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Of course, all sorts of vases and vases today in stores just in excess. But sometimes I want something exclusive! Unusual and stylish! This, only to have to "Ah, how lovely! "To" Where are you bought? ". And you, modestly downcast eyes, or waving casually: "Oh, I made it myself." And in fact for such hand-meydovskogo creativity does not have to be a consummate potter and glassblower. Make a pretty exclusive bowl with your hands can be of conventional bottles (glass or plastic) or even cans. And special skills from you that does not require the time and will not take so much. Try?
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Vase from a plastic bottle

Shortly after in our household were plastic bottles, craftsmen quickly found they were not quite a traditional application. What did not they carved their own hands from this worthless stuff! That's vases came up to do. Of course, variants of such a great variety of plastic vases, but one of them is particularly interesting. To make a bowl with his hands, we only need a large plastic bottle with shaped bottomed, and preferably with a tapered "ring" on the bottom. Then the vase will look especially elegant.

So, remove the label from the bottle and thoroughly laundered plastic, trying not to scratch it. Therefore, do not use abrasive sponges or abrasive detergents. Now cut the bottle approximately at mid-height. However, the vase can be made higher. The only thing to note: as a finished product, our vase will still twenty centimeters lower than the trimmed bottle. And the thing fringe, which will be the original decor of our bowls.

Next, we need to identify the desired height vase from its bottom in a circle and hold a straight line - the top border of vases. The rest of the top part, we will cut fringe and tinkering of this fringe decorative finishes. So, from the cut-off line before the scheduled make vertical cuts - strip width of 1-2 cm. It is important that these strips have the same length and width and, naturally, with very smooth edges at the incision site.

Now bend these bars out. To get a smooth fold place, you can turn the bottle upside down and gently but firmly press it into place bends strips to the table. Circle - the top of the vase - should get the maximum level. Then start decorating the edge of the vase.

Bends one strip so that its top turned bent at an oblique angle of about 90 degrees. This strip should touch the top and a bit to go (one small area) over the edge of the fold line. Curl strip should be held above the strip near to it and under the following two. If you want to trim the edge of the decorative vases, make sure that the curved corner of the strip touches the outer edge of the lower third of the strip.

Similarly Bends second strip. Only her skip over the following two and dressed by a third. But the next strip Bends just as the very first. Thus, the alternating method of wrapping and fixing the strips are bent all the fringe twisting cut strip. As a result, we get woven scalloped edge of our bowls, made from a plastic bottle with his hands.

 Vase with their hands from the banks
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Vase for the French bouquet

The original way of using several bottles to manufacture vases. This vase, made with his own hands, is used for the French bouquet where flowers are placed in different containers. That is, we are going to do a bowl team. For its production will require nine not very large bottle with a wide neck, for example, left over from the baby food.

You also need to prepare a beautiful silk ribbon or a strip of fabric (silk, organza, nylon) for decoration. Garnish with our bowl can also be decorative cord or braid, which is desirable to select a matching ribbon. For bonding bottles need silicone adhesive and a transparent adhesive tape. That's all that we need to make their own hands a bowl for the French bouquet.

Now proceed to the manufacture of vases. Clean and dry wiped the bottle, we need to stick together, combining them into a coherent composition. To do this, first we take two bottles and glue them to each other sides. Now we join them third bottle (in a row) and glue it too. Also we glue the two series of the remaining six bottles. And now all three rows of bottles glued together, turned to the similarity of the cube (three on three bottles).

To the composition was solid, winding it shut, paving the transparent tape on the center (average) of the bottle. Masking adhesive tape and simultaneously decorate the vase with colored tape, which can also be attached with glue. Top vase wrapped with tape colored cord. That's all! It remains to make a French flavor. To do this, fill the bottle any flowers and decorative greens. Incidentally, the same can make a vase of tall cans with a wide neck.

 Vase of cans with their own hands

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Vase of banks

His skillful hands of the masters of conventional cans made surprisingly beautiful vases! And here it is not so much in the right hands, as in taste and fantasy craftswomen. After all, the capacity we already have! It is only over how to decorate it. Depending on which method you prefer the decor and what materials will be used, you can get a bowl in a different style. For example, eco-style.

For this we need any colored rope from natural materials. Well, if this is a decorative rope made of jute, raffia or hemp. Better yet, if it is a two-tone rope. However, you can make yourself a finishing material, coiling two ropes of different colors. In addition, banks and ropes, prepare scissors, glue and double-sided adhesive tape.

So, we start manufacturing. From coil cut off a strip of duct tape equal to the height of the banks. Now glue it along the banks, from the bottom to the neck. Then we take a rope and fasten the edge near the bottom of the can, by tilting the tape. Now start winding Bank, imposing tight coils of rope, trying to keep between them there was no gaps.

In the process of wrapping gradually remove the protective strip of adhesive tape, thereby fixing the rope. To the turns tightly against the bank, we impose them, pulling on the rope, and the rope at the point of contact with the adhesive tape firmly pressed her finger. When the coil reaches the neck, just cut the rope. Such a bowl may be used not only for the flowers, but also as a decorative interior accessory.

 beautiful vase out of the bottle with his hands

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Options decor vase out of the bottle

As you know, to make their own hands a vase out of the bottle or the banks simply. The principle of decorating vases rope can be used when working with any similar material: twine, cordage, tape, yarn for knitting, ribbons.

In addition, any vase of glass bottles or cans can be painted stained glass paints, decorate decoupage technique, even decorate the usual multi-colored tape. And they can put their hands linked cheholchiki, decorate with lace, beads, buttons, beads.

And the masters manage to decorate the vases such conventional stockings (tights). Yes Yes! Do not be surprised! Dipped in glue PVA ladies tights are very malleable and obedient sculptural material! And then there is only a vase covered with acrylic paint or aerosol.

The original solution - a vase decorated with natural materials: pumpkin seeds, cereals, tree twigs, seashells. In short, almost any material can be a great decoration for vases, made his own hands out of bottles or cans. As they say, there is a will, there will be a possibility.

Therefore, look for opportunities to use any suitable materials, and feel free to give vent to imagination. After hand-made is always exclusive, unique and original. Naturally, your vase, made with his own hands, so be sure to get it. By the way, vases, made of bottles, very convenient to use as suspension elements of interior decoration. And in any room of your home, they will be quite appropriate, and organic. So go ahead, and all you get! Good luck!

 Vases made of bottles and cans - EXCLUSIVE own hands