carved candles with their hands


  • Steps for creating carved candles
  • What is needed to create the carved candles?
  • Step by step instructions for the manufacture of carved candles

Carved candles are different: easter, wedding, Christmas. And if you're having trouble with a gift choice, get a unique product - you will not regret it! Creation of extraordinary beauty - this is the thought comes to mind when you look at a candle. And of course the question is - how? How to make a carved candle? As with their hands, you can create such a masterpiece? This article is dedicated to all the answers. Immediately it should be said that the process of creating carved candles rather laborious, in fact - expensive. But let us all about it ....

Steps for creating carved candles

Create carved candles with your own hands can be divided into several stages:

  • Tide blanks paraffin candles;
  • Equipment heating containers;
  • Dive into the hot billet colored wax until the desired number of layers;
  • Just cutting the candles;
  • Cover the finished product fixing varnish.

The process itself is not particularly difficult. The main task consists in the preparation of equipment and material for creativity. To purchase this, you need to find people who are professionally engaged in manufacturing of decorative candles and order have the right materials. Or try to find them online yourself. Just do not make a mistake with the choice! After all, the quality of the wax and dye will depend on the future quality of the candles.

 how to make a carved candle

What is needed to create the carved candles?

So, let's see, what should be the materials for the job.

  • Paraffin or wax

Purchase only highly purified material, free of any chemical additives. Note oiliness paraffin. It is from these two parameters, and the result will depend on the process;

  • Basis for candles

It is made of paraffin or wax, but with the addition of specific impurities, which do not allow a candle to "flow." In addition, this mixture smokes and flames of candles lit evenly and consistently;

  • Moulds for candles in the form of a five-pointed star

Get really high quality is very difficult to form. Yes, and they cost a lot of money. Shapes made from various materials: plastic, silicon or metal. Plastic blanks very short-lived. Already after 2-3 times of use they are beginning to break: hot wax sticks to the walls and it is practically impossible to remove without damaging the form itself. Metal products are rare, they are almost impossible to obtain. The best option in this case is considered to be silicone. This material is flexible, good resistance to heat. On one such form can be removed about two hundred paraffin bases;

  • Wick candle

For each product manufactured a special wick. Its texture and thickness depends on the form of suppositories, as well as its height. The wick is made of special threads, intertwined. Here the main thing to guess, with its thick too thin will often go out and provoke excessive thick smoke;

  • Lacquer for candles

This material gives the ready candles shine and protects them from external influences. According to the manufacturer, the varnish completely non-toxic, that is, when burning it does not emit any harmful substances. Common acrylic lacquer is not suitable - it falls on the uneven surface of the candle. Special paints for pictures not worth buying because they have an unpleasant odor and will not impart the desired product shine. So one way out - to buy varnishes, designed especially for carved candles. They can be found only on the thematic resources in the network;

  • Dyes for paraffin

In the production of carved candles used fat-soluble dyes. You can buy traditional dyes intended for dyeing of candles. Only in this case, your job is complicated by several times. This material covers the previous color is bad, it becomes especially evident after drying candles. As a result, the finished product will become "pockmarked" color. In order to achieve effective results staining dyes must be ordered from companies involved in the supply of materials, designed specifically for carved candles.

  • Baths for melting wax

Here you have two choices: either make yourself a bath (bring her husband), or to order, along with other materials. In fact, for a man who knows how to handle welding machine, this problem does not seem too difficult. It should be made of stainless steel rectangular container, which, in turn, be divided into several compartments (one compartment - one color). You also need to take care of heating molten paraffin. To this end, under the bath made wooden stand on which is mounted an electric heating element. The wax must be constantly maintained in a temperature - 80-90 degrees Celsius.

Step by step instructions for the manufacture of carved candles

Thus, we assume that all the necessary materials you already have. Now we can begin to work. Ready? Well, we begin!

  • Attach the wire to the paraffin blank that you are comfortable it was to dip it in a container with colored wax;
  • Put next to the bathroom a bucket of cold water;
  • Dipping the workpiece in the first color for a couple of seconds, take out and immediately lower it into the water (also for a couple of seconds). This is to ensure that the layer of colored wax has cooled down a little and the next layer is uniformly dispersed on the surface;
  • Wipe clean the workpiece cloth and immersed in a second color. We repeat the trick with water;
  • Thus, you need to make 15-20 multi-colored layers;
  • After the finish color, gently and smoothly cut the bottom of the candle future;
  • Now, on top of doing a small round hole, which is attached to the wick;
  • And then it had read the most important process - cutting the candles;
  • In it you will set aside no more than 10-15 minutes. Otherwise, the wax hardens, and it can not be cut;
  • To use special cutting knives;
  • Carefully cut off the top layer with rather narrow strips, but not completely;
  • These strips can simply bend inward or outward turn, can be woven braids of them. In short, let your imagination;
  • And finally dip the finished candle in a container of paint.

