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  • Bracelet with beads and ribbons
  • Bracelet chain
  •   Bracelet style Coco
  • Wooden bracelet

Today, hand-made is experiencing a kind of Renaissance. No, of course, things handmade appreciated at all times. However, our recent Soviet past still weighs on us, including and neglect made homemade ornaments, accessories and clothing. And yet, we are slowly but surely beginning to appreciate the true worth of what is made by hands, and therefore exclusive, unique and valuable that's why.

Today, not only teenage girls addicted to manufacture homemade ornaments. By the way, in order to learn to do, for example, bracelets with their hands, do not need to have special talents. It is enough to simply grow your hand wherever necessary. And the interesting ideas we will offer you. We hope that with our help, you can make simple but interesting and stylish bracelets with their hands.

 Bracelet with their hands
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Bracelet with beads and ribbons

Fairly simple, but beautiful bracelets obtained from tapes and cords. Their production under the force of even novice needle women. So try to start with a uncomplicated bracelet. To work you will need:

  • narrow satin ribbon;
  • large round beads, the diameter of which must be approximately equal to the width of the tape;
  • a needle and thread to match the tape.

What is the color combination you choose, it does not matter. It is important that this combination was harmonious. Equally well will look these bracelets ribbons and beads, hand-picked in the same tone or contrasting color materials. Take the tape of any length, but that it was enough to double the girth wrists and tying a bow.

So step back from the edge of the tape by a distance sufficient for tying a bow and start to sew beads. Beads sew through time, leaving space between them is equal to the width of the beads themselves. Sewed their ordinary straight stitch, passing the thread through the holes in the beads, making the lower stitch on the reverse side of the tape and paving the thread along the ribbon. So fill beads tape a distance equal to twice the circumference of the wrist.

Now we contract the thread, collecting ribbons in an accordion. Thus the beads on the bracelet will be next to each other, and share their lovely satin will crease. Then, near the outer bead on both sides make strong knots. That's all. Our bracelet with his hands ready!

Incidentally, the production of the band would be no more difficult, and the result is less effective if, instead of a satin tape, for example, crocheted or woven in the art macram openwork strip.

 Beautiful bracelets with their hands
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Bracelet chain

Interesting and stylish bracelets with their hands may be obtained from the chains. If you got lost somewhere out of fashion or dilapidated chain, try to make one bracelet. So, for this decoration you will need:

  • chain with large units;
  • lace;
  • Feed matching lace.

Measure the circumference of your hand at the wrist and grab the chain length of which will be at least twice as much. But the lace of this size will need to free bracelet worn on the hand. So, take the string and begins to pass through a chain every five or six units. This chain can be left lying freely on a shoestring, and it is possible it is gathered on the cord. Then come more voluminous decoration.

When the bracelet (string An assembly in the chain) would be necessary for the length of your wrist, tightly tying lace on both ends nodes. On nodes tie satin ribbon, which then can be mounted decoration, linking them bow.

 make a bracelet with their hands

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Bracelet style Coco

Yes, yes, "Chanel" will look like your bracelet, which combines and noble pearls and brutal metal, and the romantic satin. Its production does not require you to special skill, but the result will satisfy the most demanding taste. To make a bracelet with your own hands, prepare for work:

  • artificial pearls (round pearl beads);
  • chains of different plaiting, and size (width);
  • satin black ribbon width of about 1-1, 5 cm;
  • elastic thread (eg, spandex beading or conventional thin filament winding gum);
  • two connecting ringlet (supplies for the manufacture of imitation jewelery);
  • scissors.

Now the process of manufacturing. Beads are strung on a thread. What need of pearls depends on the circumference of the wrist, and the size of the beads themselves. On their bracelet usually takes from 17 to 25 pieces.

Now take one of the chains and the threaded end of the thread with pearls in her extreme links. Then measure out the length of the chain, equal to the length strung pearls, cut the chain and its second extreme unit put on the other end of the thread with pearls. In the same way we put on the ends of the thread with pearls several chains.

Keep in mind that too much will spoil chain bracelet. Same chain will look somewhat dull and not very "Chanel". Therefore, pick three or four chains of different plaiting, a different thickness and possibly even of different colors.

So connecting the ends of the chains with a thread tying this thread is very strong nodes at both ends. Now is the turn of jewelery rings that we also bind to the ends of the bracelet. It remains to take a satin ribbon, thread the rings in it and tie a pretty bow. That's all! A simple but very original bracelet in the style of Coco Chanel, we ready.

Yes, do not forget the ends of the ribbons podplava candle or a lighter. Or simply lean the them to a very hot iron. Then the tape will look neat.

 Stylish bracelets with their hands
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Wooden bracelet

Interesting, although very simple, obtained bracelets ... From the wooden sticks on the ice cream! Make them is also very simple. By the way, no one would guess that such interesting stylish bracelets are made with their own hands. Decorate they can be painted using conventional gouache or acrylic paint. You can decorate these bracelets beads, beads and sequins, just put them on the glue. And you can not in any way to decorate and varnish. So, for the manufacture of such an accessory you will need the flat wooden sticks, varnish, paint or other materials to decorate.

From one will stick one bracelet. But you can make several pieces or prepare them in reserve for a possible marriage. To become flexible rods, they need to pre-soak for a day. Still, you can boil them in boiling water for fifteen minutes. This option is good if you are going to make simple wooden bangles. The fact is that from the hot wet processing wood may darken.

So soaked sticks pulled from the water. Now they have become flexible, and we can give them the right semi-circular shape. To do this, take a cup or a glass of suitable size and put a stick in it, carefully bending and shaping the wall of the cup. That is, the stick should lie horizontally, spread-eagled on the wall of the cup and taking the form of an open circle. In this position, the wand leave to dry. Remove it from the cup only after complete drying of the wood.

During this time, the wand again become stiff and retain a semi-circular shape. And now you can start painting or decorating any other materials. By the way, if you paint the bracelet, then polish it needs to cover the last. If you are decorating a bracelet beads, sequins or something else, the first of its zalakiruyte, and when the paint is dry, start decorating.

Keep in mind that after the treatment of wood paints or varnish bracelet can straighten slightly. Therefore, it is desirable to preform slightly smaller than the value of the future bracelet.

These are interesting ideas making bracelets with their hands. And this is not all the possibilities of hand-made. You can use a variety of other techniques, but this is topic for another discussion. In the meantime, try to implement something out of what we told you. Be of good cheer! And all you get.

 As with his own hands to make a stylish bracelets?