Cosmetics at home


  • What you need to have on hand?
  • The mirror of one's heart
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As the saying goes, "Everything is new - it is well forgotten old! ". And so it is. Do we think about ten years ago that in the XXI century objects made with his own hands, will gain huge popularity? This applies to cosmetics, home-cooked.

Today the art of home cooking and soap making cosmetics and personal care products themselves in high esteem. The thing is, what is a "craft" requires patience, endurance and cost considerable amount of time. In addition, the use of domestic cosmetics obvious. Means, home-cooked fresh food, do not carry the danger of harmful substances. A useful component you can not even doubt. Using homemade cosmetics is a very pleasant procedure. The very same preparation of these miracle - means you do not require large material costs.

What you need to have on hand?

All the ingredients for the manufacture of cosmetics at home is very easy to find. They are sold in specialized stores, of which there now appeared in the city a lot. Now let's define a list of the most necessary for such a "craft."

All women love a good smell. Therefore, your makeup should also have a pleasant smell. This can be easily done using special cosmetic aromatic oils. Just do not mix them with essential oils. Oils for the smell is not so corrosive.

To house the shade or tone cream had a familiar structure, you need a thickener. It is considered the best option xanthan, which is used not only in cosmetics, but also in medicine. If you have a desire to make a lip balm or liquid shadow, you will need to have on hand a flower wax, preferably with a pleasant aroma.

To create a powder and foundation you need the mineral base. Remember that the choice you need to stop on the tone that is slightly lighter than you need. To domestic powder, blush and shadow did not differ in structure from the purchased, please be with mother of pearl and different color pigments.

If you decide to use dyes, it is better to stop your choice on the natural. They are unlike artificial, can not harm the skin, and without which it is exposed each day harmful external factors. To the process of cooking cosmetics at home was nice and comfortable, you need to pre-purchase all the necessary utensils: dishes and mixing stick, dropper to accurately measure liquid ingredients, mini-mixer and light acidity.

 how to do makeup at home

The mirror of one's heart

We often call the eye of the mirror of the soul, and we hasten to emphasize that it is an expressive part of the face. The most common means of eye makeup are the eyeshadow. The process of cooking is very simple. But when choosing the necessary components, try to take into account the sensitivity of their skin.

We represent your attention a simple recipe home eyeshadow. To make them, take the talc in an amount of 2 teaspoons half a teaspoon of fine rice powder, 1 tablespoon pearl and mix everything in a mortar. If you prefer to use a liquid shadows, the said mass to be mixed with melted wax flower. The finished product must be placed in the prepared containers.

To underline, highlight and change the natural color and size eyelashes, women have long been used mascara for the eyes. The recipe of its preparation is also quite simple. It is easy to make with the help of mini-mixer, mix half a teaspoon of flower oil, previously melted in a water bath for half a teaspoon of wax and the same resin, and 1 teaspoon of black pigment. Cooked weight to put in a jar and close tightly. For direct use of the home will have a little bit of mascara it moisten with water.

The face

In every woman's handbag or purse, you can find absolutely indispensable with regard to makeup powder. That it helps to keep our skin throughout the day smoothness and tenderness. Moreover, only by means of the powder can be easily and quickly to prevent the emergence of a greasy on the skin. Those who follow the latest developments in the world of cosmetics, you know that a good face powder is not very cheap. So let's try to make a face powder house. To do this, just need to mix equal proportions of rice powder and mineral pigment chosen shade. From the time of year and the type of skin will depend on the choice of the basis for the powder.

No less important in the make-up plays and foundation. With it, you can hide a lot of imperfections and achieve a smooth complexion and conceal fine lines. And yet again, for a good foundation of the purchase will have to pay a large sum. Preparation of foundation at home will not only save money, but also bring confidence in the absolute security of such funds. Take 1 tablespoon of the usual children's cream, a one and a half tablespoons of powdered home, a few drops of aromatic oil cosmetic and mix with the help of mini-mixer until the usual consistency.


The history of lipstick started thousands of years ago. The only people not used to give different shades of his lips, not caring about whether their safe substance for health. Modern lipstick is already so refined that consumers use it without looking back. But there are some factors that prevent women from making the right choice of lipsticks in stores cosmetics. Probably, and it occurred to him to make lipstick at home, with all of its requirements for the color and smell of the finished product.

Take 1 teaspoon melted cocoa butter, shea and jojoba oil, half a teaspoon of soft beeswax, vitamin E and a pigment of your chosen color. All mix well and add a drop of essential oil you like. Prepare the masses should be placed in a pre-prepared suitable container and leave in the fridge until the desired consistency.

It should be noted that domestic lipstick, thanks to components from which they are made, have a very beneficial effect on the lips and provide them with excellent care. In addition, in the case of a home with lipstick, you will never have a problem matching its color and odor.

 how to make a home makeup


The majority of consumers in the shops and supermarkets purchase means for washing the hair does not pay attention to the composition, and the price of goods. And only a minority of them picks up the shampoo with regard to its challenges, whether fat, dry hair, dandruff presence or absence of a volume. But, reading the composition of funds, no one thinks how adversely its components (most of the chemicals) can influence it in the condition of the scalp.

To avoid many potential problems, we advise you to try the homemade shampoo that not only cleanse the hair, but also eliminates the presence of dandruff. To do this you need to take a quarter of the glasses of mineral water, the same amount of liquid soap, half a teaspoon of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 3 tablespoons apple juice and a pinch of finely ground cloves Mix well and beat with a mixer. That's all! You can use the usual way. The only thing you need to remember this is a short period of time and the storage conditions of the shampoo - 72 hours in a cool place.

We take a bath with pleasure

As is known, quickly taking a bath helps to relax the nerves and the body as a whole. As a rule, we women love to soak in some water not 5 or even 10 minutes. But such a long stay in the water often leads to dehydration of the skin of hands and feet. To this did not happen, you can use the so-called "bomb effervescent" bath.

They can make their own. You will need to mix 10 grams melted butter mango, 10 grams of soda, 10 grams of citric acid, 1 teaspoon of magnesium sulfate, the same amount of oat or corn flour and 7 drops of vanilla to form a uniform mass that does not contain lumps. The resulting mixture is placed in a prepared form and sustain a half-hour. The following is the process of filling the bathroom water and dip it in the resulting aromatic bombs.

 production of cosmetics in the home

The facial skin

Facial skin suffers most from lack of vitamins in the body. Peeling, premature aging, fading beauty and youthful skin is the result of vitamin deficiency. No cosmetic cream, store-bought, not able to take proper care of fast recovery tired and exhausted skin. But it is quite possible to do using a nourishing cream prepared in home conditions.

The recipe is very simple. For the preparation of home cosmetic cream You will need 1 tablespoon butter, 1 egg yolk, 1 teaspoon honey and 1 tablespoon frayed fruits of mountain ash (pears, apples and plums will also work). All of the ingredients are well mixed to obtain a homogeneous mass. The resulting mixture can be directly applied to the skin.

An excellent anti-inflammatory and tonic has the most common chamomile infusion. To prepare it by pouring boiling water over 2 tablespoons of chamomile flowers. Insisting it needs a couple of hours.

Safety measures

Cosmetics, cooked at home, just like a professional, can do much harm in the event of an overdose. It is understood that during the preparation of an agent, you should strictly adhere to the requirements of the selected recipe. Otherwise, you can achieve quite the opposite effect.

Remember that cosmetics home also has its shelf life, are short enough. Therefore, during its preparation, try to stick to the principle of "need - number." In addition, cosmetic products, hand made, can please not only you, but your friends as a pleasant surprise.

 Cosmetics at home with their own hands