All - we admire the creation that you have created with your own hands! Of course, be prepared for the fact that the first time (and the second as well) to create a truly beautiful candle you are unlikely to succeed. This requires constant training, perseverance and desire. Over time you will learn how to cut from paraffin masterpieces. And who knows, maybe it is an innocent hobby turn into a small home business, bringing very significant revenue.

 Carved candles with their hands: learn to create masterpieces

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 how to make candles


  • Materials for making candles at home
  • The process of making candles at home
  • How to design a candle?

At the dawn of mankind the fire was one of the main symbols of life. Thanks to its heat and brightness of the early humans were able to warm up by the fire and illuminate their caves, learned to cook, bake ware and tempering weapons. Fire gave us women, the main function: its emergence, we have the main guardians of family values ​​- home. It is associated with fire most ancient magical rites. His power and might still make people tremble, because not everyone manages to extinguish the fire, even when using the most modern tools and equipment.

Candles - it is a symbol of how people have learned to tame fire and make it serve the good. But even their peaceful warm and mysterious light that shines so often in love romantic evenings, festive New Year's feasts and other celebrations - this is only a small illusion of our authority over the fire. Is not it a burning flame of a candle, you can admire the infinite? It is so changeable, impermanent and so deceptively defenseless, because can fade away even our breath. But it holds a huge primitive force that can destroy and turn into ashes all around. It is this duality, power, behind the apparent weakness, and makes the flame of a candle magic and beautiful.

So why not try to decorate your house personally made these tiny decorative repositories of fire? It is quite possible that they will not only complement the original interior, but also take over the functions peculiar charms that protect our home from negative outside. And to make these original and useful gizmos very much easier than it might seem at first glance.

 how to make candles at home

Materials for making candles at home

As a basis for the creation of this type of decoration you require ordinary stearin or paraffin candles that you can buy at any hardware store. They probably have in your home in case of electrical problems. Stubs fit even the same color. Wax will also be an excellent basis for making decorative candles at home. For it is better to go to the market, where they sell products of beekeeping. At the same time, note that faster burning paraffin products stearin and wax initially have a pleasant fragrance, but this material is more whimsical and beginners not immediately possible to work with him. Therefore, to begin with Practice on the creation of candles from cheaper materials (stearin or paraffin).

As the wick is best to use a cotton thread twisted wiring. Perfectly suited for this thread "floss", which certainly is in the arsenal of any needlewoman. The texture of the wick is also important. So, if you're doing fine wax candles, use thick thread, twisting them is not very tight, for stearin and paraffin is better to take a more subtle, but to make a tourniquet tight.

Do not neglect these recommendations by twisting the wick. Because of its thickness depends on the quality of the flame of the future product. If it is excessive, the candles will smoke if insufficient - will steadily fade. But even easier to use ready-made wicks, which are purchased in paraffin or stearin products. Pull them out, you can, cut each in half along a candle.

In addition to these two elements, and you can not do without molds. With their selection should decide in what form you want to make decorative candles for the home. They can be molded, that is removed from the mold, or to be in it as in a beautiful setting. In the first case can use any plastic container, the bottom of which can be easily cut hole for the wick: boxes from yogurts, jars out of cream, plastic molds from the boxes of candies and so on.

Newcomers still better to choose the capacity that have smooth walls inside, with no bumps, because that is what allows you to easily remove the finished frozen candle. On the other hand, the relief on the surface of molds creating a beautiful pattern of products. Therefore, the choice is yours. In the second case, you can use any transparent and opaque containers: glass cups, ice-cream bowls, copper, silver or porcelain wine glasses and other vessels which are - to your taste - will be able to become worthy of the outer shell of the candle. All of this will be found without effort in every home.

You will also need wood sticks for fixing the wick. To do this, take the usual toothpicks. If you want to make colored decorative candles, please be a set of wax crayons. With their help, the products are very easy to make the desired color. Scented decorative candles is easy to make in the presence of essential oils (all except the pink, which, when heated, has a very unpleasant smell).

As additional decorations you can use coffee beans, a variety of cereals, seed beads, tiny sea pebbles, seashells, glass and so on. Do not forget about the bowl in which to melt stearin, paraffin or wax in a water bath. As you can see, almost all the components for the manufacture of candles homes are very affordable and simple.

The process of making candles at home

When it becomes clear that it will need to create such beautiful and useful for home decoration, you can move on to the process of work. In the first case we will focus on how to learn to make candles that are to be removed from the mold. This is the easiest and fastest way, so better to start with him. Subsequently, it will be the base for other options.

First of all, remove the wicks of candles purchased in the store, and then cut the products themselves into small pieces and place them in a water bath rastaplivatsya. As the main tank is best to use a bucket, a pot with a spout or a regular mug. It will easily fill a ready material in any, even a very narrow form. If you do not have a home dishes, use the usual cans, which can be flattened, making the likeness of the spout.

As long as your base for homemade candles melted, do some preparation forms, where it will have to freeze.

