog-folder, made with his own hands, ready!

 how to make a personal diary with their own hands

Personal diary-notebook

This notebook personal diary is very easy to do. Although for him, we use a ready-made notebook, diary will very effective, and most importantly - it will emphasize your individuality. For a young lady is best to make a diary with a beautiful flower application. And what will be brighter and more exotic application, the spectacular and unique get yourself a diary. For him, we need:

  • Ready on the metal spiral notebook;
  • The fabric for the cover;
  • Cloth applications;
  • Clay;
  • Decorative ribbons;
  • Pencil;
  • Shiloh;
  • Scissors.

First, you must make the fabric cover. To do this, pull the spiral notebook and remove both the cover. Now cut out of the fabric, which was prepared for the cover, two flap, which size should be two centimeters in length and width larger than the cover. Glue the fabric to the wrong side of the cover on both of its parts. Excess fabric gently wrap the face and glue, too. Cut two more graft of this size to cover the front side flaps formed by closing wrapped and glued fabric. Glue and put on these patches. In place of the joints of the back and facial flap glue tape.

From another fabric appliqué in the shape of a flower, we handle the edges and also put on the front cover of the adhesive on the cover. With an awl to pierce the holes in those tissues where the holes were of the spiral. Insert spiral notebook collecting two covers and leaflets. Our blog made with their hands, ready!

 Beautiful personal blog with their own hands

Rainbow blog

For such a cheerful multi-colored diary, we need a lot of sheets of colored paper. You can use colored office paper, colored food coloring or watercolor white paper, paper for scrapbooking, or even multi-colored thin cardboard or paper wallpaper. In addition to the colored paper, you need to prepare:

  • Thick thick cardboard;
  • Large patches of bright colored felt;
  • Paper for sealing the inside of the cover (flyleaf);
  • Punch;
  • Sewing machines;
  • Threads in tone or contrasting felt;
  • The fine tailoring gum;
  • Glue "Moment".

Cut all paper rectangular sheets of A5 to do it with the help Punch holes at the same distance from the edges and put all the sheets in the pile. Strictly speaking, the inside of a personal diary, we ready. It remains to make the cover.

Of the two rectangular cut out cardboard blank, which size should be about one centimeter larger (on each side) than the length of the sides of the inner sheets diary. From felt cut out too rectangular blanks of the same size as the cardboard plus one centimeter on each side. Put a felt blank on the table, put it on a cardboard box, leaving the lower allowances on each side of the workpiece. These free edges smeared with glue and wrap them clutching cardboard. Corners felt sticking up, cut off only after making sure that the corners of the cover is well glued. Similarly, paste and a second blank for the cover.

Now on the sewing machine paving decorative stitch around the perimeter of the two pieces for the cover of the diary. And then the punch to make holes that need to be exactly the same with holes on the inside pages. From flyleaf paper cut a rectangle with sides a couple of millimeters smaller than the cover. Punchers do in rectangles holes (coinciding with the holes on the cover), and glue paper bookends on the back of both pasted with felt pieces. The holes on the cover is sheathed by hand or decorate metal eyelets for scrapbooking. By the way, in the shops are sold for scrapbooking and decorative corners. They can be attached to the outer corners of the cover

Decorate the front cover in its sole discretion, to paste any applications of paper, postcards, or felt. You can also use beads, buttons, ribbons, braid or any other decorative elements. Putting blog by placing a glass of internal pages between the cover page. Fastening his first threading the upper gum in the hole and tie it to a strong knot, and then is passed as the second gum in the bottom holes. So we turned iridescent blog on soft rubber rings.

How to decorate a blog

If an external decoration diary made with their own hands, everything is clear, the question of the decoration of its inner pages remains open. Naturally, we try to come up with something, and to decorate the pages themselves, as what they can diversify?

  1. Firstly, each page can be decorated colored tape - it's convenient and thematic tabs.
  2. Secondly, the pages will be a great decoration drawings made with markers or markers, and if you know how to draw well, you can color the pages and watercolor or crayons. It may be a little story in the corners of the picture pages or at the edges, but you can make an ornamental pattern. What is paint? Yes, anything! Flowers, patterns, little animals, toon - what you like.
  3. Instead of pictures you can use ready-made labels or decals. This is convenient for those who can not boast of the ability to draw.
  4. Photo. A great way to decorate and illustrate your own blog - house the photos of memorable moments of their lives, their own portraits and photos of friends.
  5. An illustration can be and magazine clippings. For example, you plan to do some shopping. Perfectly! Find similar images gizmos in the magazine, and mount them in a diary.
  6. Calligraphy. Beautiful font can also be a great decoration of the diary. In addition, signs and writing can be done with colored pens or markers, and even decorate the caps, as in the old books.

In short, with his hands made a personal diary will not only be a wonderful companion, but also an occasion for the manifestation, development and improvement of your creative abilities. It is necessary to apply their skillful hands and dream a little. Be of good cheer! And you certainly will!

 Personal diary with his own hands - an occupation for young ladies

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