coffee tree with his hands


  • Materials and tools
  • Manufacturing
  • Variants of the coffee tree

Even if you love coffee, you should not deny yourself the pleasure to use fragrant grains in slightly different order. For example, they can serve as an excellent material for uncomplicated, graceful and very impressive crafts - Topiary. Crafts interior steel now in vogue. Of course, some of them will require you both time and some skill. However, some "hendmeydovskie" products are so easy to make that will afford almost anyone.

First, you practice, make sure how easy it is. Secondly, you will be able to learn the basics of manufacturing Topiary interior. And thirdly, you will be pleasantly surprised by the spectacular view of the finished crafts. In addition, the materials for the manufacture of coffee trees do not need so much, and options such cozy interior accessories abound. So give free rein to their imagination. But first, find out how to make a coffee tree with his own hands. Try?

 how to make a coffee tree with his hands

Materials and tools

Making coffee trees actually afford any. And the time it takes quite a bit. The longest in the process - gluing coffee beans. However, many skilled workers claim that this process is calming and allows you to gather your thoughts. For crafts need the following materials and tools:

  • Basis Topiary - CZK. You can use any light round object from a plastic ball and finishing with crumpled into a ball and wrap thread newspaper.
  • The trunk of coffee tree. Normal branch, thick wire, plastic or cardboard tube. It all depends on how you want to see the trunk of your tree - or a single branched, curved or straight, thin or wide.
  • Capacity for topiary. It also can be any, depending on the size of the trees. Suitable small flower pot and a cup (cup), and a low vase. The main thing is that the dishes were stable.
  • Coffee beans. It is advisable to take the whole package at once, that was enough for the whole crown Topiary.
  • The filler-retainer. This is what you fill the container. They can be gypsum, sand, foam, sponge or usual floral garden soil.
  • Brown gouache or acrylic paint. It is necessary to paint the crown. If you do not mind that between the grains will look through the surface of the ball, it is possible to dispense with dyes.
  • Materials for decor - beads, ribbon, twine, sisal, beads and other embellishments.
  • Glue gun or any other adhesive that firmly attach the coffee beans to round basis.

Here, in fact, all that you need for that cute crafts.

 how to make a coffee tree


As we have already said, for the crown will fit any small plastic ball. If you use ready-ball, it just need to cut a hole into which is inserted into the barrel. If such a workpiece you can not find, do Topiary basis of the usual newspaper. To do this, crumpled sheet of newspaper into a ball the size you want, and then wrapped with his usual thread. The turns chaotic and impose tight enough (but not too!). The main thing is to have fixed thread ball shape. After that, based on newspaper also make a hole for the barrel.

And now we need to paste over the crown of coffee beans. This can be done easily by placing a ball in a container of appropriate size so that half sphere rose above dishes. After this part of the crown is decorated of simply turn over the ball and paste coffee beans rest of the crown.

How to glue grain - your business. Typically, first glue layer of grain, turning their convex side up. Thus granules superimposed rows, trying to place them in a staggered manner with respect to the grains of the previous row. Thereafter, a second layer of decorate crown coffee beans, but their inverted flat side up. In the second layer of grains is applied much less, closing the space between the grains of the first layer.

While the glue dries, let us stem. If you have a plastic or cardboard tube of suitable diameter, just trim it to the desired height. The trunk can also be manufactured from a wire coiling together several segments. This is easy to bend the trunk, giving it the desired shape. You can use the branch of the tree. This barrel can not in any way to decorate. But the trunks made of other materials, it is desirable to mask. Typically, for decorating the tree trunk coffee using twine or ribbon that wrapped the trunk, stacking spiral neat and tight turns.

After the glue is completely dry, put on the crown on the trunk and, if necessary, fix it with glue. Now we fix our tree in a container. It is safest to fill the capacity of the cast, and the easiest way to pour into it the sand or soil. Tank itself is also possible to decorate with ribbons or twine if utensils looks unpresentable.

Additional decorations - is at your discretion. You can pour on top of plaster (sand) beads or beads. You can also paste a few beads to the crown. You can "plant" a tree on decorative floral insects. In short, everything here depends entirely on your taste and on your imagination.

Variants of the coffee tree

Offer coffee Topiary option is not the only one. The first thing I want to draw your attention to is the ability to manufacture several trees with crowns. Then you're just doing a branched trunk and each branch put on a crown. Just keep in mind that the Crown balls should not be too much. Their optimal number - three. Thus it is desirable to make crown of different diameters.

Coffee trees (i.e. their crowns) need not be perfectly round. Romantically will look, for example, crown, or heart-shaped cloud. For such crafts usually use blanks cut from the foam, and then paste them as coffee beans.

Another great idea - to plant a little tree lawn alive. To this container is filled horticultural soil, and seeded therein conventional grass seeds. You just need time to water and mow your mini gazonchik.

Do not forget that Topiary - not just interior decoration. It is also called the tree of happiness. And if you were able to make the coffee tree, you can accentuate it topically, depending on what room are going to put this lucky charm. If his place - the kitchen, decorate the crown, for example, a stick of cinnamon or vanilla bean. If you want to put the coffee tree in the bathroom, use as decor sea pebbles or seashells.

By the way, make a coffee tree with his hands and can be a gift. Just do not forget to take into account the habits and interests to whom this gift is going to present. In short, dream, create and build. All in your hands. Good luck!

