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Probably all of the girls are periodically faced with the fact that they can not find the right makeup in their case studies, cosmetic or boxes. This usually occurs because of the fact that all of these accessories are so many that do not know where and what to look for. And when pressed for time, such situations and did deliver a lot of inconvenience - you need to look great, but because of the endless search for powder or blush time to make itself almost never is. It would therefore be reasonable to somehow streamline the storage and use of all of our heart such sweet jars, bottles, tubes. Let's look at a few interesting ideas that will make storage easier cosmetics.

 Cosmetics store with their hands

Where should I store cosmetic products?

An important question - where it should be stored in the house and cosmetic bags with jars, tubes and bottles. Compliance with the correct storage - this is what determines the quality of the products you are using. The easiest way to add up all the cosmetics in a single case or a simple cardboard box. If your house has an extra empty lockers or drawers, can put make-up there - it's just in case you do not want to hold your hands extra work and tinkering something original, which we will discuss below.

Storage of cosmetics should be carried out away from heating appliances and solar rays, which would spoil any means. If in the summer, the temperature in the house can be up to thirty-five degrees or more, then you can put makeup in the lowest shelf in your refrigerator. However, it's just a choice between greater and lesser evils, as the general store cosmetics in the refrigerator is not recommended.

When applying the cream, use special applicators to get it out of the jar. If removing cosmetics hands, you can store it in a lot of microorganisms, which quickly lead agent in disrepair. Keep cosmetics away from heat and humidity - it will allow it as long as possible to be useful to you.

This is especially true lipstick. Note: the more complex the texture and formulation of lipstick, the less it will serve you. Once the gloss or lipstick starts to get a little rancid smell, changes in taste and melted, then, how would you sad however, it will have to be discarded. And remember that you can never apply lipstick hands, patting his fingers on his lips - you teach the very germs and lipstick, and your body. Therefore, to use special staining lip brush.

However, you can extend the service life of your favorite cosmetics. To you acquired funds are not spoiled, do not need to deliver a jar of shims under the covers, since they are created in order to provide a solid cream or serum leaks, preventing bacteria from entering the inside of the container.

In no case do not leave the tubes open as many are accustomed to do it - the good and the shelf life of a cosmetics drastically reduced. Do not forget to constantly dry and wash at least once a week, all sponges, sponges and brushes, because they accumulate a lot of harmful bacteria.

It is important to only use their personal devices for applying makeup. Share your makeup with anyone else is not recommended - you can get "as a gift» a couple of sores. If you spilled or scattered means it is not necessary immediately to shovel it back into the bottle - you and spills-crumbles do not save, and the remaining mess. Spend and get a new one.

 Ideas for storing cosmetics

Keep cosmetics in the bathroom

Is it possible to store cosmetics in the bathroom? To answer this question correctly can not all women. As a rule, temperature readings in housing conditions, even in the hottest summer does not exceed thirty or thirty-five degrees, but not so specifically about the bathroom - it's the only place where temperatures can reach highs. Naturally, the store cosmetics in the bathroom is convenient and easy, however, because of excessive humidity and high temperature in creams, shampoos, lotions and other tools can be got, and actively develop bacteria.

Result after the use of such cosmetics - acne, acne, allergic reactions; whether you need these problems? It is better to hide the makeup in a shady and cool place. In the bathroom, you can leave only shampoos, conditioners and masks, as well as the basic means for hygiene. And then - just the ones you are using at the moment.

 storage of cosmetics

Original storage options cosmetics

We offer ideas for storage of cosmetics that you can implement your own hands - what better to give preference? First of all I would like to highlight is the non-standard method of storing and decorative cosmetics - magnetic board. It can make for a few minutes with his hands, making a truly exclusive.

You will have to buy a conventional magnetic board. Wipe it clean from dust or dirt, then decorate. For its decoration can choose everything: beautiful wallpaper, stones, paneling for chairs, various decorative elements - everything you want! Decorate the board to your taste, you'll get an interesting accessory for storing cosmetics.

You simply attach all the jars and tubes, which use every day, right at her. Do not forget to paste in jars and tubes of small magnets. Find all the right makeup, you can instantly, because it is always at hand - it is original and convenient! Attach this board can be next to the mirror in the bedroom - yes anywhere. It only decorate the room.

Another storage option of cosmetics, which can be made from scrap materials - a big beautiful box-case. Take any carton and simply decorate it with all sorts of sequins, appliques or drawings. You can use clippings from fashion magazines or beautiful wrapping paper - the mass of options here. It will take you a minimum of time, and you will be pleased with the result. This box can be useful for almost anything - storage of cosmetics, magazines, books, accessories, because it turns out it is quite roomy.

Continuing with the idea for the storage of cosmetics, must be said about a standard version - the beautician, who probably have any girl. Naturally, we do not always use it for its intended purpose. Very often Beautician store napkins, flash drives, notebooks - anything. However, it is not so important. The main thing that cosmetic still was.

Today, in every store are plenty of different cosmetic bags, which are different in shape and color, quality and style. But not in all cases have to take the time to shop for the order to purchase makeup. Of course, if you are not a fan of hand-crafts, you simply buy an accessory, but if you want to be really original, something special for you - machinery manufacturing stylish cosmetic hands.

Do not worry - sew it is not difficult. The main thing for you - it is the desire and the necessary material. So, from what you poshete their makeup, it is up to you - choose any material, any jewelry, try to express their imagination as much as possible. Let's get started.

Equipment manufacturing cosmetic

To make makeup with your hands, first of all, select the fabric for the lining and the front side. With its high-quality luxury fabrics more dense textures that do not wear out in a few months. After all, cosmetic bag is not too big in size to save. You will need just twenty to thirty-five centimeters of fabric and lining, and for the front side.

In addition, the need to make the clasp. The easiest way to perform it with the lightning, which today can be bought in all shops fabrics. Its length - twenty centimeters, at least. If it is greater than the required size, then you are at any time, you can cut it, then there will be only a few stitches to fix it to no teeth parted in place trim.

Threads choose to match the fabric chosen for the cosmetic, as the product will not look stylish and neat. Pick dense strong thread. Well, as an ornament can be used sequins, beads, crystals, stones, applications - anything that you enjoy.

Make a pattern by drawing on an ordinary cardboard two identical rectangular parts. However, it is not necessary to sew exactly rectangular makeup: it can be oval, trapezoid, a heart - whatever. Then apply produced items to the underside cardboard fabric circle soap or pencil. Now, cut parts, repeat the same sequence and with the fabric for the lining. As a result, you will be released four parts: two - for the front side and two - for the lining.

Carefully align with each other all the details, and then stitched zipper. It is important that the fabric for the lining as a result turned out to be inside. If you are doing makeup for the first time or do something to sew, it is best to baste everything by hand, and only then sew on a typewriter. If you have not, then, do all seams carefully, by hand - they have to get a tight and strong to cosmetic has not collapsed under the weight of cosmetics.

Accomplish anything with his hands, showing his imagination and design skills, you put it in the soul, so it will be beneficial to stand out from similar products factory. By the way, it would be a great original gift for your mom or girlfriend. So why not try? One has only to want to, and you are sure you will succeed!

 Ideas for storing cosmetics