So, if you plan to take out of them later finished products, the easiest way to proceed as follows. At the bottom of your chosen plastic boxes make a small hole and insert it in the future wick fixing nodules. It is important to position it vertically and exactly in the center to form a candle, because that is possible to ensure a uniform product combustion. To simplify the task, take a toothpick (pencil) across its tie the free end of the wick and center it on the form.

In the described process meant that the bottom is used to fill the tank would become the top of the candle, so take care of the correct length of the wick. If you do it yourself, be sure to soak the thread melted wax, paraffin or stearin. This will give the wick necessary rigidity and reduce the loss of material through the hole in the bottom of when you pour it into a container for freezing. Sami molds grease with vegetable oil - so you will be able to easily remove the finished candle. Do not be discouraged if you have lost sight of this point. After hardening substitute the bottom of the mold under a stream of hot water - this method also makes it easy to remove the product.

Now prepare the coloring material. For this finely nastrogat colored wax crayons, and sprinkle in the resulting chips in the vessel where melted tallow (wax, paraffin). Use the softest of the proposed crayons so they quickly melted. Fat basis for such an impromptu dye will allow it to easily interact with wax, paraffin and stearin. Thoroughly mix all the wooden stick.

If suddenly you have in mind to use gouache or watercolor, immediately discard the idea. Water based paints these will not allow them to dissolve in the base material, they settle to the bottom or flake form ugly. Therefore it is very important to use a fat-containing dye. If you are at home or at the nearest office supply store was not wax crayons, instead of them can take a lipstick or a soft creamy shade. They should also be ground and added to the base in a water bath.

When the mass is smooth and liquid, it will need to fill in a pre-prepared form. Remember that the base can not bring to a boil - just a good material solution. Filled with paraffin (stearin, wax) form should be left to solidify. Do not try to speed up the process by sending them in the refrigerator or freezer. Sudden changes in temperature will trigger the appearance of unsightly cracks in the surface of products. So let the candles take the necessary state at room temperature.

To understand well if your frozen miniature creations touch the walls and bottom of the form. If they are cool to the touch, it is time to evaluate the results. To untie this knot on the bottom of the mold and gently pull the thread from above. Do not be discouraged if you can not get the product at the first attempt. Plastic mold can be cut or even thirty seconds to put in the freezer and then put under hot water. That's all your decorative candles ready. It remains only to adjust the length of the wick, and you can light them.

 how to make candles at home

How to design a candle?

Of course, now you can use other materials for the manufacture of such articles, and dye house. Needlewoman acquire special forms to fill, ready to color pigments which have the form of tablets, and so on. Of course, the basic process of creating this type of decoration is simple, so further improvements only help make your creations even more beautiful.

In the algorithm described above can be made and other embodiments of the extraordinary candles. Sprinkle the bottom of the form preselected decorative elements in the form of coffee beans, beads or colored marbles. Layer should not be thicker than two centimeters, the means to make a slight indentation. Melted base in the form of fill gradually, otherwise décor float to the surface. After setting the first layer in the same way to make the second and so on until you fill out the form to the top. Note that in this case is unlikely to spark to light a long time, this was prevented by the decorative elements inside. However, they can become just the original handmade decoration for your home or serve a small original gift for family and friends.

This method involves creating a spark that will correspond to the top of the product form the top. In the process of hardening of the wick is formed from a small depression, it is also necessary to fill the base. Finally, you can tie a ribbon candle. For better fixation wrap its product and iron the fabric hot spoon. If you want to scented candles, then apply a few drops of oil in the base before it will fill in the form.

If you want to create your product you can always light a fire and enjoy the game in the decor, then go the other way. Remove the finished candle from the mold and place for a few seconds in the oven. Now warm base will allow it to stick to any jewelry. In this form, they do not interfere, allowing the fire to burn freely until the candle is not Istan.
Look beautiful products in a clear glass container. To do this, a good fix on the bottom of the wick, do this with a heavy sinker.

Especially impressive your work will be when it will consist of the additional layers of the original decorative elements and have a subtle shades. Openwork product obtained if a mold before pouring the foundations fill crushed ice, before that there is a ready fixing candles shop bright color. When the wax (stearin, wax) zastynut, you will only pour out the remaining water and admire the result.

Do not be afraid to experiment, using a variety of materials and techniques for making candles. Stock up on special markers called circuits. They can draw on the surface of products. Special stickers will help you to create a decorative candle in the technique of decoupage. Spread out along the edges of dried flowers, bamboo sticks, cinnamon, dried fruits, seeds - all of this will be an excellent decor element for your products.

Shells brought from summer vacation on the coast, will provide an opportunity to make a candle in a nautical theme; poured into molds for desserts, your creations will be in the form of confectionery. If you get the hang of this extraordinarily creative process, it may be that the original decorative trinkets paraffin, stearin or wax will be your original card, and friends and asked them to do something to order. Be creative, and perfection are looking for!

 How to make candles: decorative elements create their own hands

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