 Topiary art - coffee tree with his hands

 Money Tree Bead


  • Equipment, materials and tools
  • Production of Leaf
  • Production branches
  • Manufacturing barrel
  • Securing money tree
  • Useful tips

If you enjoy tinkering various crafts with their hands if beadwork familiar to you firsthand, if you believe in the miraculous power of talismans feng shui, the money tree of beads - this is what you need! In fact, under the name of "money tree" are several houseplants, including grenades and Crassula.

However, those living mascots require attention and care, but the money tree of beads no special care is needed. In doing so they completely keep the magic talisman properties and become not only a tool of feng shui, but also an excellent element of interior decoration. And even if beading yet become your hobby, the production of money tree - an excellent opportunity to learn this needlework. In addition, a tree is quite simple. So start.

Equipment, materials and tools

Weave money tree from beads is performed in looping technique. This way you can make other crafts, but for making money or any other souvenir beaded trees, this technique fits perfectly. For the manufacture of wood money to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • thin copper wire, the section which allows you to put on her beads;
  • thick copper wire twisting wood frame;
  • thread floss brown;
  • beads and chopped green round;
  • brown beads to decorate the base money tree;
  • glue "Moment" transparent;
  • masking tape;
  • brown paint (acrylic or gouache);
  • scissors;
  • brush;
  • Gypsum (dry powder).

Production of Leaf

Cut a piece of thin wire length about fifty centimeters. We put it on him eight beads, promoting them in the middle of the wire and make a loop. That is simply twist the free ends of the wire directly under the first and eighth beads, making three turns. On the one free end of the wire put on sixteen beads, we pick it up and wrap arc of the ready-made loop of beads. Twist the free ends of the wire into twelve or fifteen turns. The length of the twisted piece of wire should be about three centimeters -Five. Similarly, the second leaf curl, followed by a third.

As a result, we should get a branch with three leaves - one in the middle and two at the sides. The remaining loose ends of the wire and twist to form a base branch. In the same way we make another sixty to seventy shamrocks. By the way, some branches may be by one Leaflets replace coins. Simply fold the wire loop and bonded to the loop value.

Production branches

The next stage of our manufacturing crafts - the transformation of the individual leaves (trefoil) in the green sprigs of beads. First we collect all the shamrocks in bunches of about fourteen or fifteen pieces. The free ends of each trefoil straighten wire and connect into one branch. Thick copper wire is inserted in the middle and wrapped around her thin copper wires of shamrocks.

It is possible to collect all the leaves on the bottom level, like a bouquet. And you can raise and lower a few shamrocks, then the beam itself twig we will multilevel. Thus we make a few branches, which will make our crafts crown - money tree from beads. Each of the resulting branches winding barrel thread floss.

There is another method of manufacturing branches - paired weaving shamrocks. In this case, first we collect all the shamrocks and twisting two pieces. Then, out of every three to five such branches collect another, and twisting the loose ends of the wire. A ready-made Barrel each such branches wrapped with thread sewing masking wire.

 crafts bead money tree

Manufacturing barrel

To view artefacts in the form of cash necessary to make the tree trunk. We need already collected twigs, thick copper wire under the base masking tape to strengthen the trunk and a thread for his disguise. So, take a thick wire and start to fix it one by one all the branches. What form to give the trunk and in what order to consolidate branches, depends only on your imagination.

The trunk can be straight or curved, small or long. The crown can be assembled in a lush stacks and threads can be distributed over the entire length of the barrel. Whatever form you choose crafts, barrel manufacturing principle is the same. Just fasten branches to the trunk, forming a crown, and both adjusting curves, the height and width of the trunk.

Winding trunk of masking tape is possible in the process, but you can do it, and after all the branches will be attached to the core wire. Masking tape on top of the thread winding do floss, and a few centimeters of the wire barrel leave free of masking tape and thread.

Securing money tree

Usually, all this kind of crafts (artificial trees from beads, ribbons and paper) is attached in small containers, filling them with plaster. You can, of course, rather than use a conventional clay plaster or strengthen the trunk using a floristic sponge. But the plaster - it is much more reliable.

So take our tree and those ends of the wire are left bare, straighten in different directions, making them a kind of brace that will hold the tree in a container until the plaster hardens. Gypsum is diluted with water to the consistency of thick cream and pour the mixture into the container. We leave it to harden, and when the solution grabs, cover the plaster surface with brown paint.

After that you need to decorate the "ground" beads. To this end, squeezing a thin layer on the surface of transparent glue and pour on top of the brown beads. Sprigs crown straighten. That's all - our money tree is ready.

 beadwork money tree

Useful tips

Netting for the money tree leaves can be anything. You can not collect trefoils and threads with a large number of leaflets, such as, for example, acacia. You can not form the main branches of the three, and four or five leaflets and then bend them upwards. You can use any other weave which will seem more appropriate for the production of leaflets.

When you start making money tree, keep in mind some of the rules of feng shui. For example, the number of coins that you place on the tree, be sure to must be divisible by four. It is advisable to use special Chinese coins, but you can take the usual penny coin.

The trunk of the tree, you can decorate the plaster weight, or a mixture of dry plaster and white glue. Then we can make a barrel of relief that mimic the texture of tree bark. On top of a tree covered with stucco brown or gold paint.

Put ready money tree must be in the area of ​​Wealth and decorate it with red ribbons. Under the pot with a little tree to put a red cloth and banknotes. And for artificial money tree to care - to wipe off the dust and make sure that there were not near the old stuff and junk.

In short, if all the rules of your money tree from beads necessarily act as a talisman of wealth. A beading may be your hobby. Good luck and success!

 Money Tree from beads - a talisman of wealth with their hands